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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Health Choices Newsletter

Health Choices

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift

and the rational mind

is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

        -Albert Einstein


Huge    Clearance  Sale!   
We have many products that are now clearance items.

These items will not be reordered.  Due to the new Guildlines that the FDA has set into placed  effect on Nov. the 15th behind closed doors, 

Our supplements are disappearing quicker than you can imagine.

One of our main distrubuters, the "Now" company, informed us Jan. the 18th, that "Now brand supplements" stock will be declining by March until NDI notification is approved by FDA. This could take years and years.  All natural supplement companies must comply with the FDA.

It is my option that this a sneak attack by the FDA in order to have control over our natural supplements. So many people will suffer. There will 100,000 jobs that be lost because of this.  


(Healing Circle)

We will be starting with a meditation and will be discussing the basic's of Intution.

I will be using information from a class that I taught in the 80's that was very informative. I have been using intution in my work for years. I know that some people dont understand the basics of intution but we use it everyday without even being aware.

"God would not give animals something such as intution for survival, and not give to us."


As usual there is no charge for the meeting, but donations are accepted.


It will start at 4:30 next Saturday Jan. the 28st and end promptly at 6:00.


Order Nature's Sunshine Products  

and join Susie Grimmett's NSP group. 


New Winter Hours:

Tuesday -Friday

11:00 - 6:00


   10:00 -4:00  



We had to clean out

one of our storage buildings. 


We have many items that we need to  get rid of to make room.  We have:


 1. a gateway desktop computer with XP windows and Microsoft, with keyboard and monitor and speakers.


2. Brother Sewing serger machine


3. Singer sewing machine


4. Memorex Karoke machine


5.Tru Tech 13" T.V.


6. Durabrand Home Theater System


7.15" Dell Monitor


8. Apex Digital DVD


9. Hunter Ion Generator


10. Dewalt Cordless Drill


11. Eco Quest Flair Ionic Air Cleanse


12. Singer Sewing Machine


13. HP All in One Printer


   Many other miscellaneous Items

It's like going to a really

good yardsale

and being able to use your

debit card!



 Please remember to pray and send healing energy for the world.

Our sheer existence requires it.




Our Mission


Our mission is to promote the health and well being of our clients with quality products and services.






 Health Choices

1742 Herlong Village Dr 

             Suite 102        

Rock Hill, SC  29732



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