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Thursday, January 07, 2010



Silver Sol Case Study Wound Healing

Wound healing is a complex and fragile process, which can be complicated by infection and inflammation. In this study, multiple cases are reviewed pictorially for the purpose of recording improved wound healing using the antimicrobial Silver Sol gel (obtained from American Biotech Labs, Alpine Utah). The daily use of Silver Sol gel results in reduced infection (including MRSA), which leads to less inflammation. By reducing the inflammation and infection wounds close faster and with less scaring. This remarkable review of the healing process strongly suggests that Silver Sol gel helps disinfect the wound, prevents further infection, helps reduce inflammation and stimulates stem cells which results in improved wound healing characterized by reduced inflammation, improved angiogenesis, faster phagocytosis and reduced scarring.

Four cases were studied and evaluated for wound healing, infection control and stem cell activity, where the antimicrobial Silver Sol gel was used multiple times daily to help produce remarkable recoveries in; 1. A complicated MRSA infected wound. 2. Serious facial lacerations and the prevention of infection and inflammation. 3. A serious burn in an immune compromised patient. 4. A serious complicated (bollous pemphigoid) infection. These studies demonstrate improvements in healing outcomes sometimes in as little as half the normal healing time. The Silver Sol gel produced remarkable healing results in the MRSA infected wound by destroying the bacteria and helping to close a wound that was previously open and infected for over one year. Silver Sol gel helped produce a remarkable healing in a serious facial laceration preventing infection, significantly reducing inflammation resulting in an extremely rapid healing with little scaring. Silver sol gel was sprayed on a serious third degree burn in an 88 year old immune compromised patient helping to prevent infection and close a very difficult burn wound in two months. A bollous pemphigoid wound demonstrated re-epithelializaton and stem cell function in closing a very serious wound.

Silver Sol Flu Study

Female BALB/c mice were pre-treated with (Silver Sol) for seven days prior to being challenged with Avian Influenza (H5N1). The results were compared to control mice and Ribavirin treated mice to determine survival and prevention rates of Silver Sol on Avian Influenza (H5N1). Groups of 19 mice were treated by oral gavage (p.o.) with (Silver Sol 10 ppm) twice daily (every 12 h) for 7 days, then infected intranasally (i.n.) with an LD70 dose of influenza virus, then treated an additional 10 days. As controls, 35 mice were treated with water using the identical schedule as used for the materials and infected as above. Oxygen saturation (SaO2), necropsy for lung scores, and lung viral titers were tested to quantify ongoing tissue damage. As toxicity controls, 3 uninfected mice were treated in parallel with each test material and observed for signs of adverse effects for the next 21 days.

As a result of this experiment, 60% of the infected mice treated with Silver Sol (10 ppm) survived compared to the 30% in the placebo-treated controls. This is a 100% increase in the ability of mice to survive an H5N1 Avian Influenza challenge. Results of this study demonstrate suggested inhibitory and preventive effect on this virus infection as seen by either less animals dying in the treated groups than in the placebo-treated controls, delay in mean day to death, lessened SaO2 decline, modest inhibition of lung consolidation, and/or lessened virus titers in the lungs. In addition there was no sign or symptom of toxicity from the usage of Silver Sol in mice, even at extreme doses. . If the human protection were similar to that found in mice, it could provide a significant advancement in the prevention of a potential pandemic event. The data from this study strongly suggests that daily oral use of silver sol will safely prevent avian influenza and improve survival rates in mice.


Silver Sol and MRSA

The patented form of Silver Sol (US Patent # 7135195) has been shown to destroy bacteria, viruses and mold in vitro and living systems (23). Staphylococcus aureus can be completely destroyed by Silver Sol in as little as two minutes and in vitro studies show it will stay dead for 28 days (24). Rustum Roy Ph.D. reported that strains of resistant staph (MRSA) could be destroyed by the Silver Sol treatment in vitro (25). The University of Cal Berkely reports that Silver Sol can completely destroy in vitro forms of MRSA (Methicillin resistant staph aureus) and VRE (Vancomyocin resistant Enterococcus) at levels as low as 2.5 ppm in as little as 45 to 60 minutes (26). With MRSA continuing to mutate and sustain resistance to antibiotics, it is encouraging to report the findings from this study which demonstrate an all-natural opponent to this modern day plague.

This study demonstrates the benefits of Silver Sol on human subjects with serious MRSA infections of the skin. These patients were hospitalized and contracted their MRSA infections while staying in the hospital. Patients wound size, depth and closure rates were photographed and digitized for weekly calculations that quantified the time to wound closure and overall seriousness of the infection. Before, during and after photos demonstrate a visual accounting of the benefit of the Silver Sol treatment. All treatments were given by the hospital medical staff where patients received silver sol gel sprayed topically on the wound twice daily and orally ingested 2 teaspoons of the liquid silver sol twice a day.

The results of this study indicate that twice-daily treatment with silver sol gel (spray form) and twice-daily oral ingestion of liquid Silver Sol significantly improved treatments of hospital acquired MRSA infections in human subjects. The average time to closure improved, and patients taking silver sol reported a significant reduction in pain associated with the wound.


Silver Sol Prevents Microorganisms From Becoming Resistant

Silver Sol was compared to several antibiotics against numerous bacterial strains to determine if Silver Sol could destroy the microbes and control mutation better than antibiotics. Silver Sol and the following antibiotics were tested: Oflaxacin, Tetracycline, Penicillin G, and Cefaperazone. The microbial strains tested include: S. gorondii, S. mutans, S. pyogenes, E. coli, S. pneumoniae, S, typhimurium, Enterobacter, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, S. faecalis, Shigella and Staph aureus. The broth macrodilutiion susceptibility test was used to determine a minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) of the silver hydrosol and antibiotic concentrations.
The 10 ppm Silver Sol inhibits MRSA.
The 10 ppm Silver Sol is the minimum inhibitory concentration.
The 15 ppm Silver Sol completely killed the MRSA and prohibited the MRSA from growing for 24 hours.
The 15 ppm Silver Sol controls MRSA and disallows any mutation to grow.
These results indicate that Silver Sol kills MRSA and all other bacteria tested ,and disallows any mutation.

Silver Sol Gel Completely Destroys Disease Causing Yeast and Bacteria in Minutes

Silver Sol Gel was tested against numerous bacterial and yeast strains (Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli) to determine how well Silver Sol Gel would kill a broad spectrum of disease causing pathogens. This was measured by percent reduction in pathogen, LOG reduction. Results indicate that Silver Sol Gel completely destroyed all forms of bacteria tested to a LOG 5 reduction. This is significant because an FDA category one wound care approval requires the approved product to be able to achieve a 1 log reduction (90% kill) in 7 days of contact, and a 3 log reduction (99.9% kill) within 14 days. The Silver Sol achieved a 4-5 log reduction (99.999+ kill) in the first hour of contact. The FDA further requires an approved product to be able to kill 500,000 bacteria. The Silver Sol Gel was tested at 3-5 times the required amount of the pathogenic load, killing between 1,500,000 and 2, 500,000 of the deadly pathogens within the first hour.

In this study Silver Sol Gel far surpassed FDA required kill percentages by killing all yeast and bacteria tested at a significant level of 99.99900 %. This is an improvement of over 10,000 times (log 5) better kill rates than what would be required to be classified as an effective antimicrobial. It accomplished this killing in less than one hour.

Silver Sol Gel appears to be one of the best and most broad spectrum antibacterial agents and has been proven to produce no resistance (Current Science, 91: 2008). Because Silver Sol gel kills so quickly and completely (99.99900 %) without causing bacterial resistance, it could be successfully used everyday without creating the problems of mutation and resistance created by antibiotics.

Silver Sol Improves Hospital Associated Wound Care

Silver Sol is a nutritional supplement that has anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties (US Patent #7135195). Silver Sol has unique mechanisms of action that promote wound healing by preventing infection and promoting stem cell release and activation (Nexus, 2008).

The purpose of this study is to review the results of nursing homes using Silver Sol for pressure sores infected with MRSA. This study reviews wound care data provided from nursing homes in several states including Wisconsin which used Silver Sol on pressure sores infected with MRSA, and compared them to the national average. The percent of long stay, high-risk patients who have pressure sores were recorded and compared to the national average on a monthly basis.

Results from the nursing homes using Silver Sol gel, report a significant reduction in the occurrence of pressure wounds as compared to the national average. This 40% reduction in the occurrance of wounds includes MRSA infections, arterial, diabetic, injury, pressure sores, skin tears, surgical wounds, and venous wounds.


Safety of Silver Sol     By Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.

Silver Sol is produced in extremely low parts per million (5-40 ppm) and has never even been identified as a potential for problem in the water treatment plants or in the environment. This is significant because the EPA has a rating for toxic spills. This identifies the amount of a compound that would cause a toxic event. For instance Clorox would qualify as a toxic event if 3 gallons were spilled. In contrast, The EPA would require a spill of 12.5 million gallons of Silver Sol in order to be classified as a toxic event (5). This would require spilling the entire contents of 12.5 oil tankers at one time in one place without any other water to dilute it. There is no consumer or combination of consumers that store this much silver anywhere in the country.
An average water treatment plant treats about 30 to 70 million gallons of water a day and it would take a spill of about 7 tankers full of silver Sol directly into the treatment water to bring the concentration to 1 part per million. This is still a very safe level for fish, and an impossible event to happen anywhere in the world.


Silver Sol fulfills the definition of non-toxic, in that it passes through the body unchanged, which means it does not produce any harmful metabolites.
Marino (Chem. Bioil. Interactions, 1974), and Berger (Antimicrob Agents, 1976), confirmed that the effective dosage level of pure silver sol is safe for mammalian tissues. The CRC Handbook to Chemistry and Physics (sec 15 pg 8) states: "While silver is not considered to be toxic, most of its salts are poisonous." This is why Silver Sol containing only elemental silver and water is virtually devoid of toxicity. The only adverse event known for silver is Argyria, yet the EPA's lowest observed adverse event level (LOAEL) is given to silver. The EPA has determined that, administering one gram total elemental silver over a 2 year period presents no risk for developing Argyria (US EPA Silver; CASRN 7440-22-4 1996). This means that you could safely inject or take an IV drip of 250 cc (10 ppm Silver Sol) every day for a year without risking the development of Argyria. It should be noted that these are Intravenous recommendations and everyday oral ingestion is significantly safer.

Nano Particles

The definition of a nano particle is that it must be a tiny .05 nano meters in size
This means that only the smallest of particles can be placed under the label of nano particle. Some media groups suggest that a nano particle of a specific size (.001 nm) can be dangerous by collecting and sticking in the lungs causing cancer in a similar way that asbestos causes mesothelioma. Silver Sol is 2.34 nm nm and does not fit in the alleged size parameter. In addition Silver Sol has the unique ability to separate into six separate segments allowing to the particle to morph into or out of any situation ( Roy, R. Material Science Investigation, 2008) The electron microscopy published in this study, illustrates the segmentation of this unique silver sol and its ability to utilize segmentation to adapt to its environment. For this and other reasons silver sol is not going to be a threat to stick in the lungs.
In a publication on H5N1 Bird flu (Pedersen, 2008) Silver Sol was used to help prevent the bird flu and a simultaneous toxicity study was performed wherein 10 times normal 100 times normal and 200 times normal amounts of silver sol were given to mice and lung necropsy was performed to determine if the lung tissues were damaged. It was found that the lung tissues had reduced viral titers, were less inflamed and weighed less indicating that the lungs were not being harmed by nano particles. In addition the lower lung weights indicate that there was a reduction in the inflammation supporting the safety of the patented Silver Sol as a safe particle.

Safety (MSDS materials safety data sheet summary)

Silver sol contains 0.0009% silver in distilled water.
EPA approved as non-irritating to skin, eyes, lungs, or mucous membranes.
Argyria and nephrotoxicity are extremely unlikely to occur with this product due to the low concentration of contained silver. (EPA)
An 8 oz bottle contains 2.4 mcg silver
If a spill occurred it would take 12,500,000 gallons of silver sol to be considered by the EPA as a "reportable spill".
According to EPA Guidelines, the oral consumption of small amounts of silver in water on a daily basis, poses NO significant risk.
Silver sol would not be considered toxic at a dose of 5 mg/kg in mice and 4 8 oz bottles of silver sol 10 ppm (NAMSA)
Elemental silver is not considered a hazardous metal (Merck Index).


The Merck Index reports the following about silver:
It is a metal that does not accumulate in the fats and is the only metal that is not considered to be a heavy metal because it does not produce heavy metal poisoning
(12) Merck Index., 1999. Silver. 1:645)

Non-toxic at 5000 mg/kg body weight.
90%-99% leaves the body by the next day (13) IRIS report)

Safe and non-toxic (it would take a spill of over 12 million gallons to be considered a reportable spill. (16) EPA #D011).


Doctor Gordon Pedersen has work experience with the world's largest pharmaceutical company (Ciba/Novardis), the world's largest sports nutrition company (Weider), dynamic biotechnology companies like Nikken, has co-authored Chicken Soup for the Enriching Soul, developed and published the mouse model for Influenza, and was an expert research and development author for Muscle and Fitness magazine.

Doctor Pedersen is an internationally renowned scientist, author, corporate officer, product formulator, and technical instructor. He formulates world-class products, expertly documents their benefits, credibly communicates through the use of scientific journals, has created international best selling scientific tools and has been a top executive for the past 11 years.

Doctor Pedersen received his doctorate degree from the Toxicology program at Utah State University where he received two distinguished service awards and constructed two space shuttle experiments. In addition, he has formulated over 160 nutritional supplements/personal care products. He was one of the first to publish a double blind placebo controlled study on the benefits of protein supplementation in body builders, where he worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was nominated to Chair the United States Pharmacopoeia Review Board (Natural Products Committee), and hosted the radio show, Common Sense Medicine with Dr. Pedersen.

READ AND LEARN MORE AT http://silversol.info




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