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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Herbs to Kindle That Romantic Spark


February 14, 2010

Herbs to Kindle That Romantic Spark
by Greg, the Green Cupid

Hi, I'm Greg, the green cupid. Because it's Valentine's Day, I'm overworked.  My little wings are getting tired flying from house to house trying to help the many couples who have intimate problems.  So, since I just can't get to everyone, Steven let me write this article, so the couples I can't get to will get some of the help they need.

I'm a green cupid because I don't shoot my "clients" with arrows to set romantic sparks flying. Instead, I give them green herbs to make them see those red hearts!

Sex can be a sensitive subject for some and if it is for you, then perhaps you should just delete this email.  Then you won't have be offended by my slightly suggestive "puns."  And, don't go blaming Steven for the contents of this article, he'd turn red instead of green if he had to write about this stuff.

Sexual intimacy is an important part of a healthy romantic relationship.  Unfortunately, couples don't always feel that romantic spark.  There are lots of reasons why the fires of our passion might smolder, some of them having to do with what is going on in the relationship.  Obviously, if one partner is feeling abused or neglected in a relationship, herbs aren't going to awaken his or her desire to be intimate. But, that's not my department.

I can be of help with that lack of romantic fire has a physical component.  Armed with my love-erly green herbal remedies, I can feed those red fires of passion so they burn brightly again. Here are some of the "green arrows" I keep in my quiver.

Thyroid Boosters

Low thyroid will kill someone's interest in intimacy faster than the regular cupid can say, "ready-aim-fire!"  That's because the thyroid regulates the metabolism that keeps the body warm, and warmth is what love is all about.  Lots of women have problems with low thyroid and it does affect their sensuality.  Ladies, when your thyroid is low you can honestly say, "I'm just too tired tonight, honey."

Furthermore ladies, don't you  want your skin to be soft and pleasant to touch? Well, a low thyroid can make your skin dry and rough.  So, if you don't want sandpaper skin, take care of your thyroid gland.

Because the thyroid regulates the burning of energy to keep the body warm, low thyroid leaves you feeling cold all the time.  We all know what feeling frigid does for intimacy, so to keep your body energized, warm and soft to the touch, give your thyroid gland a boost with a shot from my quiver of herbal love-enhancers.

Thyroid Support is a great remedy for the thyroid. It helps rebuild the gland and boosts metabolism.  You may also need extra iodine from seaweeds like Liquid Dulse or kelp.   Thyroid Activator is also a good remedy to boost the thyroid.

Testosterone Builders

In spite of all the jokes about men's insatiable sexual desires, men can lose interest in intimacy, too.  Besides, something has to "happen" in order for sexual intimacy to "happen" and when that something doesn't "happen" then that romantic connection isn't going to "happen" either (if you get my drift). 

A major cause of this condition (politely called "erectile dysfunction" or ED) is low testosterone.  The fact is, all the estrogen we're being exposed to is severely depressing guy's testosterone levels.  No, I'm not talking about the women in guy's lives, I'm talking about xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are environmental toxins that mimic estrogen.

Xenoestrogens come from pesticides, soft plastics and meat, eggs and dairy products where animals are fed estrogens to increase production.  Fluoride also depresses testosterone.

Fortunately, there are remedies that can bring a guy's testosterone levels (and other things) "up."  One of those remedies is Men's X-Action.  It's loaded with herbs that boost testosterone levels in men, like muira puama, damiana and horny goat weed (hey don't blame me, I didn't name the plant!).  It also contains yohimbe, which acts like a natural viagra to get something "happening."

The great thing about herbs that boost testosterone is that they have some great "side effects."  Increased testosterone lifts depression, boosts  self-confidence and helps men lose fat and build muscle. I dare you to show me a pharmaceutical drug with those side-effects!

And, if Men's X-Action doesn't get you in the mood, I've got other "green arrows" I can fire.  You can try Damiana, Korean Ginseng or DHEA-M, as all of them help boost testosterone levels as well. Oh, and guys, if you have high blood pressure and ED, try RG-Max.  The l-arginine it contains is known to help both of these problems.

Supporting the Adrenals

Up to this point, I've talked about one major cause of intimate health problems for women and one for the guys. Now, I'll talk about an intimate health problem that doesn't discriminate sexually because it affects men and women equally.  That problem is adrenal fatigue.

Let's face it, stress is a big part of modern life.  (I should now with all the buzzing around I have to do.)  When stress gets bad enough, it can kill our love life like dumping a bucket of water on a fire.  When someone's romantic interest is "drenched" from stress, there's no spark of sexual interest present to be kindled.  

We know that reproductive hormones are largely responsible for sex drive and reproductive hormones are produced from DHEA, a base hormone made by the adrenal glands.  When you're suffering from adrenal burnout, your DHEA production is probably DOA (dead on arrival), which means you're too exhausted for anything!

That's where Adrenal Support can help. It can boost those tired adrenals and give you some stamina and energy again.  Another formula that can help here is Nervous Fatigue Formula.  It increases energy, improves sleep and rebuilds the energy of the heart. (And that's what Valentine's Day is all about isn't it?) 

DHEA is also available in supplement form. Besides being in Men's X-Action, there is DHEA-M (for the big boys) and DHEA-F (for the lovely ladies).  Don't overdo the DHEA, however, as it can make your hormones "rage" a little like they did when you were a teenager. (You'd like the drive, but you don't need teenage acne again, do you?).   

More Options and a
Valentine's Day Special

These aren't the only "green arrows" in my quiver of love. There are many more herbs that can rekindle romantic sparks. There are even flower essences that can help to heal emotional wounds that interfere with intimacy. I'd love to tell you about all of them, but I've got to get back to work and I'm out of space! 

So, to make my job easier I've persuaded Tree of Light to put their newest DVD on sale for the next four days.  It's called, Light Up Your Love Life, and it features Steven telling about all the remedies that can be used to overcome health problems that interfere with intimacy.  He may not have my sense of humor, but he does provide a great information about dealing with lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, vaginal yeast infections, painful intercourse, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases and other intimate problems.  He even managed to do it without blushing. 

As the Green Cupid, all I can say is that Light Up Your Love Life an X-ceptional DVD. Best of all, you can get it for just $24.95 (that's $5 off the regular price) if you order by February 18.  

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OR call Tree of Light at 800-416-2887.

Happy Valentine's Day!
From Greg, the Green Cupid

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