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Monday, August 10, 2009


Returning Clean Air to You
Introducing our New Boomerang Air Sanitizer

Nature's Sunshine is pleased to introduce a unique, new product to our Managers—the Boomerang Air Sanitizer with Silver+ PCO Technology. Now you can clean the air you breathe!

The Boomerang is a true sanitizer as it KILLS organisms in the air. Its effectiveness is due in part to a patent-pending Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) or Silver+ PCO cell. The cell contains nano-sized metals—silver, nickel, rhodium, copper and titanium—involved as catalyst compounds. These five metals work synergistically as they react with photons from ultraviolet (UV) light to create super oxide ions (O2-), hydroxyl ions (OH-), hydro peroxide (H2O2) ions and ozonide ions (O3-). All of these have been demonstrated to kill or neutralize airborne organisms.

Boomerang Technology Kills Bugs in Air and on Surfaces

Studies conducted by West Texas A&M University confirm that Silver+ PCO technology not only purifies the air but sanitizes surfaces! One study measured reductions in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, on surfaces. The study also measured a 75% reduction in fungus/mold, bacteria, viruses and aeroallergens (pollen) in only eight hours of use!

Additional studies showed that microbes exposed to Silver+ PCO technology over longer periods of time were almost completely eradicated.

Nano-size Particles Mean Superior Effectiveness

Metals within the PCO cell are present in nano-size particles, which increase the kinetic rate of reaction. Consider a puddle of water. If you spread the puddle across the pavement, it evaporates faster, because you have increased the surface area and, therefore, the rate of evaporation. In the same respect, X grams of silver in micron size has x surface area, but in nano size it has X to the power of x surface area (Xx), therefore increasing the kinetic rate of reaction using the same amount of silver.

The Boomerang emits a small amount of ozone (O3), which helps to neutralize indoor odors. Unlike other ozone and ion-producing units, the Boomerang utilizes Silver+ PCO Technology to produce effective, safe "killer super oxides" while maintaining ozone levels well below the government-established limit.

Check out these other great features!

  • Greater coverage area. One Boomerang unit can sanitize 2,000 square feet of open living space. Additional Boomerang units are recommended for enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, basements and bathrooms.
  • Requires no cleaning or filter replacement. No maintenance for three full years! Simply turn it on and
    forget about it.
  • Quiet! Similar to a home computer in terms of sound output.
  • Lightweight and energy-efficient. It uses only 15 watts of electricity*. Simply place the unit on any flat surface (counter, shelf or floor), or mount it to the wall.
  • Made in the U.S., using only the highest quality parts

Stock No.


Direct Cost


Sugg. Retail


Boomerang Air Sanitizer




* estimated annual cost to run is approximately $14.50.

What Goes around Comes around…Boomerang Bonuses!
NSP is rewarding Managers for promoting the amazing new Boomerang Air Sanitizer Earn Boomerang Bonuses!

First, register for Boomerang Bonuses by purchasing your own Boomerang unit. Then, NSP will track how many Boomerangs are purchased collectively by you and anyone who is a Member in your group. You earn Boomerang Bonuses for every Boomerang you and your Members purchase, as follows:

# Units

Boomerang Bonus/Unit



1 $0 250
2-9 $50/unit 250
10-19 $75/unit 250
20 + $100/unit 250

Bonus Rules

  • Bonuses are available indefinitely. The "counter" increases over time and never zeroes out.
  • Only Managers are paid bonuses (based on their own purchases and purchases of Members in their group).
  • If a purchasing Member's Manager has not personally purchased a Boomerang (or if the Manager drops from status in that month), the first upline Manager who has purchased one receives a $50 bonus (regardless of their counter). This "skipping a Manager" does NOT advance the recipient Manager's Boomerang counter.
  • Member purchases advance their Manager's counter even if the Manager has not purchased a unit. All Manager purchases advance the counter. Members' counters advance based only on their personal purchases.
  • Manager Break-outs and Reinstates who have purchased a Boomerang will have their counter advance and will receive bonuses based on personal and group member Boomerang purchases in that month. The breakout/reinstate's upline Manager will ALSO have his/her counter advance by the same amount, and will receive bonuses based on any purchases that month by the new breakout/reinstate.
  • Bonuses will be included in your regular check as a separate line item.
  • Managers (and upline Managers) do not qualify for a bonus on their initial Boomerang purchase (unless their counter had already advanced based on a Member purchase).

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