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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Stay Up to Date with Formula Changes

FOUR FORMULAS ENHANCED WITH ADDITION OF SPIRULINA Sourcing Irish Moss of sufficient quality and quantity has become increasingly difficult. After significant review with our Hughes Center staff, we found that certain formulas featuring Irish Moss could be improved by replacing this ingredient with spirulina. Spirulina is a trusted botanical that is easily sourced and has stronger research and scientific support for targeted benefits. The following formulas have been upgraded with spirulina. 

• Thyroid Activator – Stock No. 1224

• CA – Stock No. 826 

• TS-II – Stock No. 1092 

• Cellular Detox – Stock No. 1072 

Our new Thyroid Activator formula is currently available, and we expect the updated formulas for CA, TS-II and Cellular Detox to be available in the next few months. 

Thyroid Activator – Stock No. 1224 

Designed to support the thyroid, this formula primarily contains kelp, a natural source of iodine, which supports the thyroid by contributing to hormonal balance. The supporting herbs include Spirulina, black walnut hulls, parsley leaf and sarsaparilla root. Iodine is a trace element required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. Thyroid hormones support metabolic activity, regulate protein synthesis and enzymatic activities. In addition, thyroid hormones are crucial for the development of the skeletal and central nervous systems. Spirulina is a well-studied ingredient for metabolic support. It contains many functional bioactive compounds with antioxidant and immunomodulatory activities. Studies show that spirulina acts by supporting the antioxidant pathways in the body, which in turn has positive effects on metabolic components. Black walnut hulls, parsley leaf and sarsaparilla root are supporting herbs historically used to support glandular health. 

CA – Stock No. 826

CA is a traditional formula designed to support the structural system, and its ingredients have synergistic benefits on structural health. The primary herbs in the formulation are Alfalfa and horsetail. The secondary herbs include spirulina, oatstraw, marshmallow, passionflower and slippery elm. Alfalfa supports a healthy immune response needed for the function of structural tissues. Horsetail Stem & Strobilus is traditionally used for skin, nail, hair and bone health. Recent evidence demonstrates extracts of horsetail support cellular health in bones, and its silica content is believed to contribute to the absorption and use of calcium. Spirulina has recently been shown to have beneficial effects on joint health via its antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. Oat straw, marshmallow and slippery elm have active compounds that have been shown to support a healthy immune response. The flavonoids in passionflower are believed to support healthy nervous system function and provide a sense a calm. 

TS-II – Stock No. 1092 

TS-II is designed to support glandular health. Much like Thyroid Activator, the primary herb in this product is kelp, a natural source of iodine, which contributes to hormonal balance. The supporting herbs include spirulina, parsley leaf, hops flowers and capsicum fruit. Iodine is required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, that support metabolic activity, regulate protein synthesis and enzymatic activities. In addition, thyroid hormones are crucial for the development of the skeletal and nervous systems. The secondary herbs in this formula have synergistic benefits in supporting a healthy immune response and glandular system. Spirulina is a well-studied ingredient for metabolic support. It contains many functional bioactive compounds with antioxidant and immunomodulatory activities. Hops has been used historically to support glandular health.

Cellular Detox – Stock No. 1072

Cellular detox is designed to naturally support a healthy digestive system while promoting intestinal cleansing. The primary herbs in this formula include gentian root, spirulina, fenugreek, slippery elm, cascara sagrada and safflowers. Gentian root, spirulina, fenugreek and slippery elm have been used traditionally to support the digestive tract. Additionally, spirulina has chelating effects on heavy metals, and it is believed to support the detox process by helping to eliminate these heavy metals. Fenugreek and slippery elm also support the mucosal lining of the gut. And cascara and safflowers support intestinal cleansing. Cascara’s hydroxyanthracene derivatives also support the body’s detoxification processes. The secondary herbs in the formula include Oregon grape and golden seal, natural sources of berberine, which is believed to support gastric function and intestinal transit. Uva ursi and dandelion help support healthy urinary function.


Our popular Mineral Chi formula features trace minerals and a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs. Among these botanicals, water soluble Eleuthero Root became increasingly difficult to source early in 2020. Our Hughes Center scientists thoroughly evaluated the formula and its ingredients to determine the best path forward. With their guidance, we chose to simplify the formula by removing Eleuthero Root from our proprietary blend. The new Mineral Chi formula entered production mid-year in 2020 and has continued to deliver results since its introduction. If you want to include Eleuthero root in your supplement regimen, we recommend our Eleuthero single herb product, stock no. 660. 

Mineral Chi – Stock No. 1818 The primary benefit of Mineral-Chi tonic comes from its trace minerals. “Trace minerals are elements required by the body for normal function,”1 which include iron, iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum2 . This liquid contains fulvic acid, which is one of the components of humic substances3 . Potassium in the formula contributes to electrolyte balance. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), vital energy—or “Chi”—is believed to be transferred via meridians, and its flow around the body is reflective of the health status of an individual6 . TCM literature suggests that minerals and tonifying herbs have beneficial effects on the meridian system7 . Herbs such as Astragalus, wolfberry, Gynostemma, Reishi and Schisandra are tonifying in nature and well-studied for their adaptogenic properties. They act via the Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) to regulate energy balance in the body. 

 • In traditional Chinese medicine, Gynostemma, or Jiao Gu Lan, is regarded as a tonifying herb of extreme versatility and has been extensively researched in China8 . The active compounds called gypenosides have been shown to have hepatoprotective and cardioprotective properties9 .

 • Astragalus occupies an important place in the TCM system. It has been used to support “Chi” and reduce fatigue and tiredness, which are caused by chi deficiency10.

 • Reishi mushroom is attributed with therapeutic properties, such as tonifying effects and enhancing vital energy. As per TCM, Reishi acts to replenish Qi and ease the mind10. 

• Wolfberry supports “Yin” and “Chi”11. The bioactive compounds in Lycium have been studied for antioxidant properties8 .

 • Studies using combinations of adaptogens including Schisandra have been shown to support cognitive and physical performance12–15.

 • Ginger is believed to support thermogenic effect of food and play a role in energy regulation16,17. The bioactive constituents in ginger have been well-studied and shown to support metabolic processes18.

 • According to TCM, Licorice is considered one of the most important herbs, and it can have synergistic benefits with other herbs19. 

The tonifying herbs and naturally occurring minerals in this blend are believed to support energy homeostasis in the body while helping the body to adapt to biological and physical stress. 


Saw Palmetto Concentrate – Stock No. 635 For years our soft gel capsule for Saw Palmetto Concentrate has experienced stability issues after adding the caramel coloring. While our quality testing has always ensured the high quality you’ve come to expect from Nature’s Sunshine, we began looking into options to avoid these concerns. After thoroughly reviewing the issue, we’ve chosen to forgo adding the coloring to the capsule. This change improves the quality and consistency of the finished product without affecting the formula. With a clear gel capsule, however, customers should expect to see natural variations in the color and contents of the material within the capsule. The new capsule is expected to be in production by the end of April, 2021. 


Heavy Metal Detox – Stock No. 507

Heavy Metal Detox features N-acetyl cysteine, l-methionine, apple pectin, kelp and alpha lipoic acid. And it was recently reformulated to remove cilantro and add milk thistle and chlorella. Here’s why… Cilantro has a history of traditional use, but none of its active constituents can scientifically support detoxification. What’s more, all of the raw material we attempted to source could not pass QA due to pesticide contamination. That just won’t do. Milk Thistle contains silymarin, a natural antioxidant shown to support glutathione, a crucial component of the liver detox pathway. And chlorella supports detoxification by modulating antioxidant enzymes. Both of these ingredients are backed by science and make this formula stronger than it was. 


CC-A – Stock No. 840 

Designed to provide natural support for the circulatory, immune and respiratory systems, our CC-A was recently reformulated to remove myrrh gum. Consistently sourcing myrrh gum of sufficient quality and quantity for this formula became increasingly difficult to do in a cost-effective manner in <>. Unwilling to pass this exorbitant cost on to our customers, we consulted with the Hughes Center staff on the product formula. Our scientists determined that removing this ingredient would have minimal impact on the efficacy of the formula. This change took place in <>. Our current formula provides a proprietary blend of nine traditional botanicals that support the circulatory, immune and respiratory systems. 


Love and Peas – Stock No. 3082

The changes to Love and Peas outlined below were targeted to improve the flavor and consistency of the shake, while the bulk of the formula’s nutrients remains the same. After internal and external sampling, we adjusted the natural flavorings to the vanilla flavor preferred in our polling. A special blend of guar, acacia and xanthan gum was added to increase the smoothness of the shake and reduce the gritty texture. The plant fiber is actually the same bamboo fiber previously featured in Love and Peas; however, the name was changed to meet regulatory requirements. We included a chelated form of selenium and molybdenum, as amino acid chelates are known for having the best bioavailability among vitamins and minerals. Magnesium citrate, chromium picolinate, and methylcobalamin were also added as more bioavailable forms of these nutrients. 


Menstrual Reg – Stock No. 1125 

The ingredients featured in Menstrual Reg have been used by traditional herbalists for menstrual cycle support. The primary substantiation for this formulation comes from Chaste berry extract for female glandular system support and healthy menstrual cycle. Compounds available in this plant help support premenstrual discomfort. This ingredient has been shown to have a beneficial effect in relieving occasional premenstrual discomfort in multiple clinical trials. 

The supporting herbs include Shepherd’s purse, yarrow, black haw, nettle leaf, sarsaparilla and false unicorn.

Shepherd's Purse is used in traditional medicine as it affects uterine smooth muscles and supports their contraction. It is an astringent herb that is used orally to support menstrual cycle. Yarrow has a long history of use to treat variety of ailments. Yarrow and its extracts were effective in relieving discomfort associated with menstruation. An in vitro study demonstrated estrogenic activity in a crude extract of the aerial parts of Yarrow. Black Haw is a North America shrub used to support the muscular system. Nettle leaf has been traditionally used for circulatory system support, and nettle leaf extract may safely support glucose metabolism. Sarsaparilla root and false unicorn have also been used for menstrual support by traditional herbalists.

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