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Friday, October 19, 2007


Dear Nature's Sunshine Members and Health Enthusiasts,

I am heading to our NSP National Convention this week and will be away from my computer from October 19-29th. My children and my Dad will be holding down the fort here at home.

NSP has charted the Mariner of the Sea, Royal Caribbean Cruise to celebrate the companies 35th year in business. Other than the ships crew, only NSP members will be aboard. I am looking forward to a great week of fun and wonderful training, which I hope to share with you in the coming months.

We will be visiting:

Labadee, Haiti

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

and Cozumel, Mexico

I will return all emails and phone calls when I return.

Have a wonderful and Healthy week!

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist
Natural Health Educator

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Protect, Defend and Fill the Gaps with these Key NSP Products

by Darlyn Britt

Simple, appropriate supplementation can go a long way in helping to defend the body's system against environmental and health issues that might otherwise compromise well-being. Supporting the circulatory and immune systems, maximizing digestion and cleansing the body of waste all help to maintain a good heath outlook.

Check out these hand-selected products that represent an important part of your health arsenal.

Super Trio
Our newest product, Super Trio, combines the best multivitamin/mineral, a powerful and unique antioxidant formula, and omega-3 essential fatty acids in one convenient packet. Getting your daily nutrition has never been simpler. Don't let nutritional deficits affect your health and vitality. Start your day with Super Trio and boost your well-being and longevity.

Stock #20-5 (30 Day) - Member Price $$49.95

Our best-selling product, Thai-Go contains deep, colorful fruits including mangosteen, red grapes and skins, raspberries and blueberries, plus poerful herbs that neutralize free radicals to minimize cellular damage. Its very high bioflavonoid content supports cardivascular health and circulatory function.

Thai-Go has an ORAC value (a measurement of oxidant-quenching ability) like no other product on hte market. And it tastes delicious, so you look forward to taking it every day. Thai-Go fans describe feelings of increased energy, better well-being and circulatory fortitude in their comments to Home Office.

Stock #4095-1 (2-25 fl.oz) - Member Price $51.95

Bifidophilus Flora Force
A healthy intestinal system contains trillions of friendly microorganisms that help break down food and make nutrients more available to our bodies. In addition to digestive help, these friendly "flora" also help keep a healthy balance between the good guys and any bad guys that may enter our system from the air we breathe and the food and liquids we take in. Promoting immunity in our bodies is vital considering the onslaught of germs and harmful agents in our food and environment.

Certain strains of these helpful bacteria, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.casei, L.rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium longum, are found in this formula. Taking 2 capsules a day is a smart way to herlp replenish depleted supplies of your microscopic friends.

Stock #4080-4 (90) - Member Price $17.25

Food Enzymes
Improper digestion can lead to trouble for the digestive and intestinal system, including malnourishment, constipation, imbalanced pH and other worries. Digestive enzymes help break down food into tiny particles that can be used by the body for energy and nutritoinal support to body processes. Proper enzymes may also aid the body's natural healing processes.

NSP Food Enzymes, one of our best-selling products, is a blend of betain hydrochloride, bile salt, bromelaine, lipase, alph-amylase, pancreatin, papain, and pepsin to aid in the proper digestion of all food types - proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Stock #1836-9 (120) - Member Price $15.50

Nature's Three
Our highly processed, white-flour diet has made America a nation of constipation. As unpleasant as that is, the real damge comes froma lack of proper toxin removal from the body. A clogged, dirty bowel can lead to reabsorption of unhealthful matter into the cells, and buildup of this can cause all sorts of unpleasantness.

Nature's Three is a bulk fiber supplement made from psyllium, oat fiber and apple fiber. It provides 1 gram of soluble fiber and 1 gram of insoluable fiber per serving to help maintain a healthy "flow" of material through the colon. Soluble fiber combines with liquid to help create bulk in the waste, while insoluble fiber is lilke a scouring sponge, cleaning the intestinal walls as it moves along intact. Both as essentail to proper waste removal and good bowel health.

Stock #1345-0 (12.3 oz) - Member Price $19.55

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology
Like a shield defends its bearer against an enemy, particles of silver can help the body defend against unwanted and harmful microscopic invaders. Studies have shown that pure silver is extremely effective in supporting the immune system. Silver Shield with qua Sol Technology provides 14 ppm of silver that stays suspended in deionized water. Put the power of our unique colloidal silver to work for you!

Stock #4074-7 (4 fl.oz.) - Member Price $20.95


Despite scares in the industry,
Nature's Sunshine quality is as good as ever.
by Jim Riddle

If you've been watching TV, reading the newspaper or surfing the web, you have surely seen some of the truly scary stories about health quality concerns regarding product originating in China. Toys, pet food, raw material and other products from China have been recently scrutinized after incidents that have forced some US companies to issue product recalls due to concerns about heavy metal, chemical and foreign material contamination. Although these stories have been making the rounds in the media, this is nothing new for NSP Quality Assurance experts who have spent years developing some of the most sophisticated QA testing protocols in the industry. While these events are relatively rare, it should be known that Nature's Sunshine always stays a step ahead in issues of quality.
NSP is most often celebrated for quality. Our manufacturing facility is TGA certified, which means we meet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Pharmaceutical Standard requirements - the highest standard in our industry. We also test and validate based on the most recent Food and Drug Administration Good manufacturing Practices (GMPs). We test every incoming raw material to ensure quality and activity, and ensure ingredient integrity through identification testing (test for certain activity markers and ingredient attributes), stability testing and micro testing. We also test for pesticides.

Regardless of origin, every material is subject to the same quality assurance procedures to ensure that it meets our specifications and label claims through the expiration date, and in most cases much longer.

Although the vast majority of our ingredients are sourced from countries other than China, we do source several materials from China. For example, our very popular line of Chinese and Chinese TCM products are all sourced from China. The material that comprise these products are tested, just like all our materials, and required to meet all of our specification before being used in any of our products. If we ever find a batch of material that fails our Quality Assurance process, it is immediately rejected and we do not use the material.

Xiaolan Kou, Ph.D., NSP's Manager of Methods Development, explains that NSP's extensive Quality Control and testing processes assure:
  • The use of the highest quality herbal materials
  • Consistency in the manufacturing process.
  • The production of a finished product that meets our strict microbiological and heavy metal requirements.

She goes on to explain that although raw material are tested by our vendors, they still go through rigorous testing procedures at NSP before they can be used in our finished products. These tests include:

  • Organoleptic
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (F.T.I.R.)
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (T.L.C)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (H.P.L.C.)
  • Microbiological tests (aerobic plate count, mold, yeast, E.coli, salmonella and enterobacteria)
  • Heavy metal (tests for lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium)

Undoubtedly, there are products on the market that are manufactured with poor-quality materials that may prove to be inactive and ineffective. Costly, inefficient and potentially dangerous for consumers who think they are buying one thing, but are really getting another, this problem is not new to the market, and it isn't isolated to Chinese materials. Unfortunately, some U.S. companies are buying low-quality materials for their products and selling them to the unsuspecting consumers. The good news is that NSP customers and distributors can rest assured knowing that Nature's Sunshine tests every material that comes through its doors and guarantees that every product that leaves its facilities will meet the highest specifications in the industry.

"Many supplement companies do not conduct testing of their own and simply accept the vendor's testing. At NSP, we require the vendor to test, and in addition, we test EACH lot. We do not do skip lot testing. This testing is critical in assuring that no contamination exists." ~Lynda Hammons, Vice President QA/QC and Regulatory Affairs


by Courtney Hammond

A healthy immune system is one of the most valuable things you can possess. Just ask anyone with compromised immunity. An understanding of how the immune system works can put you on the path to a better, more powerful defense.


  • Get enough sleep.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Eat nutritious foods, especially those high in Vitamin C.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods, particularly those high in sugar and overly processed foods.
  • Get adequate exercise.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Avoid exposure to pollutants and toxic chemical.

An Immune System Glossary

Adaptive Immunity: Immunity that developes throughout life through exposure to disease or vaccinations.

Antibody: Specialized immune protein, produced by the B-lymphocytes in response to an antigen.

B-Lymphocytes (or B Cells): A lylmphocyte derived from bone marrow that produces immune response.

Innate Immunity: Immunity with which humans are born.

Leukocyte: White blood cells that are the primary cells of the immune system. Two basic types of leukocytes exist: phagocytes and lymphocytes.

Lymph Nodes: Lymphatic tissue located in many places throughout the body. The lymph nodes are the principal sites where many immune reactions are initiated.

Lymphatic Vessels: The means by which white blood cells travel between the organs and nodes of the lymphatic system

Lymphocyte: A type of leukocyte that allows the body to remember and recognize invaders.

Lymphoid Organs: Organs where leukocytes are produced and stored.

Macrophages: A large phogocyte that ingests and destroys unwanted material.

Natural Killer Cells: Cells of the immune system that destroy invading organisms.

Passive Immunity: Immunity that is passed from one source to anothe for a limited period time.

Phagocytes: A type of leukocyte that destroys invading organisms.

T-Lymphocytes: Lymphocytes that recognize and destroy antigens inactivated by an antibody.

The Immune System

The Immune system represents the body's barrier against harmful microorganisms. It is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs.

Leukocytess, or white blood cells, are the cells of the immune system. They are produced and stored throughout the body both in lymphoid organs, inclluding the bone marrow, spleen and thymus; and lymphoid tissues, primarily the lymph nodes.

When a foreign substance-or antigen-attacks the body, the lymphatic cells work together to protect the body. B-lymphocytes-a specialisted leukocyte-produce antibodies to neutralize the antigen. Then T-lymphocytes or phagocytes can destory the antigen.

The ability to produce specific antibodies remains in the body for a long period of time. For that reason it is rare for someone who has had chicken pox to get it again; immune cells are already prepared to manufacture antibodies to fight chicken pox antigens. This adaptive immunity involving memory cells is also the principle behind immunization.

Nature's Sunshine offers natural products that support a healthy immune system.

Nature's Noni

The juice of the Morinda citrofolia fruit is rich in unique phytonutrients and antioxidants. Phytonutrients nourish the body's cells, organs and tissues. They, along with antioxidants, fight free radical damage caused by harmful chemicals, pollution and a host of other free-radical generating processes.

Stock #4066-7 - Nature's Noni (16 fl.oz) - Member Price $16.35
Stock #4042-7 -
Nature's Noni (2-32 fl.oz) - Member Price $59.95

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology provides 14 ppm of silver that stays suspended in purified deionized water. NSP's Aqua Sol Technology-the manner in which silver particles with an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of ionic silver oxide is placed in a colloidal suspension in water-has been patented and represents the latest advancement in colloidal silver.

Stock # 4074-7 - Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology (4 fl.oz)

- Member Price $20.95

Immune Stimulator

Immune Stimulator is a unique blend of natural ingredients that support and boost the immune system and lay a foundation of good health. It contains:

  • Beta glucans, which trigger an increase in the products of macrophages, T-cells, natural killer cells and cytokines
  • Arobinogalactan to stimulate natural killer cells and macrophage activity.
  • Colostrum-the first milk produced by mammals. It is rich in immune-enhancing transfer factors
  • Reishi and maitake mushroom, believed to help support immunity by increasing the activity of natural killer cells and macrophages.
  • Cordyceps, a prized energizing nutrient from China that promotes the integrity of DNA and increases T-cell and B-cell activity.

Stock #1839-3 - Immune Stimulator (90) - Member Price $ 30.95


VS-C utilizes the powerful benefits of nine superb oriental herbs, formulated according to centuries-old Chinese herbal philosophy. Considered a metal enhancing combination in Traditional Chinese Medicine, VS-C contains dandelion root, purslane herb, indigo leaves and root, thlaspi herb, buplerum root, Typhonium flagelliforme, scute root, cinnamon twig, licorice root and Panax ginseng root.

Stock #937-7 - VS-C Capsules (100) - Member Price $12.00
Stock # 3167-6 -
VS-C Liquid (2 fl.oz) - Member Price $12.50
Stock # 949-2 -
VS-C TCM Concentrate (30) - Member Price $18.25

High Potency Garlic

An old Welsh saying goes, "Eat leeks in March and wild garlic in May, and all the year after physicians may play." Garlic exhibits antioxidants, immune supporting and circulation-supporting action. Nature's Sunshine's High Potency Garlic offers the most potent garlic available, plus a special coating that helps control the garlic's odor.

Stock #292-9 - High Potency Garlic (60) - Member Price $19.35

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WEEKLY SPECIALS: October 14-20, 2007

This weeks Nature's Sunshine Specials include:


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Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb Specialist, Nutritional and HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just a quick note that we're extending our sale thru October 31st, to give everyone time to get their orders in.

This will be the last opportunity to get the HART book for only $59.00(English or Spanish).

And don't miss out on the $100 discount on the HART CD!

Visit http://herballure.com/Products/Sale.html to read more about these great reference tools.

To see all our Discounts, New Products and Clearance Specials, visit our website or call me at 1-800-358-4278.

Laura Clement
Author, HART NSP Master Reference
800-358-4278 Toll-Free
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A NOTE FROM KAREN: If you do not yet have the Hart Manual on CD, don't miss this sale. It is the perfect tool for learning about herbs for natural health as well as teaching others about NSP herbs and vitamins. Don't forget to enter the Herballure monthly contest as well.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


At the end of the last Article I promised help in finding people to attend your Workshops.

This Article presents 12 suggestions that may help!


Read the Article below or at this link:


Wishing you Joy and Success,



P.S. If you’ve missed any of the first six Articles,

you can find them here:



How to Fill Up Your Workshops

12 Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Once you have prepared the format for your "How to Use the Oils" Workshop, how do you find the people who will sit in all those chairs? Below are some ideas that have worked for me. Add your own, move into action and your Workshops can always be “standing room only.”


What's in a Name?
Plenty! At first I called my gatherings “Sniff Parties”. Later, when I teamed up with my downline, we called them “Meetings”. Then we began to feel that calling them Meetings made some people feel like they were sitting in on something that didn't really involve them. At that time we had the idea to call them "Workshops". Changing the name to Workshop was productive for three reasons. First, it forced us to refine our focus. Since a workshop is usually for the purpose of teaching something, we decided that our Workshops would teach people How to Use the Oils. Second, it gave shape to the gathering, calling upon it to be interactive which is more conducive to learning and more fun. Finally, it felt like we were doing more than just selling something or giving information; we were having an Event.

Save a Million Dollars!
You don’t have to do expensive marketing studies yourself – just pay attention to the big companies who have done them. Watch TV commercials and read magazine ads. Study them. What are they selling and how are they packaging it? They do not talk about shampoo, but about an Aromatherapy experience in the shower; it's not just a clean home they are selling, but a safe environment for your children. Be creative while maintaining integrity to use language that is attractive to your potential clientele.

When in Rome...
If you can tie in your offering to current events, do it. What’s going on in your community? What’s on the front page of the newspaper? What are people in your area interested in, concerned about? Focus on the things that are current and relevant. For instance, during cold and flu season, say things like; "Learn how to stay healthy during when everyone is coughing around you!"


Make an Irresistible Invitation
Emphasize the Free-ness, or the low cost of the Workshop. If you decide to charge a fee, make sure you list exactly what participants will receive in exchange for the money, i.e. information, a relaxing experience of Aromatherapy, a personal diffuser [;-)]. On the invitation, put the date of at least two Upcoming Workshops, the time, your name and contact number. Don’t put the street address on your invitation; you want people to phone you to pre-register not just show up at your door. This is how you monitor and control the number of participants.

If you Build It...
Schedule two or three Workshops each month. If not enough people pre-register for one, simply cancel it and work on the next one. Choose different days of the week. This gives people who may take a class on Tuesday an opportunity to come to a future Workshop held on a different day. Also, if you always have your Workshops, for instance, on the second and fourth Thursday of the month you won’t have the excuse to contact people to give them more dates.


Start Close to Home
Begin by inviting family members, friends and neighbors. Let them know what you’re doing and how excited you are to share the oils. Give each person three invitations - one for them and two for their friends. Drop invitations in mailboxes of the houses within a 2-5 block radius of your home.

Pound Pavement
It’s the old-fashioned way to build any business. Pounding the pavement gets you out into your community which makes good business sense! Visit banks, malls, grocery stores, drug stores, post offices, corner stores, video outlets and wherever else you can find a business, people, and a bulletin board.

Leave your Calling Card
Aromatherapy is better known today than it ever was before. The commercial soaps and air-freshening industry have done much to educate people about some of the feel-good benefits of Aromatherapy. Capitalize on this. Leave business cards around town that say you hold Workshops on how to use essential oils for Aromatherapy.

Get Free Press
Check your city/town's web site. Often there is a current events page where you can post your event for free. Newspapers, too, have columns where they publish upcoming events. Prepare a press release and get it out to the local media.

Call a Friend
You may know someone who has her own, informal group that gathers regularly. The group may welcome the opportunity to attend an Aromatherapy Workshop.

Use your Contacts
Send your Invitation to your Email Contact List with the suggestion that they forward the Email to friends. In the Email include Tips and an essential oil profile with suggested uses so that even if they aren’t interested in coming to a Workshop right now, they will still be pleased to receive your Emails. Internet etiquette requires you to have instructions for "unsubscribing" at the end of each mass mailing. Including useful information may not only just keep them on your list but inspire them to forward your Email to interested people.

Team Up
Are there Naturopaths in your area? Homeopathic doctors? People who do Acupuncture, Healing Touch,
Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Yoga, Massage? Invite them to come to your Workshop, or ask them to post your flyer. They may be looking for an additional focus for their practice and essential oils may be it!


When you look around the room at the participants of your well-attended Workshops, you’ll see that you have attracted people from each of the different ideas you employed to find them!

The Introductory Workshop is a powerful pre-step in a strong System. It supplies a fresh batch of highly qualified prospects for your "How to Use the Oils" Workshops. Learn where to offer them in your community and pick up a presentation format in the next Article.

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Monday, October 15, 2007



Friday, October 12, 2007


It’s the 35th Anniversary of Nature’s Sunshine, and to celebrate, NSP is holding this year’s convention on a cruise ship. We’re all looking forward to this great experience, but it does mean that NSP isn’t going to have a trade show this year.

So, we’ve decided to host our own online trade show, featuring not only some of our products, but some specials from another popular trade show vender as well.

Between now and the end of the month, we’re offering four great packages on our most popular business-building tools, plus one new product, the Hart Manual and CD and the Sunshine Business Alliance. All great ways to expand your knowledge and build your NSP business.

So, go to www.treelite.com and visit our online trade show.

Tree of Light Publishing.
PO Box 911239
St. George, UT 84791

When ordering any products, programs or classes at Tree of Light please give my Affiliate #27084
Share the Health
Karen Doolan
Nature's Sunshine Herb Specialist


Sunday, October 07, 2007


A few weeks ago, you may have seen a post I wrote trying to find good homes for some kittens that belong to my neighbor friend. Well I accidently became the in between on a deal where two of the kittens were going to my friend's home across town. I offered to flea and worm the kittens naturally (they were just 6 wks.) and were infested with both. However, after two weeks of me caring for these little gals I fell in love with them along with my youngest son Jarrett. With the blessing of the friends who were supposed to take them, we decided to keep them.

Let me share how we flea and wormed the kittens naturally.


Every 3 days I gave them an all natural flea bath:

Make a mixture of 10 capsules Paw Paw Cell Reg, 4 tbsp. Sunshine Concentrate Soap, 4 drops Tea Tree Oil & 7 drops Thyme essential oil and Plenty of warm water.

In a nice warm bathroom - Get the kitten nice and lathered up with the flea bath soap mixure and try to keep that soap on them for at least 20 minutes (keep using the warm bath water and alittle more of the soap mixture to re-lather up. As you are washing them and see fleas gently pick them off the kittens, (use finger nails to kill the moving fleas, and let them wash down the drain). After the bath as you are drying the kittens and see additional fleas which you missed, spray with some Nature's Fresh Enzymes and pick off the flea (again killing and flushing any that are alive). Do not rinse off the Enzymes.

It took me 4 baths (3 days apart) for me to get them all.

Make sure to immediately wash towels you used in hot water, laundry soap (or Sunshine Concentrate Soap) & 10 drops Tea Tree Oil added.

Warning: If kittens have ALOT of fleas they will try and run for cover in the anus, which may cause the kitten to have red blood in their stools. This will stop after the first couple baths.

[You may try globbing some vaseline over their anus just before bathing to act as a trap for the fleas. I hadn't thought to try this until after the problems stopped, so I'm not sure if it would work or not.]

You can spray kitten bedding/carpets/couches/beds etc. with an essential oil mixture (see recipe below). The bathroom that I had these kittens in for the first week I had them was right off my carpeted bedroom so I started spraying the carpet in that room and my bed and covers with the Bug-Away Sheet Spray recipe from Larissa Jones, Is Your Home Safe? booklet to make sure if any strayed away from the kittens they didn't infest my room.

Bug-Away Sheet Spray

5 drops lavender

2 drops geranium

2 drops peppermint

3 drops eucalyptus

2 drops marjoram

1 tsp. Nature's Fresh Enzymes

2 ounces purified water

Combine in a 2 oz. spray bottle and spritz onto sheets, carpets, bedding etc.


On top of their dry kitty food I made a pate' Alternating between two different treatments:

Recipe mixtures are enough for two kittens.

#1 AM - Mixture of 2 tbsp. canned cat food, 1/8 tsp.minced garlic or garlic oil softgel capsules (puncture and squeeze onto food), sprinkle with 1/3 capsule Black Walnut . Put a tbsp. of mixture over dry kitty food for each kitten.

#2 PM - Mixture of 2 tbsp. canned cat food, 1/8 tsp.minced garlic or garlic oil softgel capsules (puncture and squeeze onto food). Open each of the capsules in a single para-cleanse packet into a small container with a lid and mix together well. Add 1/8 tsp. para-cleanse formula to cat food mixture. Put a tbsp. of mixture over dry kitty food for each kitten.

Continue for three days then rest one day, repeat. Keep an eye on stools for worms. Continue for one week after you no longer see worms. With these little gals, the big mama worm aborted on day two, and each day the worms that came out were smaller and smaller until I didn't see them any longer.

Take a look at these cutie pies during their first week with me: All that torturing and they still love me like there is no tomorrow :)

We are still working on names for these little twins.

Share the Health,

Karen Herrmann-Doolan, NSP District Manager
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Natural Health Educator

Visit my Nature's Sunshine Online Store:

Learn about the Body Systems

Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!

*For anyone else reading this email -These herbal treatments can help make the pets bodies less hospitable to the unwanted visitors and have helped my animals say goodbye to fleas, parasites and worms.

I personally feel these herbs are a much safer way to get rid of unwanted pests such as fleas, ticks, parasites and worms, than the sprays, powders, flea collars and pest treatments that are purchased in stores.

For additional herbal and nutritional ideas for your pets please visit my web page

Here is some Additional ideas I found about ridding your pets of fleas found on http://www.naturalark.com/herbpet.html

The common cause of itching is due to fleas and flea bites. A good remedy for dry itchy skin patches is tea tree oil, rubbed over the patch. The bitter taste will discourage the animal from digging at his skin, and the oil works well to heal the dryness. Do not use it near the eyes or genitals, however. Aloe is also good for those dry patches. Another method is to put a slice of raw cucumber over the "hot" spot, holding it there for a few minutes, and then rub aloe or tea tree oil over the area.

The shampoo you use, or the flea collar you use, may actually be causing the itching. Bathe the animal in an all natural shampoo, preferably something that has aloe in it, and find an alternative to that flea collar!! Would you wear chemicals around your neck? Neither should they!

Natural Shampoos: Sunshine Concentrate or Herbal Shampoo

Flea Collar alternative: Take a regular kitty collar and drop tea tree oil around the circumference of the collar before putting around kittys neck.

You can make an herbal dip for your pet as follows: 2 cups packed fresh peppermint, pennyroyal, or rosemary; 1 quart boiling water; 4 quarts warm water - - Prepare an infusion by pouring the boiling water over the herbs and allow it to steep for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and dilute it with the warm water. Saturate the animal's coat thoroughly with the solution, allowing it to air dry. Use at the first sign of flea activity. This remedy will need to be repeated every three to four days, but it is totally safe.

To get rid of fleas in your carpet, after removing pets from the room, sprinkle Borax over the carpet and rub it in. Wait a while, then vacuum as usual. This is a safe, non-chemical method of flea control. Reapply the Borax once a week until the problem is gone.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Nature's Sunshine Products
October 2007 - Update My Email - My Account www.mynsp.com/herbsplus 
Web Specials

15% OFF-Featured Product

Featured Product October 7-20
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Calcium Plus Vitamin D
Education News

Product Focus Call
Product Focus Call

Date: Wed., Oct 10
Time: 6:00 p.m. Pacific
Number: 1-800-432-6383, PIN: 8626#
Topic: Enhancing Energy
Guest Speaker: Valerie Greguire

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Untold Truth Seminars
Oct. 6 Ann Arbor, MI
Oct. 6 Hutchinson, KS
Oct. 6 Rocky Mount, NC
Oct. 13 Acme, MI
Oct. 13 Irving, TX
Oct. 13

Lafayette, LA

Oct. 13 Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 3 Denver, CO
Nov. 3 Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 3 Pine Grove, PA
Nov. 3 Wasilla, AK
Nov. 10 Auburn, NY
Nov. 10 Green Bay, WI
Nov. 10 Newport Beach, CA
Nov. 10 San Jose, CA
Nov. 17 Charlotte, NC
Dec. 1 San Antonio, TX

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Manager Tip

Swollen Glands or Sore Throat

Mix equal parts of Capsicum Extract and Lobelia Essence . With the combination on your fingers, and with a light touch, start rubbing under the ears and work slowly straight down to the bottom of the neck to the clavicle.

The lymph nodes will drain and the throat will feel better quickly. -Dr. Connie Johnston, ND Williamsport, PA

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Greg Halliday, President, U.S. Sales & Marketing

Dear Nature's Sunshine Member,

We're busy here at the Home Office preparing and packing up for our 35th Anniversary Convention Cruise later this month. This will be a convention like no other as we celebrate with over 3,300 Nature's Sunshine Members aboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas. We've planned a fantastic agenda and many educational opportunities, in addition to the exciting ports of call and ship activities along the way. If you are joining us on the cruise, make sure you arrange for your transportation from the airport to the ship. We have made special arrangements with Hello Florida to provide this shuttle service if you are interested. I look forward to personally greeting as many of you as possible.

If you're not attending our convention this year, make plans now to attend our events in 2008. The outstanding educational and training opportunities we provide is one of the main reasons I'm proud to be involved with this company.

Please note the following items for October:

• The scientific update this month focuses on a recent study that demonstrates the important function of the skeleton in how the body Cardio Assurance regulates sugar, energy and fat. Researchers at Columbia University found that osteoblasts, which are the cells involved with bone formation, play a role in controlling fat tissue metabolism by producing osteocalcin. Osteocalcin is a vitamin K-dependent protein produced by osteoblasts. The study demonstrates that the benefits of vitamin K (including vitamin K1 and K2) extend beyond blood clotting to now include potential benefits for fighting obesity and diabetes. NSP offers vitamin K2 in our recently improved product Cardio Assurance (available Oct. 15). Read the full article (PDF). [ Scientific Update Archives]

View PDF files with the free Adobe Reader
View PDF files with the free Adobe Reader

• Our Eight Causes of Disease Presentations finish up this weekend. Our special guest speakers, Dr. Gordon Pedersen and Dr. Alex Duarte, did a wonderful job. People who attended these presentations felt like they were outstanding. Those of you in Philadelphia, Pa. and Sandston, Va. still have a chance to participate. 

Look for some exciting new (improved) products to be introduced at convention later this month. Our brand new Vitamin D3 promises to support the immune system and bone health. We have improved Cardio Assurance by adding Vitamin K2 and resveratrol to this already powerful formula. Blood Pressurex now contains a unique form of grape seed extract containing an array of bioflavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols, including resveratrol. And SugarReg now contains cinnamon extract, which appears to have a positive effect on blood glucose levels. Watch for more information. All of these products will be available beginning October 15!

Please call 704-588-7638 or email Karen Doolan for more information about these products. 

Super TrioKeep your eyes open for some special sponsoring bonus opportunities later this month. You will love the benefits of sharing Super Trio and RG Max!

We have teamed up with Sound Concepts to provide several e-learning modules, including the following topics:

-Silver Solution (available now)
-Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine
-Traditional Chinese Medicine
-Eight Causes of Disease

We are testing these modules currently, so they are available as a beta version for FREE until the end of October. Beginning November 1, access will be available for a nominal fee. (Log in or sign up to access these modules.) Learn more at www.naturestools.com.

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Thanks once again for your commitment to natural health and to Nature's Sunshine!

Warm Regards,

Greg Halliday
President, Nature's Sunshine U.S.