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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coenzyme Q10

Re-energize yourself

Are you feeling tired, stressed and exhausted more often than not? Maybe you need an energy boost to reinvigorate you as you face the challenges of 2009!

Numerous surveys on health issues frequently rank lack of energy and exhaustion among the top five concerns of Australian adults, and even teenagers report being regularly tired and stressed.

There is no doubt that resolving to eat better, exercising regularly and adopting a positive outlook on life all improve energy levels and your perception of wellbeing. However there are a number of nutrients and herbs that can create a noticeable difference in your energy levels, without the need to rely on stimulants such as coffee or cola!

Start with the basics

It's important to start with the basics and a good quality vitamin B complex with vitamin C is a must as it will support the nervous system and adrenal glands, you will also need the much under-rated mineral, magnesium, which is essential for the transmission of nerve impulses. A high percentage of people are deficient in magnesium and prolonged stress causes further depletion. So make sure these vitamins and minerals are addressed first and then there are a number of energy nutrients and herbs that should be considered.

Coenzyme Q10 - your natural spark plug

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a powerful anti-oxidant and is vital in powering the body's cellular energy production cycle (ATP). The most commonly used analogy of CoQ10 compares it to the spark plugs in your car and just as a car can't start without that initial spark, your body can't function without CoQ10. If the body's level of CoQ10 starts dropping, so does your general health. Scientists investigating the role of CoQ10 in human biochemistry have estimated that once the body's levels of CoQ10 becomes more than 25 per cent deficient we become more susceptible to disease. It has been shown that your ability to produce CoQ10 decreases with age, production peaking at around age 20 and then declining by age 77 at which stage you already have 57 per cent less CoQ10 in your heart muscle than a 20 year old.1

This Nobel Prize winning nutrient was discovered 40 years ago and since this time numerous research studies have shown that CoQ10 is intrinsic to health CoQ10 not only improves energy production levels, research has shown there are a number of other conditions that it can benefit.

• Ageing:
CoQ10 interacts directly with free radicals, inactivating them so cellular damage is reduced.

• Heart health:
CoQ10 has received particular attention for its benefits for heart health. It assists to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol that is involved in atherosclerosis. CoQ10 is required for healthy heart beat and rhythm and normal blood pressure. Many studies support its beneficial effects for cardiovascular health.

• Oral health:
CoQ10 slows the progression of periodontal disease and can help maintain healthy gums.

• Brain health:
Research carried out at the Institute of Neurosciences in Argentina has shown that brain activity and alertness is enhanced in hypertensive patients within one hour of oral administration of 100 mg of CoQ10. 2 Studies have also suggested that supplemental CoQ10 slows functional decline in Parkinson's disease by helping to reduce the amount of free radical damage in nerve cells.3

• Energy:
CoQ10 increases stamina and reduces the shortness of breath that is associated with fatigue – particularly after exercising.

• Fertility:
CoQ10 increases sperm motility leading to enhanced fertility.

• Interactions:
Statin drugs, used to lower cholesterol levels, also lower your body's own natural production of CoQ10. In a double blind study there was a 50-54 per cent decrease of CoQ10 levels in statin treatment groups.4

In order to gain a therapeutic effect, the suggested dose of CoQ10 is 75 mg twice daily.

1 & 2 Marincola et. al.; JOM; 1997; 87-95
3 Shults et. al.; Archives of Neurology; 2002; 1541-1550
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The above information was taken from our NSP Australian website naturessunshine.com.au/health-tips/energise-yourself.shtml

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