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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


From Susie Grimmett/Health Choices:

Health Choices now has massage therapy!!!!

Health Choices is located at:
1742 Herlong Village Dr Suite 102
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Welcome aboard Holly Hammond LMT!!!

She is a wonderful massage therapist.

Please call for your appointment. $55.00 per hour.

Massage has numerous benefits including:

n increases circulation

n increases range of motion
n releases endorphins (the happy hormone!)
n reduces muscle tension and joint stiffness

n reduces stress
n removes toxins
n promotes a general feeling of well-being (who doesn't love that?!)

So, whether you are looking for relaxation, deep tissue work, or recuperating from an injury, massage is a great tool to help your body heal itself!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Touch of Hope

Opinion Editorial - The New York Times
A Cleaner Food and Drug Agency

Published: March 23, 2007
In our highly medicated, high-technology society, it is essential that the Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs, medical devices and other products with complete objectivity — free from the taint of industry influence. So it is encouraging that the agency has proposed new rules to exclude experts who have significant financial ties to regulated industries from serving on committees that recommend whether a product should be approved.

The proposed rules may still need to be strengthened after they are critiqued during a required comment period. But even in their current form they look like a big, and long needed, improvement over the agency’s previously lax efforts to screen out conflicts of interest. The pharmaceutical industry, in particular, doles out lots of money to doctors and academic experts in the form of speaking fees, consultancies, research grants and other financial benefits. And many of these recipients end up on federal advisory committees.

All too often consumer interests are shortchanged. In one egregious example, a panel that favored marketing the controversial painkillers Bextra and Vioxx would have made the opposite recommendation if the experts with industry ties had been excluded from voting.

The new rules would bar from an advisory committee anyone whose financial interests in a company with a product up for review — or its competitors — exceed $50,000, whether in stock ownership, consulting arrangements or individual research grants. Those with smaller financial interests could participate in discussions but would not be allowed to vote. Only those with no potential conflicts could participate as full, voting members. The food and drug commissioner could still grant waivers, but officials expect them to be rare.

Some patient advocates believe the $50,000 exclusion is too generous, and the agency needs to explain more fully how it decided that was the proper cutoff point. It also needs to address whether nonvoting experts — those with smaller financial ties — might still unduly sway a committee’s decision.

Congress needs to confront another worrisome source of industry’s influence: the $300 million in annual fees paid by pharmaceutical manufacturers that help finance the approval process and regulation of drugs. Critics have long complained that these user fees distort the agency’s objectivity and make for a too cozy atmosphere between the industry and its regulators.

The Bush administration, unfortunately, is seeking to increase reliance on user fees. That’s the wrong direction to go. To ensure that the public’s interests are its only concern, the F.D.A. should be supported entirely by public funds.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

NSP UK Middlesex Regional Meeting

Middlesex Regional Meeting
Monday 19th March 2007

Event Date: 19th March 2007

Middlesex Regional Meeting – 'Transform Your Health'

Would you like to learn how to stay healthy, and support the nutritional demands of your body for everyday life & during exercise? Would you like to discover how to effectively lose weight, and hear valuable tips on anti-ageing?

Then please join us on Monday 19th March 2007 at Riverside Health & Racquets Club, Studio 3, Ducks Hill Road, Northwood, Middlesex at 8.00pm. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

Special Guest Speaker Clinton Sellers

The Riverside Club is delighted to welcome back Clinton Sellers
who will present a fascinating talk on transforming your health,
explaining how you can achieve amazing health benefits through
the correct use of supplements and a healthy diet.

During this presentation Clinton will look at simple yet effective
measures to maintain good health, and slow down the ageing process.

If you would like to learn how to manage some of the following problems this will be a great opportunity to get free advice and information.

If you would like to learn how to manage some of the following problems this will be a great opportunity to get free advice and information.

  • Difficulties maintaining your ideal weight
  • Digestive disorders
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Any skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Hay fever, asthma, sleeping disorders and much more

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Meeting Information

Venue details:

Riverside Health & Racquets Club,
Studio 3, Ducks Hill Road, Northwood,
Middlesex, HA6 2DR

Date: Monday 19th March 2007

Time: 8.00pm for prompt 8.30pm start

This Meeting is open to all and is free to attend so please come along and bring a friend... everyone is welcome.

To reserve your seat please contact contact Leiloo at

Email: leiloo1@activemail.co.uk
Telephone: 01895 634819 (evenings)

When signing up, please give my UK Sponsor number #1588006228 (Karen Doolan) when signing up so you will be added to my group. If you are a member of my group I will know to help support your natural health endeavours.

NSP MEMBERS: Please pass this on to your team. Remember to update your email and contact information with NSP and sign up as an international sponsor so you are sure to receive future announcements from NSP all around the world.

Moritz Colour Cosmetics - Available in the UK

Beauty Products Training Day

Featuring Moritz Colour Cosmetics & Natria Skin Care Range

Class Date: 31st March 2007
Location: Holiday Inn, Stratford
This Training Day costs just £20.00 per person and includes your own Training Manual, Certificate of Attendance, plus Lunch and Beverages.

Fantastic Full-Day Beauty Training Course

Annette Hughes has built a huge successful business using the Moritz Colour Cosmetics Range and Natria Skincare Products. She currently has some 3,000 customers and has also trained many Nature's Sunshine Distributors to host their own successful Make-Over Parties and Personal Colour Consultations. Annette has developed many New Nature's Sunshine Managers as a result of this excellent comprehensive training.

If you would like to share in the 'Secrets of Annette's Success' join us on Saturday 31st March at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Stratford upon Avon, where Annette will be hosting a full day training course which has been specifically designed to enable you to develop your own business using the superb Moritz Colour Cosmetics Range.

During this training course you will discover:
  • How to conduct a Moritz Make-Over party and a 'Look Good-Feel Great' talk
  • How to apply Natria skincare and Moritz makeup
  • The selling points of each product
  • How to identify warm and cool skintones
  • How to select the right colours for yourself and your clients

Available from NSP stock # 5246

Things you will need to bring along:

  • Moritz Complete Beauty Classics Case*
  • A free standing mirror
  • Natria Skincare Range
  • Make up brushes
  • Cotton wool pads
  • Make up sponges
  • Gold and silver drapes (If you have them)
  • Hair clips or headband

* Please note: It is essential that you have use of a Moritz Complete Beauty Classics Case in order to complete this course. Ideally you should bring along your own Case, but it is possible to complete this course by sharing with a partner. (only 1 partner)

This Training Day will give you the power to:

  • Generate turnover
  • Find new Distributors
  • Develop new Managers
  • Expand your earning potential

This is an overview of what the Training Day will include:

  • Please be available for Registration by 10.30am latest. Training begins promptly at 11.00am, with an overview of the benefits of developing a beauty business and the opportunity to create an ongoing earning potential.
  • Guidance on how to conduct a party by working through the Party Plan Guide, followed by a Practical Demonstration
  • Break for Lunch at 12.45pm
  • The afternoon training begins promptly at 1.30pm. Learn how to determine whether you have a 'cool' or 'warm' complexion. Work with and practise on a partner who is the opposite skin type to you, then let your partner practise on you!
  • Practical advice and guidance on 'How to Book Parties' and 'Holding your own Launch Party'
    Annette Hughes will close the meeting at 4.00pm.

If you would like to attend this full-day Cosmetics and Skin Care Training Course in the UK please contact Nature's Sunshine on 01952 671600 or email

salesuk@natr.com to reserve your places. Please give my UK Sponsor number #1588006228 (Karen Doolan) when signing up so you will be added to my group. If you are a member of my group I will know to help support your natural health endeavours.

NSP MEMBERS: Please pass this on to your team. Remember to update your email and contact information with NSP and sign up as an international sponsor so you are sure to receive future announcements from NSP all around the world.

Share the Health,

Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager USA
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Natural Health Educator

Visit my Nature's Sunshine Online Store:

Learn about the Body Systems

Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!

Saturday, March 03, 2007



Eating is important for many reasons. We eat for pleasure, to
socialize and sometimes just for distraction.

However, the most important reason to eat is for good nutrition. When
we are hungry it's because our bodies need sustenance. Unfortunately,
no matter how much you eat, if your digestion isn't working properly
it won't do much good.

Which is why in this issue of Nature's Field we discuss enzymes and
their importance to our health.

Also for the first week of March we are offering $5 off a purchase of
The Comprehensive Guide to NSP.
This offer is limited to one per customer and you must enter the
coupon code 'NF703' when you check out to receive it.

In This Months Nature's Field Issue:
Feature Herb: Papaya
Feature Article: The Most Important Supplement I Take
Kimberly Balas’ Clinician’s Corner: Understanding Proteinuria
Parting Thoughts from the Herb Guy: Our Social Need for “Slow Food”

To read this issue go to

If you are not yet a subscriber of Nature's Field you can have it delivered automatically to your email box. Go to www.treelite.com to subscribe.

Tree of Light Publishing is constantly looking to serve you
better. If you have any suggestions, problems, or comments, please e-
mail us at treelite@treelite.com or call us at 435-627-8709 and we
will be glad to help you.
Thank you again for your support. Continue to read and increase
your knowledge with us.

To Your Health!

The Staff of Tree of Light Publishing


The following information is used with permission from Hilton Johnson Productions www.mlmu.com. It was posted on Nicole Bandes’ Yahoo group for NSP business builders. You can subscribe for free by sending a blank email to nspbbsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

The Top Ten Ways to Attract People to You By Hilton Johnson

1. Have a Strong Personal Foundation

There is a concept within the professional coaching community called Personal Foundation. The idea behind Personal Foundation is that once you have it, people will notice a special energy about you that will actually attract them to you. The way to get a Strong Personal Foundation is to have BALANCE in all the key areas of your life. This could include health, money, physical environment, family and friends, significant other/spouse, fun and recreation, career, personal growth and spirituality.

Professional coaches often have their clients grade each of these areas from 1 to 10, with 10 being excellent. They will then coach on the areas where the person is “out of balance.” Having a Strong Personal Foundation is the first major step to attracting people.

2. Focus All of Your Attention on the Other Person
People love to talk about themselves. When you ask questions that cause people to tell you about their passions and problems, they naturally become attracted to you.

You already know the routine. Ask people about their children, their careers, what they like to read and what they do in their spare time. Try to understand them from their point of view. Getting people to reveal their inner world to you can make you come across as a superior conversationalist...and consequently, a very attractive person.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen
Most people give listening skills lip service. They think that hearing another person’s words when they talk is listening. That’s not the kind of listening we’re discussing here.

If you can listen to someone without thinking of what question you’re going to ask next; if you can listen without thinking of your own agenda; if you can listen without thinking of selling them, then you can listen at such a deep level your potential prospect will be drawn to you. A dialogue exchange will begin to take place that will be rich and engrossing. That kind of communication between two people becomes irresistibly attractive.

4. Specialized Knowledge
If you have expert knowledge about something that people want to know about, that can make you particularly attractive.
What are you good at doing? (Or, what are you willing to get good at doing?) Are you good at writing, speaking, marketing, computer skills? If so, many people will be attracted to you. All they have to do is know that you exist and that you have the skills they need.

5. Acknowledge People
Another way to attract people to you is to pay them sincere compliments and then acknowledge the compliments. Here’s how that works: Let’s say that you compliment a friend about some new furniture they just bought. You might say, “Your new furniture looks wonderful.” You can kick that compliment up a notch or two with an acknowledgement that could sound like this: “Your new furniture looks wonderful. You have a natural talent for decorating.”

6. Commonality
Another neat way to attract people to you is to find things about them that you have in common. This goes back to the idea that asking questions, listening and probing into your potential prospect’s world will reveal many opportunities to discover things you have in common and can discuss.

7. Talk about Your Success Stories
A common mistake that people in network marketing make is to tell people how successful they are. People don’t care about that.
It’s more attractive to tell people about the people you (or your company) made successful. Tell them about the poor situation somebody was in before you helped them. Describe in detail how miserable they were. Next, tell them what that person’s life is like now; how happy he/she is; how much freedom and wealth he/she has...all as a result of doing business with you. Make a list of all of the people you have helped make successful, and then develop the “before” and “after” stories that will make you sound amazing.

8. Offer to Be an Information Resource
Once you know something about your potential prospects, you will clearly see ways to provide information that is of value to them. This could include websites relating to their hobbies or articles about things you two have in common. It could be information related to their business, their children or other passions they may have.

They will appreciate hearing from you when you provide information they can use. (Remember to do NO selling when you contact them. They’ll come around when the time is right.)

9. Send Them Referrals
No one in his right mind ever turns down a good referral. Find business for your prospects and they will always take your calls, have lunches with you, give you referrals and yes, give you their business.

10. The Most Important Person on Earth
Earl Nightingale used to say that if you want to be successful, treat every person you come into contact with as the most important person on earth. To be truly attractive, focus all of your energy, attention and care on the person you’re with. Take yourself out of the equation and give that person unbelievable attention without any hint of manipulation or ulterior motives.

People that you make feel extremely important will give you their respect, their friendship, their knowledge and their business...and they’ll do it for life.


The Internet is the first place many people turn for information ranging from local movie listings to breaking news. It can be a valuable resource tool for your business. You can find the latest news on the health industry or find monographs on medicinal herbs. Other sites can give you ideas for building your business. Next time you surf the web, check out some of the following informative sites.

Herb and Dietary Supplement Resources

PDR Health at http://www.pdrhealth.com

PDR Health is an online source of health-related information that is written with the consumer in mind. It is broken into four main sections: disease overviews, treatment options, drug information (includes information on prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, herbs and nutritional supplements) and clinical trials.

Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia and has become the largest reference source on the Internet. Type in the name of an herb, supplement, health condition, etc., and you will be guided to entries with extensive information. One word of caution: Anyone with computer access to Wikipedia can edit the entries. As a result, the entries are quite up to date, but there can also be significant misinformation.

Dietary Supplement Information Bureau at www.supplementinfo.org

This website contains information about the supplement industry as well as herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. It also has a link to an online version of the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau’s publication Field Guide to Herbal Dietary Supplements.

Health and Nutrition Resources

Discovery Health at http://health.discovery.com/

Discovery has brought its cutting-edge approach to health through Discovery Health. The site contains sections on Diet and Nutrition and Healthy Living and pays special attention to alternative health.

Mayo Clinic at www.mayoclinic.com/health/HealthyLivingIndex/HealthyLivingIndex

The renowned Mayo Clinic weighs in on health and healthy lifestyles. This site covers health and nutrition at every stage in life.

Business Building Resources

NSP Forum at http://www.nspforum.com

The NSP forum is not affiliated with Nature’s Sunshine. It is, however, a place where NSP Managers and Members discuss products and business.

NSP Business Builders at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/nspbb/

This Yahoo group focuses on building a Nature’s Sunshine business. Distributors share their tips and experience with building a business. It has ideas for those who own stores, have a home-based business, run an Internet business, are consultants, and more. It is not affiliated with Nature’s Sunshine.

NSP Homespa Group at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/nsphomespa/join

Learn about Nature's Sunshine Pure Essential Oils.This group will be a place for those interested in Aromatherapy HomeSpa party plans and building their Nature's Sunshine business using this wonderful opportunity. We will share motivational tips, recipes, and business aids as well as having a goal section so you have a support group to monitor your progress (in the works).

ALSO don't forget these favorites:





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