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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Five Important Facts To Consider When Choosing Nutritional Supplements 
After touring the Nature's Sunshine manufacturing facilities in Spanish Fork, Utah, we are convinced that while all herbs are indeed created equal, the treatment they receive in the manufacturing processes differs greatly.  The difference is critical in determining whether or not the herbal product will retain its effectiveness in human nutrition.
1.  USE OF PROPER PLANT PARTS--The equipment used to analyze and identify the herbal parts provided by N.S.P. insures that you will get the part of the plant that is known to have a specific action in the body.  Most companies take the seller's word for it that they are buying the proper plant part.
2.  PRODUCTION OF A CONTAMINANT-FREE PRODUCT--Because herbs are often gathered in countries and conditions that are somewhat primitive by our standards, it becomes very important that tests be run to determine that the herbal product is free from contamination.  Since the major contaminant in herbs is E. Coli, an indicator of fecal contamination, I am very glad that N.S.P cares enough to give us a product free of contaminants!  After all, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to use a contaminated herb when trying to heal the body!
3.  IDENTIFICATION OF ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS--N.S.P has identified a standard of activity for each herb and runs a quality control check to make sure that all products conform to that standard.  What does that mean to the consumer?  It means that the herbs will be effective!  Perhaps I now had the answer as to why our early experiences with herbs had brought few results!  Can you imagine that some sellers have actually sent N.S.P spent (used up) Fennel?  That means that the active ingredients, prized for their ability to aid digestion and relieve gas, had been removed by someone before attempting to sell the Fennel to N.S.P.  It seems to me that there is a good possibility that the salesperson did not throw away that Fennel that N.S.P rejected but sold it instead to "some other coffee bean buyer" (an herb company without the quality control facilities to be able to determine that the herb was spent).
4.  DETERMINATION THAT NO FILLERS ARE PRESENT--Imagine my surprise when touring the Home Office plant to see a barrel of Comfrey with a rejection sticker on it.  And this at a time when Comfrey was in short supply world-wide.  But once again a Quality Control procedure had discovered that a seller not familiar with our quality control checks had laced the comfrey with lactose, a colorless, odorless substance which takes on the characteristics of anything you mix it with and attempted to get N.S.P to purchase and market that adulterated herb.  He had used it as a filler to extend the comfrey. While that lactose may not have hurt anyone, it certainly does not contain the properties of Comfrey.  I wonder who unknowingly bought that Comfrey after N.S.P rejected it?
5.  USE OF A COLD PROCESS TO POWDER THE HERBS--N.S.P. utilizes cryogenic processing to retain all the beneficial constituents of the herbs.  This cold process involves freezing the herbs in liquid nitrogen and shattering them rather than using the traditional heat-producing grinding process.  While this is a much more costly process, it insures that the herbs are never heated or burned, destroying many of the vital nutrients.
Now that you fully understand the care and concern that Nature's Sunshine uses in producing their quality herbs, we are sure that you will want to try their fine, all-natural products for your family's health-care needs, and we challenge you to give them a try.  No matter what your previous experiences with herbs have been, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results when using these high quality products and you will feel confident that they will never produce negative side-effects. 

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