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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Get Well Now! - With Effective Natural Healthcare
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM MST
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I rarely use medical doctors, so this fall, when I had something I had to consult with a doctor about - I was shocked at the bill. In fact, I was more than shocked, I was appalled.

What's worse is that the doctor really didn't do anything for me either. I mean, I did get a diagnosis, which helped me understand what I was dealing with, but it was some advice from a fellow herbalist that cleared up the problem, not what he suggested.

That's why I'm hosting this "Heal It Now" webinar. It's a series of  nine webinars based on concepts from my Dr. Mom-Dr. Dad course.  These principles have enabled me to get fast, effective and consistent results with natural healing.  Best of all, they've enabled me to avoid countless doctor visits that would have cost me thousands of dollars.

Frankly, I don't know how people can get by without this knowledge.  Best of all, you get to preview the class free, because the first session won't cost you anything (and that first session alone will teach you enough to save quite a few trips to the emergency room.

If you wish to continue in the program, you can sign-up for the remaining 8 remaining sessions for just $97.  You can even add on the complete Dr. Mom-Dr. Dad correspondence course (regularly $247) for an additional $200.  That would still be less than what I paid for one stupid doctor visit.

But, whether you just attend the free webinar, the paid webinar series or purchase the complete package, I guarantee that what you learn can save you lots of money in unnecessary doctor bills because I'm going to teach you:

1) How to take the pain out of most common injuries in minutes (not hours and days) and promote extremely rapid healing
2) How to get rid of colds, flu, earaches, sore throats and other acute ailments in 24-48 hours or less.
3) How to care for yourself and your loved ones so you avoid getting sick in the first place.

So, join us for the free preview webinar and see what I'm talking about risk free.
 Register for Heal It Now Free Webinar Session.


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