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Saturday, February 22, 2014

NSP Education Week Recorded - Specials Ending Soon!

Last chance to save on Education Week products! Specials end Monday, February 24th
We hope you've enjoyed Education Week and have taken this opportunity to expand your knowledge and share with friends and family.

Education Week Discounts
Monday, February 24th is your last chance to take advantage of product discounts up to 18% off!
View Specials

Special Offer Products
$2 off discount on individual bottles, buy 5 get 1 free, and buy 9 get 2 offers
Super Supplemental
Super Supplemental w/out Iron
Garlic, High Potency
Thyroid Support
Cascara Sagrada

5 FREE natural health education webinars - now available 24/7!
If you couldn't join us live, you can view a recording of each webinar at www.nspwebinars.com/?actid=983219 . You can also listen to a recording via phone by calling 1-712-432-0453 (enter access code). Please note, this is not a toll-free call.

Surviving...No, Thriving in our Toxic World!
presented by Sylvia Rogers

You may not even know you've been neglecting the cleansing and eliminative functions that are vital to your good health. Time to clean up! The illustrious Sylvia Rogers helps you redesign your approach to cleansing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual basis!

View recording >

Look and Feel Unstoppable!
presented by Julie DeVisser

Join lifestyle coach Julie DeVisser as she ignites your fat-burning, energy-boosting and body-shaping skills to empower you to finally feel comfortable and confident in your body.

View recording >

Combatting S.A.D.S. (Stressed, Anxious, Discouraged and Sleepless)
presented by Nora Weigl

The engaging Nora Weigl will teach you the specific strategies that make it possible to be happy, confident, determined and fully rested.

View recording >

Fear Not!
presented by Laurence Smith

Learn from the master Laurence Smith as he shares his essential tips and life-saving methods to being naturally prepared and equipped for any urgent health situation.

View recording >

Age Slower, Think Faster, Live Longer and Be Stronger
presented by Brenda Montrella

Discover the secrets to true and lasting vitality as the astute Brenda Montrella shares her in-depth research and experiences on how proper supplementation can create extraordinary wellness!

View recording >

Visit www.nspwebinars.com/?actid=983219  to enjoy these great natural health webinars at your convenience.


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