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Friday, May 14, 2010

What's New at NSP - May 2010

Nature's Sunshine Products
May 2010 Issue Product Specials Through May 8
- Free Respiratory System Webinar
- Special Offer - MSM/Glucosamine
- New Solstic products
- NSP's YouTube Channel
- New Nature's Fresh Cleaning Products
- Love & Peas: Buy 4, Get 1 FREE, $2 Off
- Perfect Eyes: Buy 4, Get 1 FREE, $2 Off

See Our Weekly Specials

Season of Sunshine
Greg Halliday, President, U.S. Sales & Marketing
Greg Halliday
President, U.S.
We had another great Education Week during April, where people learned about several exciting new products. Many of you enjoyed some outstanding product offers in conjunction with the training you received. Our great training and educational opportunities continue this month as we welcome over 140 managers to our Home Office for Rising Star 2010 If you would like to learn how to earn Rising Star login to NSP. 

Please take note of the following items for May and beyond:

Structural Health - Scientific Update
Our scientific update focuses on some of the key nutrients for structural health. May is National Arthritis Month, and this article focuses on joint-supporting nutrients such as glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and devil's claw.

Read the Article

Article Archives 
Visit my website to read more about products mentioned in these articles. 
Structural System Support

May's Free Webinar - Respiratory System
Join NSP and Dr. Rallie McAllister for a great presentation on strengthening and supporting the Respiratory System.

In addition, we'll announce the winners of the 5 Cancun trips and 10 product baskets from our April Education Week!

When: Monday, May 10 at 11:00 a.m. (MST)

Enjoy the Recorded Webinar
Have you missed any of the webinars this Year? Check out our archives and enjoy the recordings of each call.  www.nspwebinars.com

Memorial Day Hours
Customer Service and Order Sales will be open on Memorial Day until 6:30 p.m. (MST)

MSM/Glucosamine Special Offer
MSM Glucosamine Cream We're offering a buy 3, get 1 FREE special on MSM/Glucosamine Cream until May 15th.

This product supports joints, cartilage and connective tissue and promotes skin health and appearance. Offer good while supplies last.

Order yours today!

Three New Solstic Products
NSP is excited to introduce three new Solstic products: Solstic Energy, Solstic Cardio and Solstic Twenty-Four. Click on the links below to learn more, and make sure to watch our new Solstic video.

Solstic Energy. This low-calorie, sugar-free energy drink features guarana, green tea and B vitamins. Solstic Energy contains only natural ingredients that help energize the body, combat fatigue, increase mental focus and help boost metabolism. Learn more. Available now.

Solstic Cardio. Solstic Cardio is formulated to provide maximum benefit to the cardiovascular system. It contains 5 grams of powerful l-arginine per serving in a blend of minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that contribute to cardiovascular and immune health. Learn more.  Available now.

Solstic Twenty-Four. Solstic Twenty-Four offers 24 hours' worth of primary nutrition. It combines 100% of the Daily Value of 13 vitamins plus beneficial amounts of other vitamins and minerals. It features vitamin D3 for immune, mood and bone support; vitamin K to help with calcium absorption and cardiovascular support; and B vitamins for energy and stamina. This product replaces Solstic Nutrition and has an improved taste. Learn more. Available now.
Solstic Cardio

Watch Solstic Video
Solstic Video

Nature's Sunshine YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Take a look at all of the new videos from Nature's Sunshine on our brand new YouTube Channel. We've put together a selection of some of our recent videos plus some of the all-time favorites so people can get a sense of what Nature's Sunshine has to offer. Tell your friends to go to http://www.youtube.com/user/NaturesSunshineUSA.

New Sunshine 500 Program
Sunshine 500 Program
Remember that the registration period for our new Sunshine 500 program continues through June 30. This new program has no "team" requirement and will allow your Members to break out as Managers if they achieve 500 QV points and sponsor at least two new members in the same month.  
Nature's Sunshine Members login to the member site to Learn more about Sunshine 500. 
Non-members email or call me for more information. 

Watch the April 2010 Sunshine 500 Webinar.

New "Greener" Packaging Coming Soon
NSP to Eliminate Rayon Fill from Bottled Products. For many years, pharmaceutical and natural health manufacturers of ingestible tablets protected their products from shipping damage by stuffing them tightly with cotton. Eventually, inexpensive cellulose-based rayon fill replaced cotton as the industry standard. Manufacturers also began to pack rayon in bottles containing a small count of tablets or capsules to fill the empty space.

Currently, NSP has 74 products that are packed with rayon. Although rayon is plant-based, its manufacture requires significant refining, which is not environmentally friendly. Because of this, NSP engineers partnered with a tablet consultant and UPS engineers to conduct an extensive battery of tests to determine if the rayon was truly needed to protect your product. The tests included both actual shipments of NSP products, as well as special technical measures of product resilience. Results were conclusive-because of NSP's high-quality tableting processes and packaging methods, rayon fill provided no additional protection from product breakage. As a result, you can expect to see your bottles free of rayon soon.

Take Advantage of New SmartStart
May is only the second month of our new, improved SmartStart sponsoring program. See how you can guarantee yourself a 30% or 40% sponsoring bonus and how SmartStart now rewards you for sponsoring TWO levels away from you!
Nature's Sunshine Members login to the member site to Learn more about Smart Start. Non-members email or call me for more information.  

Watch the April 2010 SmartStart Webinar.

Nature's Fresh Cleaning Products
Cleaning Supplies Mark your calendars now for the special launch of our new Nature's Fresh cleaning products. We're planning to hold 25 meetings across the country where we'll introduce our line of natural, environmentally friendly, safe cleaning products, including:

- laundry soap
- dryer sheets
- enzyme spray
- surface cleaner
- oxygen bleach
- surface wipes
- dish soap

We'll be in your area August 2-14. Stay tuned for locations and more information next month.

Poster and Flyer - Skeletal Strength
Check out our product poster and flyer this month featuring Skeletal Strength.

- Poster
- Flyer

- Poster and Flyer Archive
Structural Support

Natural Health Seminar: Brilliant Body
Topics covered:

- Glandular System
- Digestive System
- If Only I Had More Energy
- Parasites: The Uninvited Guests
Watch the Seminar Video

Cost: $35  ($25 for all Sunshine Select) 

To register, call: 1-800-223-8225

Seminar flyer | Black/White Flyer

Seminar Locations:
5/15 Kansas City, MO 8/21 Atlanta, GA 9/11 Oak Brook, IL
5/15 Pleasanton, CA 8/21 Honolulu, HA 10/2 Statesboro, GA
5/15 Rochester, NY 9/11 Birmingham, AL 10/9 Hutchinson, KS
5/15 Wilmington, NC *  9/11 Denver, CO 10/9 Indianapolis, IN
6/26 Helena, MT 9/11 El Segundo, CA 10/9 Newport News, VA
Learn more and find additional seminar locations.
* I will be attending the Wilmington, NC seminar this weekend. I hope to see many of you there.  ~Karen Doolan

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager 
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist 
Natural Health Educator
H: 704-588-7638
Visit my Nature's Sunshine Online Store:
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Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!
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