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Friday, August 26, 2005


Mini Untold Truth Seminar
- August 27, 2005 - Charlotte, NC - 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

- $10 each - Seats still available
- For more information call 704-588-7638

- Check out these links for additional information


If anyone is interested in meeting Jon Terry for Lunch after the class please ask me for information.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at tomorrows class. We still have seats available.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

NSP Donates Vitamins to Troops

Utah Company Donates Vitamins to Troops
By U.S. Army Capt. Bobby Hart, 143rd TRANSCOM

Soldiers throughout Kuwait and Iraq will be able to keep more fit thanks to an idea by Sgt. Lance Robinson and the generosity of Nature's Sunshine, a civilian food supplement manufacturer from Spanish Fork, Utah.

As a certified natural health specialist and a health and beauty advisor, Robinson saw the need for soldiers in theater to enhance their diets with a good multi-vitamin that also provides trace minerals. He contacted Nature's Sunshine, where he is a distributor for the Philadelphia area, and the company donated more than 1,000 bottles of multiple vitamins.

Robinson initially asked the Nature's Sunshine for a discount rate for soldiers, but the company wanted to make its contribution to the war effort and provided 1,080 bottles, which sell for $13.99 each on the company website.

“The dining facilities do a good job, but no one was really pushing nutritional supplements,” said Robinson, a Reservist with the 304 th Civil Affairs Brigade in Philadelphia. “Everyone was pushing water, but not emphasizing nutrition, so I wanted to make my contribution by providing a good multi-vitamin just to get people started.”

Robinson said he wants to provide a one-month supply—one bottle—to troops to get them started and hopes soldiers see the benefits of taking a daily supplement. A big concern for soldiers is that when they sweat, they lose vitamins and minerals. Drinking large quantities of water actually leeches minerals from your body so just eating balanced meals in the dining facilities may not be enough. Drinking water replaces body fluids, but does nothing to replace the minerals the body needs.

“Sgt. Robinson is right on with everything he says,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Richard Gomez, of the 514th Maintenance Company, who works out regularly at the Camp Arifjan gyms. “Soldiers sweat their butts off around here and lose a lot of vitamins and minerals. A lot of guys I know buy supplements from different places. Everybody here should take some kind of supplement, and you can't beat these prices.”

Robinson said he was working at Camp Wolf when he came up with the idea and ran it by the medical staff there who agreed the program should help with the well-being of soldiers. He received his first shipment of vitamins there and began giving them away in the MWR area and gym.

“I wanted to find a way I could distribute the vitamins and get them to the soldiers, the ones I thought would actually use them,” Robinson said. “That would be the people in the gym who appear to be more health conscious.”

One problem Robinson has found even with soldiers who work out regularly is that they concentrate on the physical aspects and neglect the nutrition.

“They're both important,” Robinson said. “When you work out, you lose a lot of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, the whole nine yards. The emphasis over here is on water and electrolyte replacement. It's not on vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, so my idea is that knowing the soldiers aren't going to necessarily go out and buy a supplement, just to make vitamins available.”

Accomplished body builders recognize the need for supplements and augment their diets with vitamins and minerals. “If you're working out regularly, you have to take a supplement, especially amino acids, so your muscles won't eat themselves,” Robinson said. “If you're not replacing amino acids, you'll grow a little bit, but you won't grow as much as you want to grow because your muscles start feeding on themselves. So supplementation is very, very important in body building.”

Robinson also stresses that taking the vitamins does not take the place of eating a balanced meal in the dining facilities. “I have to stress that all the time with people who think they can skip meals if they're taking supplements. In fact, you need to take the vitamins—one tablet twice a day—on a full stomach because your body is already in a digestive mode and the vitamins and minerals are more efficiently absorbed.”

Robinson said from a business standpoint, he hopes soldiers see the benefit from taking a food supplement and may become future customers of the food supplement industry—but that isn't the main focus of his effort.

“My main concern here and the reason this company made the donation is to try and help our troops.”

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


We have moved our office to:
3302 S New Hope Road, Suite 200-A, Gastonia, NC
704-823-1577 (Our phone number remains the same)

Healthy Connection was founded to provide education and awareness regarding the numerous benefits that colon hydrotherapy and other alternative therapies can provide.
This recently expanded wellness facility has moved to Gastonia.

Colon Hydrotherapy has been an important therapy since 1500 B.C. Only recently with the invention of modern colon hydrotherapy instrumentation and training of colon therapists, has the public become aware of this valuable modality in promoting wellness. Along with colon hydrotherapy, Healthy Connection offers the Aqua-Chi energizing footbath and Ear Coning.

The Aqua-Chi works with a magnetic field attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. The machine re-balances and amplifies the body’s bio-electric field enabling the body to heal itself. The hot water opens the pores in the feet and the bio-electric field starts the process of osmosis which initiates a release of toxic material.

Ear coning is a therapy that aids in the removal of dried hard wax buildup by softening the wax with warm smoke and as the warn air escapes up the cone, it forms a suction to gently pull the wax into the ear cone.

As a complement to these therapies healing herbs, vitamins and aromatherapy are also offered.

For more information please call 704-823-1577 or check out our web site at www.myhealthyconnection.com
Appointment hours are 8 am to 7 pm Monday thru Friday and 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday.

The new facility is located at:

3302 S. New Hope Road,
Suite 200-A in Gastonia, North Carolina

Current Events:
TUESDAY's 6:30 to 7:30 pm.
Chi-Kung (Qigong) Class - The Chinese Art of internal energy focuses on deep breathing, gentle movement and energy flow for optimal health. This healthy exercise activates a sluggish lymph system, increases oxygen and blood flow.All ages are welcome, please call 704-823-1577 Healthy Connection, Inc. 3302 S New Hope Road, Suite 200-A, Gastonia, NC

WEDNESDAY's 10:00 to11:00 am.

Chi-Kung (Qigong) Class - The Chinese Art of internal energy focuses on deep breathing, gentle movement and energy flow for optimal health. This healthy exercise activates a sluggish lymph system, increases oxygen and blood flow.All ages are welcome, please call 704-823-1577Healthy Connection, Inc. 3302 S New Hope Road, Suite 200-A, Gastonia, NC

AUGUST 27, 2005 - Saturday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Untold Truth Seminar - Learn how to Achieve health through Nutrition.
Date: Saturday, August 27, 2005
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: *The Hyatt at Barclay Downs (near South Park mall)
5501 Carnegie Blvd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
Cost: $10. Includes 4 hour class, plus all class materials
This class will cover Running on Empty, Diabetes, and Colon Health.

Follow up classes will be offered for free for anyone attending this class.
Please call ASAP to make your reservation
Call Donna at 704-823-1577 or Karen at 704-588-7638

SEPTEMBER 29, 2005 – Thursday at 6:30
Our Life Coach will be leading a group discussion on “Anger”. We all have it, and we sometimes need help directing that destructive energy to a better place. We will discuss ways of dealing and eliminating the “Anger Within”. There will be a small fee of $5 to bring our Life Coach and her services to the Gaston County Area. Please call to reserve a seat at 704-823-1577. Healthy Connection, Inc at our new location 3302 S. New Hope Road, Suite 200-A in Gastonia.

After our September class we will teach these Untold Truth seminars on the Third Thursday of every month - Join us in our Quest to Educate America - 6:30-8:30pm
September 22, 2005 - "You don't have to die of a Heart Attack"
October 20, 2005 - "Estrogen Overload - The Dangers Every woman should Know"

Donna Randolph
Healthy Connection, Inc.
100-B N. Main Street
Lowell, NC 28098

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

August 27th Class - Charlotte, NC

Dear Health Enthusiasts, Nature's Sunshine Members, Friends and Family,


***Please RSVP Quickly
-(Class materials and door prizes need to be ordered)
Additional information about class available here

If you are interested in attending, please call to reserve your seat quickly. I am very excited we have scheduled this class. Jon Terry will be coming all the way from Provo, Utah to teach this four-hour seminar for only $10 each. Enclosed is your formal invitation. If you have friends, family and neighbors who would enjoy this class as well please invite them and call me to reserve your seats. 704-588-7638.

This educational class is for everyone who is interested in learning how to achieve health through Nutrition and will cover many of today's diseases with ideas on how to begin reversing the damages and balancing the body systems. Our class will cover the following topics: Running on Empty - Basic Nutritional do's and Don'ts, Blood sugar imbalances, and Colon Health. Free follow up classes will be offered to anyone who attends the August 27th class and all books and materials will be provided. Please check my Health and Nutrition blog for additional information on attending. http://herbsplus4health.blogspot.com


Let me say first off, there are NO quick fixes to this situation.
Unfortunately in today's world nutrition has been billed as Secondary and Medicine as Primary. In addition, through over processed, manufactured and adulterated food products we have been lead to feed our bodies “things” which have no nutritional value, no fiber and which are filled with substances which our bodies CAN NOT digest. We are overeating to compensate for the lack of nutrition and yet we are literally starving ourselves to death. At our August 27th class, we will begin to teach you how to change the way you eat to start the processes needed to heal. We will teach you how health begins in the home with nutrition, how to turn health concerns around, and how medication should be used only as a last resort and only when absolutely necessary.

Since childhood we are all taught to ignore what our body is trying to tell us. Unfortunately we often medicate when it isn't necessary and by doing so we “kill the messengers” and the immune responses our bodies would naturally use to combat the initial "root" problem. The Untold Truth class will give you the tools to help you relearn how to listen and respond to what our body is naturally trying to tell us. Doctors can be a wonderful resource of health, but so often are misused as medication distributors instead. Learn how to work with your doctors by developing health goals. Learn to actively participate in your health instead of just treating the symptoms. Let us teach you how to work on the root problems with nutrition.

Since my first experiences with Nature's Sunshine over 9 years ago, when I attended a Health and Nutritional school of health such as this one we are offering in August, my family has been gifted with good health. We haven't had any need for prescription medications, antibiotics or anything but nutrition in all those years. Can you imagine? Myself and my three growing boys (ages 5-15) haven't had a need for doctors in 9 years except for the occasional well care visit! In today's world that is an incredible testimony, don't you think? You can learn how to achieve these wonderful healthy goals in your life as well. Please let me be your guide and join me on August 27th for our class on Health and Nutrition.

Please call me ASAP to register for this class! 704-588-7638

For Additional information about this class ~ click here

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb Specialist, Nutritional and HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant
Check out my Health & Nutrition Blog!

"Those who do not have enough time for good health, will not have good health for enough time!"

Chinese Herbal Formulas - Teleconference Notes

August Teleconference Call
Presented by Corporate Regional Manager Eric Graves

Guest Speaker: Steven Horne

Some NSP Notes

Mini Untold Truth Seminar - August 27, Charlotte, NC - please reserve your seat now - check out these links for more information
Convention – August 31- Sept. 4th - register quickly, very few spaces left – call NSP for availability
Educate America kits available – Help you to share & Educate about vitamins and herbs - Introductory Price of $10. offer – price is expected to go up after initial stock exhausted.
Summer Specials through end of August – check out online or via customer service & order entry
Kat James cruise – Dec. 4-11 (Eastern Caribbean) – Live healthy
Filling up quickly so register for this soon if you plan to attend (See NSP site for add'l info)

Steven Horne – began working w/ NSP over 20 years ago as editor of Sunshine Horizons and contributed his valuable Herbal knowledge as an Instructor of the NSP manager school. Steven developed the sales training department and has made many other contributions to the NSP family and company. He introduced the body systems approach, lifestyle analysis and the NSP Natural School of Health program. Steven is the founder of the Tree of Light Institute, which offers support and educational materials to NSP distributors and managers. He has served as the President of the American Herbalist Guild for three years and currently sits on the advisory board.of the International Iridology Practitioners Association. He is a gifted teacher and has an eloquent way of taking complex system ideas and questions and making them very easy to understand and from that we have benefited greatly. He has studied these Chinese herbs for years even in China. Steven visited Main land China when NSP was first coming out with their Chinese formulas and was there for three weeks for a terrific learning experience.

During our conference call this month, Steven shared with us how his family and clients use the Chinese formulas sold at Nature’s Sunshine.
During our call he shared in a very understandable format. Instead of trying to explain the Chinese philosophy during this call he instead presented these formulas more in line with how we would think about herbalism using the body systems approach, because most of the Chinese formulas we have are basically correlated with specific body organ systems and they come in pairs. In each pair of formulas for each organ system the first formula is designed to cleanse and calm it down, reduce irritation and over activity. The second formula for that organ system is designed to build it up when it is weakened. A lot of Steven’s understanding of the concepts of cleansing and building came from learning about Chinese herbalism.

Start of with the Kidneys – The Kidneys Help Builds the bones

KB-C – Builder - works on weakened Kidneys – In Chinese medicine they recognize there is a relationship between kidneys and bones. We know this from pH work that there is a relationship here because one of the primary jobs of the kidneys is to flush Acid waste. Acid waste is a byproduct of metabolism and whenever our body is converting nutrients to fuel to energize the body it is producing acid and the byproduct of that. The acid needs to be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. If the kidneys are weak then they may not filter this acid out very effectively. When this happens the body borrows magnesium and potassium from muscles and calcuim from the bones to buffer the acids in our body. This causes the person to have problems with muscles and bones. KB-C which strengthens kidneys, is used for things like weak knees and ankles, lower back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis. Helps with people who have a tendency to have kidney stones, slows down kidney failure. Known as the Herbal Chiropractor. Many people who have Chronic back pain, have problems holding chiropractic adjustments, because they aren’t holding onto those minerals. KB-C helps the body to hold onto those minerals better and helps the body to maintain normal pH by helping the kidneys to flush acid more effectively. Works well with anyone who holds onto Uric acid, and who are prone to lower back pain.

Chinese Kidney Activator – Cleanser – for water retention where the kidneys need to be stimulated to flush fluid out – suffering from water retention and is similar in action from
NSP’s western formulas K (also known as kidney activator) & also available in concentrated formula as Kidney activator ATC

Liver – There is a lot of emphasis in Chinese medicine about the Liver.

The Liver Builds the Blood – Liver stores extra blood and releases it into the circulation as it is needed when there is a demand. The liver is the major organ that helps to process the food substances coming from the digestive tract and make them so they can be transported through the blood stream through the tissue. The liver helps to build up the nutritive components of the blood. If a Person has a blood deficiency it is usually a sign that the liver is not working very well.

Chinese Liver Balance formula is the Cleansing formula – designed to stimulate the liver to detoxify to get rid of metabolic poisons because the liver is prone to becoming congested.
Liver Balance formula is for when the liver is irritated or needs to be stimulated to cleanse or detoxify.

Chinese Blood Build – is for the weakened, and run down condition and helps to build the liver up. You can tell that this is needed because the person tends to be somewhat anemic. When taking a pulse the pulse in the vessels does not feel very wide (don’t feel a lot of blood in their pulse). This formula is indicated a lot for people who are loosing a lot of blood through heavy menstruation. It helps rebuild, replenish, and nourish the blood. People who tend to have skin problems, problems with menstrual cycle, & migraine headaches, trace back to the liver being in a weakened condition. This formula is good for building up the liver.

In a attempt to support their liver, Many times people are cleansing when instead they really need to be building it up.

Digestive System –

Chinese Anti Gas formula – (cleansing) Acute digestive upset – clears gas and undigested food from the stomach and intestinal tract – for when a person is acutely bloated, has foul belching from intestinal tract, gas, acute indigestion. This formula stimulates the body to expel the gas from the colon, stimulates the digestive function to work better, flush the irritating substances which weren’t digested properly from the digestive tract.

Chinese Spleen Chi Activator – (building)
Many people have the opposite problem. Stomach becomes weak and atrophied and many times do not show any symptoms at all as far as the digestive system goes (i.e. no gas or belching) but they just aren’t assimilating nutrients well. The way to recognize this is that people tend to be pale, often thin, can’t gain weight no matter what they do. Tall and skinny and no real muscle mass on their body. In Chinese medicine they call this spleen deficiency. This is where the body doesn’t have the ability to transform the food you eat into muscle tissue. If the digestive system is very weak then you aren’t getting hydrochloric acid that you need to break down the protein and help you to assimilate minerals. Basically you aren’t getting a good structure building component to build up muscle and connective tissue because you are deficient in protein and trace minerals. Spleen Chi Activator activates the energy of the digestive system and helps to build it up when a person has this digestive system weakness. This formula is beneficial for older people who are beginning to waste and loosing muscle mass and loosing body weight because they are no longer processing or digesting food very well. Also People who are overweight, who have a high percentage of body fat, low percentage of muscle, and who are wasting away and not developing muscle and so need to have this energizing of the digestive power.

Nervous system and Adrenals

Chinese Stress Relief - (cleanser)
When under acute stress, adrenals fire off their epinephrine and nor-epinephrine, adrenaline and nor-adrenaline, this gives a sense of anxiousness, feeling on edge and tensely alert, the fight of flight response where the sympathetic nervous system kicking in and the adrenals kicking out stress hormones. Chinese Stress Relief is a formula very similar to STR-C (available in canada) or
Nerve Eight (and to some respect the Nutri calm [see specials page for 15% off this product] ), these are nervine formulas that help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm down the stress. Helps the body to relax and takes down the stress level. Reducing action.
Chinese Stress relief – adrenals – calms the adrenals. Reduces the output of stress hormones. Calms the nerves down because it activates the parasypathic (relaxes)– calms the sympathetic – more relaxed and less stressed (acute stress – hard day)

Nervous Fatigue Formula (builder) – when you have long term stress over a long period of time. Adrenals become exhausted – feel stress, anxious all the time, tired but can’t sleep very well, disturbed restless dreams, sleep for a few hours only and can’t get back to sleep, tired during the day but not sleeping well at night causing the chronic situation where they are becoming exhausted. Reduces the output of stress hormones, with its adaptagenic action. Nourishes the adrenal energy and nourishes the nervous system energy, and helps to overcome adrenal exhaustion when those organs & glands are depleted.
Nervous Fatigue – Long term stress (ie three years of continuous stress) which has put a lot of stress on the system for long periods of time. Muddled thinking, anxious, short term memory loss, confussed, emotionally sensitive, won’t sleep well, but tired during the day (Adrenal burnout) – more when feelings of anxiety attacks in chest – heart attack feeling Or just exhausted. Steven says this or another NSP product, Adrenal Support, will help with these people with these problems of adrenal exhaustion. Over the years we have an increasing number of people who have some level of adrenal fatigue because of the high level of stress we have in our society and also because of the high level of caffeine consumption which exhausts and depletes the adrenals and brings that particular factor on.

Respiratory System

ALJ (western formula) or AL-C (which is the chinese formula not available at this time) also Breathe EZ which is not available at this time as well– Clears the lungs of mucus
Chinese Lung Support or LH-C (available in Canada) - Chinese lung healer for Lung weakness and to build up the lungs

Formulas which deal with the energy of the body

Chinese Mood Elevator– Righteous or upright Chi – Energy that lifts the body (flows up the body), lifts the mood and spirit. When the uplifting energy sags or is deficient we become moody and depressed. Also helps with sagging organs (Prolapsis of the transverse colon), feeling heavy, sad, lethargic and weighed down. This formula increases the energy which helps lift the person up by working on a combination of the nerves by building up the nerves and reducing anxiety. This combination also works on the liver and digestive tract to clear out mucus and congestion that is weighing the person down. Depression can come from the digestive tract, as the intestines produce a lot of seratonin. When clogged with mucus, we aren’t elimating well, the liver becomes booged down with toxins. And then we tend to sag and our energy begins to sag. The mood elevator comes in and clears out those toxins and we feel lighter because we are clearing the burden of toxins from the body.

Chinese Trigger Immune formula for people who are run down in general. Used for people with reverse polarity where the person’s energy field is run down so the immune system isn’t working properly and they’re attracting negative influences to themselves. This has a lot to do with the energy of the Thymus which is helped by this formula. Electro Magnetic pollution runs the energy field of the body down. This happens when people are working for long periods of time in front of computer terminals, near microwave ovens, working near high voltage power lines, and exposure to electrical fields. This will run the bodies energy centers down. Trigger Immune formula works to rebuild the system when people have been exposed to a lot of electro magnetic pollution.

Formulas which Deal with Heat and Dryness.

Chinese IF-C – (cleanses) works well in acute inflammation, and excessive heat. Works to clear the heat. Works on Acute inflammatory response like fevers, earaches, sore and bleeding gums, sore throats.

Chinese VS-C capsules or Chinese VS-C liquid– (builds) with chronic inflammation and heat. Reduces inflammation, cold sores, canker sores, low grade viral conditions, Such as herpes virus.

Another Chinese formula worth mentioning

Chinese HY-C – insulin resistance where cells have problems transporting toxins out of the cell and nutrients into the cell, because the cell membranes become hardened causing the transport systems not to work as well anymore. This is indicated when a person feels constantly thirsty, drinks lots of water, and urinates but are still always thirsty, mouth dry, dry skin and eyes. Tissues aren’t hydrating (not soaking up the moisture). The body is just flushing the water through. This may indicate high blood sugar. The high level of sugar in the blood causes the body to crave water to dilute the sugar down, and then flushes it out through the kidneys (beginning of diabetes). Also possibly the cells aren’t soaking up the water because the Hormones from the adrenals which control the distribution of minerals and water aren’t working properly. HY- C helps the body to hydrate, causing the cells to begin to soak up the water, will quench the thirst. And also the HY-C will help the cells to let go of toxins more easily. Improves uptake of the cells.

Question & Answer at end of Call

How about using Chinese formulas for Children?
Children tend to have more of the acute stressed conditions instead of the chronic conditions. Children using Chinese formulas will usually use things such as VS-C. VS-C is popular for Children as well as NSP's liquid herbs and chewables. However All Chinese formulas are basically safe for children in smaller quantites than recommended adult dosages on bottles, if needed. Best to talk with an Herbal specialist when looking at particular sicknesses and problems to help parents to find the right combination.

Which Chinese Combination would be helpful for Water on the Knee?
Instead of trying a Chinese formula try mixing Capsicum extract & Lobelia essence together and message into the knee to milk the fluid off the knee

Can you tell us about the New NSP Chinese formulas and when they will be available?
These formulas will be reformulations of the above formulas only they will be stronger herbal formulas so you will need less capsules for same effect. Most will be available the end of this month. Check out NSP's website (what's new section) for more information about these formulas.

What can we try for Menopausal concerns?
Hot flashes, menopausal symptoms – Adrenals produce cortisol and sex hormones – problems w/ the menopausal transition is that we aren’t producing right amts – can sometimes build up the adrenals w/ support using pantothenic acid and Nutri Calm (see
specials page for 15% off this product) and essential fatty acids (mostly more omega 3) - these things more so than the Chinese formulas.
If depressed during menopause –
Black Cohosh & mood elevator.

Is their a particular Chinese formula which would help with Bi-Polar tendencies?
Usually due to liver problems and blood sugar swings, often need emotional healing. Lithium often used so you can begin by Adding in minerals. (i.e. Colloidal minerals, trace mineral maintenance, Mineral Chi)
One thing you can try ~ In depressed phase use
Mood Elevator (build liver)… in manic phase give Liver Balance formula (to calm and reduce liver function). Used to balance back and forth to even out the swings.
O blood types are more prone to bi polar because of the imbalance in how their body uses l-pyradine & dopamine and then cascading down into epinephrine – when their neurotransmitters are up they are manic and when they drop they get depressive – it helps O blood types to level out when they eat small amounts of red meat every day…& avoid refined carbohydrates totally (remove all white things such as white rice, white flour, white sugar because this is what sends them into those swings).
Super algae will help balance out the amino acids and neuro transmitters.

What can we do in cases of Fibromalagia, Chronic Fatigue & Auto immune diseases?
Basically with auto immune diseases we are dealing with high levels of toxicity, environmental pollution, heavy metals and things like vaccines. This is where Toxins have degraded the tissue, and the immune system attacks that tissue because it contains toxic substances. Cleansing needs to be done VERY slowly when dealing with auto immune disorders, because if done too quickly it stirs up the toxic substances and they can get sick. Most people need enzymes (i.e. proactazyme) to build up their digestive system. Most have adrenal weakness and do well with
licorice root or yucca as a natural cortisol to reduce inflammation and often use Adrenal support with those. Often need EFA’s (essential fatty acids) (some NSP EFA's are black currant oil, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil softgel, capsules or liquid, omega 3 epa, and super GLA) to reduce inflammation in the body, and gentle detoxification mostly with fiber. (i.e. NSP's Nature's Three, Psyllium combination, or the Fiber capsules). Fiber passively absorbs toxins without stirring the toxins up. Can use (1) enviro detox a day or a couple of black walnut in addition to the fiber. With Autoimmune diseases it is important to really deal with on a one on one basis because each case is so unique & different, but the above is a good starting point of ideas to start with.

How can we Reduce effects of stress on the body?
Brain perceives stress (real or imagined), it triggers the hypothalamus and pituitary to send messages to your adrenals to release stress hormones, this increases your sympathetic nervous system. To help reduce stress, use adaptagens, reduce the amt. of messengers from the hypothalamus and pituitary that signal your adrenals and stress hormones. Can Use Suma combination,
Eleuthero root, as adaptagens lowers your output of stress hormones and helps you feel calmer with stress.
Also it helps tremendously to breathe slowly and deeply when we feel stress. Immediately will lower stress level and your output of stress hormones. We tend to hold our breath when you are stressed - Breathe In… “I am”… breathe out… “relaxed”.
Adaptamax also a great adaptagen.
Nutri calm (see specials page for 15% off this product) is somewhat an adaptagenic as well as it is a very calming multi vitamin with a lot of B vitamins and Vitamin C which we are needing when we are trying to reduce the effects of stress on the body.

Additional Notes:
You can get the recorded tape from this call from

Check out the available
Specials on Chinese formulas from August 10-17th. - Buy 4 get one Free or $1 off.
VS-C (liquid and capsule), Mood Elevator, Liver Balance, Nervous Fatigue & Stress relief - Members can call Order Sales to receive these extra specials – non members can call me to order. 704-588-7638

Friday, August 05, 2005

NSP MEMBERS ONLY - web site offer (set up fee waived)

Nature's Sunshine Members Only

NSP MEMBERS - Share NSP products and opportunity on the Internet with your own personal website.

Special offer During August- Sign up now for a personalized mynsp site and have set up fee Waived
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Are you interested in having your own Nature's Sunshine Products web site?

Always keep in mind that you too can sell NSP products to all your friends & family and earn money and free products by doing so. Feel confident when you tell them about NSP as our products are a superior quality and you can offer them a much better price than they could receive elsewhere. Login to
Nature's Sunshine with your account number and Pin to find more information about running your own mynsp web site if you are interested. If you decide to use a mynsp web site in your business and/or if you build another site please let me know your web site addresses. If you set up an email list please add me as well so I can get newsletters and see what types of things you are doing with your business via the internet. When setting up your web site make sure to let NSP know that I referred you to the personal web sites.

Not Yet a Member? Get FREE Membership click here
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Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb Specialist, Nutritional and HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant
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Learn about the Body Systems
Check out my Health and Nutrition Blog!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Product Focus Meeting - Wednesday August 10, 2005

July Teleconference Training

I Hope you will join us for This months Free Training via Teleconference Call.
Each month the NSP Training Department offers intense training on one NSP product. Product Focus Meetings are conducted via a tele-conference call and are available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone. Feel free to share the number with clients and friends. During this meeting, health experts from both inside and outside NSP will provide in-depth information on how to use the product and how it can improve your health.

=Expand your knowledge of specific NSP products.
=Ask questions of product experts.
=Take advantage of free training.

When: Wednesday, August 10th
Time: 6:00 p.m Pacific, 7:00 p.m Mountain, 8:00 p.m Central & 9:00 p.m Eastern

At the scheduled time, dial 1-800-756-4697 and enter pin 8626#.

Topic: Chinese Herbs
Guest Speaker: Steven Horne, founder of Tree of Light Publishing, a professional clinical herbalist, natural healer and gifted writer and teacher. Steven is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and was president of the Guild for four years. He is also a professional member of the International Iridology Practioner's Association and is currently the treasurer and a board member of that organization. Steven has studied herbs for over 30 years.

Steven Horne will give a glimpse into the uses of Chinese herbs in a way only Steven can, with easy to understand instruction and Q&A. Please join us so you too can benefit from the age old wisdom found in the orient.

This conference call was originally scheduled for last month but techinical difficulties prevented the call from taking place. I hope you will all join us!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Untold Truth Seminar - Saturday, August 27, 2005 - Charlotte, NC

Our Mini Untold Truth Seminar is up and running
Charlotte, North Carolina
Please call me ASAP to make your reservation

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Date: Saturday, August 27, 2005
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: *The Hyatt at Barclay Downs (near South Park mall)
5501 Carnegie Blvd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
Cost: $10. Includes 4 hour class, plus all class materials listed below

This class will cover Running on Empty, Diabetes, and Colon Health.

*Members in my downline are in the process of inviting clients, friends, family and neighbors. Email me for a signup sheet if you would like to do the same. The member in my downline to bring the most attendees will receive a Beautiful NSP Watch. We have joined the Ranks at NSP in the quest to Educate America. If you are in the Charlotte area I would like to invite you to please join us ~ Call me (Karen) to make your reservation as soon as possible 704-588-7638.

America's Health Care Crisis
As a people, our health is deteriorating. More and more Americans struggle with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other challenges every year. Despite spending more on health care than any other nation, we can't seem to overcome these health issues. Television, magazines, journals and other media constantly tell the story but don't provide the answers. Nature's Sunshine has the answers in the Untold Truths. Learning these will help you take control of your own health and teach others to do the same. Invest in yourself and attend this exciting event.

Excellent Learning Tools
This will be a half day seminar lasting 4 hours. As many of you know the full day class teaches all 6 modules and lasts 8 hours. At the mini seminar we will cover 3 of the 6 modules but all attendees will receive all materials (CD, books brochures and resource disc) for all 6 areas.

After the seminar, continue your education with the excellent learning tools you will receive. Additional classes will be offered for free to anyone attending this class, who is interested.

Our tools were created by some of the leading medical and nutritional professionals in America today. They contain cutting-edge, research based information on each health topic and highlight natural and safe solutions for these concerns. We have created resources for each learning style. Booklets, brochures and audio CDs accompany each of the six modules, and a complimentary resource CD contains supplemental information and Power Point presentations.

Your $10 tuition pays for all six booklets, six CDs and six brochures (normally $75):
=Running on Empty: Nutritional Deficiency, Disease and the Standard American Diet
=The Diabetes Epidemic: Our Deadly Fascination with Junk Food!
=Colon in Crisis: The Secret Source of Disease

=Estrogen Overload: The Dangers Every Woman Should Know
=Transform Your Health, Transform Your Shape. The Untold Truth about Permanent weight loss.
=You Don't Have to Die of a Heart Attack: Winning the Battle with America's No.1 Killer

Check with friends, family, neighbors, teachers, co workers and your doctors and nurses and invite them as well to learn these Untold Truths. Please join me ~ Help Educate those you love and care about so they too can benefit from what is shared though these tools. Health through Nutrition is the key to us living our lives to the fullest. Please join me! I would be happy to send you a sign up sheet if you have others you would like to invite. Just let me know. Either way, please call me to reserve your seat.

Don't live in the Charlotte Area?
Email me for a list of classes which may be coming to your neighborhood or visit http://herbsplus4health.com/membersonly/2005schedule_rev1.pdf

Please let me know how I can help you best. Have a great Week!

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb Specialist, Nutritional and HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant

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