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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Splenda Q & A on safety

The following interview was conducted with Dr. Janet Starr Hull on the
safety of sucralose found in Splenda.

Q: What exactly is Splenda?
A: In a simple sentence, you would just as soon have a pesticide in your food as sucralose because sucralose (Splenda) is a chlorocarbon. The chlorocarbons have long been known for causing organ, genetic, and reproductive damage. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the testing of sucralose reveals that it can cause up to 40 percent shrinkage of the thymus: a gland that is the very foundation of our immune system. Sucralose also causes swelling of the liver and kidneys, and CALCIFICATION of the kidney. Note: if you experience kidney pain, cramping, or an irritated bladder after using sucralose in Splenda, stop use immediately.

Q: So sucralose is not found as a natural compound in nature, like real sugar?
A: Absolutely not. No sugar molecule is compounded with chlorine
anywhere in nature.

Q: Do you know how it is made in the laboratory?
A: I found this information from a statement from the manufacturer, actually. 'Sucralose is made from sugar, but is derived from sucrose (sugar) through a process that selectively substitutes three atoms of chlorine for three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sucrose molecule. No artificial sweetener made in the laboratory is going to be neither natural to the body nor safer than unprocessed sugar', they claim.
People need to stop searching for excuses to eat all the junk food they want without penalty. In the long run, no one benefits from this product but the corporations.

Q: The corporate researchers claim that the chlorine atoms are so
tightly bound; they create a molecular structure that is exceptionally
stable under extreme pH and temperature conditions. Do you agree?

A: They are testing these conditions in lab rats, and these types of corporate studies have forced and 'selective' results, in my opinion. Aspartame research is the proof of this!
Test these chemicals on a child and see how stable it is--but that would be cruel. So, why then do we buy it and give it to our children? I don't buy into manufacturers' claims when it comes to human beings using ANY man-made chemical. Plus, I have learned over the past 25 years of aspartame research to value independent research above that which is funded by corporations.

Q: The corporations say sucralose is safe.
A: They said the same thing about aspartame, and look at the rampant disease and obesity taking over America since aspartame was put into the food supply over 20 years ago.

Q: Can sucralose cause cancer?
A: Any animal that eats chlorine (especially on a regular basis) is at risk of cancer. The Merk Manuel and OSHA 40 SARA 120 Hazardous Waste Handbook states that chlorine is a carcinogen and emergency procedures should be taken when exposed via swallowing, inhaling, or through the skin.
It all depends upon how much you use and how often, your present and past health status, and the degree of other toxins you are putting inside your body. Good luck with this one …

Q: Sucralose has been thoroughly tested, they claim. Actually they have stated that sucralose is the most tested food additive in history. I quote, " … more than 100 studies on the safety of sucralose designed to meet the highest scientific standards have been conducted and evaluated over the course of 20 years. "
A: I don't believe that for a second. They stated verbatim the same thing about aspartame. We are looking at the same scenario in so many ways. As with NutraSweet, no human studies, corporate payrolled researchers,
selective result reporting, government involvement and personal financial interests and controlled media. I will say that sucralose is not as dangerous as aspartame.

Q: Splenda is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar. How can that be?

A: As I stated before, the product is a forced product, not a natural sugar the body uses for fuel. People forget that sweetness is a by-product of foods--a bonus so to say. Forced sweetness, revved-up sweetness, and artificial sweetness--all altered foods that are a trap for people to get addicted to the sweeter tastes. People with eating disorders, children who are just learning about food, and people with illnesses are all being 'sold a bill of rubbish' in my opinion.

Q: The manufacturer claims sucralose doesn't react with other
substances in the body and is not broken down in the body.

A: They claimed the same thing about saccharin, even though I feel saccharin is the only artificial sweetener with true merit. To answer your question, if the body is digesting properly, anything you put into the body will be assimilated. If it happens to be rancid, the stomach will throw it out immediately by vomiting or diarrhea. It is totally out of the realm of biological science to think the body will not immediately attack a toxic chemical. Henceforth, migraines from aspartame and diarrhea from Splenda.
Now, to add a note to this: if the body is fed an indigestible product such as plastic (like in margarine) that it is incapable of dissolving through normal digestion, it will pass through undigested (if it doesn't get stuck in the gall bladder, that is.) So, if sucralose is indigestible due to its laboratory compounding, then we have yet another serious health problem to consider, don't you think?
Technology is great, but we sure don't need to be eating it!

Q: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and government food authority committees and the Health Ministries in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, and Brazil have confirmed the safety of sucralose. So have the countries of Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Romania, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, South Africa, and Tanzania. What do you think of all these countries confirming Splenda's safety?

A: The history of aspartame has unfortunately proven that individuals within government agencies cannot and should not be trusted to make such empowering public decisions behind closed doors.
Now, re-read this list of countries … Mexico, Jamaica, Tajikistan and Tanzania? These are the countries in which Splenda is now marketed? (See the final question.) As an international geographer, I can comfortably say that these countries are not nations with the same technology and mass marketing strategies to be compared with the United States. These countries are more concerned with birth control, food staples, hostile take-overs, and drought--not diet sweeteners. Compare apples to apples.

Q: Is sucralose safe for children?
A: The manufacturer actually made this statement for disclosure: "One should note, however, that foods made with low-calorie sweeteners are not normally a recommended part of a child's diet, since calories are important to a growing child's body."
Pay attention … Children should not be encouraged to grow up on fake foods. But just like cigarettes and alcohol, do what I say and not what I do? And we wonder why the younger generation is angry, ill, and ridden with ADD/ADHD and diabetes?? How many kids do you see taking a sip of mom or brother's diet cola?

Q: Who manufactures and markets sucralose?
A: McNeil Specialty Products Company (MSPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, along with Tate & Lyle PLC, a world leader in sweeteners and starches, all share responsibility for developing and manufacturing sucralose for commercial use. Sucralose is the first product from McNeil Specialty, whose mission is to develop and market innovative food ingredients that help consumers control, maintain and improve their health. Internationally, McNeil Specialty markets sucralose in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East; Tate & Lyle markets sucralose in Africa, Asia, Europe and Canada. Internationally, McNeil Specialty markets sucralose under the name SPLENDAR Brand Sweetener. SPLENDAR is a registered trademark of McNeil
Specialty Products Company.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
This is an excellent interview and one that I encourage you to read carefully if you think Splenda is safe to use.
Please note that I do not advise using Splenda. Over three years ago I posted an article describing the dangers of Splenda (sucralose).

Why not use Splenda? Well, research in animals has shown that
sucralose can cause many problems such as:
a.. Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40 percent shrinkage)
b.. Enlarged liver and kidneys
c.. Atrophy of lymph follicles in the spleen and thymus
d.. Increased cecal weight
e.. Reduced growth rate
f.. Decreased red blood cell count
g.. Hyperplasia of the pelvis
h.. Extension of the pregnancy period
i.. Aborted pregnancy
j.. Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights
k.. Diarrhea

Nearly every month we receive a report from someone who has had an adverse reaction to Splenda, and you can see many of these reports posted on our site.
I also encourage you to take a look at the links below to get a
thorough understanding of the dangers Splenda poses to your health.

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Chinese Herbs

NSP Product Overview

In Distributor School students get a general overview of NSP’s single herbs and combinations, as well as general herb classifications. This section on Chinese herbology is designed to build upon what you learned in Distributor School by teaching you about NSP’s Chinese herb combinations.

East Meets West
For more than 5,000 years, the Chinese have been using their observations of nature, herbs and the human body to build, strengthen and preserve a tradition of herbal use. It has been estimated that over 1 billion people around the world use Chinese herbal knowledge as part of their health practices today. Many Chinese herbal formulas in use today have been used and refined since the earliest periods of Chinese history.

For centuries, the Chinese have espoused a holistic approach to health. Chinese herbalists teach that lifestyle factors such as physical condition, stress levels, behavior patterns, environment and emotions can contribute to poor body balance. They believe these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing an herbal formula.

Understanding Chinese Constitutional Herbology
In Chinese herbology, the term “constitution” refers to a person’s basic nature. It takes into account lifelong tendencies, preferences and tastes. In all traditional health care systems, understanding a person’s basic constitutional type is of primary importance in determining the type of diet, exercises and other health-building practices the person needs.

Though Western sciences once recognized four basic constitutional types, the use of constitutional typing was abandoned around the turn of the century. However, there are a few areas where modern science utilizes constitutional typing today, such as classifying people as type A and type B for determining certain health risks.

To understand the idea of constitutions and the use of herbs in balancing a person’s constitution, it is vitally important that one sees this difference in approach. Chinese health practice is not attuned to numbers and statistics like Western health practices. It is based on several thousand years’ observation. These observations have been carefully documented and described through the use of comparison and metaphor.

The Chinese utilize a system of five elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. They see similarities between these substances in nature and qualities and qualities in human beings. Hence, they might say that a person with fire-like behavior and fire-like health qualities has an excess of the fire element. This doesn’t really mean that the person has too much fire. It is simply a way of describing an observation. The statement “my love’s eyes like the ocean, deep and clear,” doesn’t mean the lady has eyes made out of seawater. It, too, is simply a comparison.
We must keep this point in mind when we study Chinese herbology or we will become terribly confused. We shouldn’t try to pin Chinese terms down to Western mechanical thinking. We can’t determine a girl‘s height and weight from a description like “her presence illuminates my days.” Similarly, we can’t pin down the observations of the Chinese herbalist to specific organs or behaviors. They are general patterns, which we gain a “feel” for with practice and experience. You will find Chinese herbology easier to understand if you approach it as a poet rather than as a scientist.

The Chinese constitutional types are built around the Chinese five-elements model. A discussion of each of these elements as they relate to Chinese herbology follows in the next few pages.

The earth is the grounding element. It holds things down and keeps them in place. The earth is often referred to as Mother Earth because it nourishes us and provides us with food, clothing and shelter. Being stable, basic, deep-rooted, centered and fertile are all characteristics associated with the earth element within us.

The emotions of sympathy and compassion are also associated with the earth. They are the “mothering” emotions. The desires to nourish, care for and protect others are also “earthy.” The stomach is the home of nourishment, and the spleen is said to regulate the center. The spleen is thought of, by the Chinese, as the organ that imparts life to other organs. We know from physiology that the spleen is involved in building the blood, which nourishes all tissues, and the immune response, which protects all tissues.

The Chinese say that the color of the earth is yellow, its direction is towards the center and its season is late summer or Indian summer. It is the time of the harvest when there is a hint of winter in the air, but the weather is still fair. It is a time we gather in the fruits of the earth.

A person who is too earthy or motherly might have a tendency to worry a lot about others. In the West we are all ware of the effect of sympathy on the stomach. We commonly warn people not to worry too much or they’ll get an ulcer. A person with a deficiency of earth element would be nervous, flighty, unstable, and imbalanced in the emotion of compassion and have no feelings of nurturing others. Another sign of deficiency would be the inability to digest or process things, including information.

Wood is flexible and bending. For example, a tree not only yields to the wind, but it is also strong and durable. It is not static, but changes with the seasons. Certain characteristics of a healthy human being can be compared with wood. For instance, as a healthy tree has a well-developed root system, so should a healthy person be well-grounded in his personality. A healthy person should be strong, but flexible. When faced with the need to compromise, a healthy person should be alle to bend but not break

The Chinese associate decision-making and the abilities of planning and judgment with the liver. The emotions of anger and resentment are said to affect the liver and gall bladder. Even in Western culture we associate anger with the liver and gall bladder when we say, “This really galls me.” The Chinese also associate the wood element with the color green, the season of spring, the sound of shouting, and a windy climate.

When a person experiences an inability to exhibit characteristics common to the wood element, this could be a sign of imbalance in the element. This can be manifested as either a deficiency or an excess of the wood element. For example, a person with excessive wood might feel continually irritable and always on edge. A person who is deficient in wood, on the other hand, might have the inability to express anger or feelings of frustration and inner conflict.

We don’t usually think of metal as life-giving, but metal is important for our defense. The metal element is used to make swords and shields for our defense. Metal invokes ideas of substance, structure and strength. The metal element allows us to be strong and to protect ourselves.

This element is associated with autumn because this is the time of year when all things begin to consolidate within themselves – to pull in their reserves and store up for the coming winter. Although life appears to fade on the surface, it is still present, deep within things.

We might think of the metal element as associated with the immune system. The skin and mucous membranes (which line the lungs and digestive tract) are like a shield to protect our body from harmful substances and allow only life-giving nutrients to pass. The inner and outer skins can be thought of as our first line of defense. The lungs are the major center of defense for the respiratory tract and are thought to receive the life force, or chi (pronounced chee). The bowel is the center for the digestive tract, and the intestines drain away the dregs.

The metal element is associated with mucus or phlegm and the emotions of sorrow and grief. Prolonged sorrow and grief might weaken a person’s ability to stand up for himself or herself.

A breakdown in the metal element would be associated with weakened immune response, inability to stand up and defend oneself, disintegration, or an inability to express sorrow and grief. Excessive metal element might lead to defensiveness, rebelliousness and an excessive need to assert one’s opinion.

We associate fire with warmth and light. Fire is very active, dynamic, colorful, lively, energetic and contains the spark of vitality. In the West, we speak of a person as being “all fired up” or “on fire.” Fire also represents the ability to transform things, and we use fire or energy in manufacturing.

The circulatory system and the heating system of the body are associated with the fire element. The Chinese see the heart as the home of insight and understanding. Courage is also associated with the heart. Similarly, in the West we might describe someone as “faint-hearted” or “lion-hearted.”

The Chinese have the philosophy that the body heat (life energy) is created by three “burners”
(centers) in the main trunk of the body. They call this the triple warmer and associate it with the fire element as well.

The fire element is associated with the color red, the season of summer, the emotions of joy and happiness, and the climate of heat.

When fire is too abundant, there is dryness, heat and excessive energy in the top half of the body, since fire tends to rise. Too much fire could result in excessive imagination. Imagination, like fire, is useful when kept in control, but when allowed to run free, an imaginative person can “burn” others. The thirst for permanent joy is insatiable, and when one places too much emphasis upon the pursuit of joy and happiness, excessive stress is put on the body. Stress has an adverse effect on the heart as evidenced by the fact that stress is one of the risk factors in heart health. Too little fire might result in not being able to finish what is started or see things through from the seed (inception) to fruition (completion).

Water is fluid and changing and takes whatever shape given it. Its form is determined by its container. The nature of water is to be serene and submissive, but in excess it can be as violent and inundating as a flood. Water is essential to life and the Chinese consider the water element to be the most basic of all the elements.

The energy of water is also expressed in the flow of blood and lymph, and our own ability to be fluid and flexible. The emotion associated with water is fear, and excessive fear is thought to damage the kidneys. We have a similar idea of the relationship between the urinary organs and fear in the Western expression, "he was so scared he wet his pants." The adrenals, situated on top of the kidneys, are the glands that respond most violently to fear.

The color associated with water is blue, the climate is cold, and the season is winter. Winter is the time when everything is turned inward, just as fear is the emotion that causes us to turn inward. Fear can be seen as a holding in or an inability to "go with the flow."

A lack of the water element would lead to a lack of fluidity (brittleness) or the inability to change, submit and compromise. Water flows down, so water problems would show up in the lower half of the body. With too much of the element of water, one might become too fluid and unable to stand up for oneself and would become “weak-kneed.”

For more information on Chinese herbs and NSP herb formulas which feed the body systems according to the Chinese theories click here

Effective Calcium Supplementation

Not as Easy as Advertised

A current television commercial states that a particular brand of antacid not only relieves upset stomach, but also delivers something else that a body needs: Calcium!

This inexpensive calcium carbonate antacid is high in calcium content, and the U.S. government does not differentiate one source of calcium from another so it is much easier to sell consumers 1,000 mg. of antacid calcium in a couple of tablets...but is it effective calcium supplementation?

Tools of the Trade

Calcium Chloride

With the exception of Amino acid bound calcium (chelate), all ingested forms of calcium are combined with the Hydrochloric acid in the stomach and converted into this harsh mineral salt. 27% of Calcium Chloride is absorbed. Harsh side effects include G.I. Upset, and constipation.

Calcium Carbonate
This popular form of calcium may take the form of Oyster Shells, Limestone, Dolomite, Chalk, or antacids. 24% of Calcium Carbonate is absorbed. It reduces ones ability to digest other food. It is associated with acid rebound and milk alkali syndrome. While it may temporarily decrease G.I. Upset, it often produces constipation in young adults and diarrhea in the elderly.

Milk is advertised as natures perfect food. As with other forms of Calcium, Milk calcium is digested into Calcium Chloride under the acid conditions in the stomach. 27% of Milk Calcium is absorbed. Allergies and sensitivities are associated with milk.

Bone Meal

Bone meal can take several forms on dietary supplement labels. DiCalcium phosphate, TriCalcium phosphate and hydroxyanpatite are the most common. Bone meal is converted to Calcium Chloride in the stomach, since hydrochloric acid is a stronger acid than phosphoric acid. 27% of Bone Meal Calcium is absorbed. Supplementation with bone meal provides free phosphate ions to our bloodstream, a nutrient often in excess in our diets.

Calcium Citrate
Calcium citrate is advertised as the source of calcium in citrus fruits. Calcium citrate is a chelate, but is not stable in the acid conditions of the stomach. Like the phosphates, it succumbs to the stronger hydrochloric acid and forms calcium chloride. 24% of calcium citrate is absorbed.

Calcium Glycinate (glycine amino acid chelate)
Calcium glycinate is a chelate stable enough to withstand the acids and enzymes in the stomach. It is absorbed intact from the duodenum. 44% of Calcium Glycinate is absorbed. Bowel tolerance is good, and G.I. Upset is minimal.

Factors in Effective Calcium Absorption Safety
Tissue retention
Nutrient combinations – magnesium, vitamin D, Enzymes

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dear Members, Health Enthusiasts, Friends and Family (In the Charlotte & Surrounding areas)

(If you are receiving this email and you are not from the Charlotte and Surrounding area, but would be interested in taking this class let me know and I will make sure to alert you when one is coming to an area near you.)

We are now getting together our sign ups for the Untold Truth Seminar in Asheville, NC on April 23rd. If you are interested in taking this class please let me know. We will be driving "convoy style" to Asheville, (approx. 2 hour drive) the morning of the class. We will be meeting off I-85, Exit 22, at Healthy Connection, where one of my members has a store. We will car pool, depending on how many we have going with us, will depend on how many cars. The class is from 9:00-5:00. I'm sure you would enjoy all that is taught about health and nutrition.

The Untold Truth seminar is about learning the truth behind the hype, the clever marketing and the "big money."Discover the real story about health, popular products, prescription drugs, the foods we eat, the health challenges we face and more.

TIME: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

COST: $10 each as my guest
Seminar Guidelines:
~When a NSP Member invites a Friend to attend The Untold Truth Seminar, both the Member and Friend can attend for the special price of just $10 each (this special discount is applicable per person, not per account number.)
~Members are encouraged to invite as many Friends to any given Seminar as long as they meet the above definitions.
~NSP will send a confirmation letter to you 10 days in advance of the seminar you have signed up for. If for any reason you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to inform Customer Service. If you fail to do so, you will be charged a $10 "no show" fee.

Educational Topics Covered at each class


Materials, Modules, CD's & DVD all included:

• Running on Empty
• The Diabetes Epidemic
• Estrogen Overload
• Colon in Crisis
• America Stressed out
• You Don't Have to Die of a Heart Attack
• Focus on Improving your health instead of "dieting"

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars
Date Location Address
2/26/2005 Boise, ID
2/26/2005 Columbia, SC
2/26/2005 Concord, CA
3/5/2005 Davenport, IA
3/5/2005 Orlando, FL
3/5/2005 Parsippany, NJ
3/5/2005 San Diego, CA
3/12/2005 Akron, OH
3/12/2005 El Segundo, CA
3/12/2005 Omaha, NE
3/12/2005 Wasilla, AK
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4/2/2005 Baton Rouge, LA
4/2/2005 Ellicotville, NY
4/2/2005 Joplin, MO
4/16/2005 Panama City, FL
4/16/2005 Richmond, VA
4/16/2005 Tyler, TX
4/23/2005 Asheville, NC
4/23/2005 Cleveland, OH
4/23/2005 Denver/Littleton, CO
4/23/2005 Rapid City, SD
4/30/2005 North Houston, TX
4/30/2005 Oklahoma City, OK
4/30/2005 Syracuse, NY
4/30/2005 Tampa, FL

If you are not yet a member, and would like to attend, please email or call me and I will try and pair you up with a member in your area so that you can attend as well.

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb Specialist, Nutritional and HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


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Contains dulse plant, horsetail herb, sage leaves and rosemary leaves. These botanicals provide significant amounts of herbal silicon, important to the proper utilization of calcium.

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If you have any questions or want more information about these products or need help ordering, please feel free to contact me.
Karen Doolan

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

NSP Yearly Price increase - April 1st

It's the last month to take advantage of 2004 pricing. Nature's Sunshine as always is splurging on specials prior to the increase. Check out St. Patricks Day Specials - March 17 & 18 & Extra Specials March 17th-31st blog pages to enjoy these special prices.

While most of our top-100 -selling products will not see a price increase, other products will see a modest price increase. Save money by stocking your shelves now.

Recently a member from one of my yahoogrooups wrote an email to our Home office to question the reasoning behind the increase every April 1st. The following is a letter from Greg Halliday, NSP Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

Dear NSP Members:

I can understand your concerns with the pricing of our products. Our commitment to contamination testing and verification of strength of the herbs (potency)-those two things-long ago determined for us that we would be higher priced. It is very expensive to make sure a product is not contaminated in any way. Our worldwide society seems to create new ways to contaminate, and new pollutants and strains of microbial critters at an ever-increasing rate.

We constantly have to develop new tests and purchase new equipment to insure pure products. In addition, we regularly send back to the supplier products that are safe, but are lacking in the active ingredients.

We have found that many other companies lack in either the purity or the potency, and some, in both. The smaller companies can sell a cheaper product that is a good potency, but, in the case of at least two we considered buying at our Distributors request, we found high bacteria counts in their products. In other words, the products worked, but they were not always clean. They would not have passed our stricter quality standard.

Each year, we only raise our prices where costs truly increase. This past year, 2004, for instance, over 120 products' prices remained unchanged. Of those prices raised, most went up .25 to .50 cents. Those products that increased $1.00 or more were products we would have discontinued in the past, because very few of them are being purchased. In some cases, we have had to throw the products away because the potency expires before they are sold. Rather than discontinue low selling products (since some people depend on them for their health) we have raised the price to offset the much higher cost of building and keeping (and sometimes throwing away) products that aren't widely used. Managers have told us they would rather pay more for these specialty products than see them discontinued.

I included for you a chart that shows at what percent prices have increased in the overall US economy in the past 5 years. I also included how much healthcare prices have gone up and then I compared them to NSP's price increases. As you can see we have raised our prices much less than the rest of the USA companies, with an even greater difference from the healthcare industry.

Year NSP All HealthCare

2000 0.0% 2.7% 3.6%
2001 0.3% 3.7% 4.5%
2002 0.5% 1.1% 4.7%
2003 1.9% 2.6% 4.6%
2004 2.1% 1.9% 3.8%

Average 1% 2% 4%

"All" and "Healthcare" based upon the Consumer Price Index.

We have worked hard to lower our production costs-we have even decreased our number of employees to keep costs as low as possible. This has helped us to keep our price increases down. We are committed to providing our products at the best value possible to you, our Managers and to our Distributors and customers. But, we cannot sacrifice quality, purity and potency. Our herbs will only change people's lives if they work, and if they are safe. This commitment costs money, but it is worth it.

At Convention in Orlando, we announced lowering the price on Paw Paw Cell Reg and ParaCleanse with Paw Paw by $5.00 and $2.00, respectively. We did this because of cost savings in our extraction process. We were very happy to be able to announce this. We are always looking for opportunities to manufacture and process ingredients ourselves (which is the case with most of our products) so that new products can come to market at a lower cost, often, than our competitors. For example, both Nature's Noni and Thai-go (liquid products) were launched at NSP at a savings versus the chief competitor.

There is another aspect of how NSP spends our resources that I want to share with you. We believe people have a better chance of healing when they are helped one on one, or in a small group setting. We have always believed that part of the price your clients pay is for your expertise. It makes all the difference when they can talk to someone who can personalize what is out there. That is why we spend money on educational courses (no one even compares to NSP here) and trips and Conventions where we can get together and learn from one another and from experts.

There is always new understanding to be gained, and new herbs and supplements being discovered. This is the cause we are part of and which we have committed to lead. We still have much to learn and to become to fulfill what we believe is our mission at NSP, to bring our products and our opportunity to all the world-and that includes the many cities, towns and homes in the USA where we are currently unknown.


Greg Halliday
NSP Vice President
Sales and Marketing

Chinese Herb Formulas

Source: Sunshine Sharing, Vol. 4, No. 2
Copyright Tree of Light Institute, Inc.

For thousands of years, Chinese herbalists have refined their herbal knowledge to develop one ofthe most complete and sophisticated systems of herbal health care in the world. Chinese formulas are very effective because they have been polished by long years of clinical experience. Today, many people in the West are turning to this traditional system of herbal health care.

In this issue, we'll introduce you to fourteen traditional Chinese formulas. These formulasare based on the Chinese principles of yin and yang and the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. To understand these formulas it helps to understand a little about these Oriental ways of looking at the world.

The laws of yin and yang are represented by this familiar circle. Yin and yang represent the opposite forces from which the universe is created: light and darkness, day and night, male and female, expansion and contraction, positive and negative, etc.

The major application of these laws to health deals with the difference between acute and chronic conditions. A YANG disease is an acute health problem where there is an excess of something (an irritant, fluid, heat, etc.) which needs to be eliminated from the body. Yang conditions have obvious superficial (on the surface) symptoms like fever, sharp pains and mucous discharge. They are also called stressed conditions. Formulas for yang disorders are designed to stimulate the body to cleanse itself of the stress.

In contrast YIN conditions are chronic health problems. Here there is a deficiency of
water, nutrients or other life-sustaining elements. yin conditions are deep-seated or internal with lingering, long-term symptoms like fatigue, general weakness and dull pains. They are also called weakened conditions. Formulas for yin disorders are designed to build up the body.

The five elements are related to five major organ systems within the body. The wood
element is related to the liver and gall bladder. Yang or excess conditions of the wood element would be associated with inflammation or toxicity of the liver, while yin or deficient conditions would be associated with chronic liver weakness.

The Chinese associate the fire element with the heart, the blood vessels, the small
intestines, the sexual drive and the metabolic rate (the warmth and energy of the body). Thus hyperactivity, fever and nervousness are associated with an excess of fire, while fatigue, cold limbs and loss of sexual drive would be associated with a deficiency of fire.

The earth element is associated with the stomach, spleen and pancreas. When there is
putrefaction of food in the digestive tract due to food poisoning or poor digestive function we will have diarrhea, nausea, gas, foul belching and other symptoms of acute indigestion. This is the yang or excess condition of the earth element. The weakened or deficient condition entails chronic digestive problems and general weakness.

Swords and shields are associated with metal. Hence, the metal element is associated with immunity and respiratory problems. Acute respiratory problems show an excess or yang condition of this element. Chronic lung diseases (such as emphysema) and shortness of breath are associated with the yin condition of the metal element.

It only makes sense that the water element would be associated with the organs which
filter the body's fluids--the kidneys and bladder. Likewise, an excess of the water element is simply water retention or edema. In contrast, a weakened or yin condition of the water element involves brittleness and stiffness as in the case of osteoporosis and arthritis.

In this issue you'll find a description of both the stressed or yang formula and the yin or weakened formula for each of these five elements. You'll also find a description of four other "special case" formulas which fill in some important therapeutic gaps.

This approach is sometimes difficult to grasp at first reading, but with a little thought and study it begins to make very good sense. To make things easier we've included an index to

Chinese Herb Formulas Here are fourteen combinations specially formulated to help the body's major systems.

Liver (Wood) Formulas
Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C) is a formula for stressed liver conditions. Major symptoms of liver stress include tenderness and swelling under the right rib cage, anger and irritability and difficulty getting to sleep at night followed by a groggy, sluggish feeling in the morning. Other possible symptoms include headaches, skin eruptions, stiffness, digestive problems, nausea and bowel problems. It's traditional Chinese name Tiao He, means to "mediate harmony." It increases the flow of bile, promotes elimination, relieves cramps and acts as a diuretic.

Chinese Blood Build (BP-C) (Blood Purifier) is used to overcome blood deficiencies and
hormone imbalances associated with chronic liver dysfunction. It's traditional Chinese name Bu
Xue means to "nourish the blood" since the liver is a major blood building organ. Symptoms of a
weakened liver include depression, hypoglycemia, PMS, immune system weakness, fatigue and
hypochondriac feelings. The formula enhances the immune response, nourishes the circulation,
calms nerves, relieves muscle spasms, and increases both urine and menstrual flow. Being an
antioxidant, it helps the body clean up free radicals that cause aging. It may also be helpful for
cirrhosis, alcoholism, infertility, loss of appetite, anemia, postpartum depression, deafness and loss of eye sight. A major ingredient in this combination is the ganoderma or reishi mushroom, which is a powerful herb for strengthening the immune system and overcoming general weakness. It also contains astragalus, another important immuno-stimulant.

Nerve and Gland (Fire) Formulas
Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C) is called An Shen in the Chinese, meaning to "pacify the spirit."
Hence this formula is a nervine or sedative used to combat various kinds of ailments brought on
by tension and stress such as insomnia, indigestion, paranoia, neurosis, fright, excitability, angina pain, hyperventilation and heart palpatations. Its properties are sedative, antispasmodic, carminative and diuretic. The dragon bone, oyster shell and haloitis shell in this formula are all
rich in calcium, a natural nerve sedative.

Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C) (Heart Stimulant) isn't so much for the physical heart as it is for the emotional heart. It's Chinese name is Yang Xin, meaning to "nurture the heart." It contains schizandra berries, ASTRAGALUS and Siberian ginseng which act as adaptagen to help increase stamina and endurance and improve energy. It is good for exhaustion, enervation, muddled thinking, restless dreams, chronic anxiety, frequent urination (especially at night), restless sleep patterns (such as waking up frequently at night) and other related conditions. It works to increase the blood circulation, improve digestion, relieve depression, increase urine and strengthen the glands. When you feel "burned out" and that inner flame is gone, this is the combination to re-ignite it.

Digestive (Earth) Formulas
Chinese Anti-Gas (AG-C) is a natural digestive aid. It is used to "clear the congestion" from
the digestive tract according to it's Chinese name, Xiao Dao. Production of digestive fluids and
enzymes are stimulated, tissues of the digestive tract are soothed, blood circulation is increased,
excess fluid is eliminated and gas and waste material are removed from the colon. Common
symptoms include: nausea, bloating, food allergy, obesity, sluggish bowel, diarrhea, headache,
poor circulation, indigestion, flatulence, anxiety, craving sweets, motion sickness and morning
sickness. It contains aromatics and bitters such as agastache, citrus, pinellia, cardamon and ginger which stimulate digestive function and a Chinese hawthorn berry, crataegus, which is used as a digestive tonic.

Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C) (Ulcer and Colitis) is called Wen Zhong, meaning to
"warm the center" or the region of the stomach and solar plexus. It is used to rejuvenate a
weakened digestive system and soothe irritations in the digestive tract. It's primary effect comes from ginseng and licorice. It is adaptagenic, demulcent (soothing), antiseptic, immuno-stimulant and anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat hemorrhoids, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, poor appetite, ulcers, colitis, indigestion, fatigue, chills, flu, leg cramps, poor circulation, hiatal hernia, depression and arthritis.

Respiratory (Metal) Formulas
Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C) (Allergy & Lung) is an expectorant and decongestant used to expel excess phlegm from the respiratory tract and reduce mucous production. It's Chinese name Xuan Fei, means to "ventilate the lungs" or open the respiratory passages. The herbs help increase blood circulation, dilate the bronchioles, induce sweating, increase the flow of lymphatic fluid and thin the mucous for easier discharge. This makes it useful in cases of sinus congestion, bronchitis, sinusitis, headache, asthma, cough, tuberculosis, croup, sore throat and colds. Four capsules every 15 minutes have worked wonders for people having an asthma attack. Persons with high blood pressure should exercise caution when using this formula as it contains Chinese ephedra, a natural antihistamine, which can elevate the blood pressure.

Chinese Lung Support (LH-C) (Lung Healer) is called Fu Lei, meaning to "support the weak." It is a tonic formula used to increase immunity and heal dry and weakened respiratory passages. It stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle spasms, soothes inflamed tissues, fights infections, especially those that have become chronic in the respiratory system. Its properties include antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic, antitussive (prevent or relieve coughing), anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulant, expectorant and stimulant. It has been used to treat chronic bronchitis, asthma, wheezing, emphysema, thirst, constipation, chest tightness, debility, pneumonia and chronic cough. This formula contains many nourishing and building herbs such as astragalus, bupleurum, licorice, Siberian ginseng, dong quai and schizandra.

Kidney (Water) Formulas
Chinese Kidney Activator (K-C) is named Qu Shi, meaning to "clear to dampness" in Chinese. This is a diuretic formula used to relieve water retention, particularly in the legs and chest. It also helps to relieve pain, inflammation and infection in the urinary tract. Its properties make it anti- inflammatory, analgesic (for pain), antiseptic, diuretic, and stimulating. Conditions it has been used for include joint pain, nephritis, colitis, edema, diarrhea, indigestion, scanty urine, arthritis, hypertension, obesity, prostatitis, apathy, dizziness and fatigue. This combination contains several Chinese diuretics including alisma, hoelen, polyporus and akebia as well as herbs to provide energy to other important organs like the spleen and the lungs.

KB-C (Kidney and Bone) is a formula to strengthen the kidneys which in turn remove uric acid waste from the blood stream to reduce inflammation of the joints. It is a wonderful formula for low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, lumbago, weakness of the legs or feet and spinal misalignments. It 's Chinese name Jian Gu refers to this ability to "strengthen the bones." It may also be useful for impotence, frequent urination, chronic urinary infections, fatigue, low sex drive, anemia, insomnia, graying of hair, poor memory, paranoia and headaches. A key herb in this formula is eucommia, a diuretic that is used for low back pain, rheumatism, impotence and threatened abortion.

Other Formulas
Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C) (Anti-Depressant)
is a Chinese anti-depressant. In fact, it's Chinese name, Jie Yu, means "relieve depression." Many people have successfully weaned
themselves off of anti-depressant drugs using this formula. It strengthens the liver and works to relieve aches, pains and congestion by increasing surface blood circulation and lymphatic flow. It
is also used for sagging energies reflected in conditions like prolapsus of the transverse colon,
prolapsed uterus and sad and heavy feelings. Other conditions it may assist include fatigue,
insomnia, neurosis, tinnitis, postpartum depression, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), morning sickness, menopause, lung congestion and PMS. Bupleurum is a key ingredient in this formula because it is thought to lift sagging chi or life-energy.

HY-C (Hypoglycemia) is called Bu Yin, meaning to "nourish the yin." Yin is associated with
water and this formula is used for a condition of dryness in the body. It helps to moisten and
nourish weak tissues. Indications that this formula may be needed include dry cough, excessive
thirst, afternoon fevers, burning sensations on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, dry mouth, constipation, dry or sore throat and burning skin. It has also been used for ringing in the ears, night sweating, poor memory, hypoglycemia, PMS, diabetes, hypertension, insomnia and menopause. This very versatile formula contains many important Chinese herbs such as
rehmannia, a bitter blood tonic and alternative used for diabetes, irritability, back pain,
palpitations, low grade fever, bone healing, sore throats and thirst.

IF-C (Inflammation) is an anti-inflammatory combination for relieving excess heat. In the Chinese it is called Qing Re, meaning to "clear the heat." It soothes inflamed tissues and also relieves pain while helping the body to remove the irritants through diuretic and laxative actions. It is useful for all inflammatory diseases ("Itises") such as tonsillitis, mastitis and arthritis and related conditions like dry or irritated eyes, earaches, sore throats, fever with chills, sore and bleeding gums, skin infections and ringing in the ears. It may also help treat PMS, menopause, hemorrhoids, gallstones, hepatitis, anemia, insomnia, chipping nails and depression. This combination contains many herbs whose flowers are common in Western gardens such as lonicera (honeysuckle), forsythia, peony, gardenia and chrysanthemum. These herbs help to expel heat and pain.

Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C) is called Sheng Mai, meaning to "generate the pulse." It is a general tonic for the whole body and works especially to stimulate the immune system. It
increases the "chi" or life-force of the body and helps to overcome fatigue, chronic poor health,
weak muscles and general debility by improving circulation, energy and promoting healing. It has adaptagenic properties which increase the stamina and endurance in the body and its ability to hold up under stress. It helps correct reversed polarity in muscle response testing. It is helpful in cases of extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, pallor, cold limbs, loss of hair, scanty menstruation, frequent sweating, poor memory, soreness of the back and weakness of the legs, anorexia, impotence, chronic poor health and general weakness. The combination contains many adaptagen such astragalus, ganoderma, Siberian ginseng, dong quai, schizandra and licorice.

Chinese VS-C This formula was developed by Dr. Wenwei Xie of Bejing, China,for use against the herpes simplex virus. It was formerly sold under the trade name HRP-C. Testing in the United States confirmed its effectiveness against the virus, but no useful drugs were found in any of the herbs, and research was abandoned. The formula is used for cold sores, canker sores and herpes infections. Its Chinese indication are "weak chi (or vital energy) with external heat." Hence, it is useful for viral disorders in which the immune system is weak, but external heat (sores, fever, etc.) is present. Dr. Xie thought it might also benefit AIDS patients.

Ailments Index
Adrenal exhaustion: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), KB-C
Alcoholism: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C)
Anemia: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C), Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Anger: Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Angina pain: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Anorexia: Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), Chinese Spleen Activator (Chinese Spleen
Activator (UC-C))
Anxiety: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C ), Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Apathy: Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)
Appetite loss: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C)
Appetite poor: Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Arthritis: Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)), KB-C
Asthma: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Backache: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), KB-C
Bleeding gums: IF-C
Bloating: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Blurred vision: HY-C
Bronchitis: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Burning hands and feet: HY-C, Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Chest (tight): Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Chills: Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C), Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C)
Circulation: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Cirrhosis: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C)
Confusion: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Convulsions: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Colds: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C) , VS-C
Cold limbs: Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Colitis: Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Constipation: HY-C, Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Convalescence: Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C)
Cough (dry): HY-C
Cough: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Crave sweets: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C)
Croup: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Deafness: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C)
Debility : Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Depression: Chinese Mood Elevator (Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C)), Chinese Blood Build
(BP-C), Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Diabetes: HY-C
Diarrhea: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)),
Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Dizziness: IF-C, Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Dry eyes: IF-C
Dry Skin/throat: HY-C
Ear infection: IF-C
Edema: Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Emphysema: Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Excitability: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Eye irritation: IF-C
Fatigue: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Chinese Blood Build (BP-C), Chinese Nervous Fatigue
Formula (HS-C), Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen
Activator (K-C)), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Fever with chills: IF-C
Fever (low grade): Chinese Lung Support (LH-C), VS-C
Flatulence: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C)
Flu: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C), VS-C
Food allergy: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Chinese Blood Build (BP-C)
Foul belching: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C)
Gallstones: IF-C, Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Hair graying: KB-C
Headache: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Chinese Breathe EZ
(AL-C), IF-C, Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Heart palpitation: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Hemorrhoids: IF-C, Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Hepatitis: IF-C, Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Hyperactivity: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Hypersensitive: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C)
Hypertension: HY-C, Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Hypochondriac: Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Hypoglycemia: HY-C, Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Immune weakness: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C), Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), VS-C
Impotence: KB-C, Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Incontinence: KB-C
Indigestion: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), Thyroid
Activator, (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C), STR-C
Infertility: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C), KB-C
Inflammation: IF-C
Insomnia: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), HY-C, IF- C, Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Irritability: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Feeble speaking: Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Leg cramps: KB-C, Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Legs heavy: KB-C
Lung congestion: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Mastitis: Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Memory poor: KB-C, Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), HY-C, Chinese Trigger
Immune (IMM-C)
Menopause: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), HY-C, IF-C
Menstrual cramps: Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Mental Diseases: Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Migraine Chinese: Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Morning sickness: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C)
Motion sickness: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C)
Muscle tension: Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Muscles weak: Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C)
Nails chip: IF-C
Nausea: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C)
Nephritis: Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Nervous tension: Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Neurosis: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
Night sweats: HY-C, Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Obesity: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Osteoporosis: KB-C
Pain (joint): Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Pain: IF-C, Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Painful menstruation: Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), Chinese Blood Build (BP-C), Chinese
Liver Balance (LIV-C )
Paranoia: KB-C, Chinese Stress Relief (STR-C )
PMS: Chinese Blood Build (BP-C), HY-A, Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), IF-C, Chinese Liver
Balance (LIV-C )
Poor appetite: Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Prostatitis: Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C)),
Respiratory infection: Chinese Lung Support (LH-C), VS-C
Restless dreams: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Sinus congestion: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Skin inflammation: Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C ), IF-C
Shortness of breath: Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C), Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C), Chinese
Lung Support: (LH-C), VS-C
Sore throat: IF-C, HY-C
Stomach pain: Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Stress: Chinese Trigger Immune (IMM-C)
Thirst: HY-C, Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)
Tinnitis (ringing in ears): Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C), IF-C, Thyroid Activator (Chinese Spleen Activator (K-C))
Tuberculosis: Chinese Breathe EZ (AL-C)
Ulcer (gastric): Chinese Liver Balance (LIV-C ), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Urination, frequent: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C), KB-C
Urination at night: Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C)
Vomiting: Anti-Gas Formula (AG-C), Chinese Spleen Activator (UC-C)
Wheezing: Chinese Lung Support (LH-C)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

New web site

As of March 1, 2005 the personal web sites have been run in house at Nature's Sunshine Products. I am happy to announce that our sites are up and running smoothly right from day one. Additions will be made periodically so keep checking back.


Make sure to check out the Events and weekly Specials sections.

Educate America/HomeSpa/Herbal Hours parties

Here is some information from Nature's Sunshine Products home office in reference to some HomeSpa/Herbal Hour changes and the addition of the new Educate America classes.

Dear NSP member/manager:

Because you've used hostess gifts in the past, you'll appreciate this update on the new Educate America/HomeSpa host incentive that becomes effective April 1,2005. This will replace the current three-level reward program for both Herbal Hour and HomeSpa Parties. Please take a minute to review the following information regarding how this new incentive should be used as a special "thank-you" to your host.
*Meeting presenters may qualify to purchase a product certificate good for $40. at Direct Cost (one certificate per party/meeting)
*Meeting sales of at least $200. are required (this could be met by having two or more Habit-of-Health 90 day challenge sign-up) to qualify for the certificate.
*A $10. processing fee (paid by the Presenter) is required to receive the certificate.
*A new certificate redemption form will be available in the upcoming Educate America Kit (available April 15) and will be available online April 1.
*The product certificate must be redeemed at the same time you submit meeting/party orders.
*Meeting orders may be placed over the phone. To redeem the product certificate, complete the redemption form and reference the meeting order numbers. You will have five days from the time the meeting orders are placed to fax the product certificate form in for redemption.
* Certificates cannot be processed online.

We are excited about the new simplified incentive as well as the great business opportunities that are available with the new Educate America and HomeSpa Party programs. For more details, please refer to our website at :
www.naturessunshine.com or contact Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225.


The NSP Promotions Department