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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Exercising two to three times a week goes beyond boosting your mood; it improves your quality of life. Add a good night's sleep to your routine and you will be heightening your brain power, improving your immune system and possibly dropping drop a few pounds.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Hit the Snooze Button to Lose WeightHit that snooze button and sleep in a little later. It's one of the best kept secrets to weight loss success. According to research, getting enough sleep (8 or more hours every single night) helps your body burn more fat when you're dieting.

In a study, getting less than the optimal amount of sleep each night had detrimental effects on a group of dieters. After two weeks, the dieters who had spent a mere 5.5 hours sleeping each night lost 55 percent less body fat compared with the dieters who spent 8.5 hours snoozing nightly. And here's the really big surprise: Not only did the light sleepers burn less body fat, but their weight loss efforts carved away substantially more lean body mass compared to similar efforts by the good sleepers. Not good, because muscle helps keep your metabolism fired up, so you naturally burn more calories throughout the day.

The short-duration sleepers also had higher levels of ghrelin in their system - a hormone that induces hunger. And it seems that extra ghrelin triggers an energy-starved body to retain fat and calories rather than burn them. Interestingly, both groups of dieters lost the same amount of weight, but given the difference in muscle loss and appetite hormones as well as in calorie burning, it's easy to speculate that the good sleepers are better set up for long-term weight loss success.

Behaviors to adopt:
Exercise regularly
Set a regular bedtime and waking time, even on the weekends
Eliminate caffeine at least 6 hours before bed
Avoid alcohol 4 to 6 hours before sleep
Beware of large, late meals
Create a relaxing bedtime routine
Practice relaxation techniques
Create a comfortable environment that is conducive to sleep by eliminating uncomfortable bedding, wearing loose clothing, keeping the bedroom temperature slightly cool, and eliminating any bothersome noise or light.
Source: realage.com

Another benefit of regular exercise, researchers at Northwestern University discovered insomniacs slept 90 minutes more a night after 4 weeks of 30 minute cardio workouts. They felt happier and healthier too!

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