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Friday, March 14, 2014

IN.FORM Updates from NSP's Leadership Development Team

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Greetings from Jon, Scott & Ray!

There's never been a better time to be a member of the Nature's Sunshine family! As the three of us travel the country, we feel your excitement and optimism for an unprecedented year of growth and abundance. We are fortunate to be associated with you and the best health-and-wellness company in the world!

Our commitment to you means ensuring you have access to tested programs and tools that will help you carry our mutual message of health, hope and prosperity. Let us share two recent experiences we've had with some phenomenal cutting-edge programs:

On February 28, several of our top English Managers in Dallas, Texas, attended an incredible meeting where Josh Sube presented the new IN.FORM Burn Fat, Be Fit, For Life program and Todd Johnson introduced powerful Retail initiatives. As part of this event, managers were also invited to attend a high-energy IN.FORM Health Assessment meeting presented by the Spanish division. IN.FORM is a new, duplicable, 13-week "group therapy" program where people lose weight, receive great education tools, and are part of a community that provides social support under the guidance of an NSP Health Coach. The program has been beta-tested and it is producing incredible results. Managers testing IN.FORM are rapidly adopting it.

Those attending the English Meeting in Texas included Dave and Susie Burke, Alex Brensike, Sara and Leonard Salley, Gerald Brown, Lucinda de la Cruz, Carole Morris, Denise and Terry Ford-Gibson, and Hugh and Gwen Jenkins. Josh Sube, Todd Johnson and Scott Terry attended from Home Office.

The Spanish meeting there in Dallas was very powerful and was designed to more fully introduce people to our life-changing and state-of-the art IN.FORM program. The Spanish group is holding these meetings every month to present IN.FORM to their current organizations and bring in new clients. They will also use it to feed the IN.FORM 13-week groups.

This type of meeting has allowed us to increase attendance from 40 to 180 people and growing. The energy and enthusiasm were incredible! We asked our English leaders to observe the meeting and then let us know if this program is something that would help them grow their businesses. After watching the meeting, our leaders shared these thoughts:

"We need this (the IN.FORM business opportunity) more than anything else!"
"How soon can we do this in English?"
"We are ready and we want it now!"

English Managers and Home Office Staff - Dallas
English managers and Home Office staff (Dallas, Texas)

Alvaro Salazar leads Spanish meeting in Dallas
NSP Managers getting excited in Dallas

In Baldwin Park, Calif., on March 8, 24 managers also learned about the IN.FORM system and NSP's innovative Retailer Support Program. The attendees ranged from experienced Global Elite Managers to brand new Managers. With great enthusiasm, Aaron Wengert and Todd Johnson shared proven insights on how managers can quickly grow their businesses and they introduced NSP's impactful new Weight Management Merchandising display. The crowd went wild when they learned that these tools had caused some businesses to increase the sales of displayed products by as much as 136%!

One of NSP's MVPs, Shandi Hatfield, shared the vision and inspiring success stories of our new beta-tested IN.FORM system. With several new members breaking out as managers in as little as 3 weeks, this exciting program gave those in attendance the opportunity to grasp the potential for experienced Sun-shiners and new members alike! Many English managers also attended the Spanish meeting with over 160 excited people in attendance. We were fortunate to see the impressive Zumba dancing talents of Ivy Bridge, Linda Lee Clark and Pam Richardson!

Those Managers attending the English Meeting in Baldwin Park; Linda Lee Clark, Don Barrows, Chris and Pam Ritchason, RT Bedell, Rosalinda Boyar, Sharon Solum, Gloria and Cindy Dodson, Lisa Duffy, Jessica Cabrera, Dina Allen, Michael & Maria Brown, Melissa and Marcelo Bugarin, Donna Miller, Ester Ponds, Ivy and Steve Bridge, Marjorie Ward, Frances Armstrong, Leo Batie and Carlton Shelby. Home office staff were Todd Johnson, Aaron Wengert, Wynne Roberts , Adriana Mendizabal, Shandi Hatfield and Ray Lambert.

Additionally, 22 English Managers are currently testing the 13-week IN.FORM program across the country with AMAZING results. IN.FORM is allowing us to:

1. Help more people and transform more lives
2. Create a new energy in the field with a simple, duplicable system
3. Grow businesses and break out new managers
4. Introduce people to the amazing world of Nature's Sunshine

Over the years, we went from "a meeting to many" to "a meeting to one," and now we have the opportunity to revisit "a meeting to many." This is so exciting!

Jose Caballero demostrates IN.FORM BioTracker
Global Elite Manager Jose Caballero demonstrates NSP's IN.FORM BioTracker. (Baldwin Park, Calif.)

Spanish Meeting - Baldwin Park, California
High-energy Spanish Meeting (Baldwin Park, Calif.)

We see excitement renewed, lives transformed and abundance for those engaged! Welcome to the renaissance of Nature's Sunshine!

We are so energized with the new excitement we are seeing in NSP and in the field!!!

See you soon at National Convention in Cincinnati!

Your friends,

Jon Raynes
Scott Terry
Ray Lambert

Leadership Development Consultants
Nature's Sunshine Products
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Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
NSP District Manager 
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist 
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