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Thursday, December 15, 2011

NSP Flower Essences Emotional Remedies

Flower Essences Emotional Remedies


What are flower remedies?

Flower remedies for emotional distress are liquid extracts made from carefully selected flowers. These emotional remedies have been used for several decades to help with emotional well-being. Read more about the history of flower remedies.

Nature's Sunshine has its own unique line of both English and North American flower remedies, called Flower Essences, that feature flowers grown in certified organic gardens and pristine wildcrafted habitats. These emotional remedies were formulated by Master Herbalist and famed author and NSP lecturer, Steven Horne. Read Steven Horne's thoughts on Flower Essences.

Seven wonderful flower remedies for emotional support

The finest ingredients make the best dishes, the best health supplements and the best flower essence remedies. Our seven new formulas each contain seven flowers or botanicals. Each was carefully chosen for its unique properties to create high-quality emotional remedies providing vital emotional support.

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Dr. Edward Bach, a surgeon in England in the 1930s, set out to find natural ways to address the emotional states of people. He studied English flowers and plants and developed over three dozen flower essences that could act as a remedy for a large variety of specific emotional states. Others in this field studied flower remedies from North American sources.

Steven Horne

"You may have heard the term Emotional First Aid Kit. I think every home should have one. Flower essences help people get through the basic emotional imbalances we go through in our lives.

"There's a lot of anger and fear in our nation right now. Many people are suffering losses, whether with financial situations, the market, lost homes, jobs, loved ones, etc. I believe that people really need help processing their emotions. This is a product line whose time has come. I think we all have a unique opportunity to help others as they search for help in dealing with emotional issues.

"I've been doing emotional work for 25 years. It's a huge part of what I do. When you include the emotional with the physical, you get much more dramatic results, and people feel better a lot faster. These flower remedies are unique. No one else has them or anything like them."

—Steven Horne, author of The Heart's Key to Health, Happiness and Success and developer of NSP's flower essences.


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