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Friday, July 29, 2011

Leaders Success Summit: Register today!

Leaders Success Summit
 Last Call to Join Us for Leaders Success Summit-
Don't Miss this Terrific Event!
Register right now  to secure your spot in San Diego, Sept. 7-10, 2011 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  Register now! >>

- Register by Aug. 5 and we'll waive your late fee!
- Book your hotel by Aug. 5 to get NSP's discounted room rate.

Enjoy a few days with your fellow NSP managers!
- Share ideas.
- Be uplifted and inspired by keynote speaker Jack Canfield
- Relax and enjoy the scenic bay.
- Discover a new method of business.
- Give NSP your input.
- Take the opportunity to LEARN.
 Jack Canfield
18 Health and Business Building Workshops
18 Workshops
Choose six of our 18
power-packed business-building workshops to help you reach your goals and build your skills in any business method you choose: retail, consulting, network marketing or party plan.

Workshops titles include: 
- Getting on Your Nerves? Fix Three Underlying Causes and Enjoy a More Peaceful Existence! Pat Adams
- Combating the Disease of Modern Living Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D.
- Is Soy Consumption Good or Bad? The Emerging Research... Cindy Klement
- Breaking the Bonds: A Body Systems Approach to Help Release Stored Emotions and Trauma Sylvia Rogers
- Healthy Blood Pressure: Nine Common Obstacles That Keep it Out of Reach Laurence Smith
- Conquer Immune System Battles with a Fortified Lymphatic System Rhonda Dial
- Never Do This at a Party. Learn from Five Experts What to Avoid. Panel discussion
- Make Your Party a Hit! Discover Proven Product Strategies That Work Every Time. Gwen Jenkins
- Don't Sign 'Em Up if You Won't Follow Up: The Key Skill for Long-Term Party Success. Hannah Pavick
- Maximize Your Party Payout! Learn and Apply Wealth-Building Strategies. Mindy Hansen
- From Consultant to Retailer to Network Marketer: Duplicating Your Business the Simple Way for Ultimate Success. Al Garcia
- Start Your Brilliant Body Party Business as Soon as You Get Home! Open Your Presenter Kit-There's a "Whole Lotta Fun and Money Inside." Jerene Olsen
- A Practitioner's Perspective on Growing an NSP Business with Brilliant Body Leslie Shew and Richard Aballay MD
- Harnessing the Power of Social Media - Creating a Strong Online Presence for your NSP Business Lisa Keyes
- Guaranteed Strategies to Improve the Quality of your Consultations Steven Horne
- Five Methods Retailers Use to Increase Customer Interest and Retention Jerry Rauch
- How to Effectively Promote NSP's Top Five Products for Retail Success Dale Scott
- The Top Five Ways to Scare Away Your Retail Customers Faith LuceFaith Luce

See you in San Diego!  Register now! >>


Let me know if you are planning to attend this wonderful Nature's Sunshine Convention! I know it will be an incredible learning experience for all.
  Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan  
 NSP District Manager 
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist 
Natural Health Educator
H: 704-588-7638
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