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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


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Enzymes are extremely important for our bodies.  They help hold molecules together, help us digest our food, carry toxins out of our bodies, help to repair and build new tissues, help create other enzymes for our brain, and are the glue that help hold calcium in our bones. When looking at a bottle, the enzymes end in the suffix "ase." For example, there is Lactase, an enzyme needed for digesting milk products.
Every time we eat, our body uses enzymes to digest our food, and to pull toxins out of our bodies.
Only raw foods contain enzymes.  Raw food is often referred to as "living food".  Cooking food kills enzymes. When vegetables are crisp, it is because there is an enzyme holding the molecules together, making the vegetables snap when you break them apart. When they are wilted, they no longer have enzymes. Enzymes are the highest in vine-ripened foods eaten within 3 days of harvest.
Your liver, stomach, and pancreas produce enzymes. Once we hit approximately 35 years in age, our body genetically makes some assumptions that we are not as active, and don't eat as much and therefore don't need to make as many enzymes. This, of course, is not true for most people, and we need to put enzymes back into our bodies.   Many injuries can be caused from a deficiency of enzymes.  The tissue does not have enough enzymes in the body to help repair the damage that is done, and pain and additional injury often set in.
When you eat dead food, your body knows it needs enzymes to digest it. However, what happens when your body can't get enough enzymes for digestion? It pulls from the liver, and the pancreas. But if they cannot assist at the time (usually people over age 35 or people generally deficient in enzymes), the body goes one other place, the bones. Your body uses enzymes to hold calcium in your bones. But the bones are very forgiving, and the body dictates that digestion is more important than the bones, so they give up enzymes to assist with digestion. Often this causes excess calcium to float around in the body, often gathering in the kidneys, causing stones, and of course causing osteoporosis. It is important to take calcium, but enzymes are also important to help you absorb the calcium you are taking.
Often taking enzymes helps improve your digestion, and can also help your body eliminate your bowels more effectively. Some enzymes are stronger than others, some help reduce acid, some help to stimulate digestion. It is best to consult a health professional to make sure that you find the best enzymes for you. In most cases, it is best to take these with meals, helping you digest your food.
Nature's Sunshine Product "Nature's Fresh" was originally developed for using to help get out stains out of carpets and clothes.  However, many herbalists noted that it just contains water and enzymes - why not spray it on topically on the skin to help the body absorb enzymes.  It is widely known that we absorb nutrients through our skin, better than our digestive system - for example - many patches on the market that release medicine over time. Since that time, thousands of people have used Nature's Fresh for a variety of uses.
Nature's Sunshine Popular Uses of "Nature's Fresh"
1. Spray on graying hair to help the scalp absorb nutrients to rebuild and make new hairs grow.
2. Make into a nose spray with colloidal silver or xylitol.
3. Spray on sun/liver spots or damaged skin to help to repair tissue.
4. Spray on injuries - this is probably the most popular use - spray on after bath/shower on to pain, such as back, knee, shoulder, etc. If your pain goes away, then comes back in 20 minutes or so, this shows how deficient you are in enzymes.  Keep spraying on every 20 minutes or so; you will be able to increase the time between sprayings each day as the area repairs itself.  Taking enzymes internally also helps this process as well.
5. Spray on skin to keep it looking young, and help your body absorb other healing creams/ointments you may need for nourishment.
6. Make into a douche with V-X to help kill fungus.
7. Can be sprayed on plants, or in an area you want to repel insects.
8. Of course, on clothes to get out stains, and carpets, mattresses, furniture and much moreĀ….
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Information provided for educational purpose only. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disorder or disease process. 
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