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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who is Fighting for your Natural Health Freedoms?

Legislative Advocate

CLINTON MILLER is the Health Freedom Lobbyist for the Health Freedom Fund. From 1962 to 1989 he served the National Health Federation (NHF) as Lobbyist, Vice President and Executive Director.

Clinton is the “Father” of the Informed Consent Amendment of 1962. Congress enacted the amendment he proposed which required scientists performing medical experiments on humans to get their informed consent. Until then medical experiments were being performed on tens of thousands without their knowledge or consent.

He authored and successfully lobbied unanimous enactment of The Proxmire Vitamin Bill of 1976. It prevented the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from putting most high potency vitamins on prescription as urged by the American Medical Association (AMA).

As Chairman of the Utah Anti-Fluoridation Committee he helped keep Utah the least fluoridated state in America for more than 60 years. As Chairman of the National Anti-Fluoridation Committee, he helped kill all national compulsory Fluoridation Bills in the 1960’s.

His current projects are to:
1. Help enact state Health Freedom bills in the 46 states that do not yet have them. They will
be modeled after the MN, RI, ID & CA bills.
2. Help enact H.R. 4169, the Federal “Mad Hatter” bill to stop mercury from being added to vaccines. It currently has 31 cosponsors.
3. Help kill S-722, the Durbin/Clinton bill which will destroy DSHEA (The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act).
4. Help all cities and states that have compulsory fluoridation to vote it out. When it is out of all US cities, work to get it out worldwide.
5. Help enact H.R. 2627 to require IRS to allow amounts paid for dietary supplements to be treated as medical expenses.

Clinton may be contacted by phone 704-924-8615, fax 704-924-8616 and e-mail clintonray@bellsouth.net

If you are a Nature's Sunshine Member make sure you join the Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation. See the Lobby information in the Member's section.

Also check out www.nationalhealthfreedom.org to see what you can do to help preserve your Health Rights.

Friday, March 17, 2006


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Welcome to NSP’s HomeSpa News Bulletin
(copied from NSP's site, members section)

Nature’s Sunshine offers 130 aromatherapy, personal care and homeopathic products, including 27 single essential oils and 4 essential oil blends. We have accessories, bottles and carriers that make it simple, convenient and fun to create your own aromatherapy products. Whether you are new to essential oils or have a lot of experience in aromatherapy, you will find this bulletin helpful in providing you with aromatherapy education, business building tips and easy-to-make recipes.

What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the practice of using 100% pure essential oils to positively influence, alter, shift, modify and change emotions and moods. It is a powerful tool that compliments numerous alternative health-and-wellness modalities and practices such as herbal supplements, massage, skin care, chiropractic care, acupuncture and other natural health trades.

Safety Tips
1. Dilute essential oils (except for lavender) before applying them directly to the skin.
2. Keep essential oils out of the reach of children.
3. Do not use essential oils internally.
4. Citrus essential oils are phototoxic. Avoid direct sunlight for 2-3 hours after using these essential oils on the skin.
5. Keep essential oils away from the eyes. Use milk to flush if exposure occurs—essential oils are NOT water-soluble.
6. Use caution with chronic or serious health conditions such as heart concerns and neurological disorders. Consult a professional healthcare provider before beginning any program.
7. Be careful when using essential oils during pregnancy. Consult your physician before use.

In the 17th century, the Black Plague ravished Europe, killing more than one third of the population. Essential oils were used during this time in an attempt to dispel bacteria, germs, sickness and disease. Piles of herbs and aromatics filled the streets to overcome the death and decay and to protect the survivors.

Essential Oil Spotlight
Guardian Combination: Lavender Fine, Ravensara Bio, Roman Chamomile, Tea Tree

Uses: This combination is spiritually strengthening. Apply to chest, back and feet daily.
Companion Products: Immune Stimulator, Defense Maintenance®, Olive Leaf Extract, Una de Gato, High Potency Garlic, Trigger Immune®, Viral Recovery (homeopathic).
Caution: None.

Guardian 7 drops
Cinnamon 4 drops
Lemon 4 drops
Thyme 3 drops
Colloidal Silver 1 T
Nature’s Fresh 2 oz.

Directions: Mix essential oils, colloidal silver and Nature’s Fresh in a 2 oz. amber bottle. Shake well and label bottle. To use, spray 2-4 times above head, avoiding the eyes. Take a deep breath and enjoy the blend.

HomeSpa Party Tips
Effective hostess coaching is an important key to having a successful and prosperous HomeSpa party. Remember, you and your hostess are a team, and together, you can accomplish your goals (earning FREE product for the hostess and extra income for you). Take time to train your hostess with the HomeSpa Hostess Success Planner. This form can be found at the bottom of this bulletin. It is also vital to follow up with your hostess after a HomeSpa party to ensure orders have been received, to answer any additional questions and to ask for referrals.

Aromatherapy Business-building Tips
Establishing your own aromatherapy business can be exciting and rewarding. It is just a vision away with a plan of action in hand. To help you get started, develop a business plan that outlines your purpose, mission, vision and objectives.

To construct an effective plan, you may answer questions like:
What do you like to do?
Who do you like to help?
What would you like your business to accomplish?
What are your goals and desires?
Where do you see yourself in a year? In five years? In 10 years?
What is your financial plan?

Putting your vision on paper is powerful. It takes your vision from a dream to a reality. It will help you stay focused so you can achieve your goals more efficiently, effectively and prosperously. It is helpful to review your goals with your upline Manager monthly or quarterly to help you develop a solid foundation and comfort level for your aromatherapy business.

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I have stocked up on three of my favorite Larissa Jones books:
Here are the prices for *local members (in my downline) who schedule a time to pick up their books at my home:
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Learn about the Body Systems

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Here are two short but sweet video clips I think you will all enjoy. They are very Comical however, both clips depict horrendous problems in our medical society, which need addressing.

The first is a video clip put out by Dr. Mercola called "Town of Allopath" where skid mark disease is prevelent http://www.mercola.com/townofallopath/townofallopath.htm
Dr. Mercola offers a free e-newsletter at the end of his presentation.

I also enjoyed this second clip entitlled "The Drugs I need!"
put together by ConsumersUnion.org Prescription for a Change website


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Over the past few years I have really learned a lot about the importance of fiber. It is one of our body's most basic needs. It is needed to pull excess fats, toxins, sugars through your intestinal tract and out of your body. In today's world of manufacturing chaos where most people ingest large amounts of processed flours and sugars, most people only get about 6-7 grams of dietary fiber daily when they should be getting about 36 grams per day. In addition to this, those processed foods are gumming up and clogging the intestinal tract causing the system to back up. Over time this will lead to all kinds of problems. Increasing your daily fiber can help reduce blood pressure, even out blood sugar, help with gallbladder problems and better the digestive processes, which can help many other health problems as well such as allergies, colon cancer and intestinal inflammation to name just a few.

How can we increase our Fiber?
This is a question I am asked frequently. Here are some things I have done and have seen all of the health problems I've experienced over the years (gallbladder inflammation, uric acid over abundance, intestinal swelling, indigestion and acid reflux and infrequent bowel movements) to become non existent.

#1 Eat Fresh and Raw Fruits and Vegetables
This should make up about 2/3 of your daily diet.

*Stop cooking away the nutrients. I know so many people who eat mushy over cooked vegetables and consider themselves to eat well in this area. Fresh Fruits and vegetable should be eaten raw or only slightly steamed so they are still crunchy. You can saute them in a little garlic and herbs if you want to add a little more flavor.

*Often people over do it on the Juicing of their fruits and veggies as well. Juicing became quite a fad over the past few years and there are some good results obtained from Juicing. I am not against juicing, but it is better to eat those fruits and vegetables whole. When we Over juice instead of eating these fresh fruits and vegetables whole we miss out on a lot of the fiber content and can tend to absorb too much of the natural sugars too quickly. Many people who over do it on juicing find down the road they have a problem with their blood sugar. If you want to juice just make sure you aren't over doing it.

#2 Enjoy a Delicious bowl of Oatmeal a few times a week

Here is a great recipe.
Cook your Oats according to the box. Add in:
Pecans or Walnuts
Frozen or fresh berries
(I like the frozen because it helps to cool down the oats- just run under water and then drain before adding into Oats)
If you must - Sweeten with 1/2 tsp. of brown sugar or drizzle with a little Honey.

#3 Below I will list some Excellent High Fiber, All Natural cereals that I have found. Stay away from the other side of the Cereal isle that has hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, sugar, refined ingredients, chemical additives and coloring. Your body is unable to process these types of ingredients and when eaten they cause inflammation and diseases. Read Labels and Stop buying Non Nutritive food items . When you buy them you are voting for these companies to continue selling them. Instead vote for Good Nutrition and Ingredients which will optimize your health such as are in the products that follow. If you read the ingredients on these All Natural Cereals you will begin to understand the types of ingredients your body needs.

Check out these Delicious and Fully Nutritious High Fiber cereals:

Nature’s Path Brand Cereals
*Optimum Power
Flax Plus
*Multi Grain Flakes

Back to Nature Brand Cereals

Flax & Fiber Crunch
Hi Protein Crunch
*Multi Grain Harvest

Kashi Brand Cereals
7 Whole Grain Flakes
Good Friends regular
Good Friends Cinna-Raisin Crunch
Autumn Wheat
Cinnamon Harvest
Heart to Heart
*Go Lean Crunch

If you are needing to add in a Fiber Supplement to help, Here are a few Excellent choices from Nature's Sunshine.

Nature's Three(12 oz)

Everybodys Fiber(4.6 oz)

Psyllium Hull Capsules(100)

LOCLO(12 oz)

And of course when you are increasing your fiber make sure to increase your Pure clean water intake as well. As a general rule you should drink 1/2 your weight in ounces (i.e. 200 lb person should drink 100 oz. Water).

Check out our Reverse Osmosis Water System on Special. Once you begin drinking clean pure water you will wonder how you were ever able to stomach the tap water.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whole Body Cleansing Product Focus Call Notes

Topic: Whole Body Cleansing
Nature's Sunshine Product Focus Call - March 8, 2006
Hosted by Jon Terry, Corporate Regional manager for the Southeast
Guest speaker - Steven Horne

Whole body cleansing is not to be confused with Colon Cleansing. However important colon cleansing is, it is only one eliminative channel. Attention needs to be brought to cleansing all other areas of the body. Whole body cleansing is needed to move numerous toxins out.

Exposure to the toxic chemicals in our environment, such as household cleaning products, weed killing chemicals used on lawns, laundry detergent, chemical perfumes and colons, body care lotions, shampoos with toxic chemical components, many antiperspirant/deoderants, chemicals on our foods, building materials and treated wood, air polution and on and on...is detrimental to our health care program. These toxic compounds are overwhelming our bodies and clogging our body up so that we aren't able to heal properly. Our body defenses are focused on binding these toxins to help remove them.

Many people are eating nutrient-depleted diets, which makes it difficult for the body to detox the chemicals. Cholesterol often rises in people to protect the body, because the chemicals are fat-soluble vs. water-soluble, and don't flush out of the body. Thus, the body has a constant state of inflammation to protect the liver, arteries, etc.

The body has two phases of detoxification:

Phase 1 Detoxification - the body gives the cells an electrical charge; Phase 2, attaches it to an amino acid, or other nutrient, etc., by which it can be flushed out of the body; often through the liver, and by way of fiber. If the person doesn’t have enough fiber, the toxin often is carried back up to the liver, and the process starts all over again. In order to have the detox process working properly, you have to make sure the colon, liver, kidneys, lymph system are all healthy, and that the cells have energy to be able to detoxify the body.

Detoxification is not the answer to everything; if a person is nutritionally depleted, they must first be built up, since the detox systems require vital nutrients to work. If they don’t have those reserves, and a cleansing process is started, without the body having what it needs to finish the phase 2 process, it can create a healing crisis. One of the Products we need to protect the body throughout this process is
Thai Go, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, with lots of nutrients. This is why using Ultimate Green Zone will often stir up a cleansing, because the body finally has the nutrition it needs to have the nutritional reserves to carry the cleansing process through.

All Cell Detox --- cleansing formula that helps support bowel, kidney, liver and lymphatic function. First cleanse Steven did was psyllium hulls and All Cell Detox, 3x/day for a couple of months. First thing he passed was dark, ropey material, which did not come from the walls of the colon (as commonly reported), but toxic bile binding to the fiber, and then passing through the body. This is actually the liver dumping all of the toxins and carrying them out of the body. After the first few weeks, the stool became a nice, normal color (medium brown). Next, passed strings of mucus; when the colon isn’t eliminating well, the lymph system becomes very congested, so when it gets cleared out, the lymph can dump into the small intestine and all of those toxins can be cleared out (also flushing through the kidneys, so be drinking lots of water!). Today he would add Thai Go and enzymes, added to a fiber blend, which helps keep the colon moving properl

Enviro Detox focuses more on the liver, but does have some benefits for the lymph and kidneys as a blood purifier; helps the body remove toxic material from the blood. Will aid Phase 1 & 2 of detoxification. Oregon Grape, Yellow Dock, Dandelion, will do the same thing.

Fiber is really important --- if the psyllium is too much, start with a gentler fiber such as
Everybody's Fiber, and start with just a little bit every day, and work up. Start the herbal formulas slowly, and work up, so you don’t have a cleansing crisis.

If there is constant swelling in the lymph nodes;
Lymphatic Drainage is very useful for this; add some Kidney Drainage if you have fluid retention as well. Add a little bit to water and sip slowly throughout the day, and flush out the irritants.

Clean up your life – look at the different ways irritants may be getting into your body, and eliminate them. Cleaning products --- switch to
Nature’s Fresh and Sunshine Concentrate; use natural health and beauty products, essential Oils and toothpaste; filter your water so you can drink pure water (add some sea calcium to the water and it will replenish the minerals); look at the food you are buying – buy all-natural foods and avoid the packaged, processed foods – chemicals have been added to make them addicted and cover up the preservative and artificial additives. The average person consumes 2-3 lbs. of food additives annually, which the body has to detox. Remove this stress, and your body will have more reserves.

Fats are important for detoxification; good fats help bind heavy metals and other toxins and help with inflammation and toxic cell damage. Low-fat diets aren’t working because the real problem is inflammation, and removing the fats actually creates more inflammation in the body. The more you can minimize your exposure, the more energy you will have to remove toxins from your body and stay healthy!

Q & A:

Q: Can you give a sample of a really great body cleansing program?
CleanStart is a good cleansing program; people with chronic diseases need a gentler, longer-term cleanse over a longer period of time. Steven says he does a “once-a-day-housekeeping” - ThaiGo in juice with fiber, 2 caps All Cell Detox, and 2 caps Proactazyme, first thing in the morning. You can do this twice a day, AM & PM. Be careful with people with bowel or autoimmune problems – the CleanStart program is very aggressive better to use something more gentle such as Everybody's fiber.

Q: Some people actually get nauseous with CleanStart – why?
A: When the liver dumps toxins (acid, toxic material from the gall bladder), goes into the first turn of the small intestine and irritates it, so the body tries to push it back out instead of allowing it through the rest of the intestine. Get the person used to doing fiber, first, in small amounts, and then work up to the CleanStart program. The CleanStart isn’t making them sick, it is just the body dumping toxins so quickly, that it is making them vomit to get the toxins out quickly. None of the pre-packaged cleanses have enough fiber to bind all of the toxins that are released. Add in a little extra
fiber (bulk form, not capsules), a few days before beginning Cleanstart, and continue to take once Cleanstart has begun.

Q: 4 y/o daughter gets severely swollen lymph nodes in neck when sick
A: Usually there is some constipation or kidney drainage problems, so do a little of
kidney and lymph drainage formula, and have them drink lots of fluid. Do a little lymph. Drainage massage on her; take a little bit of Tei Fu oil, or massage oil with lavender/thyme/rosemary/breathe free essential oils (choose one), apply to the throat, and very gently massage those lymph nodes. As long as you are taking something to get the kidneys working, the lymph will drain out through the kidneys.

Q: Good cleanse for children under 12?
A: Clean up their diet; give them some fresh apple or prune juice; make sure they are getting fiber; use liquid herbs; but they don’t generally need a harsh cleanse like an adult does. If they have skin eruptions, you can use
Oregon Grape, etc. Their bodies haven’t had enough time to accumulate toxins like adults do.

Q: What type of cleanse for a Type II Diabetic?
Fiber is really important for diabetics because it slows the release of sugars in the intestinal track, and stablizes the body’s insulin levels. Focus on the glycemic index; look at the total grams of carbs, subtract the grams of fiber; if the result is higher than 7 grams of carbs, that food is going to cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Consume good fats in your diet and supplement with products such as Omega 3 EFA and Flax seed oil, to help the cells’ ability to overcome insulin resistance ; also chromium, vanadium, etc. Target P-14 + Sugar Reg, plus fiber, and clean out your liver, and avoid carbs that spike your blood sugar.

Q: Just started
MegaChel and my body is really dumping toxins.
A: MegaChel activates an incredible amount of cleaning in the body; if your liver is congested, your colon is not working well, or your kidneys are backed up, you may have some interesting reactions with this program. ;-) Never start on a full dose, or you will definitely have a “cleansing crisis”! For example, if the kidneys are backed up, the toxins will start coming through the skin as a rash. Must have
fiber to latch onto those toxins and carry them out of the body; must have lots of water as well. 1 2x/day first week; 2, 2x/day the second week, etc. up to full dose; stay on one month per decade of life; back off the same way. Must add minerals to this program. Help your organs to help carry all of the toxins out of the body. When the liver gets congested, especially when the body is breaking down fats, use SF to help get the fats moving through the liver.

Q: Client in stage 4 cancer, on
paw paw program with Thai Go, and experiencing pain in the liver – would this be from the chemo she has been on?
A: When the liver is overwhelmed, you have to help it; take the
Milk Thistle Combo and SAM-e. Steven says this is good also after getting medicated at the dentist. Thai Go is not specific to the liver; do helichrysum topically over the liver (great for any kind of liver inflammation), and Milk Thistle and Sam-e internally, rather than increasing the Thai Go dosage.

Q: Diagnosed with (chemical) chromium poisoning (from years ago when changes were made in this country from Leaded to Unleaded gasolines), and have been told to do a heavy detox program; have focused on detoxing through nutrition, but what would you recommend? Have had energy foot soaks suggested, would this type of aid help? I have TMJ and now a chronic sinus infection.
A: Foot soaks can be very helpful for detoxification; Steven says he always feels better when he does them. He goes to a chiropractor to get them done because they make him feel so much better. You can also do your own detoxification baths. Used to have a chart which showed which minerals were antagonistic to one another (i.e., chromium and copper).
Caller: My poisoning is coming from gasoline poisoning in the air (used to work in an office next to a free way (many being falsely diagnosed with MS, Parkinson’s etc.). When I do the foot soaks, I obviously have a lot of liver and kidney detoxing to do.
Steven: Get my
Coming Clean book, or the new Untold Truth module; take Omega 3’s and take the GTF Chromium to help the good chromium to come in and displace the bad chromium.

Q: Can you get addicted to
cascara sagrada and LBS II?
A: Yes, you can become dependent on them; the problem with stimulant laxatives are stimulating the colon to work, so you are not actually fixing the underlying problem. Over time, the stimulants deplete the organ and you need more and more to get it to work properly. During a cleanse, it is okay to use these to move the toxins out; What causes the underlying the problems? inflammation, dehydration, insufficient fiber, magnesium deficiency (relaxes muscle, important for bowel function), liver not functioning properly, etc.
Caller: 90-day cleanse calls for 90 days of cascara – okay to do this?
A: It works for people, so I am not going to knock it, but I prefer something gentler; All Cell Detox contains a little cascara, then you just need to add the fiber.

Q: How often should we detox?
A: Doesn’t hurt to take fiber every day, and enzymes, and other basic nutrients daily; do an actual cleanse (2 weeks) twice a year. Spring and fall are good times to cleanse, as the body undergoes change (resulting in allergy problems).
Q: 9 y/o with a skin rash for 6 months, can’t figure it out.
VS-C cleared it up while taking it, but when stopped, the rash came back.
A: Take the VS-C regularly for six months; it is clearing toxins out of the blood and supporting the liver and the kidneys. If the rash comes back, the toxin is still in the system. It is safe to take VS-C for six months.
Q: What about a gallbladder cleanse?
A: Can be very beneficial; I recommend fasting for a couple of days on raw apple juice (helps soften the stones and clears the colon); then mix 1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil, and 1/2 cup of lemon/grapefruit juice and take at bedtime; lemon juice helps to get the olive oil down; this drink causes the bile to flush the gall bladder and expel the gallstones. The pea-sized objects your body passes are not gallstones, that size would never be able to be passed out of the body. These are actually little pieces of soap. The acid bile hits the fat (olive oil), soponifies it and turns it into soap; the gallstones themselves are like grains of sand. Take liver products like
BLG-X (Gall Bladder formula) and milk thistle or dandelion, or even Fat Grabbers, and that will gradually help clear the gallbladder and heal it over time.

Q: Can I use LBS II on a regular basis?
A: No, use
magnesium, cellular energy, using fiber and increase water intake, to help colon get back into normal function; also add probiotics to rebuild the healthy intestinal flora.

Q: Have a temporary colostomy; can I use psyllium?
A: No, stick to liquid products such as
lymph/kidney drainage; and oregon grape or red clover (blood purifiers). After reversal you can begin with Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm to help heal this area. After a few weeks you can begin using Everybody’s Fiber and go with a gentler approach.

Product specials – only active on March 9th and 10th (the next two days), and only available through order sales:
Members can call NSP direct.
Non-members please call me at 704-588-7638 before close of business day on the 10th (5:00pm Mountain time).

All of these are buy 4, get 1 free.

All-Cell Detox – Stock #9335
Enviro Detox - Stock #9669
Thai Go - Stock #12641
Psyllium Hulls - Stock #10561
Everybody’s Fiber - Stock #13120

These products will help make the world a cleaner place!!

For more resources, go to
www.treelite.com to purchase Steven’s book, Coming Clean, or www.naturestools.com to purchase the Total Body Cleansing module.

*Don’t forget to check out Nature’s Sunshine Products Extra Special Product Sales available all during the End of March in preparation of April 1st price increases. Take advantage of 2005 prices through March 31st. Visit my blog http://herbsplus4health.blogspot.com and my site specials section http://mynsp.com/herbsplus/Products/Specials.aspx for updated specials daily.

Much thanks to Sharon Grimes, fellow Nature's Sunshine teacher, for her excellent note taking. She always so graciously shares everything she has for the sake of better health! She is an awesome person!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Please pass on this information if you do.

It has become very standard to hear of lice infestations during the winter months. Elementary schools rarely make it through the season without at least one large scale breakout. It is frustrating if it happens to be your home, and horrifying when you look at the toxicity of the chemical treatments available to rid your home and hair of these pests.

Here is some info you will find helpful
All Natural Treatment ARE available!

Below is the all natural formula for lice removal. The chemical formulas are really dangerous to put on the body.

Check out www.headlice.org for information about how
"Head lice shampoo is 'linked to leukaemia' "and other terrible side effects proven by scientists. Yet these cancer causing agents are still the primary products we are instructed to use by our doctors when our children become host to these critters.

We have had excellent responses with this formula and it is safe and natural. (It is also great to remove fleas from your pets). Lice and scabies are the very hardest pests to get rid of whether in your hair, on your body or in the house. It really takes rigorous consistent treatments.

Simple Instructions for Making Paw Paw Lice Shampoo All Natural Formula

Open 10 capsules of Paw Paw Cell-Reg and mix into about 2 tablespoons of your shampoo. This will be gritty but will still be effective. Add 7 drops of Thyme Essential Oil and 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil.

Non-gritty Formulation and Instructions

(above works great, but if you really want to spend the extra time you can do it this way too)

Combine the contents of 10 capsules of Paw Paw Cell-Reg with 2 tablespoons pure grain alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Mix together well in a small glass. Cover and let stand until particles have settled. Carefully pour off the liquid onto a saucer. (The alcohol extracts the active compounds in the paw paw capsules. Thus it is important to not discard the liquid!

Add 2 more tablespoons of alcohol to the solid mass in the glass and mix well. Cover and let stand until the particles have settled. Carefully pour off the liquid onto the saucer. Some of the particles may pour off with the liquid.

Let the saucer stand until all of the alcohol has evaporated. When the alcohol has evaporated, mix 2 tablespoons of shampoo into the residue on the saucer until well combined and uniform in color. Then add 7 drops of Thyme Essential Oil and 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil to the shampoo mixture.

You can make a larger batch of shampoo. However, it will take longer for evaporation of the alcohol to occur.

Follow these instructions exactly for removal of head lice.

Lather 2 tablespoons of shampoo into dry hair and scalp.
Place shower cap/hair net on head to contain shampoo and to protect the eyes.
Leave shampoo lather on hair for 60 minutes.
Rinse shampoo thoroughly from hair and scalp.
Dry and comb hair thoroughly with lice comb and remove nits/lice.
Repeat steps 1–6 in eight days and again in 16 days to insure thorough and complete removal; use regular shampoo in the meantime.
*Long or thick hair will require one additional tablespoon of shampoo and will need to remain on head an additional 15 minutes.

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb & Cleansing Specialist
Nutritional & HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant
Learn about the Body Systems
Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein


Trying to quit caffeine and coffee?
Here is a delicious alternative - Great choice day or night!

1 cup Hot water

1 Heaping tsp. NSP Herbal Beverage
1/2 scoop ToFu moo Carob Flavor
Honey - drizzled over.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

UNTOLD TRUTH SEMINARS - March, April & May classes


where curiosity becomes learning . . .
learning becomes understanding . . .
understanding becomes hope . . .

Isn't that what you're really looking for? Hope... truth... The Untold Truth. The Untold Truth seminar is about learning the truth behind the hype, the clever marketing and the "big money."

Discover the real story about health, popular products, prescription drugs, the foods we eat, the health challenges we face and more. The truth may set you free . . . but The Untold Truth about your health will help you enjoy that freedom.

DATES: See calendar below for a list of dates and locations
~ Please check back often for additional dates and locations
TIME: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (lunch is on your own)
COST: $20 per person if preregistered.

~Tickets available at door for $25. per person.
REGISTRATION: Members can Call NSP customer service to sign up for the class they would like to attend. Non-members please call me to register. 704-588-7638 x1 (Karen)

Members are encouraged to invite Friends and clients to each Seminar. Help Nature's Sunshine Educate America!!!

NSP will send a confirmation letter to you 10 days in advance of the seminar you have signed up for. If for any reason you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to inform Customer Service. If you fail to do so, you will be charged a $20 "no show" fee.

Untold Truth Health Topics

INCLUDING Two new modules introduced at 2006 classes:
Nutritional Deficieny, Disease & the Standard American Diet
Our Deadly Facination with Junk Food!
The Dangers Every Woman Should Know
Winning the Battle with America's No. 1 Killer
The A-B-C's of Children's Health - NEW


Untold Truth Brochure (PDF, 155 kb)

Testimonials new!
"I think the new Untold Truth series is incredible. I've invited about 10 people to come and....they are so excited about the information. The package with the booklets is also wonderful. I'm very pleased with the new training program."
—Joan Kasich

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars - You are invited!

Please join us at the location closest to your home.

Date Location Address

East Earl (Ephrata), PA
Shady Maple, 129 Toddy Ln, East Earl (Ephrata), PA 17519

Sacramento, CA
Holiday Inn Capital Plaza, 300 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Sandy (Salt Lake City), UT
South Towne Expo Center, 9575 S State St, Sandy (Salt Lake City), UT 84094

Arlington, TX
Hilton Arlington, 2401 E Lamar Blvd, Arlington, TX 76006

Baton Rouge, LA
Sheraton Baton Rouge Conv Ctr, 102 France St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Canton, OH
Four Points Hotel Canton, 4375 Metro Circle NW, Canton, OH 44720

Joplin, MO
Ramada Inn, 3320 Range Line Rd, Joplin, MO 64804

Leominster, MA
Four Points Sheraton, 99 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA 01453

Sparks, NV
John Ascuaga's Nugget, 1100 Nugget Ave, Sparks, NV 89431

Ala Moana Hotel, 410 Atkinson Dr, Honolulu, HI 96814

Asheville, NC
Crowne Plaza, One Holiday Inn Dr, Asheville, NC 28806

Kohler, WI
The American Club, 419 Highland Dr, Kohler, WI 53044

Tyler, TX
Ramada Inn, 3310 Troup Highway, Tyler, TX 75701

Walnut Creek (Condord), CA
Walnut Creek Marriott, 2355 N. Main, Walnut Creek (Concord), CA 94596

Ellicotville, NY
Holiday Valley, Holiday Valley Rd, Ellicotville, NY 14731

Farmington (Greensburg), PA
Nemocolin Woodlands Resort, 1001 Lafayette Dr, Farmington(Greensburg) PA 15437

Lansing, MI
Holiday Inn South Conv Ctr, 6820 S. Cedar St, Lancing, MI 48911

Maria Stein, OH
Maria Stein Spiritual Ctr, 2365 St.John Rd, Maria Stein, OH 45860

Pasadena, CA
Courtyard Marriott, 180 N Fairoaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Roanoke, VA
Hotel Roanoke, 110 Shenandoah Ave, Roanoke, VA, 24016

Smithfield, NC
Johnston Medical Mall, 514 North Bright Leaf Blvd, Smithfield, NC 27577

Additional classes will be scheduled through December 2006. Please check back for updated calendar.

Nature's Sunshine Members can call customer service to sign up for these classes. If you are not yet a member please call me at 704-588-7638 (Karen).

Business Builders: If you would like to invite others to these classes you can call home office customer service or your Corporate Regional Manager and ask them to send you some invitations. You are also welcome to forward this email on to anyone who would be interested. In addition, email invitations are available on the NSP official site. Call or email me if you would like more help with this.
704-588-7638 (Karen)

Friday, March 10, 2006


Upcoming Class:

When: Saturday, March 18, 2006
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00
Where: The Church of the Redeemer

Located at: 546 S. Cherry Road, Rock Hill, SC
It is beside the Grandview Memorial Garden and it is across the road from the magistrate's office.
Topic: Can death start in the colon?

Susie Grimmett will join Dr. Werner to teach a class on the colon. Did you know that 75% of all diseases start from a dirty colon! Did you know that a dirt colon can prevent us from losing weight! After a colon cleanse, we can lose as much as 8 lbs or more!

If you have any questions call Susie or Steve at Health Choices at 803-366-8070. Please feel free to bring a pen and paper to take notes. This will be a very informative class. The cost is free, although donations will be accepted to give to the church as a thank you for allowing us to use the church. Feel free to bring a friend.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cholesterol Fact & Myth Class Thursday March 9th

Thursday, March 9, 2006 @ 6:30 PM
Free class.

Topic: Cholesterol Fact & Myth
Herbal Hour CD presentation Featuring Steven Horne & Kimberly Balas.

Hosted by Donna Randolph, HEALTHY CONNECTION, INC
~ At 3302 S. New Hope Road, Suite 200-A, Gastonia, NC

Directions: From Charlotte, Take I-85 South to Exit 22 (Lowell/Cramerton). Off Exit ramp make a left onto S. Main Street (will turn into Redbud Drive) Go about 2 miles. Make a left onto New Hope Road. Go alittle over 1 mile, Healthy Connections is in strip mall area on the right, at Stoupe Rd.

Please RSVP so we can plan for door prizes and needed materials.Call Donna - 704-823-1577

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Product Focus Call via Teleconference - March 8th

FREE ~ March 8th Product Focus Call

(View Notes from class here)
I Hope you will join us for This months Free Herbal Training via Teleconference Call.

Each month the NSP Training Department offers intense training on one NSP product. Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone. Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.

a Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
a Ask questions of product experts.
a Take advantage of free training.

When: Wednesday, March 8th
Time: 6:00 p.m Pacific Time
(7:00 p.m Mountain, 8:00 p.m Central & 9:00 p.m Eastern)
At the scheduled time, dial 1-800-756-4697 and enter pin 8626#.

Topic: Total Body Cleansing

Guest Speaker: Steven Horne