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Saturday, September 29, 2007

SWEET POISON - Aspartame

In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick. She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore. It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain.

By March 2002, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. She was in so much pain, and so sick. She just knew she was dying. She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., in her oldest daughter's name, and made sure that her younger children were to be taken care of.

She also wanted her last hooray, so she planned a trip to Florida (basically in a wheelchair) for March 22 nd

On March 19 I called her to ask how her most recent tests went, and she said they didn't find anything on the test, but they believe she had MS. I recalled an article a friend of mine e-mailed to me and I asked my sister if she drank diet soda? She told me that she did. As a matter of fact, she was getting ready to crack one open that moment.

I told her not to open it, and to stop drinking the diet soda! I e-mailed her the article my friend, a lawyer, had sent. My sister called me within 32 hours after our phone conversation and told me she had stopped drinking the diet soda AND she could walk! The muscle spasms went away. She said she didn't feel 100% but she sure felt a lot better. She told me she was going to her doctor with this article and would call me when she got home.

Well, she called me, and said her doctor was amazed! He is going to call all of his MS patients to find out if they consumed artificial sweeteners of any kind. In a nutshell, she was being poisoned by the Aspartame in the diet soda...and literally dying a slow and miserable death.

When she got to Florida March 22, all she had to take was one pill, and that was a pill for the Aspartame poisoning! She is well on her way to a complete recovery. And she is walking! No wheelchair! This article saved her life.


I have spent several days lecturing at the WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE on "ASPARTAME," marketed as 'NutraSweet,' 'Equal,' and 'Spoonful.' In the keynote address by the EPA, it was announced that in the United States in 2001 there is an epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. It was difficult to determine exactly what toxin was causing this to be rampant. I stood up and said that I was there to lecture on exactly that subject.

I will explain why Aspartame is so dangerous: When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. The methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. Many people were being diagnosed in error. Although multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, Methanol toxicity is!

Systemic lupus has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. The victim usually does not know that the Aspartame is the culprit. He or she continues its use; irritating the lupus to such a degree that it may become a life-threatening condition. We have seen patients with systemic lupus become asymptotic, once taken off diet sodas.

In cases of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, most of the symptoms disappear. We've seen many cases where vision loss returned and hearing loss improved markedly. This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia.

During a lecture, I said, "If you are using ASPARTAME (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting, pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss you probably have ASPARTAME poisoning!" People were jumping up during the lecture saying, "I have some of these symptoms. Is it reversible?"

Yes! Yes! Yes! STOP drinking diet sodas and be on alert for Aspartame on food labels! Many products are fortified with it!

This is a serious problem. Dr. Espart (one of my speakers) remarked that so many people seem to be symptomatic for MS and during his recent visit to a hospice, a nurse stated that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been diagnosed with MS. This is beyond coincidence!

Diet soda is NOT a diet product! It is a chemically altered, multiple SODIUM (salt) and ASPARTAME containing product that actually makes you crave carbohydrates. It is far more likely to make you GAIN weight! These products also contain formaldehyde, which stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hips and thighs. Formaldehyde is an absolute toxin and is used primarily to preserve "tissue specimens." Many products we use every day contain this chemical but we SHOULD NOT store it IN our body!

Dr. H. J. Roberts stated in his lectures that once free of the "diet products" and with no significant increase in exercise; his patients lost an average of 19 pounds over a trial period.

Aspartame is especially dangerous for diabetics. We found that some physicians, who believed that they had a patient with retinopathy, in fact, had symptoms caused by Aspartame. The Aspartame drives the bloodsugar out of control. Thus diabetics may suffer acute memory loss due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are NEUROTOXIC when taken without the other amino acids necessary for a good balance. Treating diabetes is all about BALANCE. Especially with diabetics, the Aspartame passes the blood/brain barrierand it then deteriorates the neurons of the brain; causing various levels of brain damage, seizures, depression, manic depression, panic attacks, uncontrollable anger and rage. Consumption of Aspartame causes these same symptoms in non-diabetics as well.

Documentation and observation also reveal that thousands of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have had complete turnarounds in their behavior when these chemicals have been removed from their diet. So called "behavior modification prescription drugs" (Ritalin and others) are no longer needed.

Truth be told, they were never NEEDED in the first place! Most of these children were being "poisoned" on a daily basis with the very foods that were "better for them than sugar."

It is also suspected that the Aspartame in thousands of pallets of diet Coke and diet Pepsi consumed by men and women fighting in the Gulf War, may be partially to blame for the well-known Gulf War Syndrome. Dr. Roberts warns that it can cause birth defects, i.e. mental retardation, if taken at the time of conception and during early pregnancy.

Children are especially at risk for neurological disorders and should NEVER be given artificial sweeteners. There are many different case histories to relate of children suffering grand mal seizures and other neurological disturbances talking about a plague of neurological diseases directly caused by the use of this deadly poison."

Herein lies the problem:
There were Congressional Hearings when Aspartame was included 100 different products and strong objection was made concerning its use. Since this initial hearing, there have been two subsequent hearings, and still nothing has been done. The drug and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets.

Sadly, MONSANTO'S patent on Aspartame has EXPIRED!
There are now over 5,000 products on the market that contain this deadly chemical and there will be thousands more introduced. Everybody wants a "piece of the Aspartame pie." I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it is. And isn't it ironic that MONSANTO funds, among others, the American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association and the Conference of the American College of Physicians? This has been recently exposed in the New York Times. These organizations cannot criticize any additives or convey their link to MONSANTO because they take money from the food industry and are required to endorse their products.

Senator Howard Metzenbaum wrote and presented a bill that would require label warnings on products containing Aspartame, especially regarding pregnant women, children and infants. The bill would also institute independent studies on the known dangers and the problems existing in the general population regarding seizures, changes in brain chemistry, neurological changes and behavioral symptoms. The bill was killed.

It is known that the powerful drug and chemical lobbies are responsible for this, letting loose the hounds of disease and death on an unsuspecting and uninformed public. Well, you're Informed now! YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!

Please print this out and/or e-mail this webpage to your family and friends. http://herbsplus4health.blogspot.com/
They have a right to know too.

I've drank Diet coke for years and I'm stopping TODAY ~Kay

Here are some great All Natural Alternative Sweeteners & Sweets:







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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


At the end of the last Article I promised to deliver a simple process for setting up a

“How to Use the Oils” Workshop in your home.

This process evolved over nearly ten years.

The “Presentation” outline in it is just that - an outline which you will have to fill in.

That’s where you personalize it to your company’s products and your personality.

It’s also the part that evolves as your experience and knowledge of essential oils grows.

Have fun with it!


Read the Article below or at this link:


Wishing you Joy and Success,



P.S. If you’ve missed any of the first five Articles,

you can find them here:




Setting up a
“How to Use the Oils” Workshop
in your home

Having a workshop in your home involves the simple process of organizing three things: the objective, setting, and format. The process outlined below evolved over years of doing workshops in my home. Use it as a starting place for your own workshops.

The Objective. My objective is threefold: 1) to convince participants of the value of essential oils so that they will choose to purchase and use them on a daily basis 2) to keep them in my System if they are not yet ready to order and 3) to encourage them to bring or send friends to a future workshop!

The Setting. Two or three rooms on the main floor of your home is all you need to create a functional setting. If you have three rooms (yes, the kitchen counts), set up the massage table in one, a computer, company catalogues and Terra Cotta Pendant diffusers in another; essential oils and chairs for the presentation in the third. If you plan to use two rooms, set up the massage table in one room and all other factors in the other.

The Format. The Workshop is divided into the Presentation Hour and the Activity Hour. Make your formal presentation during the first hour when people are fresh and their attention span is at its best. Use the second hour to facilitate interactive methods of learning; smelling oils, observing the massage, asking questions, referring to the reference material and talking to others who have experience with essential oils.

Putting it All Together

When participants arrive, welcome them, take their coats and offer a glass of water. Ask them to fill in a ballot for a chance to win the Door Prize. Give them some printed information, a small pad of paper, a pen and invite them to take a seat in the presentation room.

The Presentation Hour can be divided into 6 ten-minute slots. Having small time-slots makes it easy to organize the points you want to get across, and to practice them, one slot at a time.

7:00 – Stand and welcome everyone again. Ask people to introduce themselves to the group, saying their name and sharing their primary reason for coming to the workshop. Once everyone, including you, has been introduced tell them about the format for the workshop.

7:10 – Briefly introduce essential oils, telling what they are, where they come from, and what makes them effective, exciting, and valuable.

7:20 – Talk about the difference between using essential oils as First Aid (when there is a problem) and daily (proactively, as a method of staying healthy). Explain why you use them on a daily basis.

7:30 – Demonstrate how to use the oils by giving examples of different oils for different application methods. Ask if anyone has any stories to share about the things you mention.

7:40 – Draw out more testimonials from the group by listing common health concerns like stress, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches. Ask if anyone deals with these issues then look them up in your reference material so you can report which oils may help. Explain or demonstrate how to use essential oils to address these concerns.

7:50 – Conclude the Presentation Hour and introduce the Activity Hour:

Tell them how they can learn more about essential oils:

  1. order some oils and experience them at home
  2. get on the Contact list and receive tips on essential oils
  3. schedule a one-to-one consultation
  4. return to another workshop bringing a friend or two

Draw for the door prize. I draw for a Terra Cotta Pendant and tell them that if they don’t win one, they can buy one at the workshop for a special price.

Tell them that in the Activity Hour they are invited to:

  1. smell the different essential oils
  2. look up their health concerns in the reference guides
  3. observe the massage
  4. get their questions answered
  5. schedule a consultation
  6. purchase a Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser
  7. place an order


8:00 - Refresh their glasses of water and start mingling.

This sounds simple. It is! Your job is to distill the information you want to convey into succinct points that are educational, relevant, and convincing.

12 Useful Tips

  1. Timing trick. We schedule our workshops from 6:45 – 9:00. It takes about fifteen minutes for people to arrive, and for us to get them settled. Scheduling the workshop at a quarter to the hour allows us to begin the presentation precisely at 7:00.


  1. Break the ice. Here is a fun way to do the introductions which immediately puts people at ease. Pair them with someone they don't know and have them interview one another asking their name and interest in essential oils for the purpose of introducing their partner to the group. Allow about 5 minutes to do this and then begin. Watch what happens. It is much easier to introduce someone else than to introduce yourself.


  1. Defer questions. At the beginning of your presentation, request that if participants have questions, they write them down so they can remember to ask them in the Activity Hour. This will minimize interruptions and facilitate a good flow to your presentation.


  1. Focus on your audience. Having your outline on index cards is a very good idea. Rehearse your presentation well enough, however, that most of your time is spent looking at the participants - not the index cards! Practice really does make perfect.


  1. Keep the lid on. The minute you pass around a bottle of essential oil, you lose the attention of the group as everyone begins talking amoung themselves. We find it works best when we save the smelling of oils for the Activity Hour.


  1. Don't just sit there! When things get off track during the Presentation Hour, remember it's up to you to keep things flowing smoothly in the direction you've planned. Use the Activity Hour as a place to direct lengthy or detracing stories or problems that arise during the Presentation Hour.


  1. Avoid oil spills. At the beginning of the Activity Hour, I usually demonstrate how to handle the bottles of oils when smelling the oils. I tell them that if they want to actually sample the oils, the cost is five dollars a drop. This usually gets a laugh while discouraging everyone from helping themselves!


  1. Team up. My most successful workshops are ones where at least two Distributors are working with me; one to demonstrate the massage, and one to help me answer questions during the Activity Hour.


  1. Keep them in the game. The Door Prize ballot is your first effort to capture their information and get them on your Contact list. As they are filling in the ballot, explain to them that they can give you an Email address and be put on the Contact List to receive tips about essential oils.


  1. No pressure! We never want people to feel obligated to place an order at our workshops. When enough relevant information has been gleaned by a participant most often a decision will be made to try at least one bottle of essential oil. Remember that part of the objective is to keep them in the system and encourage them to bring or send friends to a future workshop. None of this happens when a participant feels pressured.


  1. Follow them home. Make a brief phone call to the participants the following day. Ask how they felt at the end of the workshop, how they slept, if they had any questions that weren’t answered, and if there was anything that was confusing or unclear. This will not only uncover anything that may have been missed, but will begin to build credibility and form a relationship. You may find this to be the most valuable part of your workshop!


  1. Lead the field. It is your experience, confidence and knowledge of the oils that is the power behind a strong presentation. Continually educate yourself about essential oils. This will keep your presentation current, relevant, convincing and interesting.


Once you have perfected this vital step in your System you can carry out the other steps that lead to it with confidence. All you need to do is find the people who will come to your workshop. How do you do that? That’s the topic of the next Article.

©2007 Terra Cotta Pendants About the author: Lori Gosselin has worked in network marketing since 1997. In 2003 when Terra Cotta Pendants www.Terra-Cotta-Pendants.com/?trk=230780"target=blank  was born, she found herself back at square one, educating herself, now, on Internet marketing. To assist Essential Oil Distributors build a successful business she shares what she has learned in a Newsletter. Subscribe to the Business Builder's Newsletter!

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Monday, September 17, 2007


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Important Update from Herb Allure

Come On Home!

Better Research, Better Health

Herb Allure is offering our "convention-only" specials to everyone through October 15th (since there will be no Vendor Show at the Nature's Sunshine National Convention this year).

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Posted by Karen at http://Herbsplus4health.blogspot.com

Friday, September 07, 2007


Back to School, Back to Nutritional Basics
By Jim Riddle

As summer draws to an end, we sharpen pencils, stuff spiral-bound notebooks and three-ring binders into crisp new backpacks, and a brand-new school year begins. With all the excitement of new clothes, school supplies, new teachers and new classmates, it can be easy to forget about some of the familiar challenges both kids and adults face when it’s time to head back to school. From challenging subjects and social stresses, to fighting off germs and getting proper nutrition, the school year can be hard on kids, parents and teachers. This year, stay ahead of the curve with great back-to-school products from NSP.

Vitamins—Not Just for Kids
Back-to-school time can tax everyone—not just students. Parents and teachers, as well as kids, all need the benefits of complete nutrition. NSP offers somegreat vitamin and mineral combinations to meet the needs of the whole family.

VitaWave® Liquid Vitamins and Minerals
VitaWave provides 100 percent or more of the Daily Value for 17 important vitamins and minerals in a base of healthful herbs, amino acids, plant-derived trace minerals and antioxidants like lutein and lycopene. Flavored with natural black raspberry (another wonderful antioxidant), you can mix it with water for a great-tasting vitamin drink.

Herbasaurs® Chewable Multiple Vitamins and Minerals
Designed specifically for children or anyone who has difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets, Herbasaurs Chewable Multiple Vitamins and Minerals contains 12 essential vitamins, plus iron and other minerals that provide a host of valuable health benefits. Flavored with natural lemon-lime, orange juice and papaya, this multi makes taking vitamins a tasty treat for your kids.

Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals
Formulated for peak effectiveness with only the finest ingredients, Super Supplemental is a well-balanced, proprietary formula with all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need for good health. Four tablets contain 100 percent or more of the Daily Values for 17 vitamins and minerals, plus calcium, phosphorus and other important minerals in a base of herbs and other nutrients, including lutein and lycopene. Also available without iron.

Kick Sickness out of the Carpool
Just as the end of summer signals the start of school, it also ushers in the cold-and-flu season. Try some of NSP’s great immune-system supporting products to minimize down time.

Herbasaurs Chewable Elderberry Plus
Flavored with lemon and lime, Herbasaurs Chewable Elderberry Plus nutritionally supports the immune and respiratory systems. It contains elderberry fruit concentrate and the powerful adaptogens reishi mushroom and astragalus—all known historically for their ability to support the immune system.

Herbasaurs Chewable Antioxidants with Grapine®
Herbasaurs Chewable Antioxidants with Grapine provides beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, proanthocyanidins from grape seed and pine bark, and licorice flavonoid extract for increased antioxidant protection. Antioxidants help protect growing bodies against the harmful effects of free radicals caused by pollutants, sunlight and even exercise.

Herbasaurs Cold and Herbasaurs Cough Syrup
It’s almost inevitable that your kids will get a cold sometime this school year. Herbasaurs Cold is a natural homeopathic remedy for relief of symptoms of minor colds, such as runny nose, sneezing, headache and minor sore throat. Herbasaurs Cough Syrup is a natural homeopathic remedy for the relief of coughs due to common colds or minor throat and bronchial irritation. This formula is excellent all inclusive formula great for adults too.

More specific cough syrups are also available for:
  • COUGH SYRUP LP REMEDY (4 FL OZ) is a natural homeopathic medicine for the relief of congested coughs with loose phlegm and difficult expectoration.
  • COUGH SYRUP DH REMEDY (4 FL OZ) is a natural homeopathic medicine for the relief of dry, hoarse coughs accompanying minor illness, allergies and throat irritations.
  • COUGH SYRUP NT REMEDY (4 FL OZ) is a natural homeopathic medicine for the relief of a persistent nighttime cough that disturbs sleep and is due to minor illness.

Immune Stimulator
Nowhere else on the market can you find such a unique combination of ingredients to bolster and support the immune system. This blend of well-researched, natural ingredients works to stimulate the body’s own defenses. It was designed to promote macrophage activity, leading to a chain reaction of immune activity that can strengthen the entire body.

Liquid Chlorophyll (32 oz)
Nature’s Sunshine’s Liquid Chlorophyll from alfalfa helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body, protects and supports healthy cells, promotes a strong immune response and deodorizes the body. Add a teaspoon to a bottle of water for a refreshing, minty beverage you can enjoy all day long. Also available in 16 oz bottle.

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology
Silver Shield provides 14 ppm of silver that stays suspended in purified deionized water. Recent studies by major universities have shown Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology to be an extremely effective immune system supporter.

Take Stress out of the Equation
School can be hard enough without the added challenges of stress and attention difficulties. NSP offers products to help keep the focus on learning and teaching.

Focus Attention capsules
Some children may find it difficult to focus on school when good weather is just outside the window and fond summer memories are still fresh. Focus Attention provides Ginkgo biloba, DMAE and Melissa officinalis to encourage restful, balanced mental activity and normal brain function. Available in capsules and powder. (Mix powder in juice for kids.)

Getting children ready to start school can be hectic. Nutri-Calm provides generous amounts of B-complex vitamins in a base of herbs known to support optimal nervous system health.

Stress-J capsules
Parents, teachers and children alike may experience stress at the beginning of the school year. Stress-J provides nutrients to help facilitate proper function of the nervous system. It contains healthful herbs, including chamomile, which is known for its calming effects. Stress-J is available in both capsule and liquid form.

For additional information and prices for each product, please click on individual links above, to visit my NSP website.


Avoid Snack-Attacks with Natural Products and Healthful Habits
By Jim Riddle

When you hear the word “appetite,” you usually associate it with overeating, self-control, weight-loss or obesity. In reality, appetite is a necessary bodily function that lets you know when and sometimes even what to eat to fuel your body. Appetite, in and of itself, is not a bad thing at all; but, how you respond to appetite can make a huge difference in your ability to maintain weight and overall health.

Food wasn’t always as readily available as it is today. When humans had to search or hunt for food, their ability to gorge on large amounts of food at one time and to store those extra calories as fat was beneficial in that they didn’t always know when they would get their next meal. In modern society, our ability to efficiently store excess energy as fat has turned into a liability and, quite literally, is a growing problem.

We now live in a world where there is practically no limit to the resources that the average person has to obtain food. Also, we no longer eat solely as a means to provide energy for our bodies; rather, we eat on social occasions, at certain times of the day, while watching movies or television, or even as part of our routine. Our appetites still tell us when we are hungry, but sometimes we eat without those built-in signals.

Don’t Let Appetite Control You

  • Take your time. Eating more slowly gives your brain more time to get the message thatyour stomach is filling up. Chewing your food thoroughly also helps your entire digestive system work more efficiently in processing foods into useable energy and nutrients.
  • Stay on schedule. Eating regularly scheduled meals can help keep hunger-hormone levels consistent. Skipping meals often leads to more intense feelings of hunger, which can cause people to eat more quickly and to overeat.
  • Fool your body with fiber. Foods high in fiber stimulate appetite-suppressing hormones and take up more space in your stomach, which can help you feel fuller, longer. Adding fiber supplements to your diet such as Nature’s Three or Fat Grabbers® is an easy way to get the fiber that some diets lack.
  • The after-dinner mint. Our bodies crave variety, which can help explain why you sometimes crave dessert after dinner. Eating a mint, chewing gum or even brushing your teeth after a meal can give you a change of flavor, which can sometimes help keep you from eating more.

Luckily, the more we learn about appetite, the better we can understand not only what makes us hungry, but also what makes us eat even when we aren’t. With this knowledge, you can incorporate new habits into your daily routine that can help you maintain a functional and beneficial appetite without going overboard. In addition, NSP provides products that can help maintain healthy appetite levels.

Nature’s Hoodia Formula
Used for centuries by the San tribesmen of the Kalahari Desert, Hoodia gordonii may help to modulate hunger. Researchers at the South African national laboratory discovered that when animals were fed this indigenous food, the animals began to lose weight. Scientists theorize that Hoodia affects the brains of laboratory animals by making the stomach feel full and reducing the desire to eat.

Nature’s Hoodia Formula combines Hoodia gordonii with other natural ingredients—Caralluma fimbriata, dry apple cider vinegar, Garcinia cambogia, l-carnitine, gymnema leaves, chromium, marshmallow root and psyllium hulls—that may be a helpful addition to your weight-management efforts.

Garcinia Combination
Known to help suppress appetite, Garcinia cambogia fruit is the main ingredient in Garcinia Combination. NSP combines this remarkable fruit with the weight-management benefits of chickweed and l-carnitine. Chromium—an essential trace mineral that plays a role in the body’s natural regulation of blood sugar—is added to round out this popular product.

MetaboMax EF®
MetaboMax EF is a nourishing, caffeine- and ephedra-free formula that may help reduce appetite while supporting energy levels. As part of an overall program that involves increased activity and calorie restriction, this safe formula supports your weight-management goals. MetaboMax EF contains lotus leaf extract, green tea extract, Fructus aurantia, garcinia fruit, l-carnitine, cordyceps powder, eleuthero root, chromium, bee pollen, spirulina, vitamin E, and kelp leaves and stem.

Appetite Control Homeopathic
This natural homeopathic medicine combines the herbs kelp and windflower with specific trace minerals in an easy-to-take liquid that can aid in appetite control and weight loss.

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MetaboMax EF (90)
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Appetite Control Homeopathic (1 fl. oz.)
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Fat Grabbers (120)
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Fat Grabbers (360)
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Psyllium Hulls Capsules (100)
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Collatrim Capsules (180)

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Collatrim Plus Liquid (16 fl. oz)

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Xylitol Mints (Peppermint) (240)
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Stock #5415-1
Xylitol Mints (Lemon) (240)
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Stock #5405-0
Xylitol Gum (Spearmint) (100)
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Stock #5400-8
Xylitol Gum (Cinnamon) (100)
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Sunshine Brite Toothpaste (Mint Tingle) (3.5 fl. oz.)
Member Price $4.95

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The number of bacteria, yeast and fungi that surround us is alarming. We need a means of defense—a coat of armor—to protect ourselves and support our immune systems.

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology provides 14 ppm of silver that stays suspended in purified deionized water to guard you from the microscopic foreign invaders that surround us. Recent studies by major universities have shown Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology to be effective against a wide array of body invaders.

Silver products have been marketed for decades. The problem with earlier versions is that high amounts of silver were needed to be effective. At times, this led to toxic levels in the body. However, NSP’s patented Aqua Sol Technology uses a nano-sized core of elemental silver with a silver oxide coating, which passes through the body unmetabolized, meaning that it does not produce toxic metabolites. According to experts, much of the ingested Silver Shield is excreted within 24 hours.

NSP’s Aqua Sol Technology—the manner in which silver particles with an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of ionic silver oxide is placed in a colloidal suspension in water—has recently been patented.
83 scientific studies have been conducted using Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology.

“This is one of the most exciting products in the entire NSP line. You could build an entire successline with this one product. It’s powerful and effective. In fact, since I attended a Silver Shield educational meeting in June, sales in my successline have nearly doubled. Silver Shield has rejuvenated my business.”
—Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., Wis.

Stock #4074-7
Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology(4 fl. oz)
Member Cost $20.95
QV 20.95
Retail $31.45

View Dr. Gordon Pedersen's notes from June 19th, 2007 Rochester Meeting. Thank you Sharon Grimes for sharing these great notes!

Learn more about Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology at NSP classes nationwide Eight Causes of Disease Visit this link to find a class in your area.
For additional patent info on this product please email me herbsplus@mynsp.com (Karen).


Do you live in Charlotte, North Carolina?

My Mom was the queen at keeping me busy when I was a kid so that I stayed out of trouble. She always surrounded me with good people and good kids. As a parent, I found I needed to use similar techniques as I raise my boys. Finding the Marion Diehl swim team was a real blessing. ~Karen Doolan


Register Now!
It’s Sign-Up Time for:

The Fall Stroke Clinic
September 12, 2007 – December 7, 2007
The Winter Swim League
January - March 2008

The Marion Diehl Swim Team
2219 Tyvola Road

Coach: Mike Dellinger
Assistant Coach: Donna Lee

Join The Marion Diehl Swim Team for fall Stroke Clinic today to have fun and get back into shape. The Stroke Clinic is designed to increase swimmers knowledge and performance of the four strokes used in competitive swimming, and to increase your endurance. After Stroke Clinic ends in December we will start back with the Swim Team season in which our team will participate in local swim meets and a Championship Meet. It will give our swimmers the opportunity to have fun and compete in a low pressure atmosphere. After Swim Team there is an end of the season party with trophies and Swim Team T-shirts given to all swimmers.

The Marion Diehl Swim Team meets on Monday and Wednesday 4:15 – 5:15 and Friday 5:00 – 6:00 for practice,* and the Swim Meets ** are held mainly on Saturday afternoons from late January until Early March.
The cost for the Fall Stroke Clinic is $85 & Winter MDST League is $145.00 per swimmer. If you sign-up for both Stroke Clinic and Swim Team now you get a discounted rate of $200 for the entire season!

* We urge swimmers to attend all practices but realize there are many other things involved in their lives
** During Swim Team season

Requirements: Swimmers ages 4 – 18 years should be able to swim 25 meters continuously, enjoy learning, have a great attitude, like to swim, love to have fun and want to succeed!

Make checks payable to: Marion Diehl Pool
Save time by registering from home using this link


It's antioxidants!
..It's a multi vitamin!
....It's Omega-3s!
.....It's Super Trio!
Your simple foundation for super nutrition

by Darlyn Britt

Nature’s Sunshine introduces Super Trio, a convenient daily packet program that helps you maintain your body’s health with vital nutrition and supplements. Super Trio contains our brand-new, exclusive Super ORAC antioxidant formula, our Super Supplemental without Iron and Super Omega-3 EPA.

Super Trio provides super nutrition in a simple way. Everyone needs vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants for daily health. These nutrients provide wonderful benefits for the heart and circulatory system, the brain, the skin and bones, for the whole body! Super Trio provides significant amounts of the nutrients needed every day in two daily packets that you take morning and night.

Super Trio offers these health benefits:
  • Provides your body with 100 percent or more of current daily requirements for 12 essential vitamins, plus significant amounts of 13 important minerals.
  • Contains two important carotenoid antioxidants, lutein and lycopene, which have been linked to eye health and prostate health, respectively.
  • Offers extra amounts of essential B-vitamins for energy.
  • Supports the cardiovascular system, especially the heart.
  • Helps keep cell membranes flexible.
  • Scavenges free radicals that occur naturally as well as those caused by pollution, tobacco smoke, ultraviolet light and radiation. Antioxidants benefit virtually every organ and body system because they mop up damaging free radicals.

Antioxidants quench free radicals in the body, helping to protect cell membranes and DNA from damage. Super ORAC combines powerful nutrients and foods that have been shown to have a very high ORAC value (a measure of the antioxidant capability of a food or supplement). These include decaffeinated green tea leaves, mangosteen pericarp, turmeric root, quercetin, resveratrol and more. One capsule provides the same antioxidant strength as one serving of Thai-Go®.

Each box provides a one-month supply of Super Trio when you take the recommended two packets a day. That’s an investment of less than $2.00 a day for better health and well-being.

Start Sharing Super Trio Today!
Super Trio is simple to take: it’s just three pills, twice daily in convenient, cellophane packets. If customers want to add other products like a probiotic or digestive enzymes, feel free!


Take Circulatory Health to the Max with New RG-Max!

RG-Max drink mix employs the benefits of l-arginine along with other amino acids, grape skin extract and additional nutrients to promote cardiovascular function. These nutrients may help boost energy levels and maintain blood flow while they help protect against premature cardiovascular aging.

Great-tasting RG-Max contains the following beneficial ingredients.

  • Free-form L-arginine—is converted to nitric oxide in the body, which helps blood vessels relax and may help support vessel tone and flexibility. These benefits may lead to improved circulation and the maintenance of blood pressure levels already in the normal range. It also supports immunity and helps in the detoxification of the liver.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine—helps the body produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, thereby benefiting the nervous system. L-carnitine is required to transport fatty acids into mitochondria, the cells’ energy-production facilities. Additionally, l-carnitine may have a positive impact on blood lipid profiles, and it supports heart function.
  • Taurine—This amino acid has antioxidant properties. It also may help strengthen the heart. Age and physical or emotional stress may deplete taurine levels in the body.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine—is a precursor of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant produced in the body. As glutathione cannot penetrate cell membranes, NAC can and does, where it is then converted into glutathione.
  • Amino Acid Blend—This formula contains a blend of seven amino acids to help provide energy to muscles, including the heart muscle.
  • Grape Skin Extract—A key player in the French Paradox, grape skin has been attributed with the ability to help protect the circulatory system, even with a high-fat diet. Grape skin contains the polyphenols proanthocyanidins and resveratrol—powerful antioxidants with considerable cardio-protective benefits.
  • Xylitol—While most arginine products on the market contain plenty of sugar, ours is sweetened with low-glycemic xylitol, which offers benefits for the mouth and teeth and does not promote arterial inflexibility. And it tastes great!

One scoop of powder (one serving) provides 5 g l-arginine.

RG-MAX Fact Sheet (PDF) See Sale price(limited time only)


Get Attached to the Process. Not the Results.
by Paula Pritchard

The following portion of an article is reproduced with written permission of KAP and Associates, LLC 2006.

Building a network marketing business is pretty cut and dry. You show, they decide, some get involved (with the product, the business or both), they show and it starts all over again. If we were all robots working day in and day out, success would be a given.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. We are human beings, and the real variable in our journey to success revolves around emotional issues, the most important being rejection. The fear of rejection can and does paralyze people.

In the process of building a network marketing business, there are two areas where the likelihood of rejection tends to run very high. They are: the invitation to see the business, and the decision to get in the business. Distributors tend to measure their success based on the results they get in these two areas, so I try to insulate my people from the consequences of rejection the best ways I know by:

  1. Getting them sold first. Elevate their belief level in the industry and the company to solidify their commitment.
  2. Increasing their skills so they feel competent. Teach them how to invite, avoid skepticism, present the business, respond to objections, ask for the decision, get someone started and get them trained.
  3. Making them understand the process and minimizing the psychological effects.

Eighty percent of recruiting is preparation. Companies don’t send their salespeople out on sales calls without preparation. Sports teams do not take on their opponent without a great deal of preparation. Preparation is critical. Early in my career, I found some ways to personally prepare against the effects of rejection.

First of all, I imagined putting on an invisible suit of psychological armor. Imagine this invisible shield that nothing can penetrate, not bullets, arrows or even nos. You want to feel bulletproof.

Second, I began to live by the concept, “Get attached to the process not the results.” I know that this is a little different from what we are taught in life. After all, Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Understand, I don’t mean you continue to do something that isn’t working. I do mean, since the process required in network marketing is pretty standard and many others have succeeded before you, stay the course.

Don’t get attached to a yes or no. After all, a yes can mean no if they get involved and do nothing, and a no can mean no for now and yes for later, if you left a good impression.

Treat your network business like a traditional business. A retail business wants traffic. They don’t get hung up on one who says “Yes, I’ll buy” and who says “No.” It’s the same in real estate. Selling a house is all about traffic. It revolves around the law of averages, and it’s the same in network marketing.

You cannot control who says yes or no, just as you cannot make someone successful, but the sheer numbers will mean that you can be a success anyway, irrelevant of your powers of influence. You just have to show enough people. The best part is that you can control the number of people you talk to, and if you focus on the numbers, you will end up with enough people signed up to take you to the top.

Let me simplify further. There are ratios involving the number of people you talk to and the percentage of that number that actually want to see the business. Then there are ratios between the number of people you show the business to and the percentage of that number that actually sign up. Finally, there are ratios between the number of people who join the business and the percentage of that number that actually do something.

For example, if you have shown the business to 25 people and five have joined you, then your ratio is one in five. If, of those five that signed on, one is a real leader, then your ratio is a constant one in five across the board. This means that if you need three leaders in your business to reach the top position, you will need to sponsor 15 and show 75.

Knowledge of the numbers and a willingness to work those numbers will put you in control of your business. No more guesswork. You know what to do. When you understand this completely, you will understand how important it is not to get caught up in the answer of the moment. Just put on your bulletproof armor and proceed with the process.

Success does not have to be elusive. The only difference between you and those at the top is that they have heard—and let go of—more nos. It is all part of the price we pay for success. But remember, you do have control. You have control of the one and only thing that really matters—YOU. So, get attached to the process not the results.

Paula Pritchard is a self-made millionaire who has built global organizations of as many as 200,000 across 16 countries. You can read about Paula and her book “Owning Yourself” and training program “What You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Business,” available on CD at www.MLMMadeSimple.com

Copyright KAP and Associates, LLC 2006

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

TELECONFERENCE CALL: September 12, 2007


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Join us EVERY MONTH FOR Free Herbal Training via Teleconference Call.

Each month the Nature's Sunshine Products Training Department offers intense training on Herbs & NSP products. Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone. Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the products and how they can improve your health.

a Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
a Ask questions of product experts.
a Take advantage of free training.

When: Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time: 6:00 p.m Pacific Time
(7:00 p.m Mountain, 8:00 p.m Central & 9:00 p.m Eastern)
At the scheduled time, dial 1-800-432-6383, and enter pin 8626#.

September Topic: Antibiotic Alternatives

Guest Speaker: Dr. Rallie McAllister, MD
Products discussed: Immune Stimulator, Ultimate Echinacea, High Potency Garlic, Lymphatic Drainage, IN-X

Click here to Submit your topic related questions to our guest speaker.

Upcoming Free Product Focus Calls - 2007:
Note: Topics subject to change.

Oct. 10 - Enhancing Energy
Products discussed: Energ-V, Adrenal Support, Super Algae, Nervous Fatigue, Formula, Target Endurance
Nov. 14 - Cellular Communication
Products discussed: Target Endurance, Cellular Energy, Glyco Essentials, Immune Stimulator, Adrenal Support, Liver Balance
Dec. 12 - Anxiety
Products discussed: Adrenal Support, Distress Remedy, Nervous Fatigue, Formula, Nerve Eight, NutriCalm, Kava Kava

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