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Health and Nutrition with Nature's Sunshine

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Sunday, June 06, 2010


Nature's Sunshine Products

Don't miss our special announcement and training Webinar. Register below.

June and July Only-Get 50% Sponsoring Bonuses on all Brilliant Body Product Packages

Earn $32 for every Immune system Brilliant Body product pack your June/July new member purchases in his/her initial order.

Earn $25 for every Digestive system Brilliant Body product pack your June/July new member purchases in his/her sign-up order.

Earn $30 for all other body system product packs new members order to sign up with NSP.

Plus, your new sign-up gets a FREE membership and a 10% discount! (see below).

June Only-Earn 100% Bonus QV for Cancun Convention!

Sponsor 5 people in June with Brilliant Body product packages, and we'll DOUBLE your June QV points toward qualification!

"Brilliant Body" is NSP's amazing in-home meeting program, with information and tools for 10 body systems. Information flyer (PDF)

Evaluate your health with NSP's Brilliant Body Health Assessment.

Join me for special announcements and training featuring our Brilliant Body Summer and Brilliant Body promotion!

Watch your region's Brilliant Summer, Brilliant Body Webinar.
Midwest Region (Regional Manager: Aaron Wengert) Recorded Webinar | Presentation (PDF) | Presentation (PowerPoint)
North Central Region (Regional Manager: Scott Terry) Recorded Webinar | Presentation (PDF) | Presentation (PowerPoint)
Southern Region (Regional Manager: Jon Terry) Recorded Webinar | Presentation (PDF) | Presentation (PowerPoint)
Western Region (Regional Manager: Ray Lambert) Recorded Webinar | Presentation (PDF)
Northeast Region (Regional Manager:Doug Jensen) Recorded Webinar | Presentation (PDF) | Presentation (PowerPoint)

See you there!

Jon Terry
Corporate Regional Manager - Southern
More Details Below

Brilliant Summer with Brilliant Body

June and July Only! Earn 50% Sponsoring Bonuses with Brilliant Body Product Packages


Watch your region's special Webinar to learn more.
Register for Webinars above


In June and July, every time you sponsor a new Member who joins NSP by purchasing a Brilliant Body product package, you'll receive a special 50% sponsoring bonus! Packages range from $45.50–65.55 (10% off direct cost), so you'll earn at least $25.00 or as much as $32.00 for each new Member!

Sponsoring Bonus Brilliant Body Packs
$32.00  Immune
$25.00 Digestive
$30.00 Eight other systems!

(New!) Online Brilliant Body Health Assessment | Assessment Handout (PDF) | System Packs
Brilliant Body Assessment

Sign up Saves 10%!

Your New Sign-up Saves 10%!

It's easy. Help your customer go to www.naturessunshine.com and click the "Health Assessment" link, or give them a printed version of the Health Assessment. 
NSP Membership is FREE when they buy any pack
, and they get 10% off Direct Cost on as many product packs as they want to use. (We recommend that they work on their two weakest systems.) Plus, if they purchase two packs totalling 100 QV points or more, they'll also receive a coupon for $15 in product credit on their next order*.


June Only—Earn 100% Bonus QV for Cancun Convention!

Sponsor 5 people in June with a Brilliant Body product package, and we'll add 100% Bonus QV toward qualifying for Cancun Convention! That DOUBLES the value of your entire QV efforts for June!

For example, if your June Group QV points totaled 2,450 (and you sponsored at least 5 people with product packages), we'll add an ADDITIONAL 2,450 Bonus QV points towards your Cancun qualification totals! (Members may Visit Nature's Sunshine to See your current qualification status.)

National Convention in Cancun

Sunshine 500 and Brilliant Body

These programs were MADE to go together! Qualify for Sunshine 500 by sharing and sponsoring with Brilliant Body—
new sign-ups will save 10% on their orders, and Sunshine 500 Managers will get the QV points and sign-ups they need!

NSP's Brilliant Body is an integrated system that empowers you to take control of your own health. It includes:

Brilliant Body System Kit
  • A personalized health analysis, called the "Brilliant Body Health Assessment." Health Assessment - PDF). The assessment helps you identify which of your body systems is strongest and which ones need your attention.
  • Specialized information booklets on each of your body's 10 systems—what they are, how they work, and how to protect, feed and replenish them. Perfect for in-home meetings, these booklets are available for purchase at www.mynsptools.com.
  • Pre-packaged specialized product programs for each of the 10 systems—and, all at a special 10% discount!

Learn about the Brilliant Body kit and its authors (PDF).

Watch for more Brilliant Summer news in July!

Program Rules

  1. Program begins June 1 and ends at midnight, July 31, 2010.
  2. During the two-month program, the special sponsoring bonuses on the product packages are paid instead of normal commissions or SmartStart bonuses.
  3. Bonus QV is awarded equal to the amount of Group QV an account achieves in June. Bonus QV is not commissionable.

* $15 product credit will be available on the 10th of the following month.

Health Assessment


Please let me know how I can help you best to achieve your health & wealth goals.
Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager 
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist 
Natural Health Educator
H: 704-588-7638
Visit my Nature's Sunshine Online Store:
Learn about the Body Systems 
Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!
Need a Compass Assessment tool for your NSP biz?



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