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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ten years ago, I cleaned out my medicine cabinet of all the expired prescriptions, and over the counter remedies which dealt with symptoms instead of causes. Any remedy from the drug store and grocery store which dealt with sick symptoms hit the trash can and I've never looked back with regret since that day.
This was a changing point in my life. For the five years prior to this, I had begun learning about herbal and nutritional healing and began using many of the products listed below.  During these first five years I found my family began to realize much better health than we had ever experienced before. Prior to these years my children and I had been on continuous rounds of antibiotics, over the counter cough syrups, decongestants, head ache medicines, aspirins, Tylenols, etc. We were always sick and I knew in my heart that these products were not helping with the causes but only the symptoms of our problems. Our immune systems were drained and these medications were only making it worse.
For starters, every round of antibiotic was depleting our reservoirs of probiotics and literally killed out our friendly flora which is our bodies natural defense. All the other products were fighting against our bodies natural responses to the sickness. Our bodies were trying to clear out toxins by producing mucus to flush the poisons and irritants. We were fighting against this natural body response by bombarding our bodies with medications which were causing the flow of the mucus that was naturally produced to clear out the problems to dry up. There was no hope of us getting better if we continued poisoning our bodies with these toxic substances.
I was blessed and fortunate to join an onlilne group of NSP herbalists 15 years ago and that is when our healing began. I hope this list, which was put together as a cumulative effort by some very knowledgeable herbalists friends, will help others learn more how to work with their brilliant bodies instead of against it.
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Activated Charcoal (capsules) - Absorbent agent. Internal: Use 2-4 caps every hour or two for diarrhea, gas, intestinal flu, food and chemical poisoning. Use more in serious cases. External: Wet powder and apply as poultice for itching, bites, stings. Charcoal - can mix with water, oil (Vitamin E or olive oil), or Aloe Vera Juice or Gel; excellent for bug bites, stings - make poultice; take when traveling for traveler's diarrhea, food poisoning, scorpion bite; also good for bites and stings is Black Cohosh - can cause headache; Jojoba Oil or Silver Shield Gel will stop the sting and itch of insect bites.
ALJ - for allergies and stuffiness; contains horseradish; helps loosen up congestion; Pantothenic Acid helps deal with allergy crisis; combination Four in as "herbal antihistamine" which helps allergy symptoms such as Respiratory congestion, colds, allergies and chronic sinus problems, moves mucus out of head and chest, also aids in digestion.
Aloe Vera Juice (Whole Leaf) - healing from your mouth to your butt; soothes and heals all types of digestive problems; slightly laxative; helps eliminate mucus from the body; burn your tongue? Put aloe vera juice in your mouth and hold it there - burning will go away quickly.

Aloe Vera Gel - most commonly used for burns, including sunburn; great for any skin irritations; can bring relief to shingles sufferers, soothing, healing; apply generously for burns, abrasions and other injuries; use as a base with herbs for topical use - aloe carries into the third layer of the skin.
APS-II - aspirin pain substitute; contains white willow bark, where they get salicylic acid - in aspirin; good for some headaches, aches and pains associated with flu (across the back and ribs); helpful after dental work

B-Complex - for stress, this is my best friend; lots of people have marginal deficiencies in B vitamins - can cause a variety of symptoms; in our society it's really important to feed your nerves or you end up burning out your adrenals, too; take for several days before camping (and during) and mosquitoes will leave you alone; also take Garlic. B-vitamins - good to keep away mosquitoes; reason lots of people get bitten so badly is they have overgrowth of Candida - not enough good bacteria in intestines; good bacteria manufacture B-Vitamins; mosquitoes LOVE people who are low in B-Vitamins
Black Ointment - drawing salve - Used externally to draw infection, slivers, acne, boils and warts. Has also been used for skin cancer and surface tumors. Apply generously and cover with a bandage.
Black Walnut (capsules or extract) - parasites, fungus, infection. Contracts tissue, reduces inflammation, aids tissue healing and repair. Use for poison ivy and oak internal and topically. Supplies iodine for thyroid. Internal: 2-6 caps a day External: apply extract

Bone/Skin Poultice - broken bones; take 9/day for 3 bottles; Herbal CA, excellent source of easily assimilated calcium. Encourages tissue healing for broken bones, swellings, ulcers, wounds, skin problems, cuts, and bruises. Take internally and apply externally by mixing powder into a paste with Aloe Vera Gel and apply as a poultice and cover with cloth or bandage - or use cloth soaked in strong tea - change every few hours.
Capsicum (capsules) - circulatory stimulant used for energy and fatigue, general stimulant for healing. Internal: 1 capsule, as needed with plenty of water and some food if spicy foods bother you. Place some powder under tongue for crisis situations such as shock, hemorrhage and heart attack. External: Sprinkle powder directly on wound to stop bleeding.
Catnip & Fennel - liquid - catnip is in the mint family so has a calming effect on the nervous system and stomach that improves digestion and reduces cramps and gassiness; used for colic, hiccups, nausea; also good for growing pains; naturally high in calcium; helps calm hyperactive children; catnip will cause sweating and can be used to help reduce fever, if necessary. Settles upset stomach, colic, gas, mild acid indigestion, can be used for heat stroke or to help break a fever.
Chamomile (capsules) - anti-inflammatory for minor pains, nervous and digestive problems. To use for ear drops or gargle, brew as strong tea (3caps/cup).

Chlorophyll - makes body more alkaline thus more resistant to disease; body cleanser; odor control; slightly laxative; great blood builder
Citrus Bioflavonoids w/Vitamin C (tablets) - keeps collagen (connective tissue of cells) healthy, aids in action of capillaries in allowing nutrients in and body wastes out. Called the capillary permeability factor, controlling the size of tiny holes in capillaries, keeping them large enough to allow nutrients through, but too small for viruses that cause disease, or blood cells that lead to hemorrhaging, to pass through. Used in treatment of ulcers, asthma, edema, inner ear, arterial degeneration, bleeding gums, prevents bruising and excessive blood clotting, builds resistance to disease. Use 1000 mg. 1-5 times per day in crisis situations.  Deficiencies in Vitamin C can be a factor in Poison Ivy allergic reactions.
CREAM OF TARTAR - sore throats, air pollution, food poisoning, bacteria - ½ t. in ½ c. warm/hot water; great for maids who are exposed to cleaning chemicals all day long; make sure to replace sodium when using Cream of Tartar - ½ t. salt ½ hour after taking Cream of Tartar
Distress Remedy - stress; injury; over exertion (shop 'til you drop); works good in the doctor's office on those rare occasions we have to go; one on night stand in case I feel "keyed up".
Echinacea/Golden Seal (capsules or liquid) - helps contain infections and stimulates body to fight microorganisms; useful for colds, wounds (especially sepsis or tetanus), and blood poisoning.

FV - flu/vomiting; contains herbs that help settle the stomach and reduce nausea; helpful in preventing morning sickness and motion sickness; can help with ear infection and abdominal pain with belching.

Garlic Oil - (capsules or oil in gel caps) or Hi-potency Garlic tablets (1200 mg. each) are recommended for stronger infection-fighting properties) Antibiotic alternative, aids circulation and respiratory problems. Internal: take 1-2 every hour as needed. External: puncture oil cap and rub on chest, throat, ears or other body parts to relieve congestion or infection. great for beginning of illness; a natural antibiotic; anti-fungal; joke about not getting sick - no one comes around; great for scaring away mosquitoes (along with B-Complex)
Golden Salve - healing salve; antiseptic; contains goldenseal, a natural antibiotic; also contains comfrey, a well known skin healer; excellent topical for dry skin from heels to hands; remove eye make-up at night; on lips instead of lip balm; any scrapes or cuts; use it to lubricate a dry nose when nose bleeds are a problem; also good for dry areas on eyelids. Healing antibiotic salve that begins to heal wounds FAST! (We've used this numerous times to avoid the pain and trauma of ER visits and stitches.)

Intestinal Soothe and Build-- the herbal Pepto Bismal, stomach problems, gas, bloating, stomach ache

LBS-II - a natural laxative - for constipation; also useful at the beginning of illness; helps to move things through quickly; may want extra fiber & Vitamin C, LBS-II  and Garlic will chase off lots of critters.
Licorice (capsules or extract) - anti-inflammatory, builds energy, low blood sugar, drink 'tea' to soothe mouth/throat irritation, alternative to cortisone or other steroids. Use caution in cases with high blood pressure.
Lobelia - (capsules or extract) - strong relaxant and emetic agent. Use 1/2-1 cap at a time, large doses cause nausea and vomiting. Internal: for coughs, asthma, tension, pain, food poisoning, convulsions. Asthma attacks; take internally and rub directly onto chest area; emetic; has so many uses for relaxing; a few drops under the tongue helps to relieve cough reflex.

Papaya Mints - aids in digestion; reduces heartburn & gas; chewable; excellent for kids; substitute for "Tums" addicts.
Pau d'Arco (capsules or extract) - antifungal and blood purifier. Internal: 1-2 caps or 1/2-1 t. extract 3-4 times daily for skin eruptions, yeast infections, liver problems. External: Apply extract or soak cloth in strong tea and apply for athlete's foot and other fungus.  * We recommend liquids since they are absorbed quicker, but taste must be considered when choosing.

Peppermint Oil - stomach pain; can take internally and rub externally on tummy area; bad breath; stress headaches - only need a drop or 2 in water - cold or hot (tea); makes a great gift for people who aren't really "into" herbs.

Prevention Homeopathic - helps prevent colds; allergy symptoms; also Goldenseal/Echinacea excellent for prevention.

Recovery - replaces lost electrolytes; drink during and after sickness, physical activity, especially if you overdo it; long day in yard, baseball game when not used to playing, bowling, etc.
Silver Shield with Aqua Sol - use instead of antibiotics; can put it in ears and up nose; for a child take 1/2 teaspoon 4x/day for 1 week, then ½ teaspoon 3x/day for 1 week;  use twice as much for an adult; good for eye infections, bacterial, viral & fungal infections - take internally. Externally use Silver Shield Gel.

Sinus Support EF - will knock out a sinus infection; especially effective in combination with Colloidal Silver; for drippy sinuses.

Stress Relief - excellent for muscle tension; especially in neck, shoulders, jaw area; TMJ, teeth grinders; take before a massage or adjustment and it will hold longer; many use it for relief of tension headaches.

Tea Tree Oil - antiseptic; pimples; fights bacterial and fungal infections; helps heal without scarring; add a few drops to the washing machine to help fight dirty sock smell and fungus; 5 drops/16 oz. water - spray on to offend mosquitoes & discourage fleas on your pets; up your nose to help sinus infections; up nose before flying or even going to the mall - may burn a little. Add a few drops to Silver Shield Gel and use on ringworm.

Tei-Fu Lotion - mosquitoes hate the smell - can mix a few drops of tei-fu oil with water in spray bottle for similar effect (keep away from eyes)

Tei Fu Oil - a blend of essential oils and flower distillates; faster working than aspirin for headache, pain, etc; it relieves pain, not masking it; some of its uses are: congestion (sinus/head); bites; stiff, sore muscles; headaches, can make tea for sore throat; add a drop to water for upset stomach. Clear head, mind and sinuses: 1 drop on palm palm of hand, rub hands together, cup hands over mouth and nose and breathe in deeply.
Valerian capsules - Use 2 capsules every hour or two as needed for minor pain, cramps, tension, insomnia, aches associated with colds, flu, fever and other nervous system problems.

Vitamin C (T/R 1,000) - important at beginning of illness; take to bowel tolerance or MT; great for toxic headaches; helps neutralize toxins; good for injury; chewables are great for kids - they can have as much as they want; powdered Ascorbates get into system quickly and are good for those with sensitive stomachs.

Ultimate Echinacea - helps kick immune system into high gear; a must at the first sign of illness; can take 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off; need to give your body a rest.
Blood Sugar imbalances - Change your sweetener to Xylitol, Eat Fresh Fruits and Raw Vegetables, Remove processed, refined foods, hydrogenated oils, from your diet, Sugar Reg, HY-C , Collatrim Plus Powder before bed (More ideas call me please)
Bug Bites, Wasp bites, bee stings - Silver Shield gel stops the itch & Pain
Constipation - keep CANNED SPINACH, SAUERKRAUT JUICE, PRUNE JUICE on hand for severe constipation, Magnesium Complex (safe for children) and LB Extract for children too ; LBS II, Gentle Moves, Increase pure water intake (1/2 your wt. in oz i.e. 200 lbs=100 oz water), Dietary fiber such as Psyllium or Nature's Three, increase fresh fruits and raw veggies, Do a Clean Start Cleanse,
Cold Sores/Fever Blisters - VS-C, l-Lysine, Tei-Fu Oil

Virus - homemade lemonade (squeeze lemons into water add xylitol for sweetener), pineapple juice, grape juice, VS-C; the 3 best combos for fighting off the beginning of a cold: 1) CC-A and Zinc; 2) Ultimate Echinacea  & Vitamin C   3) VS-C and Chinese Trigger Immune 

Bacteria - Cream of Tartar, Silver Shield liquid or Silver Shield gel, grapefruit juice

Infections - IN-XLymph Gland Cleanse (IGS II), Lymph Gland Cleanse HY, Silver Shield liquid, Silver Shield gel, Echinacea/Goldenseal, Homeopathic Lymphostim

Ears - Silver Shield liquid, Silver Shield gel, Combination CBG Extract, Garlic Oil

Flu - grapefruit juice, FV, Homeopathic Influenza
Trouble Sleeping or Insomnia  - Kava KavaNerve Eight, Melatoninor Herbal Sleep (HVP)

Air Pollution - Pau D'Arco, Cream of Tartar, Enviro-Detox, Boomerang Air & Surface Purifier
Bedwetting - Homeopathic Bedwetting

Chemical Imbalance - Recovery Drink (NSP's healthy Gatorade) , Lemon Zinger tea, lemonade made with squeezed lemons sweetened with Xylitol

Colds - CC-A, Vitamin C, Silver Shield liquid, Homeopathic Cold
Antihistamine, Decongestants, Allergies, Breathing - Histablock, Four, ALJ, Lung Support, Bronchial Formula, Fenugreek & Thyme for end of cold if mucus isn't clearing, Homeopathic Children's Cough, Boomerang Air & Surface Purifier

Yeast - Candida Clear, Caprylic Acid, Caprylimune, Pau D'Arco, Para Cleanse, Homeopathic Candida, Bifidophilus Flora ForceRaw Garlic and Garlic Oil, Tea Tree Oil (5 drops in a capsule)

Migraine - Feverfew, Ginger especially if it starts with nausea/dizziness
Herpes & Viral Sores - VS-C liquid, Nutri Calm & Probiotic Eleven Outbreaks Can be stress related. I have also learned there are correlations between outbreaks and increased amts. of Nitric Oxide or L-arginine amino acid  in the body.
MRSA & Airborne Mold, Bacteria, Micro Organisms - Boomerang Air & Surface Purifier

Diarrhea - depends on the cause/nature of the diarrhea - fiber; Nature's Three, Psyllium Hulls, Slippery Elm, lots of water, salt, Recovery Drink; always a good idea to take Bifidophilus Flora Force

Herbal Trim Skin Treatment - aftershave for men; also for women's legs and underarms; very soothing and healing

Capsicum - stops bleeding; internal and external; helps with heart attacks until paramedics arrive; stops nausea due to excessive bleeding; improves circulation

Black Eye - AC Healing Cream

Congested Ears - ALJ - really knock it down; also ear candling; Combination CBG Extract, EW

Slammed Finger in Car Door or Cuts on fingers and body Silver Shield Gel stops pain quickly, protects against infection, and heals quickly
Ulcers, presence of h-Pylori, & Gastro Intestinal bloating, Gas, stomach aches from digestive problems, GERD, Gastritis - **Gastro Health for 3-6 months (to heal the problem), Stomach Comfort for occasional or quick fix (short term relief), Intestinal Sooth & Build, Digestive Bitters (before eating to increase bodies production of Hydrochloric Acid
Pink Eye - Open capsule of EW and dissolve in warm water & use as eye wash, also take EW by mouth. and/or Can use Silver Shield Gel also direct in eye and take Silver Shield liquid to fight internally
Poison Ivy - Use Silver Shield Gel topically liberally three times a day, Take Silver Shield liquid by mouth twice a day, Take lots of Vitamin C (poison Ivy will affect those who are vit c deficient), BP-X to help cleanse the blood
Please email or call me anytime with your questions.
Share the Health,
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