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Friday, April 30, 2010

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Deadly Fungus Discovered

New, Deadly Cryptococcus Gattii Fungus Found in U.S.
Infections from a new strain are unpreventable and the strain is spreading.
Gattii - Yeast + spores.
The new Cryptococcus gattii fungus strain, magnified.

Image courtesy Edmond Byrnes and Joseph Heitman, Duke Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Christine Dell'Amore

National Geographic News

Published April 22, 2010

A new strain of hypervirulent, deadly Cryptococcus gattii fungus has been discovered in the United States, a new study says.

The outbreak has already killed six people in Oregon, and it will likely creep into northern California and possibly farther, experts say.

The new strain is of the species Cryptococcus gattii, an airborne fungus native to tropical and subtropical regions, including Papua New Guinea, Australia, and parts of South America. An older strain of the fungus was first detected in North America in British Columbia, Canada, in 1999.

No one knows how the species got to North America or how the fungus can thrive in a temperate region, experts say.

"The alarming thing is that it's occurring in this region, it's affecting healthy people, and geographically it's been expanding," said study co-author Edmond Byrnes, a graduate student at the Joseph Heitman Lab at Duke University.

Less common than bacterial and viral infections, fungal diseases usually strike people with weakened immune systems"part of what makes the recent deaths of otherwise healthy people in Oregon so worrisome.

People can become infected with Cryptococcus gattii by inhaling the microscopic organisms"and there's not much you can do about it.

There's no vaccination or other preventative measure available for the new strain, though the infection can be treated with antibiotics, the study says. And "there are no particular precautions that can be taken to avoid Cryptococcosis," according to the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. "You can, however, be alert for long lasting or severe symptoms and consult a physician (or veterinarian for animals) for early diagnosis and treatment."

Appearing several months after exposure to the fungus, the infection causes a bad cough and shortness of breath, among other symptoms.

On a positive note, fungal infections, unlike viruses, can't be passed from person to person.

(See pictures of a new species of glowing fungi.)

Fast-Spreading Cryptococcus Gattii Superfungi

The first U.S. Cryptococcus gattii cases were identified in 2005. It wasn't until the new study, though, that genetic analysis revealed that the fungus is a new strain that had originated in Oregon.

Of the 21 known cases involving the new strain, 6 have been fatal"about 25 percent. The new strain has so far been deadlier than the strain in British Columbia, which killed 19 out of 218 known victims, or 8.7 percent.

The organism has also attacked domestic and wild animals, according to the study, published April 22 in the journal PLoS Pathogens.

Though the reason for the new strain's severity is unknown, "one thing fungi do that bacteria don't is they have sex with each other," Byrnes noted. (Related: "Rainmaking Bacteria Ride Clouds to 'Colonize' Earth?")

As with humans, nearly every fungus offspring represents a new combination of genes and their resulting traits. So it's possible that the new fast-spreading superfungi is the result of Cryptococcus gattii mating. (Learn more about human diseases.)

No matter how it arose, the tropical interloper looks like "it's going to stick around," Byrnes said, "at least for the foreseeable future."

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A Note From Karen Doolan, http://herbsplus4health.blogspot.com
Most importantly, I would suggest small amounts of Silver Shield with Aqua Sol (18ppm) daily as a preventive measure and larger amounts if a person suspects that they have come in contact with this airborne fungus. Please email me if you would like more information.
In addition I would work on ways to improve your good bacteria to help improve the immune system responses as you would to fight Fungal Infections, Yeast Infections, Candida Albicans.
Here is an excerpt from Steven Horne's book, The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products on that note.
Fungal Infections (Yeast Infections, Candida Albicans)
Fungal infections, usually due to a microorganism called Candida Albicans, are responsible for thrush, vaginal yeast infections, lowered immune response and problems in the bowels. Often difficult to diagnose, fungal infections are usually caused by the use of antibiotics, which destroy the friendly flora (probiotics) in the intestinal tract. Thrush in infants is a symptoms of yeast overgrowth. Infants with fungal infections are frequently colicky. Other possible symptoms include toenail fungus, vaginal yeast infections, athlete's foot, frequent colds and infections, sinus problems, and itchy ears. Anyone who has had antibiotics would be wise to do a yeast detoxification program.
Everyone has yeast in their colon, it is only when the yeast multiplies out of control that it becomes a problem. Yeast infections in the colon weaken the immune system, increase the risk of food allergies, increase respiratory congestion, and contribute to the development of intestinal inflammation and leaky gut syndrome.
It is important to restore the body's friendly bacteria with probiotics (friendly intestinal bacteria). Probiotics are the antidote to antibiotics. L.Reuteri is a strain of lactobacillus bacteria that are particularly aggressive at knocking down yeast. Probiotic Eleven is the best choice for restoring healthy flora over the long run because it contains eleven different strains of lactobacillus. Other probiotic products that may be helpful include acidophilus and bifidophilus. These products should ideally be taken about 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach.
Even better, the capsules can be opened and the contents put into a pint of water, which can be injected rectally using an enema bottle. The solution should be held in the colon for about 15-20 minutes before expelling. This "plants" the bacteria right where they are needed and bypasses the stomach acid, which can destroy them. Probiotics can also be used as a douche for vaginal yeast infections.
There are a number or products that can directly kill or inhibit the yeast. The best choice is Yeast/Fungal Detox. Other products that are antifungal include garlic, caprylic acid, Caprylimmune, pau d'arco, tea tree oil, lavender oil and Paw Paw Cell Reg. Other antifungal herbs include purple loosestrife, spilanthes, usnea and oregano herb. Oregano essential oil can be used topically for yeast, but should not be taken internally due to its toxicity.
To eliminate yeast, it is also extremely important that simple sugars and refined carbohydrates be eliminated from the diet as these feed the yeast. It would also be beneficial to examine some of the other recommendations for helping to balance the colon listed under Inflammatory Bowel Disorders. (email me for more info).
For topical fungal infections Pau D'Arco lotion or Tea Tree Oil can be applied over the affected areas. Internal yeast detoxification is still important. For vaginal yeast infections, antifungal herbs such as Pau D'Arco can be prepared as teas or decoctions and used as douches.
It may also be necessary to rebuild the immune system after yeast infections. Blood Build, Trigger Immune, Ultimate Echinacea or Immune Stimulator may be helpful here.
Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager 
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist 
Natural Health Educator
O: 704-966-6645
H: 704-588-7638
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nature's Field - Grave's Disease and Hyperthyroid Disorders


April 21, 2010

Grave's Disease and Hyperthyroid
by Steven Horne, RH(AHG)

Last week I wrote about Hashimoto's thyroiditis, the most common cause of hypothyroid (low thyroid) in today's society.  This week I want to write about the opposite problem, hyperthyroid, which is an overactive thyroid.  The most common cause of hyperactive thyroid is Grave's disease, named after an Irish doctor named Robert James Graves.

Like Hashimoto's, Grave's disease is an autoimmune problem, but in this case, the antibodies involved are affecting the receptor sites for TSH in the thyroid.  This causes the receptor sites to be overstimulated resulting in an increased output of thyroid hormones.  It may also cause the thyroid to enlarge and the eyes to bulge. (Hence the illustration above.)

Medical science does not know what causes Grave's disease.  They also do not have any real "cure" for this condition.  They can use drugs to inhibit the thyroid, but this is often ineffective.  So, most of the time they "fry" the thyroid with radioactive iodine, although they may also surgically remove all or part of it. In either case, the person has to be on thyroid medication for the rest of their life.

I have dealt with about one dozen cases of hyperthyroid disorders, including Grave's disease, with varying degrees of success.  A few people were able to get it under control naturally, others were not.  Grave's touched me in a very personal way because my ex-wife had it and the symptoms were frightening.

Symptoms of Grave's Disease

Having hyperthyroid is like driving a car with your foot constantly pushing the gas petal to the floor.  It races the body's metabolic engine causing the person to burn up nutrients at an alarming rate.   Not only does this cause weight loss, it also causes hyperactivity and restlessness. 

Even more alarming are the circulatory symptoms it can cause, which include rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations.  My ex-wife's heart rate would climb to 140, which were accompanied by heart palpitations.  This was very alarming (to say the least).

Grave's disease can also impair sleep, making a person unable to get to sleep or sleep very long.  There can also be intolerance to heat, muscle weakness and lack of periods.  Personality changes and mental and emotional shifts can also be part of the problem.  There may be changes in memory, attention, productivity, anxiety, depression, mania and erratic behavior.  The mind is often overactive and speech tends to be rapid.

Natural Approaches to 

The first step to dealing with this condition is to use herbs that slow down thyroid function.  The two best herbs for this problem are bugleweed and lemon balm.  Both of these herbs contain substances that attach to TSH receptors in the thyroid and inhibit them. 

I usually use a blend of bugleweed, lemon balm and motherwort.  Motherwort is a major remedy for calming rapid heart beat and heart palpitations.  Very high doses may be required to do the job. Some of the clients I've worked with have responded very well to this mixture, others have had only modest benefits, but it does seem to at least help with symptoms.

Foods may also be helpful in calming the thyroid.  Cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower tend to have an inhibiting effect on the production of thyroid hormones. Soy also has a a strong thyroid inhibiting effect.  Millet has a mild effect.  These foods should be consumed freely. 

One NSP formula that I have found consistently helpful for Grave's disease is IF-C.  This is a heat-reducing formula with an anti-inflammatory action.  It helps reduce irritation to the thyroid. 

Chinese Approaches to Hyperthyroid

While researching thyroid disorders for my DVD, I came across an article by Subhuti Dharmananda at the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Portland, Oregon, called Treatments for Thyroid Diseases with Chinese Herbal Medicine. (Subhuti formulated all of NSP's Chinese herb line except for VS-C.)  He says that Western doctors see auto-immune thyroid diseases as having genetic and viral components, but "Chinese doctors have attributed the cause of the disorder primarily to emotional disturbance."

This is interesting, because Svetla Bankova, a Russian woman, who has a Masters' Degree in Psychology and is a Certified Life Coach, agrees with him.  She had Grave's disease and cured herself of it.  She firmly believes the disorder has a very strong emotional component. I found her website www.gravesdiseasecure.com while researching information to help my ex-wife, and found her material to be very valuable.

According to Subhuti, one of the causes of hyperthyroid conditions in Chinese medicine is disturbed "heart fire."  This is a tendency to be anxious, nervous, easily agitated and overly talkative.  Svetla also believes that excessive stress, pushing yourself too hard and overworking yourself are major contributing factors to this illness.  She says that a person with Grave's needs to learn to relax and take life easier and not over push themselves.

Chinese Stress Relief is a formula for excessive "heart fire" and although I haven't tried it with hyperthyroid conditions like Grave's I'm going to next time I encounter a case. The Chinese name for Chinese Stress Relief means "pacify the spirit," which is exactly what a person with Grave's needs emotionally—a calmer spirit.

Subhuti also says that there can be deficient "heart yin" with hyperthyroid conditions.  This is what Nervous Fatigue Formula is designed to treat and I have used this formula with some success in hyperactive thyroid disorders. 
One of the interesting things in Subhuti's article is that "virtually all formulas used [in TCM] for treating hyperthyroidism contain either seashells or seaweeds or both." Chinese Stress Relief contains seashells as primary ingredients, which is another reason I'm going to try it next time I'm presented with a case.

However, the second half of that typical TCM therapy, seaweeds, is somewhat controversial. Medical doctors, and even most herbalists and natural healers recommend avoiding sources of iodine with hyperactive thyroid disorders (which precludes the use of seaweeds).  They believe that the iodine will increase the stimulation to the gland and aggravate the disorder. 

Iodine and Hyperthyroid Disorders

I used to believe the same thing.  However, Kimberly Balas, got me thinking otherwise.  She pointed out that the standard treatment for Grave's disease is to destroy the thyroid with radioactive iodine.  However, if the body had enough iodine, it would not take up the radioactive iodine.

I know this is true because I took a civil defense class when I was a teenager and learned that fall-out shelters included supplies of potassium iodide.  The idea was to take the iodine in case of a nuclear attack so your body wouldn't absorb radioactive iodine.  This means, as Kim pointed out, that Grave's patients must be low in iodine or they wouldn't take up the radioactive stuff so readily.  So, you may want to consider one of the thyroid formulas containing seaweeds as part of a natural protocol for treating Grave's disease.

The  formula that seems to work best in the case of Grave's sufferers is TS II with Hops.  The hops has a calming effect, something that Grave's patients need, and the herbs in that formula seem to balance the thyroid function more than stimulate it.  However, I know that Kim and others have successfully used stronger iodine supplements, including Iodoral with clients with hyperthyroid conditions.

Protecting the Thyroid During Conventional Treatment

Which brings to mind an interesting case I worked with one time.  In one of my Grave's clients, we had been unable to calm her thyroid down enough, so she decided to go for the radioactive iodine treatment.  We decided, however, to at least partially protect her body from the radioactive iodine by having her take large doses of Thyroid Activator for several weeks before the procedure.

After the procedure her thyroid hormone levels dropped, but didn't bottom out.  The doctor kept testing her to see when she'd need to go on thyroid medication, but apparently we'd protected enough of her thyroid that part of it  was still functioning.  I don't know if it eventually got low enough that she needed thyroid medication, but for at least the time I was in touch with her that didn't happen.

So, if someone is going to opt for the radioactive iodine treatment, I'd at least consider protecting yourself by taking a lot of iodine supplements for a couple of weeks before and perhaps even during the therapy.  It might protect your thyroid from complete destruction.

By no means is the information in this article sufficient to treat Grave's disease naturally.  It's meant to be a starting point. One needs to look carefully at the individual person to determine a course of natural therapy. I'd also recommend doing more research. Furthermore, since hyperthyroid conditions like Grave's disease are serious and potentially life-threatening, the situation should be monitored by a physician to make certain your natural therapies are working.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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