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Thursday, January 12, 2012



Available Only at Nature's Sunshine







The Nature's Fresh line of household products is a safe and effective alternative to common household cleaning agents that may not be safe or environmentally friendly.

  • Nature's Fresh products use natural surfactants and cleaning agents derived from plants
  • Nature's Fresh products do not contain cleaning agents that may cause allergic reactions, skin irritation or fumes
  • Nature's Fresh products are biodegradable and pH neutral
  • Nature's Fresh products use 100% recyclable plastics


The following statement appears on every Nature's Fresh product label:


NATURE'S FRESH: Plant-based household products by Nature's Sunshine Products


The NATURE'S FRESH line of home cleaning products is formulated with all-natural, plant-derived biodegradable ingredients that are safe for you, your family and our planet. NATURE'S FRESH is an alternative to other household products that may contain harsh chemicals or unfriendly cleaning agents that can cause irritation or other allergic reactions.





Since 1972 we've formulated safe, effective nutritional supplements, and now we've created our NATURE'S FRESH household products in keeping with that same philosophy of safety and effectiveness.



NATURE'S FRESH products are ALL:

  • Plant-based
  • Biodegradable
  • pH neutral (non-corrosive and non-caustic)
  • Effective, and use anionic surfactants
  • Chemical-free
  • Dioxane-free
  • Phosphate-free




Taking a safer, greener approach to the way you clean your clothes and your home may help you feel better physically. You may be used to the fumes, irritation and other mal-effects of your chemical cleaners, and you may be surprised at how much better you feel when you eliminate these chemicals from your home! Plus, you'll have more peace of mind knowing that you are now part of the environmentally conscious crowd.





NATURE'S FRESH LAUNDRY SOAP  has a neutral pH and is concentrated (2x), low-sudsing, and safe and effective in all temperatures. The plant-based cleaning agents in this product gently clean fabrics, yet effectively remove dirt and stains. This product can be used in HE (high efficiency) washing machines, and is scent-free. [include HE and pH neutral icon]


Contains: Purified water, 100% natural anionic coconut kernel oil based surfactant.



NATURE'S FRESH FABRIC BRIGHTENER  uses the power of oxygen to brighten fabric, eliminate odors and remove stains, without the toxicity of hazardous and toxic bleaching agents. This brightener is safe for colored fabrics and most water-washable items and surfaces. Use in the washer for everyday brightening, or use as a concentrated solution for tougher stains. [include pH neutral icon]


Contains: sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate.



NATURE'S FRESH BAMBOO DRYER SHEETS  [include bamboo water mark from label] are, well, made from bamboo. (How cool is that?). These dryer sheets are free from harmful softening agents and strong chemical fragrances. You won't find these sheets piling up in a landfill, because after they soften and freshen your laundry they biodegrade.



NATURE'S FRESH ENZYME SPRAY  is the same environmentally breakthrough enzyme spray that we've had and loved for decades, and is the eponym and inspiration for the rest of the NATURE'S FRESH product line. This unscented, hypoallergenic all-natural spray uses enzymes and proteins derived from vegetables and fruits to break down stains and odors.


Contains: water, oxidoreductases, transferases, lyases, hydrolases, isomerases, ligases.



NATURE'S FRESH SURFACE WIPES WITH SILVER SHIELD  not only effectively remove stains and spills, they contain Silver Shield to help protect your surfaces from unwanted, unfriendly invaders. Silver Shield is Nature's Sunshine's patented ingredient for combating microbes, and is 100% safe for you and the environment.


Contains: water, alcohol, Silver Shield (silver: colloidal and ionic), and plant- based surfactants.



NATURE'S FRESH CITRUS SURFACE CLEANER  uses essential orange oil as a safe, effective and natural solvent to remove stains and clean surfaces. Use this citrus cleaner on any washable, non-porous surface; perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. The fresh citrus scent will make you happy.


Contains: purified water, essential orange oil [Mandarin orange (Citrus sinensis)], plant-based biodegradable surfactants (from coconut).



NATURE'S FRESH DISH SOAP  is free from common, unfriendly cleaning agents such as phosphates and chlorine that are commonly found in dish soaps. Enjoy the fresh citrus scent of Sunshine Essential Oil Blend as you wash your dishes. This blend of essential oils not only helps clean and break-up grease, its citrus scent lifts your spirits while you wash.


Contains: purified water, coconut oil derived surfactants, 100% pure Sunshine Essential Oil Blend [lemon oil, (Citrus limonum), lime oil (Citrus aurantifolia), mandarin orange (Citrus sinensis), grapefruit oil (Citrus paradise)].



NATURE'S FRESH AUTO DISHWASHER GEL  is formulated to effectively clean your dishes and glassware with all-natural, plant-based ingredients. The cleaning agents in this product are 100% biodegradable and are free from common, unfriendly cleaning agents. This gel in concentrated (2x), and contains the Sunshine Essential Oil blend for both cleaning and aroma therapeutic enhancement!


Contains: purified water, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, biodegradable low foam surfactants (from coconut), enzymes, 100% pure Sunshine Essential Oil Blend [lemon oil, (Citrus limonum), lime oil (Citrus aurantifolia), mandarin orange (Citrus sinensis), grapefruit oil (Citrus paradise)].


Do you use the following? STOP!






Make detergents more effective, prevent dirt from settling into clothes

Creep into water supply and settle in lakes. They stimulate certain marine growth and disrupt ecosystem .

LAS (linear alkyl sodium sulfunates)

Synthetic surfactant.

Biodegrade slowly and damage environment. Also, releases carcinogenic toxins during production.

Sodium hypochlorite (precursor to bleach)

Whitener, bleach

Highly toxic. When it reacts with organic materials it releases carcinogenic and toxic compounds.

EDTA (ethylene-diamino-tetra-acetate)

Reduces mineral hardness

Biodegrades slowly, posing environmental dangers.


General purpose cleaner

may damage eyes, respiratory tract and skin

General bleach/ chlorine

Whitener, antimicrobial

strong corrosive that may irritate and burn the skin, eyes and respiratory tract; produces toxic fumes, especially when exposed to heat

Hydrochloric acid

Found in many surface cleaners

a highly corrosive irritant that is irritating and damaging to skin


Fungicide and bactericide

a suspected carcinogen, and respiratory irritant

Diethylene glycol

Found in some floor and surface cleaners

may suppress the nervous system



Flammable and toxic; harmful to respiratory system and cardiac tissue

Petroleum solvents

Surface cleaners

Skin, eye and respiratory irritant. Suspected carcinogen.

Sodium Hydroxide (lye)


Caustic; irritant; eye and skin irritant.

1, 4 Dioxane

Softens harsher cleaning agents.

 Know to California to cause cancer under Prop65, and is a suspected kidney and respiratory toxicant; groundwater contaminant.


Bi product of some petrochemicals used for cleaning

Compounds that mimic estrogen







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