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Friday, February 22, 2013

Join Sunshine Rewards FREE Shipping FREE Product Every Month

Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip)

Free Shipping, Free Products, Every Month:

Why You should try the Sunshine Rewards program
  • Get FREE SHIPPING on your monthly order (save $11–20 every month)
  • Earn Sunshine Points toward free product (redeemable anytime).
  • Receive more Sunshine Points the longer you maintain your monthly order.

Why Sunshine Rewards?

Every health program requires consistency, including your NSP supplement program. In order to see and feel all of the benefits from your supplement regimen, you want to take your products daily for at least 90 days. With the introduction of NSP’s Sunshine Rewards Program, you’ll be rewarded when you show this type of loyalty to your health and to NSP health supplements.

Joining is FREE!

Step 1. Choose your date. Select a date for your order to be sent automatically each month (between the 1st and the 25th of the month).
Step 2. Choose your products. Which products will you and your family consume each month? (You can change your order whenever you like. Just make sure it’s 100 QV or more each month to qualify.)
Step 3. Use a credit card for your monthly payment.

Earn Sunshine Points toward FREE Products!

The longer you stay with the program, the more Sunshine points you earn each month. Your points are redeemable for free NSP products (one point = $1.00 at Direct Cost).
Time on Program*Sunshine Points You Receive
1-3 months10% of your order (100 QV order = 10 Points = $10)
4-6 months15% of your order (100 QV order = 15 Points = $15)
7-9 months20% of your order (100 QV order = 20 Points = $20)
10 or more
months 25% of your order (100 QV order = 25 points = $25)
Beginning in April 2012 you will be able to use the Sunshine Points you earn on both regular and Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) orders.

Rules and Important Notes

  • Each monthly order must be 100 QV points or more (after any discounts or special offers). Product promotions cannot be included in an AutoShip order.
  • In lieu of paying rebates on Sunshine Rewards orders, NSP pays for shipping and awards Sunshine Points toward free products. You still earn rebates on all other non-Sunshine Rewards orders and earn all regular commissions, sponsoring bonuses and overrides that apply.
  • You agree to participate for a minimum of 90 days (3 consecutive qualifying Sunshine Rewards orders). If you choose to cancel before your third order, your credit card will be charged regular shipping costs for previous Sunshine Rewards purchases. After 90 days, you may cancel with no penalty.
  • Sunshine Points do not expire as long as your account is active.
  • Redeem your points for free products anytime—even on a Sunshine Rewards order. Free product does not have additional QV points.
  • You may choose to AutoShip products without participating in Sunshine Rewards.
  • An email address is required so we can communicate with you about upcoming orders, billing issues, etc. 
Frequently Asked Questions :
What is Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip)?
Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) is a convenient, no-hassle way to have products for personal consumption shipped to you automatically each month.

Are there any benefits to using Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip)?

Yes.  If your order is 100 QV Points or more, you receive free shipping and earn Sunshine Points that can be used towards free products. You must maintain your Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order for three (3) consecutive months to avoid shipping charges. 

When will I receive my Sunshine Rewards benefits?

Free shipping and Sunshine Points are earned immediately.  You will receive free shipping on your Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order and you can use your earned Sunshine Points on your next order. Earned points can be applied to both Sunshine Rewards and regular, non-AutoShip, orders.

Are there any specific requirements for a Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order?

Yes. The order must be 100 QV Points or greater to qualify.

What happens if I don't maintain my Sunshine Rewards order for 3 consecutive months when I first start the program?

If you cancel, choose to withdraw from Sunshine Rewards or your order total goes below 100 QV Points then your credit card will be charged the shipping fees for the months you received free shipping. If you have already received 3 shipments (over 3 months) then you will not be charged the shipping fees.

When will my order be processed?

Your first order will be processed the day you create your order.  All subsequent orders will be processed 1 month after your previous order.  You can change your ship date at any time.  (Note: Orders created between the 26-31st will be shipped on the 25th of the next month.)

Can product specials or promotions be added to an Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order?

No. Product promotions cannot be added due to the timing of our promotions and the intent of the Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) program.

Can I use an electronic product certificate on a Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order?

No. Electronic product certificates, cannot be used on Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) orders.

What if my email address changes?

Simply update your email address on the   My SR (AutoShip) Order page. 

Once I set up an Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order, can I change the items on the order?

Yes. You may edit the items as often as you want. All changes to your order must be made at least a day prior to your scheduled Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) date.
Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) orders are processed the morning of your chosen date, thus changes made after this time will be reflected on your next month's order.

Can I delete my Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order?

Yes,  however if the Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order has been active for less than three (3) consecutive months, you will not receive the free shipping discount and will be charged the shipping fee.

How can I confirm that my order has been processed?

You will be notified by email when the order is processed. You will also be able to find your order in your order history.

How many Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) orders per account may I have?

You are limited to one Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order per account.

What if item(s) on my order are backordered?

You will be notified via email as to which items were backordered. They will be shipped separately when they become available.

What if products on my Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order are discontinued or otherwise non-orderable?

A hold will be placed on your Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order and you will be notified via email regarding any discontinued products. You will be asked to return to the Sunshine Rewards Web page and to REMOVE THESE PRODUCTS FROM YOUR ORDER.  Once your order has been updated, it will be processed on your shipdate (or immediately if your ship date is in the past). You can make the appropriate changes online, or you can contact NSP Customer ServiceIf you fail to make the appropriate changes to the order before the last day of the month, your Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order will not be sent. Though you will not lose any Sunshine Points that you have accrued, you will be required to requalify for the program.

What happens if there is a problem with my payment?

If there is a problem processing your credit card (e.g. your card is declined or has expired), you will be notified by email. It is your responsibility to correct the billing problem, (i.e. provide a new credit card number, check the expiration date, etc.) so that the order can be processed. Once your order has been updated, it will be processed on your shipdate (or immediately if your ship date is in the past).  You can make the appropriate changes online, or you can contact contact NSP Customer ServiceRemember that to enjoy free shipping and Sunshine Points you will need to maintain your Sunshine Rewards (AutoShip) order each month. If we cannot process the credit card and your order does not go through before the last day of the month, your Sunshine Rewards order will not be processed and you will not receive the benefits for that month. You will be required to requalify and if you haven't done 3 consecutive months you will incur the shipping fee for the previous months.

Thank you for being a part of my Nature's Sunshine successline.
Please let me know how I can help you best.
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