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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Tree of Light's New Share the Sunshine Program
About the Share the Sunshine Program
The Share the Sunshine Program is a package of benefits offered to Nature's Sunshine Managers and Distributors to help them improve their own health and the health of their family, downline and customers. It is also designed to help them build their Nature's Sunshine business and create a healthier, happier and more successful life.
Membership in the Share the Sunshine Program is $19.95 per month and includes all the benefits listed below.
Membership Benefits
Members who subscribe to Tree of Light's Share the Sunshine Program will receive the following benefits:
1. Two free webinar classes each month
  • a. The Sunshine Sharing Hour with Steven Horne. This webinar will be a class on the monthly health theme (the same topic as that month's Sunshine Sharing). This webinar will focus on the use of Nature's Sunshine products to help people heal various health problems or improve their health in some way.
  • b. The Holistic Perspective with Steven Horne. The webinar will be focused on personal or business development. This webinar will be on topics like promoting yourself or your business, marketing, emotional healing, relationship skills, self-development or other topics designed to help you have a happier and more successful life.
  • c. Each webinar will consist of approximately one hour of instruction by Steven Horne and/or guest experts, followed by a question and answer period. Members will be automatically registered for both webinars and will receive email notifications that will allow them to participate in the webinar classes.
  • d. If Members are unable to attend the live webinars, the webinars will be recorded and posted into the Member area of the website, where they can be downloaded and viewed whenever the Member desires.
  • e. Topics and guest experts for upcoming webinars will be announced at least three months in advance.
2. Access to the member area of Tree of Light's website.
The Member area will contain educational materials available exclusively to Members, including the following:
  • a. Recordings of current and previous month's webinars.
  • b. Handouts and PowerPoint presentations for current and previous month's webinars, which Members can download and use to teach their own classes for their group.
  • c. Product handouts for Nature's Sunshine Products in pdf format, which Members can duplicate and distribute to their customers and downline.
3. Discount prices on Tree of Light courses and publications.
Members will receive discounted prices on all publications and courses produced by Tree of Light Publishing, including webinars and classes. Members will also receive exclusive Member specials on selected products and services offered by Tree of Light Publishing.
These discounts will be available for both online and phone orders. Discounts will not apply to products or courses which Tree of Light purchases from other vendors.
4. Auto-ship Option for Sunshine Sharing.
Tree of Light publishes a four-page newsletter each month called Sunshine Sharing, which is sold in bundles of 25. NSP Managers and Distributors purchase Sunshine Sharing as a sales tool to educate their customers and downline.
Anyone, Member or non-member, can purchase available copies of Sunshine Sharing (both the current and available back issues), but Members will receive a wholesale price on bundles of Sunshine Sharing. Non-members will pay $10 per bundle of 25 copies and Members will pay $5.50 per bundle of 25 copies. Regular shipping charges will apply to all orders of Sunshine Sharing not shipped on the auto-ship program.
Any Member who wants to have the latest issue of Sunshine Sharing automatically shipped to them each month will need to tell us the number of bundles they want each month. There is no minimum number of bundles required for auto-ship. An order can be for one bundle, two bundles or any quantity the Member desires.
There will be a flat $5.00 shipping and handling fee for auto-ship orders of Sunshine Sharing. This fee applies to all orders of any number of bundles (from one to one hundred or more).
Each auto-shipment will include a product order form and flyers promoting the coming month's themes. These materials will also be available for download in the Member area.
How the Program Works
Here's how the Share the Sunshine Program works:
a. Subscribing. A person wishing to become a Member of the Share the Sunshine Program can subscribe by calling Tree of Light Publishing (800-416-2887) and speaking with one of our staff. Members will need a credit card to subscribe.
The subscription period will run from the 15th of the month until the 14th of the following month. Tree of Light has to receive your subscription order by the 5th day of the month to participate in the current month's program. Membership subscriptions will automatically renew each month unless the Member cancels their
membership by the 5th day of the month (See instructions under Canceling Membership).
b. Processing Dates for Member Fees. Credit card charges for membership fees will be processed on the 6th day of each month. Auto-ship orders for Sunshine Sharing will be processed at the same time as membership fees. If the 6th falls on a weekend, membership fees will not be processed until the following Monday.
d. No Refunds. There will be no refunds issued on membership fees or auto-shipment orders of Sunshine Sharing unless Tree of Light fails to activate a person's membership benefits by the 15th of the month.
e. Canceling Membership. Cancellations may be done using a submission form in the Member area our website (www.treelite.com) or by calling Tree of Light Publishing and speaking directly with one of our staff. Tree of Light will not be responsible for Members who try to cancel via email or by leaving messages on our answering machine. Members who cancel will receive an email notification confirming cancellation. It is the Member's responsibility to verify we have processed their cancellation. If a canceling Member does not receive this email confirmation within 24 hours of canceling they must contact Tree of Light to confirm their cancellation.
f. Making Changes to Auto-Ship Orders. Changes in the number of bundles in a Member's Sunshine Sharing auto-ship order must be made by the 5th day of the month and can be done by using the submission form in the Member area of the website (www.treelite.com) or by calling Tree of Light Publishing and speaking directly to our staff. Tree of Light will not be responsible for requests for changes made via email or left on our answering machine.
g. Declined Cards. Tree of Light will attempt to contact Members whose credit cards decline when subscriptions are processed on the sixth before the 14th day of the Month. If payment is not received by the 14th, the Membership will not be eligible for renewal until the following month, unless the customer pays a $10 reinstatement fee in addition to their monthly membership fee of $19.95.
h. No Website Access for Expired Members. If a Member cancels their membership, they are responsible for downloading any files or information they want from the Member area (including the current month's webinar recordings) before their membership expires on the 14th of the month. Expired Members will not be given access to materials in the Member area of the website.
i. Email Address and Internet Access. Participation in the program requires an active email address and access to the live webinars requires high speed internet. Customers are responsible for notifying Tree of Light of changes in their email address.
Program Changes
Tree of Light Publishing reserves the right to change it's membership benefits and the terms and conditions of membership by notifying all Members via email 10 days before the next time membership fees are processed.
For more information, visit www.treelite.com
For those who have been participating in the Tree of Light, Silver or Gold Associate program, the following changes will take place automatically. You do not need to contact Tree of Light unless you want to make changes to your subscription.

The Associate program is being replaced with the Share the Sunshine Program. Monthly Subscribers (Members) in the Share the Sunshine Program will receive two free webinars, access to the membership area of our website, discounts on all of Tree of Light's products, webinars and classes, and an option to have an auto-ship order of the current Sunshine Sharing issue.

Here are the changes you can expect:
  • If you are currently a Silver Associate, you will be billed $19.95 for membership in Share the Sunshine Program. You will also be billed for whatever the current number of bundles of Sunshine Sharing you are receiving at $5.50 per bundle.

    The only change will be that your invoice will also show a $5.00 shipping charge for shipping your Sunshine Sharing. If you are a currently a basic subscriber (2 bundles), this means your total bill will be $35.95 instead of $32.00. However, you will also be getting many of the benefits only Gold Associates were previously receiving.
  • If you are currently a Gold Associate, you will also be billed $19.95 for your membership in the Share the Sunshine Program. You will also be billed for the current number of bundles you have specified with us (currently of four) at $5.50 per bundle, plus a flat $5.00 shipping charge. There will be no Herbal Hour DVD.

    This means that if you were a basic Gold Associate (four bundles) your bill will be $45.95 instead of $76.
Here is the most important thing to remember about the new program. There is no minimum number of bundles you have to order. If you don't want any bundles of Sunshine Sharing you can set your auto-ship to zero and still participate in the webinars and get the other benefits of membership. Also, you can set your auto-ship to just one bundle.

We will be running credit cards on Sept 7, so we need to hear from you by Sept 6 if you want to change the number of Sunshine Sharing bundles you have on order with us.

For more information, visit www.treelite.com


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