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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Below is a newsletter from a Kat James. She has developed the Total Transformation® Program in the North Carolina mountains. When you visit with her for a week she will help you to learn and make life choices which will change your health & your life forever.  
 Anyone who signs up for her Total Transformation Program and drops my name (Karen Doolan, Charlotte, NC) as the person who referred them, I will share my referral fee with. This means 10% extra back to you if you let her know that I referred you. I believe this program is fabulous! Check out the information below.
Nature's Sunshine members, make sure to let Kat know you would prefer to use your NSP products when supplements are suggested.
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Dear Friend
I hope you had a great July 4th and are staying cool and healthy in these hotter days.

I revisited the river at Chimney Rock (where Last of The Mohicans was filmed) on the 4th and climbed boulders with friends, giving much thought to the threatened state of independence—of any kind—in this country we love. Health independence as individuals. Freedom to inform and be informed and freedom of choice as consumers. Even our independence as a nation. From the throngs of folks wearing red, white, and blue and waving sparklers, and from the gorgeous fireworks that lit five different patches of mountain sky over two counties, it was impossible to tell the difference between this July 4th and those of decades past. But there is a difference. Not only do statistics show that individual health (and thus personal independence) is under unprecedented th reat. It's also worth noting the growing threats to our independence as a country. Whether you feel you are on the left or on the right, or somewhere in between, I hope this will be the year that you explore the many shades of grey—as well as the black and white that is not reported in the mainstream news—that are far more important to the future of our health on all levels than any partisan conversation.

The concept of independence, on many levels, fills me with passion for what I do—and did first for myself—to help people free themselves from the grip of culture- and biochemically-driven health and beauty self-sabotage. It also fills me with increasingly justified concern for where this world could be headed if people fail to act soon regarding deceivingly politicized health causes (often appearing unconnected with, or supportive of health) they believe in, such as the opportunity I'm reminding you about, below, to train with filmmaker and GMO scholar and activist, Jeffrey Smith (I'm providing the link to last week's amazing show with him because it's so important).

It's interesting to note the increasing pattern of law-making that, at first appears to be "pro-health" and pro-people, but is anything but. There is only one lawmaker in Congress who has not voted for anti-health bills as far as I know (please let us know if you know of one) that has repeatedly introduced amazing bills and voted in favor of the health freedom issues, such as raw milk, or limiting the FDA's censorship of natural health information, legalizing the growing of hemp in America. Fighting forced vaccinations. I love this guy so much, but it could cause controversy to gloat about him here. But those clues should lead you to more information about him, and, I hope, heighten your involvement in support of such causes. If you're compelled to tell us who you think this man is (or have found anyone else like him) via email at
info@informedbeauty.com, we'd be equally compelled to give you a $50 credit toward a future TeleProgram, or a $500 credit (which you can combine with existing discounts) toward our July or August 5-Day Mountain Chalet Program. That's how strongly I feel about getting you involved in the hope –– and the heroes –– that rarely makes the headlines.

My radio show listeners are gaining actionable insights week after week, such as which organizations are doing what for various health causes, and if you are not yet among them, I hope you'll give the free previews at
www.TheKatJamesShow.com a listen and consider joining my Member Library in s upport of your own independence on all the levels I just spoke of (more information on the Member Library can be found below).

When Will YOUR Independence Day Be?
If you already enjoy great health and are already active in supporting health freedom causes, let me commend you from the bottom of my heart. I know what it's like, not only to find your way (even from a "hopeless" state) to rare freedom from self-sabotage, food addiction, and drug dependent illness too many Americans are trapped in. But if you still struggle, I want to encourage you to please learn about, read about, and ultimately give my program a full, liberating "plunge," whether from home with my book, on the phone with me via my TeleProgram, or here in the mountains.

For me, my real "Independence Day" happened over a decade ago and I've never lost it (not even for a day) since. For Jan C., who attended the most recent June 25t h-30th program, it was June 27th.  When was yours? When will yours be? Here are some "declarations of independence" from recent and past Total Transformation® attendees

Jon F.: A year after beginning the full, customized regimen Kat honed for me at last July's program, I'm almost free of fibromyalgia pain I've had for most of my adult life. I no longer need my asthma medication, and am nearly weaned off the sleep meds and anti-depressants that kept part of my mind captive for fifteen years. So much clarity has returned! I no longer crave beer, which not only flattened my belly, but I know has altered my future from all kinds of other dependencies. I am freer by the month.

T. E. It's incredible to have reached my goal weight and to be staying here without struggle.
Another thing I've noticed is that (this is embarrassing) I have had absolutely zero gas or bloating since the April program.

D. H. Since starting this, my latest glasses prescription is too strong. The cataracts that clouded my vision while driving at night are no longer noticeable. I'm back to my college weight without struggling and no longer have that ball and chain feeling later in the day.

MaryBeth: My son no longer thinks his sister should be committed (not joking). Her food issues are almost gone. My digestive challenges from the colon removal procedure I had have largely ended with this program. It's like I have a huge part of my life and joy back since April.

C. R.: It's as if my wife has had a lobotomy (in a good way). She says your program "saved" her.

Carol: I have to rethink my own aspirations because I now have so much more energy-packed life to fill.
My nutrition practice will never be the same. The value of what I've learned is unfolding in how I feel and think...

My sister attended the May 2010 program and is a total devotee. She looks younger each time I see her!

K. S.: Since the TeleProgram I feel beautiful for the first time at 62. Like I know an incredible secret that is literally transforming me without struggle.

Jen: Your book and program gave me my sister back. Five years later and she still looks great. We were proud to see her story in Woman's World.

B. M.: Amazing that I have had no desire for my evening wine since the program (June 25th) ended. I have tried to do the program myself for years, but couldn't get past that hump. I needed to be there. Now I'm free of what I suspect was my most destructive craving.

Free Your Health and Beauty From Self-Sabotage by Attending My July 16th-21st 5-Day Mountain Chalet Total Transfor mation® Program

If you're interested in hearing firsthand accounts of Total Transformation and asking questions to someone who's been there, email us with your phone number at info@informedbeauty.com or call 877-54-TOTAL. You'll find all the details, including features, pricing, helper discounts and FAQ
here or visit http://www.informedbeauty .com/total_transformation_program_detail_fall_09.html 

Today's Summer Break Encore Show: Upgrade Your Allergy Arsenal to Reduce or Eliminate them Completely
Today at 3PM Pacific, 6 PM Eastern, we present again my own run-down of dietary considerations for allergies, followed by my interview with Dr. Lon Jones, a 30-year country doct or and researcher whose new book: "No More Allergies, Asthma, or Sinus Problems" represents a little-known, yet revolutionary approach to eliminating upper respiratory infections without drugs.

To hear today's show, you can listen live today (Thursday) between 3-4pm PST (6-7pm EST), by visiting

NOTE: As always, if this newsletter is sent out close to, or after the show begins, we will send you a full link to the show in a subsequent newsletter.

Today's Return of 25% Off on the Popular Xlear/Spry Dental Kit: Xylitol Collection that Could Save You Untold Dental Bills
Today, my listeners can once again, get 25% off the Popular 30-day Xlear Xylitol Kit of dental and nasal products (Shipping & Handling extra). This kit features unmatched upper respiratory and oral health products, including one of the best products in the natural health world: Xlear nasal spray (plus 300 pcs of gum, 300 mints, full size Oral Rinse and Toothpaste) - normally $40, but yours for $29.99 by mentioning Kat James.  CALL XLEAR TOLL-FREE at: 1-877-579-5327

To hear today's show, you can listen live (Thursday) between 3-4pm PST, by visiting

Satellite Subscribers Can Catch The Kat James Show on Saturdays, Noon PST
The Kat James Show is also heard on weekends via satellite, Saturdays at noon Pacific on Family Talk XM 170!!
NOTE: If this newsletter is sent out close to, or after the show begins, we will send you a full link to the show in a subsequent newsletter.

Coming This Month to the Member Library: Cookie Dough Ice Cream (short recipe below), Libido Mojito, Cheese Crackers and Sugar-free BBQ
Carol, one of the super-helpers on my program and a nutritionist, asked me to help her make my Low Impact "Dead Ringer" raw cookie dough ice cream (pictured below). The "long-hand" version of this recipe, along with the herb cocktail, crackers (pictured in last week's newsletter) and new resources, like sugar-free BBQ sauces and even "honey" will be added to my Member Library (info below) this month.

Although the in-depth recipes for my "Dead Ringer" collection (including soon-to-be upgrade Tollhouse, Thin Mints, and most recently, "peanut butter cookies without the peanut butter") are included in the Member Library, the short-hand recipe for co okie dough ice cream is this: Make a homemade vanilla ice cream from any favorite recipe using half and half (or 1/3 cream to 2/3 half an half if you are totally doing the program, supplements, and going all the way, grain-wise, and eating only strategic fruits), sweetening it with part-stevia, part xylitol, instead of sugar. Then follow a favorite cookie dough recipe, leaving out the flour, eggs and leavening (baking soda or baking powder). Freeze the dough, then stir chunks of it into your sugar-free ice cream. WARNING: this will make most people, including your family, gain weight, so don't "sell" it as a weight loss food to them. Only people fully doing my program will lose weight while eating this heavenly stuff.

What happens to folks who eat this depends on what else they consume in a day in their life. If they keep themselves free of MOST blood sugar spikes, this ice cream will unlikely cause weight gain (or loss). But if one achieves TOTAL freedom from all blood sugar spikes (few understand how to do this as many "low-carb" foods cross the border to "spikedom"), this outrageous dessert can be part of an effective weight loss plan, believe it or not, that—if other food choices are strategic—could cause a key, quantum healing trend in most of the issues the average person is dealing with. Please read The Truth About Beauty and, if you have metabolic challenges to begin with, consider honing the approach further with the help of one of my
Total Transformation® Program or TeleProgram.

Full Recipe Workshop, Radio Archives, Resources, and Video on Demand In My Total Transformation® Member Library
As always, subscribers to our member-supported Member Library have 24/7 access to all full radio shows, along with the Total Transformation Recipe Workshop and other exclusive content. To get immediate access to all of my full-length radio shows, subscribe to the 2010 Member Library for $89, click
HERE or visit http://www.mcssl.com/SecureCart/ViewCart.aspx?mid=25DF1D05-28E8-48A4-9E08-35EF09F8912D&sctoken=de91c46663314fcf82c 

Final Week: KKNW Annual Listener Survey and Seattle Whale Watching Trip for Two G iveaway June 14th-Sunday July 11th  
I want to take a moment to thank you personally for listening to Alternative Talk and The Kat James Show. KKNW would love to have your thoughts this week for their annual listener survey,  and has even got a chance to win a whale watching trip for two to Friday Harbor in Seattle as a thank you for your time! I hope you'll take a moment to visit 1150KKNW.com to  participate in this year's Alternative Talk 1150 Listener Survey. You'll then be entered for their giveaway of that whale watching trip for two to Friday Harbor. The website again, to take the listener survey and enter to win that trip for two is 1150kknw.com. Or just visit
http://www.newschannel1150. com/.

Possible Photographer Transformation Opportunity for July 16-21st Mountain Chalet Programs
Qualified professional and possibly amat eur photographers who have wanted to attend a
Total Transformation® Mountain Chalet Program  for their own personal health and beauty transformation may be eligible for steep discounts on program tuition if skills and portfolio qualify. Depending on portfolio, a wide range of image needs and possible publication opportunities exist. Please email us at info@informedbeauty.com with your qualifications and website for more information on these opportunities.

Until next week,
Yours in health, Truth and Beauty,
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Informed Beauty LLC
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New York NY 10025


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