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Saturday, April 03, 2010

What's New at NSP - April 2010

Nature's Sunshine Products
April 2010 Issue Product Specials
- Education Week begins April 19th
- Special Promotion starts April 4
- New Sunshine 500 Term
- New SmartStart sponsoring program
- Other important updates
- Men's Billfold - Buy one, get one 50% Off
- Super Trio - Buy three and save $6

See Our Weekly Specials
Season of Sunshine

Greg Halliday, President, U.S. Sales & Marketing
Greg Halliday
President, U.S.
Our anticipated Education Week begins on April 19th. This event has become one of the favorite educational vehicles for many of our customers. We always offer new information, and this event will be no exception as we introduce several new products during the week. Mark your calendars now so you can take advantage of the great FREE training.

Please take note of the following additional items in April:
Respiratory Health Scientific Update
Our scientific update focuses on some of the key nutrients for respiratory health. In order to perform optimally, the respiratory system should be free from inflammation and excess mucus.

Herbal nutrients and other ingredients can encourage the entire respiratory tract to gently cleanse itself, and they can assist the body in neutralizing allergens.

Read the Article Article Archives
Respiratory System
Special Promotion Begins April 4th!
Tei-Fu Peppermint Pack Beginning Sunday, April 4, we have a special promotion: get one Peppermint Oil and one Tei-Fu Oil packaged in a handy carrying case and save!

The special price of $15 represents a savings of nearly $7.50 over buying these items separately. This promotion runs only through April 11 while supplies last.

Education Week is April 19 - 26
Do you have questions you'd like answered during an Education Week Webinar?
Submit your questions to
our presenters!
Join us for Education Week April 19-26 to learn about several exciting new products!

We'll give away trips to our Cancun Convention in 2011, and we'll have some fantastic deals on popular NSP products.

Our great lineup of presenters includes Steven Horne, Dr. Rallie McAllister, Laura Jacobs, Jay Vanden Heuvel and Dr. Hugo Rodier.

Don't miss it! Go to www.nspwebinars.com where you can watch all five webinars at your convenience all week long beginning April 19.

Boomerang Air & Surface Sanitizer Update
Check out this new Boomerang product testimonial! Our Boomerang Air & Surface Sanitizer continues to be very popular and effective in sanitizing the air in homes and businesses across the country.

Watch the testimonial video (Windows Media Player)

Learn about the Boomerang Air & Surface Sanitizer
Boomerang Air Purifier

Not yet a Nature's Sunshine Member?  Purchase the Boomerang on my website:
New Sunshine 500 - No Teams Required!
Sunshine 500 Program

Perhaps NSP's most successful sponsoring/Manager breakout/rank advancement program ever, S-500 is available again-but now, with no "team" requirement.

Managers: examine your Member group carefully, and register those who haven't yet participated in S-500. When they achieve 500 QV points in a month and sponsor at least two new members, they break out as Managers AND earn EXTRA cash! If you get two members to qualify in the same month, you get to count them for rank.

Registration goes through June 30, and qualification through September. Get the details. You can also learn about this program by attending the Webinar on April 12.

New SmartStart Program Pays More for More of Your Sign-ups.
SmartStart is NSP's special bonus payout triggered when a new Member joins NSP with at least 100 QV points.

Until April 1, SmartStart offered a 10% rebate to the new sign-up, and 30-40% to the sponsor. And sometimes (depending on the rules), another 10% was paid to the sponsor's upline Managers. After listening to you, we've made the following exciting changes:

- Instead of a $10-12 rebate check in the sign-up month, your new SmartStart Member gets a free product certificate worth $15.00

- As the Sponsor, you'll earn 30-40% on EVERY SmartStart sign-up, every time!

- As the Sponsor's upline Manager, you'll earn 10% on EVERY SmartStart sign-up-no exceptions!

- And, as an upline Manager (as long as your rank allows) you'll earn NEW 5% bonuses on all the SmartStart sponsoring in your second and third levels!

NEW SmartStart pays MORE MONEY to MORE MANAGERS whenever qualifying sponsoring takes place! See what you need to do to make sure you share in the rewards.

Attend the Webinar on April 12 to learn more.
Poster and Flyer - Top 10 Product ALJ®
Check out our product poster and flyer this month featuring ALJ.


Poster and Flyer Archive

Natural Health Seminar: Brilliant Body
Topics covered:

- Glandular System
- Digestive System
- If Only I Had More Energy
- Parasites: The Uninvited Guests
Watch the Seminar Video>>

Cost: $35

To register, call: 1-800-223-8225 

Seminar flyer | Black/White Flyer  
Not yet a Nature's Sunshine Member? When registering for the class, please let NSP that you are attending as my personal guest (Karen Doolan, sponsor #983219-3) 

Seminar Locations:
4/10 Ann Arbor, MI 4/17 Tulsa, OK 5/1 Greensburg, PA
4/10 Oklahoma City, OK 4/24 Albuquerque, NM 5/1 Joplin, MO
4/10 Phoenix, AZ 4/24 Green Bay, WI 5/15 Kansas City, MO
4/17 Baton Rouge, LA 4/24 Leominster, MA 5/15 Pleasanton, CA
4/17 Myerstown, PA 5/1 Boise, ID 5/15 Rochester, NY
Learn more and find additional seminar locations.

Also, Don't miss the Brilliant Body Monthly Webinars. If you do miss a class, the Recorded webinars can be enjoyed at www.nspwebinars.com  Become and Herb Specialist with this excellent free monthly webinars, and by attending the Brilliant Body seminars which are taught around the nation. Watch the calendar for a class near you.
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