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Sunday, December 27, 2009

NSP Webinar Presentation Archive

Webinar Presentation Archive

Review what you learned, or create your own presentation using the presentations from our Webinar archive.

Education Week - November 16-23

Christine Brinker

Winter Wellness: Bolster Your Body's Defenses

Christine Brinker, ND  
Regional Manager, PA

Presentation: PDF | PDF w/ Notes | PowerPoint

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone

Ailments and Their Emotional Connection

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Regional Manager, FL

Presentation: PDF | PDF w/ Notes | PowerPoint

Joan Vandergriff, ND

Winning the pH Numbers Game: Finding Your Ideal Balance

Joan Vandergriff, ND
Sr. National Manager, TX

Presentation: PDF | PDF w/ Notes | PowerPoint

Judith Cobb

From Adolescence to Menopause: Achieving Hormonal Harmony

Judith Cobb, Master Herbalist

Presentation: PDF | PDF w/ Notes | PowerPoint

Dr. Jay Mahoney, DO

Cellular Abnormalities: Conquer the Enemy Within

Dr. Jay Mahoney, DO 
Ft. Worth, TX

Presentation: PDF | PDF w/ Notes | PowerPoint

December 2009 - Strengthening Your Immune System
Presentation Slides (PDF) | Presentation w/area for notes (PDF)

MyNSP Training Vidoes
October '09: Overcoming Free Radicals with Thai-Go and Super ORAC
Presentation Slides (PDF) | Presentation Slides 3 up (PDF) | Powerpoint

September '09: SunClick Health Evaluation Tool
Presentation Slides (PDF) | Presentation (PowerPoint)

September '09: Probiotics

Presentation Slides | Powerpoint

August '09: Boomerang AirSanitizer
Manager Bonus Flyer

July '09: Nutri-Calm - Man's "Other" Best Friend

Presentation Slides | Powerpoint (ppt)

June '09: Liquid Chlorophyll - Nature's Green Magic
Presentation Slides

May '09: Solve it with Silver (Education Week)

Presentation Slides | Slides w/Notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

May '09: Digestive Dilemnas: Improving Health From the Inside Out (Education Week)

Presentation Slides | Slides w/Notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

May '09: Natural Remedies for Everyday Problems (Education Week)
Presentation Slides | Slides w/Notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

May '09: Chinese Wisdom for Emoational and Mental Health -Battle Stress, Depression and Anxiety (Education Week)
Presentation Slides | Slides w/Notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

May '09: Deep-Down Detox: Targeted programs for Kidneys, Lungs, Skin, Cells and Colon (Education Week)
Presentation Slides | Slides w/Notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

May '09: Find Success Using the Sunshine 500 Program
Watch the recorded Webinar (.wmv)

April '09: Business in a Box
Presentation Slides | Slides w/Notes

April '09: Allergies
Presentation slides | Slides w/Notes

March '09: CleanStart
Presentation slides

February '09: Sunshine 500 Program (introduction)

- Presentation Slides
Watch the recorded Webinar

February '09: EFA's
Presentation Slides

January '09: Enzymes:
Presentation Slides

January '09: Doing Your Own Webinars with GoToWebinar.com:
- Recorded Webinar  (streaming ..wmv)
- Webinar slides: PDF Format or PowerPoint Format (8 mb)
- GoToWebinar agreement (PDF)
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