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Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy New Year! Cell phone EMF protecters are here!


Happy New Year

January, 6th, 2012

It's Finally here!

As we listen to so many different tales about what 2012 will be bringing, one thing is for sure, we all are aware of the many changes in the world that are taking place. After having a conversation with my soon to be 98 year old grandmother, she helped me to understand it even more.

She said," In my lifetime I have never felt such changes. Your grandsfather, myself and our two children lived through the great depression and the world just didn't feel like it does today." It really is the "feel" of things world wide. Everything what made of energy, and the energy is shifting.

As a Polarity Therapy Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher,

my focus has always been on how energy flows.

We will be having a scheduled date for all of to meet for meditation, opening the energy blocks ect.  Our group has a name! It is "Awake".

Of course there is no cost. But donations are accepted.

We will be meeting every second and fourth

Saturday from 4:30 to 6:00.

Please bring a folding chair.

We will be having one this Saturday,

 instead of next Saturday. 

The next one will be the 28th.

This Saturday we will be great! Come join us!


A little about Polarity Therapy:

Life energy is in constant pulsation in and around the body.

Health is experienced when energy flows smoothly without significant

blockage. When energy is unbalanced, pain and dis-ease arise.

Polarity therapy is a system of gentle hand contacts, to find the blockages

And release energy to normal flow patterns and to maintain the energy field in an open, flexible condition

Polarity therapy is especially helpful to people with chronic conditions that have not responded to conventional treatments.

•Chronic neck pain •Fibromyalgia •Headaches and sinus problems

•Chronic fatigue syndrome •Anxiety disorders and panic attacks  

•Frail and elderly ones who have no energy 

•General complaints of "not feeling well" for a long time(though no medical diagnosis can be made)


•Health oriented persons who want to remain healthy                 

•People with chronic colds, flu, and other indications of immune system depression                                                     

•People with chronic gas, constipation, bloating sometimes helpful in arthritis pain  relief.

•Any condition in which stress appears a relevant.        


"Polarity therapy is not suggested for any condition that may require medical attention, acute inflammations or infections, or any condition that may prohibit patient from lying supine."

Polarity therapy is not a substitute for medical care. 

My regular fee for 1 hour: $55.00

                         1/2 hour:$35.00 

During the month of January and February I will be offering

a hour session for: $40.00

    1/2 session for: $25.00

This special will only be good the month of January and February.











A little info about the AAMORAA:

Aamoraa EMF Shield

These shields emits a subtle scalar energy field that structures the electron flow of the electricity as it comes from the building service entrance or car battery and flows through the system's wires, significantly reducing the EM field of the wiring and any devices plugged into it. The AAMORAA uses the Nanocrystal technology.

A resin with hundreds of thousands of embedded Nanocrystals.

They act like "lenses" or conduits for ultra high frequency subtle energies known as scalar and tachyon energies that permeate all space to flow through the crystals.

These smaller, "quieter" fields interfere much less with intracellular communication and brain function in the body, helping to:

·         Enhance mental performance and clarity

·         Increase resilience to stress

·         Increase energy and stamina

·         Reduce fatigue

·         Increase sense of well-being

·         Improve immune response

·         Decrease inflammatory response

Improve strength, balance, and performance with physical activity and athletics                                                                           

AAMORAA Shields:

Cell Phone Shield: $22.00  

All other Shields are: $36.00

If you purchase any AAMORAA shield you will get the car remote shield free. AamoraA Tagua, (the pendant) is also called "ivory nut", as it looks and feels just like ivory.

They are hand-picked from the rain forests of South America.




Order Nature's Sunshine Products  

and join Susie's successline of NSP members. 



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