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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NSP's New Advertising Policy

Nature's Sunshine Products

New Advertising Policy

Dear NSP Manager,

Thanks for your ongoing efforts to share Nature's Sunshine Products and natural health with your friends, family and colleagues. We appreciate all you do and our mutually beneficial relationship. From time to time, we have to modify some of our procedures and policies given the ever-changing competitive landscape. We do our best to listen to your concerns and to adjust our policies accordingly. Advertising has become a concern for many of you since a few NSP members advertise that they can sell our products with no taxes or with reduced shipping rates. Obviously we know that everyone gets the same wholesale price from Nature's Sunshine and that we do have to charge taxes and shipping. While we are not able to dictate product pricing, we have listened to you and decided to publish the following policy:

Advertised Price Policy
NSP has adopted the following policy for the advertising of NSP products by members. As always, the law allows a member to sell NSP products at any price and through any means you see fit, and this policy should not be construed as an attempt to change that in any way. However, NSP, in its sole discretion, may elect not to continue to supply products in the future to members who directly or indirectly advertise or sell NSP products in contravention of this policy. Members are also referred to NSP's Internet Pricing Policy, which addresses the sale of NSP products over the Internet.

It is NSP's policy that NSP, in its exclusive discretion, may decide not to continue to supply products in the future to any member who advertises NSP products at prices below the wholesale price then in effect, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

If NSP determines that NSP products have been advertised by a member in contravention of this policy, or in any way which we feel, in our sole discretion, does not serve the best interest of NSP, we may elect not to continue to supply products to that member.

This is an NSP corporate policy and no member is authorized to interpret it or waive it.

This policy is effective immediately but NSP members have until October 31, 2010 to make necessary adjustments to their advertising.

Nature's Sunshine


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