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Monday, May 31, 2010

Announcing NEW SmartStart Sponsoring Bonuses!

Announcing NEW SmartStart Sponsoring Bonuses!

The SmartStart sponsoring program rewards sponsors by paying commissions up to 40%.

SmartStart gives the new sign-up free product credit for his/her next order. The sponsor gets a 30 or 40% bonus. And now, it also pays the next three upline Managers!

Download the SmartStart Flyer (PDF)

Extending new 5% bonuses to additional upline Managers encourages entire groups to work more closely together. Don't underestimate the value of this powerful resource in training your Members!

Effective April 1, 2010: New SmartStart Program payouts begin and old program rules are discontinued.

Give yourself a sponsoring bonus today!

When a new Member doesn't qualify for SmartStart, then all pay is calculated based on normal compensation plan rules.

New SmartStart Rules

  1. SmartStart bonuses are paid on purchases made during the sign-up month only.
  2. To qualify for SmartStart bonuses, the new Member's sign-up month purchases must be 100–299 QV points. Override bonuses will be paid per their normal compensation plan.
  3. This new SmartStart program is only for the U.S.
  4. Product credit awarded to new signups must be used within 90 days, may not be combined with other discounts and doesn't include QV points.
  5. QV transfers to new sign-ups will not qualify new Members for SmartStart.
  6. The finder/sponsor must have at least 100 personal QV points in the sign-up month to qualify. Otherwise, payout is in accordance with the normal compensation plan.
  7. Foreign sponsors and foreign upline Managers do not receive SmartStart bonuses.

How it Works

Legacy Sponsoring Plan
If you have a Legacy* Membership and you sponsor a new Legacy Member, and his/her initial order is 100–299 QV points, SmartStart bonuses are paid like this:
SmartStart Payout
Classic Sponsoring Plan
When either the sign-up or the sponsor is Classic, 30% is paid to the sponsor. All other SmartStart commissions remain the same as shown in the above Legacy diagram.. All other SmartStart commissions remain the same as shown in the above Legacy diagram.

* Sponsors who joined NSP before the Legacy compensation plan was offered are considered "Legacy sponsors" for bonus purposes.

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