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Thursday, June 03, 2010


Convention 2011 in Cancún, Mexico

March 8-12, 2011

Watch the video
video - all inclusive food, etc.

Earn Your Way to Convention in Cancun by Reaching Your Goals:

Moon Palace is a wonderful, all-inclusive resort. All food, drinks, snacks, live entertainment, theme parties and hotel amenities are included. Watch for more information about this spectacular event in the coming months.

Convention 2011, Cancun Mexico

Join us in Cancun! You can Pay for it if you want to, but if you are up for the challenge... you can Earn the Trip!

All NSP Managers may qualify for this fabulous event using one of three methods:

  1. QV Increase
  2. Total Group QV
  3. or as a National Manager.

The qualification period is Jan. 1–October 31, 2010. The trip may be earned for 1 or 2 people, based on your level of qualification.

Convention 2011, Cancun Mexico

Requirements for each qualification method

QV Increase Method

  • Convention for 2 = Achieve your "Base" + 800 QV/month increase
  • Convention for 1 = Base* + 400 QV/month increase

*If a person/account was a member or had less than 1,000 QV/ month during the "base" period, he/she has a minimum monthly goal of 1,400 QV to earn convention for 1 person or 1,800 QV/month to earn convention for 2 people.

Total Group QV Method

  • Convention for 2 = Achieve 100,000 group QV Points throughout the 10-month
    qualification period
  • Convention for 1 = Achieve 67,000 group QV Points over the 10-month period

National Manager Method

  • Convention for 2 = hold National Manager rank or above for 8 of the 10 months of the qualification period

You must be at least a Divisional Manager in October 2010 for NSP to pay for your National Manager activity and to be invited to attend the National Manager Breakfast.

Boost Your Qualification

Earn BONUS QV for Cancun qualification by sponsoring new members and breaking out new managers. Earn up to 250 Bonus QV points (50 points per sign-up) per month by sponsoring members, and 1,000 Bonus QV for every new manager you break out.

Please email or call me if I can help you achieve your goals. I would love to see you qualify for this wonderful vacation. I am here to help you build your Nature's Sunshine business, earn higher rebates & commissions and help educate you on the NSP products as well as guide you toward better health & wealth. I look forward to attending this fun Convention and would love to see you there.

I have personally been fortunate to attend 4 conventions in the past five years. I earned convention for two people, to 3 of the 4 (Salt Lake City, Utah - Dallas, Texas - 8 Day Caribbean Cruise - and Las Vegas Nevada). I plan to earn Convention to Cancun and hope you will too.

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Natural Health Educator

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