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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Savings on Unbeatable Products and $55 Bonuses

Nature's Sunshine Products


Right now is the best time to "Get Healthy." Everyone will benefit from boosting their health with NSP's unique, new Get Healthy pack (Stock No. 16318-7).

The Get Healthy Pack contains:
- 1 box of NSP Super Trio
- 1 box of CleanStart Wild Berry
- 1 bottle of Probiotic Eleven
- Discounted $5. Plus great new information on cleansing-including a FREE cleansing DVD and two FREE cleansing newspapers!

Cleansing Newspaper (PDF) | Get Healthy Pack

Get Healthy Pack
This powerful combination of products is a great way for you and your friends to "get healthy and get energized." And you get a $55 reward for each Get Healthy pack purchased by a new member you sponsor before March 1.

For a limited time:
- Save $5 every time you purchase the Get Healthy Pack, a FREE cleansing DVD, and 2 FREE Cleansing newspapers!
- Plus, earn $55 on every Get Healthy pack purchased by your new Members in their sign-up order

Managers and Members: Earn unlimited cash bonuses!

Earn $55 for every new member you sponsor!
Jan. 12–Feb. 28, 2011 only

How you earn $55

Each time you help a new person sign up with NSP using the special Get Healthy Pack (Promo No. 16318-7), you’ll earn $55 cash back! No limit!

For example,

  • You can sponsor 1 person who orders a pack for herself and one for her spouse and earn $110 (2 x $55)!
  • Or, Sponsor 5 new people in January and earn $275 in bonuses (5 x $55)!
  • Or, Sponsor just two people each week in February, and get $440 (8 x $55)!

It's just that simple.  Just get involved and start sharing better health today and teach your members to do the same so everyone can reap these fantastic rewards! 

What Is the Get Healthy Pack?

The Get Healthy Pack provides a simple way for the new person to start on the path towards better health. It comes in a special white box and contains:

  • One box of CleanStart® cleansing and detoxifying program
  • One box of Super Trio core nutrition program (Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals, Super ORAC and Super Omega-3 EPA)
  • One bottle of Probiotic Eleven—friendly bacteria that help build your digestive and immune systems.
  • Plus a Member Horizons Envelope that contains two information-packed newspapers on cleansing (one to keep, one to share).
  • An information card and a brand-new DVD on cleansing.
Get Healthy Pack Products 
Specially priced at just $115, your new member will save a little money and begin cleansing and getting valuable, life-changing nutrition. In no time at all, he or she will really feel the difference! More energy and better health!

Rules and Regulations

  • Members must have at least 100 personal QV points to qualify for the special $55 bonus.
  • Special $55 bonuses apply only when new members sign up with the Get Healthy pack between January 12 and February 28, 2011.
  • Special $55 bonus is applied on each Get Healthy pack a new member orders.
  • Special $55 bonuses are paid in lieu of SmartStart or regular commission and overrides on the sign-up order.
  • New members purchasing the Get Healthy pack will receive $15 product credit in their sign-up month.
  • Anyone may purchase the Get Healthy pack at the discounted price for personal use.

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager 
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist 
Natural Health Educator
H: 704-588-7638
Visit my Nature's Sunshine Online Store:
Learn about the Body Systems 
Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!




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