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Thursday, November 05, 2009


This experiment was performed in my clean kitchen.

I was very excited when MY BOOMERANG ARRIVED on September 28th. As soon as dinner was finished that evening I grabbed my first petri dish and began my experiment by exposing my petri dish to the air for one hour, according to the directions given in the Boomerang Test Kits. I covered up the dish after an hour and sealed it well, and left it alone for 68 hours undisturbed in my closet. Once it was put away I immediately began running my Boomerang Air and Surface Sanitizer about 15 feet from where I did my air quality testing.

My picture story began on October 1st, 68 hours after taking the first petri dish sample.

October 1st, 2009

This picture labeled 10/1/09 shows the petri dish test I performed on 9/28 (bottom dish) with lots of spores growing already from various bacterias, fungus, virus, (who knows what creepy germs were there) spores. Lots of different colored and sized spores have already begun to grow dark, colorful and hairy.

At the top of the picture is the second sample I tested on 10/1, after having run my Boomerang for just 68 hours. After taking my second sample, and taking these pictures, I put the dishes back in a safe place to see how each dish would progress.

October 5th, 2009

On 10/5/09 (4 days later) I brought my two petri dishes back out to compare the results. Comparing the original dish at the three day mark to the second dish at it's 4 day mark, I could tell already that there was much less contamination of bacterias, molds, virus's, allergins, etc. showing up in the dish. The growths that were there were relatively smaller, with less spores growing in it.

This top picture, dated 10/5 is the original test sample (these pictures don't do it justice). It was covered in all kind of colors and dimensions, living things growing their colonies of spores.

This bottom picture also dated 10/5, was the dish taken 68 hours after intoducing the Boomerang to the environment. There are considerably less things living under this sealed container on it's 4th day. This was remarkable to me to see that using the Boomerang for just 68 hours could make such a difference.

October 9, 2009

On 10/09/2009 - I pulled the two dishes back out to see how the samples compared. You can see the original dish is multiplying many spores rapidly, while the 2nd dish still has very little growing in it in comparison, even though it has been 9 days already.

October 14, 2009

And again on 10/14/09, you can see the 1st dish on the left is much more filled with dangerous growths of unidentified spores.

This was quite an eye opener for me to see that in just 68 hours how much the Boomerang had already eliminated from our air.

For more information about the Boomerang Air and Surface Sanitizer you can visit my blog pages where you can read my most recent posts.
You will find lots of great information, links, webinar slides, and movie clips to explain all different aspects of how it works and what you can expect from having a Boomerang.

Also explained in these blog pages is information on commissions and extra bonuses when helping to sell the boomerang to others. There is great earning potential with this unit as it can be lifesaving in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and places such as this where staph and MRSA are so prevalent and life threatening.

The Boomerang Air Quality Test Kit I used to test the air in my home before and after using the unit are also available at NSP Find it here. You get 5 sets of petri dishes so can do five demonstrations for others in their homes & business to show them how much bacteria, fungus, molds, and numerous toxins can be removed from the air in just 72 hours of using the Boomerang.

Please call me with your questions and comments. If you would like more information about formal laboratory studies performed on this Patented product, please email me. I'd be happy to email you back with the studies.

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