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Friday, April 02, 2010


HC Wellness Center & Spa
April 2010 Newsletter
Healthy Connection Wellness Center

Get A Clean Start

To create a healthy body you’ve got to clean it up. Cleansing the inside of the body helps it to heal and maintain optimum health. Cleansing also helps you to look younger and feel more energized. Everyone can benefit from cleansing and detoxification. With spring in the air, this is the perfect time to do a complete cleaning.

There are several ways to cleanse the body including food, herbs, essential oils, and colonics. All of these are very effective when used together. They create a cleansing synergy that is powerful enough to clean deep down at the cellular level. If we didn’t take a bath, wash our hair or brush our teeth we’d be pretty dirty and smelly, but we wouldn’t get cancer, heart disease, diabetes or any other serious disease because we didn’t clean the outside. However, when we don’t clean the inside of the body it can become sick and diseased and can lead to very serious illnesses.

When the colon becomes impacted with waste matter, worms, parasites and mucoid plaque it can become a breeding ground for disease. Foods like meat, sugar, flour, additives, preservatives, and chemical toxins fill up the colon, dirty the blood and lymphatic system, and create sickness!

Cleaning out the body of old toxic waste and eating good, organic, raw and living foods will ensure you a clean body, which will reward you with good health and overall well-being for many years to come.

The reasons behind colon hydrotherapy are simple. By cleansing your colon, you can increase the productivity of your intestines, increasing your metabolic efficiency and improving other body functions.

Donna Randolph
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Director of NCCHSA (North Carolina ColonHydrotherapy Safety Association)
I-ACT Member and Instructor
Founder & President of HealthyConnection, Inc.
National Board for Colon HydroTherapy(NBCHT)


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The HC Wellness Center and Spa is sponsoring Two Wonderful Cleansing Classes this Spring Dedicated to Cleansing Body, Mind and Soul:



by Laurie Landry:

FENG SHUI is a time honored method of bringing balanced Chi into your environment to manifest abundance, love, peace, and harmony. It can turn the peaks and valleys of life into rolling hills.

Attend Feng Shui Basics-Girls Night Out

On Friday April 16th at 6pm, Laurie Landry will join us for a FENG SHUI BASICS consultation here at HC Wellness Center & Spa put together especially for you, our personal friends and clients. You don’t want to miss the exciting evening of fun, delicious food, friendship and knowledge!

AND if you take a moment to RSVP (704-823-1577) Laurie will have a very special gift waiting for you here at the center that evening. You WILL NOT want to miss out on this!

Spring Cleansing...a concept that works wonders for the Body, Mind and Spirit as well as in our homes!



by Bonni Leone

Intro to Dis-Ease Free Lifestyle-Look Better and Feel Younger!
Bonni Leone, Health Coach who will be offering classes this Spring that will cover ways to get healthy and stay healthy with raw foods and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Find out how YOU can implement a Dis-Ease free lifestyle through healthy food choices and much, much more.
  • Natural Health Education
  • Preparation and Sampling of Raw Food Recipes
  • Lifestyle Changes
Where: Healthy Connection located at
3302 S. New Hope Rd., Suite 200-A/B, Gastonia, NC 28056
Time: Thursday evenings 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Workshop Dates, Topics & Recipe Focus:
  • Week 1- April 22nd 6pm: The American Mind Set and How We Got It (Desserts)
  • Week 2- April 29th 6pm: Our Lifestyle Choices and What It Does To Us (Smoothies)
  • Week 3- May 6th 6pm: The Big Industry of Treating Symptoms (Chips, Dips & Cheese)
  • Week 4- May 13th 6pm: We are Either Toxic or Malnourished (Cereal and Milk)
  • Week 5- May 20th 6 pm: Anti-aging and The Transition (Chili and Corn Bread)
  • Week 6- May 27th 6pm: Quantum Eating and Ultimate Health (Everyone Brings a Raw Dish - Pot Luck Dinner)

Cost: $25 per class or $120 for all 6 classes!

Please RSVP 704-823-1577


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For additional information or to sign up for classes, please contact:

H C Wellness Center And Spa
3302 S. New Hope Road
Suite 200-AB
Gastonia, NC 28056
***Health is a state when all organs function perfectly under the intelligent control of the mind***


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