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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Try NSP's Natria Sunscreen SPF 30. However, if you do get sunburn here is an excellent NSP Manager TIP

Sunburn Spray
I made a sunburn spray to take camping four years ago, and everything responds to it - cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, stings or rash!

Fill a 2 oz. Spray Bottle with:
-Colloidal Silver (1/2 of the 2 oz. bottle)
-Nature's Fresh (1/3 of the 2 oz. bottle)
-1 T. Herbal Trim Skin Treatment

Leave enough room for:
-15 drops Tea Tree Oil
-20 drops Lavender

My nephew had a second degree burn from a camping lantern. We used the spray 4 times at 20 minute intervals, and he was pain-free with no scarring.
-submitted by NSP Manager Patricia Adams, CH, NHC, BS, NE


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