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Thursday, October 24, 2013

14 Ways to Stay Stressed - By Amanda Gore


Amanda Gore - Wired for JOY!
October 2013
 I hope you will enjoy this months newsletter from Amanda Gore! She is truly an Inspirational Joy! 
 ~Karen D  
14 Ways to Stay Stressed
For those of you with perfectionist tendencies, here is your dream list! Fourteen ways you can ensure you wake up stressed and stay that way all day! It's a perfect recipe for relationship problems, career problems, future heart attacks and unhappy families. Read more...
Read this to Change How you Change!
Change is inevitable. It happens whether you want it or not. Rarely is change exciting or welcome! Most often it is met with instant fear or terror in some cases! We are physiologically programmed in many ways for that fear reaction

21 Habits of Successful Leaders

Through my own experiences as a motivational keynote speaker on Leadership, along with my research and observations I have a come up with 21 habits that I believe successful leaders live by.
"The difference between a positive spirit and a positive attitude is that one comes from the heart and the other from the head."
Zooties, Amanda
What do you see? It is all about perspective.
This is a great illustration of how we can be looking at the same thing as someone else and see something completely different - it is all about perspective!
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Thanks for reading,
Amanda, Zooties!!
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