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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hands-on Reward for our Rising Stars

Who: New Star Managers with six consecutive months at Star rank and who held Star rank in December 2009.

What: Rising Star 2010
Where: Provo, Utah
When: May 18-21

Rising Star is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Every spring, NSP's best and brightest up-and-coming Managers gather in Utah for a singular experience. New Star Managers are treated to a unique, exclusive and personal event where they can meet NSP founders and executives as well as key staff members. They will see how NSP products are developed, manufactured and tested. They will even be able to participate in the process! Our Rising Stars will:

  • Learn how NSP creates new products.
  • Learn why our products work so well.
  • Witness our state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery.
  • See why we lead the industry in product testing.
  • Put a friendly face to those helpful voices in Customer Service.
  • Get acquainted with our expert associates who process orders.
  • Meet their Corporate Regional Managers in person.
  • Learn from our founders how NSP got started 35 years ago.
  • Learn in small, intimate groups—the perfect learning environment.
Plus, you'll enjoy deluxe accommodations, savor great meals and build wonderful friendships. And it's all on us.

Here's what last year's Rising Stars said about this one-of-a-kind experience:
"We didn't know what it meant to qualify for Rising Star, so we asked our upline. She said, 'It means you get to go and see what the company is all about.'" —Kathy Parker, Auburn, N.Y.

"We want to tell everyone what a wonderful experience we've had.We're so amazed and grateful for the opportunity NSP gave us to come and see everything. We never imagined that we'd see so much. We have so much information to share with everyone from our experience here." —Maria Ortiz, Pomona, Calif.

"Rising Star has really been an awesome experience. I read all the literature, I've taken the products, and I know how I've responded to them. But until I came here, I didn't know how much effort, time, energy and thought that this company puts into the products that we represent. If we have something that we truly believe in, it makes a big difference in how we present it and how people accept it from us. And I think that this week has made a firm believer out of me." —Lee Smith, Hartwell, Ga.

  • Qualifying accounts that register will receive $150 per person ($300 max) to be used towards the purchase of airline tickets to Salt Lake City, Utah or other form of travel expense.
  • Qualifying for and attending Rising Star does not affect your National Convention qualification.
  • For more information call Customer Service at 1-800-223-8225 or email us at events@natr.com

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