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Monday, August 30, 2010

Polarity Therapy at Health Choices

Feeling Great?

Want to?

Susie Grimmett 

App,                        Usui Reiki Master Teacher            Trained in many natural healing modialties


Polarity Therapy

Life energy is in constant pulsation in

and around the body.

Health is experienced when energy

flows smoothly without significant



When energy is unbalanced,

pain and dis-ease arise.


Polarity therapy is a system of gentle

hand contacts, to find the blockages

And release energy to normal flow

patterns and to maintain the energy

field in an open, flexible condition.



History Of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is the life work of Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981).

He was a qualified in Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic, but over the years became increasingly disillusioned with the body work approaches which he felt to be rather mechanistic rather than holistic.

He wrote: "The physical anatomy of man is the generally accepted foundation and starting point of nearly all the arts today.

Such a concept rests in matter, the gross product, rather than on the fine energy currents which wove the pattern of the body and which continue to animate it through life. The general practice today is grossly physical rather than atomic.


Although Polarity Therapy has many influences, and certainly includes elements of Dr. Stone's early training in Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic, it is the 6000 year old Indian system of Ayurveda (Ayu=life, Veda=Study) that forms the cornerstone of Polarity energetic theory.


Ayurveda perceives all form in the universe as a manifestation of 5 energies, or elements. Dr. Stone's words: "All training, all experience, and even the suffering in life, have only one objective and that is to enable us to learn to control the mind substance within ourselves.


It is the most subtle and intangible form of matter, like an airy nothing which pervades and rules all things. All conditions and limitations are produced by mind essence and substance.


The moulds of pleasure and pain, health and sickness, are formed by our own thought patterns of harmony, limitation or discord."



What can I expect during a session?


During a polarity session, you remain fully clothed and resting on o comfortable therapy bed.

Your practitioner will use gentle hand contact.

Energetic touches are used to release blockages in specific areas, similar to unblocking a water pipe filled with leaves.

Once the flow is restored, the body's own healing properties become more effective.

The results are feeling profound relaxation and well being.


During a typical session, you may receive polarity reflexology, cranial sacral holds, & chakra balancing.


Polarity therapy can use many natural modalities.

Because Polarity therapy is non-invasive, few side effects occur.

No vigorous manipulation of body tissue is involved, through there may be some soreness when muscle tension that has been held, is released.


"FYI" Before receiving a Polarity therapy session, ask for credentials and training. Make sure that your session comes from a Polarity practitioner with proper training from a Polarity therapy school. Attending a Polarity therapy class does not constitute one as a Polarity practitioner.


Staying in balance





Energy lines

Polarity therapy



In balance


Pathway to health

Benefits of Polarity Therapy


Polarity therapy is especially helpful to people with chronic conditions that have not responded to conventional treatments.

•Chronic neck pain

•Fibromyalgia •Headaches and sinus problems

•Chronic fatigue syndrome

•Anxiety disorders and panic attacks

•Frail and elderly ones who have no energy

•General complaints of "not feeling well" for a long time (though no medical diagnosis can be made)


•Health oriented persons who want to remain healthy

•People with chronic colds, flu, and other indications of immune system depression

•People with chronic gas, constipation, bloating sometimes helpful in arthritis pain relief.

•Any condition in which stress appears a relevant factors.


"Polarity therapy is not suggested for any condition that may require medical attention, acute inflammations or infections, or any condition that may prohibit patient from lying supine.




Polarity Therapy and Reiki Session:       $55.00 per 1 hour session

                                                                             or $30.00 per ½ hour session.



Aqua-Chi Foot Bath $25.00 per session OR $75.00 for a package of 4.                    














This information comes to you from:

Susie Grimmett

Health Choices 
1742 Herlong Village Dr. Suite 102,
Rock Hill, SC 29732


(803) 366-8070 







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