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Saturday, April 30, 2005

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EverFlex Nature’s Answer for Joint Health

Joints have been called masterpieces of engineering because they are designed to permit movement between bones that must meet but not touch each other. Their role is to bind two or more bones firmly together while cushioning and lubricating them enough to last through a lifetime of lifting, swinging, bending and walking.

NSP's EverFlex provides the answer for supporting joint health. It contains ingredients that contribute to the health and strength of joint tissues.

The Structure of Joints
Cartilage covers the joint surface. It is a perfect material for active joints because it is durable, somewhat elastic and smooth, allowing a range of movement with little friction. The cartilage is surrounded by a capsule filled with synovial fluid. Because joint cartilage does not have a blood supply, it relies on this fluid to deliver oxygen and nutrients.

Important nutrients maintain the integrity and mobility of the joint. Joints are naturally rich in sulfur molecules, which bond with other molecules, providing strength, structure and shock absorption. Other important dietary factors include glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine replenishes cartilage and synovial fluid. Chondroitin is comprised of a long chain of repeating sugars. The sugar chains repel each other, forming a matrix in the cartilage where fluid and the nutrients it carries can feed the joint.

Nature’s Answer for Joint Health

Joints undergo a great deal of stress. Sports and other activities can affect joint structure and function.

EverFlex - Stock # 925-5 (60 tablets) - $24.95
Nature’s Sunshine has developed a product that combines nutrients vital for joint health—glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM—mixed with devil’s claw herb.

  • Glucosamine is naturally found in the body in joint tissues. As we age, our glucosamine production declines. Supplemental glucosamine, especially when used in conjunction with other key nutrients like chondroitin and MSM, can help support cartilage function and structure. EverFlex contains glucosamine hydrocholoride, proven to be the most beneficial source of glucosamine and the most effective at maintaining the strength, flexibility and elasticity of joint tissues.
  • Chondroitin draws fluid into the cartilage, aiding in growth. Because blood does not flow directly to the joint cartilage, this fluid is important to joint tissue. It draws nutrients into the cartilage, increases shock absorption for surrounding bones and supplies nutrients to the cartilage. A recent scientific study reports that chondroitin and glucosamine appear to have a synergistic effect.
    (Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am 1999 Aug; 10 (3): 673-703)
  • MSM contains sulfur, and the joint uses sulfur bonds to provide flexibility and shock absorption to the joint.
  • Devil’s Claw
    Devil’s Claw herb has been reported to reduce muscle soreness following exercise.

EverFlex - Stock #925-5 (60 tablets) - $24.95

Testimonies from People Who Love EverFlex

"I have found EverFlex to be very effective in improving my flexibility. Shortly after taking EverFlex, I noticed that my joint flexibility increased. EverFlex is a great product—one to keep on hand.”* —Maureen Human, Idaho

“EverFlex is great. Shortly after taking it, the flexibility in my arms and shoulder improved. Later, I noticed that the flexibility in my hands had also improved. Thanks for such a good product. I know I’ll be using it for my joints and flexibility.”* —Lotta M. Oswatt

“With EverFlex, I no longer need anything else!”*
—Esther L. Theurer, Indiana

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Most of the information contained in this article has been taken directly from Nature's Sunshine's Everflex brochure.

Monday, April 25, 2005

The connection between your Teeth and Your Health

The Electrodermal Screening Test

For Charts on the Energetic Inter-relations between the teeth and the body:
Upper Right Jaw
Upper Left Jaw
Lower Right Jaw
Lower Left jaw

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a form of bodily energy called chi is generated in internal organs and circulates throughout the body, forming paths near the surface of the skin called meridians. This whole-body network is called the meridian system.

Acupuncture points are points on the skin, usually located on meridians, where the circulation of chi can be manipulated.

By stimulating an acupuncture point on the skin through pressure, suction, heat, or needle insertion, the circulation of chi is affected, which in turn affects related internal organs. But this is not the only way to take advantage of the meridian system. The meridian energy flow also carries with it information about internal organs that can be used in diagnosis. This is the basis of the electrodermal screening test (EDST). The device used in the EDST is the electrodermal screening device, or EDSD, which works by measuring electrical resistance and polarization at acupuncture points and meridians. Through these safe, skin-level measurements, it is possible to analyse the bio-energy and bio-information produced by internal organs and systems.

The predecessors to the EDST and EDSD were invented in the 1950's by the German doctor Reinhold Voll whose name is given to another title of this treatment modality, EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll. Dr. Voll originally developed a system of acupuncture point electro-therapeutics, but he soon discovered that when an internal organ's function or structure changes, the performance of the related meridian and acupuncture points also changed, and that this change could be measured using a device. Voll used a device called the Dermatron, but all similar devices can be used for diagnosis and medicine testing. The core of the EDSD is an ohmmeter designed to deliver approximately 10-12 microamperes of direct electrical current at 1-1.25 volts, a very small and perfectly safe amount of energy. On the majority of the devices the meter is calibrated to read from 0 to 100 such that the standard skin resistance of 100 kilo-ohms reads 50.

Measuring electrical resistance on a acupoint using the EDSD.
There are two cables coming out of the EDSD, one positive and one negative. The positive lead is attached to a stylus with an electrode tip. The doctor holds the stylus by the insulated handle and presses the tip against one of the patient's acupuncture points. The patient holds a hand electrode in their free hand. During the measurement the patient and the EDSD form a closed circuit, allowing energy and information to flow from the EDSD to the probe, through the patient to the hand electrode, and back to the EDSD. The EDSD reading is a measurement of how much energy makes it through the circuit (the lower the resistance the higher the reading). A reading taken with the EDSD is usually described using two values, the initial reading (generally the highest value) and the indicator drop (ID). An initial reading of approximately 50 followed by little or no indicator drop is considered "good". Initial readings below 45 or above 60 and substantial IDs are all considered bad signs. After the initial stimulus (the initial reading) two things occur: cells become polarized, which increases resistance, and the affected cells work to maintain their natural, unpolarised state. An ID is the result of the polarization of cells that are weakened and can not maintain there own balance.

A typical examination with the EDSD begins with the four quadrant measurements (hand to hand, foot to foot, right hand to foot, and left foot to foot) which are measurements of whole-body energy levels. These are followed by a check of the 40 control measurement points (CMPs), one for each of the 40 meridians located on the hands and feet, some of which are traditional and some of which were discovered by Voll. The CMPs show the general condition of everything associated with that meridian, and the 40 hand and foot meridians cover virtually every body part and function, so an examination of 40 CMPs alone offers the doctor a very good overview of a patient's condition. The other points along a meridian are called branch points and are checked if the CMP reading is bad. They offer more specific information than the CMP. For example, the branch points on the two heart meridians include the aortic valve, mitral valve, pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve, conduction system, and coronary arteries. A problem in the coronary arteries would probably affect the circulation CMP and the coronary arteries branch point, but not other points.

Medicine Testing
When a point is located that reads below 50, above 60, or has an ID, various reagents can be tested in a process called medicine testing. In 1945, Reinhold Voll discovered by accident that a medicine placed in contact with a patient's body effects the readings of an electro-dermal screening device (EDSD).

"I diagnosed one colleague as having chronic prostatitis and advised him to take a homeopathic preparation called Echinacea 4x. He replied that he had this medication in his office and went to get it. When he returned with the bottle of Echinacea in his hand, I tested the prostate measurement point again and made the discovery that the point reading which previously was up to 90 had decreased to 64, which was an enormous improvement of the prostate value. I had the colleague put the bottle aside and the previous measurement value returned. After holding the medication in his hand the measurement value went down to 64 again, and this pattern repeated itself as often as desired." [Voll: The Phenomenon of Medicine Testing in Electro-acupuncture According to Voll]

While checking branch points can be used to specify more refined locations of the disturbance, medicine testing serves to specify aetiology and selection of medications for treatment. Medicine testing is performed on any abnormal points that are not balanced. The doctor's goal is to find one or a combination of reagents that will balance the point, i.e. cause the point tested to exhibit a "good" reading and to not have an ID.

Reagent samples are usually sealed in glass containers. The medicine or biological compound to be tested is placed in the circuit of the EDSD measurement. Placing it on an aluminum plate can do this or container attached to the negative lead of the EDSD or simply by having the patient hold the sample. All matter, including medicine, has a vibratory signal, which is distinct from all other types of matter. This signal enters the patient with the current and reacts with the signals within the patient, often changing the reading. A reagent that balances the reading will probably have a positive effect and can be considered for use as a medicine or dietary supplement. No response implies that the reagent would have no effect, and a worsening response implies a negative effect. For example, pancreas CMP readings of a person with diabetes will become balanced when the proper dose of insulin is placed within the circuit and will show a larger ID if refined sugar is put there. In this way medicines and dosages can be tried out without the medicine actually being ingested. This process can also be used to test for the presence of contaminants and allergies.

A good example of this is Voll's description of the case of a patient with chronic pyelitis. Another doctor had prescribed 2 different types of antibiotics, Terramycin and Aureomycin, and Dr. Voll was curious to see if both were necessary and what side effects there might be.

"I began testing and saw that the Terramycin only affects the right kidney and the Aureomycin only the left kidney and not vice versa.... At the same time I discovered that when the patient first held the Terramycin capsules and the Aureomycin capsules, indicator drops for the small intestine and colon occurred as a sign of a disturbed intestinal flora caused by the medications. Furthermore the entire values of the endocrine system, i.e., the values of the Triple Heater meridian, decreased below 50. This explained to me why fatigue occurs again and again after antibiotic treatment since this sort of treatment renders the entire hormonal system temporarily insufficient. " [Voll: The Phenomenon of Medicine Testing in Electro-acupuncture According to Voll]

A theoretical model for medicine testing's mechanism of action has been developed by the Physicist Kuo-Gen Chen. All matter has a vibrational signal, including medicines, other biological reagents, and the organs and tissues of the body. When the DC current passes through the potential space of the medicine, it becomes phase modulated, carrying the vibrational signal of the medicine with it into the body. This vibrational information then reacts with vibrational patterns already existing within the body, resulting in quasi phase matching with constructive or destructive resonance, which in turn brings about an instantaneous change in the subtle energetic properties of the point being measured.

Medicine testing can be used to test any medicine or supplement administered to patients, including allopathic, homeopathic, nutritional and herbal medicines. Most physicians use the EDSD as an adjunct to their practice. Homeopathic preparations, however, appear to be particularly useful. Diluting and shaking an original substance in a process called “potentization”, often to the point where not a single molecule of the original substance remains in the preparation, make them. What remains is the vibrational signature of the original substance stored in water. Homeopathic remedies seem to work extremely well in the EDST because they are distilled samples of vibrational information with information content that are clearer than other medicines. Though it cannot yet be substantiated, medicine testing suggests that there is a similarity between the information in homeopathic remedies and the biological information that circulates through the body, primarily through the meridian system. Research in this direction may eventually lead to the verification of homeopathy's mechanism of action.

The two types of homeopathic preparations used most often in the EDST are standard remedies that are made mostly from plant matter, and nosodes, a type of remedy that is made from diseased tissue samples. Standard remedies were selected because they elicit in healthy people the same symptoms as the condition they are supposed to treat. For example, Allium Cepa, a homeopathic remedy for the common cold, causes a sore throat, runny nose, tearing, and congestion in a healthy individual. Nosodes often work similarly to standard remedies in that they cause a set of symptoms in the healthy but can counteract disease in the ill. Nosodes and standard remedies often have a similar effect during medicine testing. For example, in a person with the cold, there is a good chance that either a cold virus nosode or the remedy Allium Cepa will balance points on effected meridians.

Nosodes are particularly useful in determining many pathological illnesses. For example, if a point responds positively when tested with an Epstein Bar nosode, then that virus, at least in a latent form, is affecting the system associated with that measurement point. When a new virus, bacteria, or any other disease that takes a physical form is discovered, one can easily prepare nosodes for screening and energetic treatment. A nosode, remedy, or combinations, identified by medicine testing can be taken directly, or one can make a "recording" of their vibrational information in pure water or normal saline solution. The effect of original and recorded nosodes is usually very similar, though doctors generally prefer the originals.

One will often find that a medicine that balances one point will balance others as well. It would be optimal to find one medicine that would adequately balance all unbalanced points. Unlike classical homeopathy, which emphasizes single remedy treatments however, it is common practice in EDST medicine testing and treatment to combine various homeopathic preparations. Nonetheless, the goal should be to prescribe as few remedies for the patient as possible.

Allergy Testing
One of the most popular and effective uses of medicine testing is allergy testing. The results of EDST allergy testing have been compared to standard diagnostic modalities (RAST, serum IGE, intra-dermal allergy skin testing, food rechallenge testing, and allergy history analysis). EDST medicine testing of allergies was shown to be as accurate and effective as any of these. EDST results were similar to food rechallenge testing, which is widely considered the most effective of the standard methods. Dental materials can be confidently chosen for each individual.

EAV and Dentistry ****
In his research, Dr. Voll found that every tooth relates to different organs and tissues within the body. For example, the canine tooth was found to be related to the eye, liver, and gall bladder, and the front teeth to the bladder and reproductive organs. So if, for example, someone were to have a root canal in one of the front teeth, that tooth may affect the ovary or uterus and it may in fact be the underlying problem. It is a two way street in that problems in the organs can affect the teeth, and problems in the teeth can affect the organs. So when dental work is done on specific teeth the underlying organ needs to be supported. EAV also is used before and after the removal of amalgam. Silver fillings in the mouth, which are fifty percent mercury, are a very great problem. Mercury leaches into all parts of the body from the mouth. Studies have shown that the amount of mercury in the brain of autopsied patients directly correlates to the amount found in the mouth. EAV can be used to screen for heavy metals, including mercury toxicity. It can also be used to check the effect that root canals are having on the corresponding organs. EAV is the best way to find a cavitation or a hole remaining in the bone after removal of a tooth. Cavitations become a focus for problems in corresponding organs. Dr. Voll felt that 80% of all health problems had major causes in the oral cavity. So this means that the dentist is an integral part of the healing process.

In conclusion, the EDST is one of the most thorough, powerful, and promising modern, holistic medical/diagnostic methodologies. The EDST succeeds at addressing the body holistically for a number of reasons:

1. A standard EDST examination enables the doctor to quickly and safely collect information on 40 different individual systems. In other words, all of the body's individual parts are covered in an examination.

2. The bio-information signal read by the EDSD is a very direct and true description of the condition of the body because the body creates it.

3. The meridian network regulates or at least participates in every type of bodily function, so naturally it is a very good means by which to monitor the function of the whole body.

4. Medicine testing allows the doctor to test any and every type of medication on the individual patient, including those made from herbs, metals, nosodes, or sarcodes. This allows the doctor to explore all types of available treatment and determine possible side effects with no risk to the patient.

Dr Davis has been helping patients with this simple efficient protocol since 1986, the approach allows for the efficient localisation of dental distress emanating from Foci, Interference Fields, and incompatible materials. The energetic impact it has on distant organs and regulation systems allows for simple identification.

The above information was taken from http://www.ericdavisdental.com/electrodermal_testing.htm

Disclaimer of liability: Eric Davis Dental web site is a site designed to inform patients about alternatives to traditional dental procedures and materials. The opinions presented at Eric Davis Dental are controversial and many are disputed by other dental practitioners. Dr Davis expressly disclaims all liability arising out of the improper use of the information provided. Please consult your treating physician or other dental professional regarding these important health issues.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Resources for NSP Members and Health Enthusiasts

Tree of light

The following handouts, electronic books and other educational materials from Tree of Light are offered FREE of charge.

Paw Paw Handouts
We are excited about the benefits of NSP's new products containing paw paw extract. The acetogenins from the paw paw plant inhibit ATP production in cancer cells, depriving them of the energy they need to sustain their rapid metabolism. This encourages cancer cells to self-destruct. Research and clinical trials demonstrate that this product is extremedly safe and effective. It also has antimicrobial, antiparastic and insecticidal properties. In addition to the handouts listed below we also have an Herbal Hour video and an audio cassette on paw paw.

Paw Paw Cell Reg Handout
ParaCleanse with Paw Paw

Additional Handouts from Tree of Light Publishing
Body System Questionaire (PDF 99.4 kb)
Body System Questionaire (Excel 28 kb) ( I have an updated version of the excel questionnaire. If you would like me to email it to you please just email me at herbsplus@mynsp.com)
Gall Bladder Flush US ( PDF 93.8 kb)
Oral Chelation Program - US ( PDF 138.6 kb)
Oral Chelation Program - Canadian ( PDF 134.2 kb)

Electronic Product Guides
These guides from
Tree of Light Publishing, originally published 1995-1998, contain many useful suggestions for Nature's Sunshine Products. More up-to-date information is found in our ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing course.
Systematic Guide to Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

Through the End of April, The Tree of Light is offering Discounts of between 15% - 40% on their NHC (Natural Health Consultant) course. If you are interested in working on Certification, you will want to check out the web site.

The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine is in it's third printing. You can recieve 10% if you order now by calling 1-800-416-2887 . This is a very useful book for all NSP members who use or sell products. Much information is given about each product. This is one of the tools I use most often in my business.

Additional Resources
In addition to the materials available through Tree of Light, the following vendors also offer NSP friendly educational materials.

Sound Concepts
Sound Concepts produces the Untold Truth programs for NSP Managers and Distributors. They also publish newspapers promoting NSP, The Lifestyle Analysis and additional books relating to Health and Nutrition.

Herb Allure
Herb Allure carries the Hart Manual is one of the best NSP product references, available both printed and on CD. They also carry other Terrific books and NSP-friendly educational tools and sales tools.

Win Free Products by entering into Herb Allure's contest each month!

NSP on Tape — Tape of the Week
The Jensen’s have recorded NSP conventions and other events for 20 years. They have thousands of audio tapes for NSP Managers and Distributors, including a number of programs by Steven Horne. Karen Jensen has also produced some books and materials on her own.

Sunshine Support Services
Offers Recipes for Success, a guide to using NSP products for various health problems on recipe cards or CD. Also offers other business support materials, including business software.

Online Forums for NSP Managers and Distributors FREE

If you are interested in various yahoogroups, a place for Managers & Distrubutors to discuss personal and clinical questions and share product information, experience and testimonials visit www.herbsplus4health.com/info_yahoogroups

SPLENDA® Is It Safe Or Not?

Before you tear open that little yellow packet of sweetener and stir it into your coffee, please read this.
Do you want to:
=Avoid certain diseases and maintain health and vitality well into your later years?
=Save your children from a slow poisoning from hidden toxins in their food?
=Discover scientific data about overlooked poisons in your everyday life?
=Avoid those vague health symptoms of illness that puzzle your doctor?
=Be informed with inside information mainstream media won’t tell you?
=Have control over your health through knowledge?
=Desire to enjoy your grandchildren (and great-grandchildren)?
=Not allow advertisers to “teach” you what’s good for you?

Interested? Then we need to talk about a sweetener war sweeping across America. Perhaps you can sip on that cup of coffee black until we straighten out the confusing selection of artificial sweeteners out there. This information is a tool to protect your health – and your children’s health – from a hidden danger that marketing experts have packaged attractively and seductively. You’ll be shocked at what the “quiet side” of scientific research reveals.

It’s time to admit that there is no free ticket to eating all the sugar-free products you desire without paying the high price of harming your body in the long run. The “technology of foods” (artificial sweeteners and manmade foods) has gone too far, and will not secure eternal health, beauty, slimness, or youth. Laboratory sugar-free chemicals are not your answer.

This information will “wake you up” more than that mug of java you’re holding. But don’t despair – there are plenty of safe alternatives to keep life “sweet.”

The dangers of aspartame are now widely known, but the risks of using Splenda are not documented – until now. Splenda may not penetrate the blood brain barrier as aspartame does, hence entering the brain and creating neurotoxin havoc at the brain center, but Splenda CAN adversely affect the body in several ways because it IS a chemical substance and not natural sugar.

December newsletter Equal Sues Splenda
The same patterns with aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal) are repeating with sucralose (Splenda). Their claims of product safety and research results are identical to those used by The NutraSweet Company. Note the comparisons and repetitions between the products, the corporations, and marketing. Maybe now, consumers can prevent damage to human health sooner than with NutraSweet, which has damaged the health and lives of millions of innocent consumers since it was placed in the public food supply in 1982.

Has the FDA repeated the aspartame approval process for sucralose, allowing a product with proven carcinogens to flood our food supply? Only time will tell, as it has with aspartame. Yet at the cost of human lives.

Knowledge is power. As an educated consumer, you have the awareness to choose what you and your family will ingest. Unnatural artificial sweeteners may affect your health. Why take the chance? With this book, you woke up and smelled the coffee just in time. Now you can drink it safely.

SPLENDA® Is It Safe or Not?
After twenty years of NutraSweet® (aspartame) dominating the sweetener market, people are realizing for themselves that aspartame really is a foul food chemical tragically harmful to their health. Now, people think Johnson & Johnson’s Splenda, made from sucralose, has come to the rescue as the newest chemical sugar replacement “made from real sugar.” People don’t want to hear that it may be just as dangerous as aspartame, and this white knight of sweeteners is no better improvement.
New chemical sweeteners (like Splenda) and the sweetener blends (aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K blended together in one product) may be causing users to show signs of weight gain, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, Lupus, diabetes, and a list of epidemic degenerative diseases. The corporations continue to stand tough in their denial of any connection to chemical sweetener additives.

This website takes you into the world of Splenda; ready or not, here we go again.

The Chlorine In Splenda
Chlorine is commonly found in nature, but almost always in combination with other building block elements. Chlorine's structure makes it very reactive and because it is so reactive, it is very useful to chemists, engineers and others involved in making things humans use every day.

The inventors of Splenda admit around fifteen percent (15%) of sucralose is absorbed by the body, but they cannot guarantee us (out of this fifteen percent) what amount of chlorine stays in the body and what percent flushes out.

So, do you feel lucky today as you sprinkle that yellow packet of powder in your tea? You will be alarmed once you realize how chlorine, this common chemical we’ve trusted as a “purifier”, is actually affecting our health in more ways than you know. Hopefully, this chapter will make you hesitate before you let your toddler take another sip of your diet cola.

What Are Sweetener Blends?
I’ve written about how artificial sweeteners like sucralose (found in Splenda) and aspartame (found in NutraSweet) can have a negative impact on your health. Now the sweetener industry has gone a step further in their quest to copy real sugar’s sweet flavor. They are mixing Splenda and NutraSweet and other artificial sweeteners together! Mixtures of any artificial sweeteners are called “sweetener blends.”

Instead of one harmful chemical coursing through your body, you now have two or three (or more) interacting with each other, and in ways we may not know yet. If one substance is hazardous, do you think adding toxins to it will make it better? It is just one more potent “alien” mixture with unknown interactions that your poor body will try to use, excrete, or store. Its mix n’ match chemistry at the expense of your health.

The Unsafe Sweeteners Out There
Artificial sweeteners: This category of non-nutritive, high-intensity sugar substitutes includes ASPARTAME, ACESULFAME-K, NEOTAME, SUCRALOSE, and ALITAME. The two sweeteners that have recently undergone current and pending FDA approval are SUCRALOSE and ALITAME, respectively. Cyclamate lost its FDA approval in 1970, but is currently up for re-approval. Numerous new sweeteners are currently in various stages of development and approval.

Saccharin, Stevia and Other Safe Alternative Sweeteners
Sugar and the quest for weight loss represent an enormous growth opportunity for the food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. And as everyone in the industry knows, the average human prefers taste to nutrition. Let’s see how we can reverse this trend.

The two safest choices of sweeteners to date are saccharin and stevia. Yes, saccharin! Saccharin is actually similar to stevia in its origin. It originally came from a plant imported from China, and in its original form, is a complex sugar extract from the plant itself. Stevia is extracted from a plant grown in South America, and is also a complex sugar extract.

According to FDA documents, saccharin has never caused cancer. Years ago, saccharin was sold in tiny pin-sized pellets, and merely two or three were enough to add sweetness to coffee or iced tea. This is what I consider a natural sucrose (sugar)

The Real Scoop On Sugar
Everyone needs to know that there is a difference between sugars - natural sugar, refined sugar, and corn syrup. Sugar is like a two-sided coin: heads – if natural, it can be useful to the body, and tails – if altered by man, it can be harmful to the body. How do you know the difference, and where can you buy the right kind of sugar products? Here’s the scoop...artificial sweeteners are not the solution.

Dying To Be Thin: Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Do diet sweeteners really help you lose weight, or do you eat more and gain weight in the long run? Do diet sweeteners make you fat? Yes, because they trick your body and don’t feed it what it needs

According to researchers, there is no clear-cut evidence that sugar substitutes help people lose weight. These days, more and more data suggests that these chemical sweeteners may actually stimulate appetite. Aspartame has been on the market for over twenty years, so most of the information in this chapter refers to weight gain in relation to products made with aspartame. It is too early to know how these patterns will repeat with sucralose (Splenda).

Are Your Kids Depressed and Aggressive?
If you have kids, you’ll be the first one to notice health and behavioral changes in your children. Children are reacting to artificial sweeteners in harmful ways, but this aspect of the sweetener wars has gone unnoticed in the mainstream health community. The sweetener corporations market to children by placing soft drink machines in public elementary schools, and by influencing doctors that diet sweeteners don’t cause abnormal behavior and emotional stress in children. When you have exhausted all the other reasons for your child’s poor health or mental/emotional problems, then diet chemicals could be the culprit.

The rising numbers of mental disorders have gone unexplained until now. A diet of chemical foods means a diet of malnutrition, and when the body is starved of nutrients, it becomes mentally and physically stressed. Don’t raise your children on diet chemicals – search for healthy alternatives.

Sugar-Free With Diabetes
Diabetes may be a common disease these days, but it is still misunderstood. Most people think diabetes is simply a disease that means you just can’t eat sugar. The artificial sugar industry markets fake sugars as totally harmless to the diabetic, and tempts them into believing they can eat and drink all they want by “tricking” their bodies. But what works for one person may not work for another. What makes this matter even more difficult to understand: diabetes is just a little bit different for every diabetic. This is why no one artificial sweetener company can truly make a blanket statement that their product is “safe for diabetics.”

As delicate as diabetes is, how then, can diet chemical sweeteners be safe when a person with diabetes requires such precise chemical management?

Who Will Win The Sweetener Wars?
The immediate dramatic success of Splenda has shaken things up in the artificial-sweetener business, dominated for decades by the rivalry between the blue and pink - Equal and Sweet'N Low®. Each of these brands has come up with a new marketing approach to deal with the ravenous dynamics of the ‘diet’ marketplace. Are they playing fair or playing on consumer trust?

In the midst of the continued controversy over aspartame, many pharmaceutical and health food manufacturers - Pro Lab, Twin Lab and Ross Products, makers of Pedialyte®, for example - have switched to using sucralose in their manufactured products. But who are these major big corporations ‘fighting’ in the artificial sweetener wars, and what do these mega corporations really stand for? This is an important question to answer before buying their products.

Rising From The Grave’s Disease
Justin Dumais is a 2004 Athens' Olympic Silver Medalist, a Grave’s Disease survivor, and aspartame victim. Merely months before the Olympic trials, Justin contacted me for nutritional help in recovering from a diagnosis of Grave’s Disease caused by diet colas with aspartame. He read my first book Sweet Poison, followed my recovery experience from my own case of Grave’s caused by aspartame, and cured his disease in six weeks (just like I did) by simply removing aspartame from his diet, cleansing, and restoring his depleted nutrients. His recovery from a “false” diagnosis of Grave’s Disease came merely months before the 2004 Athen’s Olympic Trials. But, like me, did Justin really have Grave’s or merely aspartame disease?

Nutritional Alternatives To Stay Healthy
Nutritional diets are critical to long-term health, but when you are polluted with chemical toxins from your foods, such as chlorine in sucralose and methanol in aspartame, it is important to remove these toxins as quickly and as safely as possible. Removing chemicals from the human body is a two part process – eating right and cleansing from the chemicals permeating your tissues.

Go here for the nutritional protocol for restoring good health I used to recovery from my own near-fatal disease. I pass on to you the best of my nutritional programs and recommendations for removing harmful food chemicals from your body in the 10 Steps to Detoxification and The Richardson Cancer Diet, most importantly – how to cleanse from artificial sweetener chemicals. Splenda Product List As of May 2004, the list of over 3,000 products containing Splenda was thirty-four pages in length.

Note: some of the products are not labeled sugar-free, and some products also contain
aspartame. The best advise is to read ALL the labels on anything you buy for you or for your children’s safety.

The list includes a variety of foods and food products, pharmaceuticals and children’s medications, vitamin supplements, protein powders, protein bars and weight loss products, liquid and powdered drinks, popcorn, gums and mints, toothpaste, and water.

Aspartame Case Histories (See SWEET POISON link for case histories) Case histories are an excellent way to share the experiences of those who have faced one of life’s hardest challenges – nutritionally turning disease into health. Most of these case histories have happy endings, and after considering the evidence, especially after their long and arduous struggles for health, what these people have learned serves as a beacon of hope for others.

Aspartame has been on the market since 1981, so over twenty years of aspartame use has passed. Let’s hope our new awareness of the influences of sucralose and the other chemical sweeteners comes much sooner to prevent any more human suffering.

NutraSweet Product List
The original product list containing NutraSweet’s twenty-year product monopoly is impossible to find these days. Taken from my book on aspartame, Sweet Poison, the
original list of NutraSweet’s novel 5,000 products from the 1980s was sent to me directly from the NutraSweet Company.

Splenda Research Studies
Bottom line – what’s the research say about sucralose?
Well, the studies proving the safety concerns are out there, but they are hard to find and technical. Nonetheless, they prove the claims of concern are valid and I have spent the past 10 months uncovering the research thanks to my contacts around the world.

With this website, you woke up and smelled the coffee just in time. Now you can drink it safely.

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This article was taken from http://www.splendaexposed.com/

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Prevention and Reversal of Cancer

Official nutritional information for cancer patients offers wimpy advice;
here's how to really prevent and even reverse cancer.

It's laudable when people with cancer decide to get serious about nutrition and avoid cancer-causing foods. When people avoid red meat, stop eating all hydrogenated oils, and give up soft drinks for life, they're obviously going to have a lower risk of cancer. But the "official" advice on how to avoid cancer is purposely wimpy: it's just enough advice to keep people in limbo so that they stand a good chance of getting cancer again down the road.

If you truly want to prevent or reverse cancer, you have to go far beyond the
advice of the American Cancer Society or books authored by dieticians.

Here's the inside summary on how to truly prevent cancer in terms of foods and nutrition (see related ebook on nutrition).

The first thing you have to do is stop giving yourself cancer through the food ingredients you choose. This means absolutely avoiding the following ingredients (known as metabolic disruptors) and foods:

a.. sodium nitrite
b.. MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein
c.. fried foods
d.. red meat
e.. saturated animal fat
f.. artificial colors
g.. chemical preservatives
h.. hydrogenated oils
i.. white flour
j.. white sugar
k.. high-fructose corn syrup
l.. aspartame and saccharin
m.. soft drinks, punch drinks, etc.
n.. snack foods
o.. junk foods and fast foods

But that's only half the story. Now you have to give yourself optimum nutrition so that your body has the tools it needs to fight off cancer:

a.. chlorella
b.. spirulina
c.. coral calcium
d.. wheat grass, barley grass or other cereal grasses
e.. broccoli sprouts
f.. quinoa
g.. flax oil
h.. nuts and seeds
i.. extra virgin coconut oil
j.. sea vegetables like kelp, bladderwrack or seaweed
k.. raw cancer-fighting vegetables: carrots, cabbage, onions, broccoli,
spinach, garlic
l.. lots of water
m.. soy milk and soy products like tofu

Then, finally, you have to supplement your diet with herbs known to fight cancer:

a.. ginger
b.. graviola (extremely powerful)
c.. green tea
d.. licorice root
e.. medicinal mushrooms like Reishi
... and many more.

See, the traditional nutritional information on cancer only tells you the basics: don't eat red meat, don't smoke cigarettes, don't eat high-fat foods, and so on. But that barely scratches the surface. There's a whole world of additional nutritional information about preventing and beating cancer. In fact, there's an excellent book on the subject called Eat To Beat Cancer (highly recommended). You can also stay tuned to this site to learn a wealth of information about using foods and herbs to beat cancer.

People who survive cancer don't listen to the official sources of information about cancer. They go out on their own and explore pioneering information like this. They radically alter their diets, they avoid barbaric treatments like chemotherapy, and they change their lifestyle to incorporate daily physical exercise. Plus, they chow down on large doses of superfoods like chlorella and spirulina, both of which contain powerful anti-cancer phytonutrients and chemical compounds.

Truly, cancer is one of the easiest diseases to prevent. In fact, your body already knows how to do it: your body cleans up cancerous cells every single day. It's only a failure of that self-healing capability that results in full-blown cancer. Of course, you won't hear this from the American Cancer Society, pharmaceutical companies or most doctors. Why? They don't want you to know that you can cure cancer yourself. Because, after all, if you can cure cancer by yourself, why do you need them?

Take charge of your health. And read Take Back Your Health Power (a free online ebook) to learn even more about how to do that.


a.. After her third battle with cancer, Diana Dyer decided she needed something more than surgery and chemotherapy to keep the disease at bay.
b.. During treatment, she ate whatever she could tolerate to get the calories her body needed.
c.. But afterward, her goal was to use diet to minimize the risk of recurrence.
d.. She increased her exercise; reduced her alcohol intake; avoided saturated fats in animal foods and trans and hydrogenated fats in processed foods; switched to olive and canola oils; gave up red meats and poultry and ate more soy foods, fatty fish and eggs, rich in omega-3 fatty acids;
doubled her fiber intake through whole grains, legumes and nine or more servings a day of fruits and vegetables; replaced diet sodas with tomato and orange juice and green tea; stuck to low-fat dairy products; and added nuts and flax seeds to her diet.
e.. Will Dyer's approach help keep her free of cancer?
f.. To help health-care providers and their patients make the best choices based on the best available evidence, three years ago the American Cancer Society published a guide on nutrition during and after cancer treatment.
g.. Small, frequent, appealing meals and snacks and foods that are easy to chew, swallow, digest and absorb are recommended, even if they are high in calories or fat.
h.. Do not eat raw fish or undercooked meats and poultry or drink unpasteurized juices; rinse all fruits and vegetables; and protect foods eaten uncooked from drippings or utensils used on raw meats, poultry and seafood.

This article was forwarded to me by Richard M. Ask, fellow NSP member, of the nspexchange yahoogroup.

How to give yourself cancer in five easy steps

Following with our ever-popular series on "How to Get Disease," this article discusses how to give yourself a raging case of cancer. It could be breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer or even something like leukemia. By following the instructions in this article, you can give yourself almost any form of cancer desirable and if you pursue these strategies to their fullest potential, you could end up with several different forms of cancer all at once. So, let's get started and learn how to give yourself cancer.

If you're aiming for a raging case of cancer, the first thing you've got to
do is start consuming food ingredients that actually promote cancer. One of the most powerful cancer-promoting food ingredients of all is called sodium nitrate. This is an ingredient that is added to virtually all packaged meat products including hot dogs, pepperoni, ham, lunchmeat and other similar products. You'll also find it in bacon, sausages and most breakfast meats. It's listed right on the ingredients labels of all of these foods. In order to find sodium nitrate, all you have to do is walk around the grocery store, read the ingredients labels of various packaged meat products and purchase those products that contain it. Then, consume them on a frequent basis and before long, you will greatly increase your odds of being diagnosed with cancer.

There are other ingredients that are suspected of causing cancer. These
include hydrogenated oils, aspartame, saccharin and artificial colors, to
name a few. A diet that is very high in refined carbohydrates has also been clinically shown to increase your odds of being diagnosed with cancer, so be sure to get plenty of these foods in your pro-cancer diet. That means chowing down on white bread, sweetened breakfast cereals, white fluffy pancakes, candy bars, granola bars, cookies, crackers and sweets of all kinds.

The next thing you can do to give yourself cancer is one of the more obvious things: take up a smoking habit. The more you smoke, the more likely you are to get cancer, especially if you're eating cancer-causing foods and ingredients as discussed above. By smoking, you will multiply the carcinogenic effect of everything else in your life. Before long, you will
succeed in your goal at being diagnosed with cancer.

If you'd like to move things along a little more quickly, you can also stay
out of all sunlight and use plenty of sun block and sunscreen any time you
go outside. This will prevent natural sunlight from touching your skin. Now, how will this give you cancer? It turns out that natural sunlight is
powerful prevention for cancer. People who get plenty of natural sunlight
have a greatly reduced risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, breast cancer and many other disorders that aren't cancer-related such as
osteoporosis and mental depression. By staying out of the sun or using sun block and sunscreen every time you're under the sun, you can prevent your body from preventing cancer, thereby giving yourself a much greater risk for cancer with each passing day. If you find it difficult to avoid the sun, just get a night shift job where you work all night and sleep all day.
That's a hugely successful pro-cancer strategy.

Another thing you can do is avoid all physical exercise. It turns out that
moving your body helps you prevent cancer. Part of the reason is that body movement moves lymph fluid around, and this is an important function of your immune system that fights cancerous cells. If you refrain from all body movement, you will hamper your body's ability to fight off cancer, thereby further increasing your odds of being diagnosed with this chronic disease.

One thing to keep in mind in all of this is that everybody has cancer right
now. In other words, there are cancerous cells in the human body of every person who is living and breathing right now, at this very moment. All you have to do to get diagnosed with cancer is make sure your immune system is sufficiently suppressed so that your body can't take care of the cancerous cells on a regular basis. In other words, if you destroy your immune system function through poor nutrition, nutrient depletion, smoking, lack of sunlight and lack of physical exercise, then it won't be able to do its job of cleaning up cancerous cells around the body and as a result, cancer will become a full-blown disease in no time.

In fact, all of these strategies for giving yourself cancer have one thing
in common: the suppression of your natural immune system. Now, if you've been following along and you don't have cancer yet from doing everything mentioned here, and you want to increase your odds even further, the very best thing you can do is actually get chemotherapy or radiation therapy. All you have to do is go to an oncologist and tell them that you think you have cancer, and they may find some reason to put you on chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These therapies do such an outstanding job of destroying the human immune system that you might find yourself experiencing multiple cases of cancer at various sites throughout your body in the subsequent months and years. Chemotherapy is perhaps the most effective method known to modern science for destroying the human immune system other than working at Chernobyl during a nuclear accident. So, if you're looking to contract cancer as quickly as possible, make sure that you get chemotherapy into your life as early as you can.

By combining all of these strategies, you should be able to give yourself
cancer without much effort on your part and without having to wait too long. After all, it would be a shame to die from natural causes and not have the opportunity to "invest" in the R&D efforts of pharmaceutical companies who
peddle anti-cancer drugs.

Are you crazy?

You might be asking me, "Why on earth am I writing an article that tells
people how to give themselves cancer?" The answer is because virtually all Americans are following this plan right now, today. They are giving
themselves cancer step by step by using precisely the detailed plan that I
have outlined here. And when they are suddenly diagnosed with cancer, they have a puzzled look on their faces and ask, "Gee, why do I have cancer?" The answer is because they've been following the cancer plan as outlined in this article -- all the foods they've eaten, their lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight, smoking habits and reliance on chemotherapy and other radical western medical procedures has, in fact, accelerated their cancer and put them in the position they're in today.
All I've really done here in this article is described the plan most
Americans are already following. This is the pro-cancer plan that's actually promoted by brand-name food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and most of conventional medicine. For example, how many doctors are still screaming for people to avoid sunlight like it was the plague? Practically all of them, last time I checked. It's almost as if the entire medical community actually wanted the population to get cancer. Sadly, the entire anti-cancer campaign of conventional medicine seems to be limited to three words: "Don't smoke tobacco."

Of course, most individuals aren't really interested in contracting cancer.
They'd rather prevent cancer or even reverse cancer, and now after learning how to give yourself cancer, the process for avoiding that is fairly
straightforward: don't do any of the things that have been mentioned in this article. That is, avoid smoking; get plenty of sunlight; get outstanding
nutrition (see related ebook on nutrition) and avoid all food ingredients
that are known to promote cancer such as sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates and chemical additives. Also avoid chemotherapy since it is the most powerful way we know of to destroy the human immune system, thereby leaving you more vulnerable to cancer.

I present this information as a unique way to get the point across to people that if they don't want to have cancer in their lifetimes, they need to get off the cancer plan and get on to a plan that actually prevents this
terrible disease.


Following with our ever-popular series on "How to Get Disease," this
article discusses how to give yourself a raging case of cancer.

If you're aiming for a raging case of cancer, the first thing you've got
to do is start consuming food ingredients that actually promote cancer.

A diet that is very high in refined carbohydrates has also been clinically
shown to increase your odds of being diagnosed with cancer, so be sure to
get plenty of these foods in your pro-cancer diet.

The next thing you can do to give yourself cancer is one of the more
obvious things: take up a smoking habit.

If you'd like to move things along a little more quickly, you can also
stay out of all sunlight and use plenty of sun block and sunscreen any time
you go outside.

It turns out that natural sunlight is powerful prevention for cancer.

If you find it difficult to avoid the sun, just get a night shift job where you work all night and sleep all day.

Part of the reason is that body movement moves lymph fluid around, and
this is an important function of your immune system that fights cancerous

If you refrain from all body movement, you will hamper your body's ability to fight off cancer, thereby further increasing your odds of being diagnosed with this chronic disease.

Now, if you've been following along and you don't have cancer yet from
doing everything mentioned here, and you want to increase your odds even further, the very best thing you can do is actually get chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

They are giving themselves cancer step by step by using precisely the
detailed plan that I have outlined here.

Source: http://www.newstarget.com

This article was forwarded to me by Richard M. Ask, fellow NSP member, of the nspexchange yahoogroup.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Untold Truth Seminar - This Saturday

I am attending the 4/23/05 Asheville, North Carolina class (This coming Saturday)
*If are interested in attending as my guest for $10. please call me so I can reserve your seat. NSP Member's bringing a guest can call NSP customer service direct to reserve seats, but let me know you will be attending so we can sit as a group and plan lunch together.

The Untold Truth seminar is about learning the truth behind the hype, the clever marketing and the "big money."Discover the real story about health, popular products, prescription drugs, the foods we eat, the health challenges we face and more.

TIME: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. (lunch is on your own)
COST: $10 each if you bring a guest or go with a current NSP member as their guest

Seminar Guidelines:
~When an NSP Member invites a Friend to attend The Untold Truth Seminar, both the Member and Friend can attend for the special price of just $10 each (this special discount is applicable per person, not per account number.)
~Members are encouraged to invite as many Friends to any given Seminar as long as they meet the above definitions.
~NSP will send a confirmation letter to you 10 days in advance of the seminar you have signed up for. If for any reason you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to inform Customer Service. If you fail to do so, you will be charged a $10 "no show" fee.

Educational Topics Covered at each class


Materials, Modules, CD's & DVD all included:

= Running on Empty
= The Diabetes Epidemic
= Estrogen Overload
= Colon in Crisis
= America Stressed out
= You Don't Have to Die of a Heart Attack
= Focus on Improving your health instead of "dieting"

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars
Date Location Address

4/23/2005 Asheville, NC
4/23/2005 Cleveland, OH
4/23/2005 Denver/Littleton, CO
4/23/2005 Rapid City, SD
4/30/2005 North Houston, TX
4/30/2005 Oklahoma City, OK
4/30/2005 Syracuse, NY
4/30/2005 Tampa, FL
5/14/2005 Irasburg, VT

5/14/2005 Milwaukee, WI
5/14/2005 Peoria, IL
5/21/2005 Chambersburg, PA
5/21/2005 Portland, OR

If you are not yet a member, and would like to attend one of the seminar listed above, please email or call me and I will try and pair you up with a member in your area so that you can attend as well. I will post new classes as they are available.

Share the Health,
Karen Herrmann-Doolan
An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products
Herb Specialist, Nutritional and HomeSpa Aromatherapy Consultant
Check out my new Blog here!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Notes from Product Focus Meeting - April 13, 2005

This was an excellent call!! This is definitely a tape worth getting and passing around to your clients, through www.nspontape.com. It should be available soon.

Notes from Product Focus Meeting - Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Time: 6:00 PM Pacific (7:00 Mtn, 8:00 Central & 9:00 Eastern)
At the scheduled time, dial 1-800-756-4697 and enter pin 8626#.

Topic: It’s time to Spring Clean and Detoxify!

Guest Expert: Dr. Elson Haas Dr. Haas is a physician and author and preventive medicine specialist with specific focus on nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle. Dr. Haas will be participating with us at our national convention in Salt Lake City this year. Join us on our call for fascinating look at the need for regular cleansing and detoxifying.

Call moderator: Scott Terry, Corporate Regional Manager for the ­Midwest

Scott: Welcome to tonight's call. Many of you are familiar with Dr. Haas and the many books that he has authored and have some of his books in your library. Dr. Haas has been in medical practice for over 30 years and was instrumental in the development of the field that he has termed Integrated Medicine. He is the founder and director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, an integrated health care facility in San Rafael, California, where he specializes in Family and Nutritional Medicine, Detoxification, and Individualized Health Programs.

Dr. Haas is author of many books including Staying Healthy with the Seasons; Staying Healthy with Nutrition; The Detox Diet, and The New Detox Diet; A Cookbook for all Seasons; Vitamins for Dummies; The Staying healthy Shopper's Guide; and
The False Fat Diet. http://elsonhaas.com/books.html (These books can be purchased online at The Element Emporium or via www.Amazon.com or at many health food stores or books stores)

After graduation from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1972, Elson moved to Northern California where he received additional training. After an internship, he began further studies in many health-related fields: Nutrition, Herbology, Oriental Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Body Therapies, and Mind-Body Medicine.

Dr. Haas: Just had my first taste of
Thai-Go half an hour before the call. Delicious! Have been part of the natural health field for over 30 years, Nature's Sunshine has been around for that same amount of time. I embrace an integrative field of medicine; I am passionate about natural health.

Scott: What led you to be involved with integrative med?

Dr. Haas: I was in medical school in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1968-1972, and the times were changing. I was part of the rebellion against the authoritarian practice of medicine when people weren't treated with respect but as diseases. This approach to medicine left a lot to be desired because it didn't have a lot to do with health. I was an unhealthy young physician and realized I didn't know anything about health at 25-26 y/o. I became my first patient. A major turning point for me was meeting a naturopathically oriented practitioner, Stanley Burroughs, who taught me about cleansing, and I have been using that cleanse and adapted it over the last 30 years. It was dramatic change for me. I was 40-50 lbs. overweight, had allergies and congestion, was eating a terrible diet. I went through the first couple of days that were hard, and woke up on the third day breathing clearly. I started having energy and clarity and knew this is how I wanted to feel! Bernard Jensen was in the field writing about natural health as well. I started to realize I needed to make a change in what I was putting into my body. My body let go of 20 lbs. the first ten days. I lost more weight over the next couple of years and I started writing about all that I was learning. I began to adopt a health-improving vs. disease oriented style of medicine.

When I first started bringing nutrition and herbs into my practice, I was gathering herbs (200 jars of leaves, roots, flowers, etc. in my office) and would make up my own concoctions of herbs and teach people how to use them at home. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from. It was simple and less advanced than we have become, and my parents and most of the doctors I knew didn't understand what I was doing. As I started writing I introduced the spring cleansing (1991) and wrote a book that was one of the first integrative medicine books. I didn't want to be called holistic or alternative ­ I wanted to bring common sense back into traditional medicine, after studying herbs, Chinese medicine, nutrition, exercise physiology, etc. It was really using the best of everything and should not be separate from the best of medicine, but part of it.

People age as a result of the way they live. If you want your body to be different (more energy, look and feel better), it's the things that you are doing in your life that are contributing to your life being less than ideal for you. My rule of thumb regarding treatment is this: lifestyle first, natural therapies second, drugs last. My practice is about evaluating people, testing them, and finding how their body is functioning, and helping them get on a new plan, as much as people are open to do that.

Scott: Most health problems arise from a deficiency of some kind, or congestion. What is the difference and how does that relate to the need to detox?

Dr. Haas: When people get out of balance they get congested or toxic. We get clogged up with things our bodies don't utilize very well. Many of the degenerative long-term problems are congestive toxic problems. We are lacking essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes, and when we have all those things our bodies are happy. Deficiency problems arise when we are lacking Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber. We realize in our detox programs we eat a lot more than we need to. In the new book, I give a simple approach to eliminating what I refer to as SNACC's:

Sugar .. Nicotine .. Alcohol .. Caffeine .. Chemicals

It is common in our culture that people are both deficient, and congested. They eat "treat" foods (bread, baked foods, chips, snack foods) and have daily habits to one or more of the SNACC substances. Most everyone has at least one of these! It is hard to break those but the new book has chapters on each one of those areas to help break those addictions. I will address these at the NSP convention, and how we get into these emotional hooks, and find a way to clear them. I have set up detoxing support groups to help people through this process. People come to my office and tell me, "I can't give up my ice cream at night or toast in the morning," etc.

Recently a patient in the support group brought her husband back with her, and I talked about the
purification process [The False Fat Diet ­ (food reactions)].Her husband responded he would never quit caffeine, but the
next week came back as he had started doing the juice cleanse with his wife during that week. He had dropped 10 lbs and was off caffeine. Their daughters, one a doctor and the other a lawyer, followed
along with their parents and started to feel so good. They were just amazed by the last class at how good they felt.

Scott: Would you suggest some kind of cleansing or detox programs for
everyone, or are there certain conditions when one might need to be a little cautious before putting them on a program?

Dr. Haas: You need to nourish someone who is depleted, and detox someone who is congested. Water in the a.m., lemon, 1 or 2 pieces of fruit, a little whole grain cereal (see the whole program at the end of this phone interview). We need to keep the body a little more alkaline; diet is more nourishing than cleansing. People who have a thyroid problem or are anemic, losing hair, etc., need to be more careful about cleansing ­ they need to be building first. Chapter 2 gives guidelines of who should cleanse and who should build, and gives an overview of the whole thing. The book deals with all kinds of different physical symptoms and the suggested detox and diets for each. People who go through the purification diet will see a great improvement in their allergies. My goal is to inspire people to take care of themselves. I want to teach people to be their own best doctor. My website is: elsonhaas.com ­ I don't sell anything there, but there are lots of articles, health tips, book info, etc. You can sign up for a seasonal e-newsletter with important tips for staying healthy in each upcoming season. On Mondays you can hear the weekly program 3-4 p.m, PST http://www.health.voiceamerica.com" ; and archives of all of the shows are there. http://elsonhaas.com/health_tips_archive.html

Be aware of what you are putting in your mouths and how it makes you feel. Everything in medicine is an experiment; supplement programs and diets are the same way. Pay attention to how you feel; lots of times there
is an overall effect. See if you feel better, and then you have that clear
chalkboard where you can try some old things you used to get away with and see how terrible it makes you feel (i.e., wheat as it affects digestion,
mood, brain function, etc.), or try new things that will really improve your health. You can do this with dairy products, sugar, caffeine; all are hard
to get away from initially, but after the first couple of days, by day
three it changes and you started to feel better and clearer. Your energy is
more stable, your moods are leveled out, etc. Many people in our culture
have to stimulate themselves during the day with sugar and caffeine, and
sedate ourselves at night with alcohol or food. You wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and the whole cycle starts again with artificial stimulants
to keep you going for another day. Some people want to go cold turkey
"gradually", eliminating one bad habit at a time, but it is better to do it
all at once, because you will feel so much better after just a couple of days.
Many people say"I can't do it" - I was like that too, but it's because we tie in our feelings of being loved and fulfilled with food, for example, and you have to switch that concept ­to "I will feel loving and fulfilled if I DON'T do that!" That makes it so much easier to make the change. If I hadn't changed I would weigh 40 or 50 lbs. more than I should and I'd be on 3-5 medicines and would probably be living day to day. Now, I feel that I can live longer and a better life ­ I can live and feel good instead of being in a wheelchair and not feeling good.

Scott: You mentioned that you have a group of folks that do a spring cleanse can you tell us more about that?

Dr. Haas: The busiest times in doctor's offices are the beginning of spring
and autumn at the change of seasons. The climate shifts and we are coming out of a heavier winter diet, and our body wants to lighten up. We can start cleansing as early as the beginning of spring (March 20) and not get sick like we used to. It happens again in autumn when we start pulling into ourselves. I do three groups, usually, groups of 20 or 30 people. We meet in the beginning, middle and end of the cleanse. We focus mainly on
changing habits, sometimes with a little bit of juice fasting in the middle.
Also In January, many people want to cleanse after the holidays for apparant reasons. I have been doing a ten-day juice cleanse every spring for the last 30 years. People [in these groups] really make changes! You come out the other side with a healthier approach. You realize it's important to chew your food well, eat less, and you can get a
lot more energy out of fresh, wholesome food. Every step away from nature is a loss of nutrition and vitality in your food.

Scott: What are some of your favorite herbs or combinations for cleansing?

Dr. Haas: You definitely want to use something to cleanse the colon, and if you don't feel well you are either not drinking enough fluids or not moving the material through the colon. You can use things like cascara, senna, oregon grape fruit, licorice, etc. If people need liver support, and need to cleanse the lymph system and the blood, these are the most important so you would use dandelion, silymarin, milk thistle; alkalizing Vit. C powder with potassium and magnesium, etc.; green combination, etc. NSP's Ultimate Green Zone is an excellent choice. We also need antioxidants. The new version of The Detox Diet contains lots of stories of clients and their detox success.

Scott: We have a few minutes for questions.

Caller #1: I was on the Master Cleanse for an extended period of time and felt great, but now, three months down the road, I am losing hair and not
feeling as well. How do you feel about lengthy extended cleanses?

Dr. Haas: You weren't getting enough amino acids or essential fatty acids, and your body fell into a deficiency state; hair loss and dry skin would be
common in that situation. You always need oils along with your master
cleanser. The original recipe: 2 T. fresh lemon juice, 1 T. maple syrup,
1/10 t. cayenne pepper, and pure water. People need olive oil or flax seed oil, or combination oils. Add some green powder as well for the amino acids to support your body's energy so you don't lose muscle mass. Your body will come back; 10-14 days on this type of a cleanse is usually long enough. Learn to listen to your body more, without getting depleted over the long term. Look for a more scientific and balanced way to cleanse. Scott, it would be great if we could plan another one of these phone calls as a support group for people who want to detox for a month or so.

Caller #2: What about elderly people that need to be cleansed? How do your groups function?

Dr. Haas: Detoxing is the missing link in western medicine and the key to health and nutrition in our modern age. Most elderly people can follow a
detox program, but not something that is so extreme. The elderly should support the organs. You can cleanse the whole body and detox the liver, lungs, skin, kidneys, and colon. When people are in a group they feel more connected and not so isolated. I am getting up programs with another company (10/8 will be speaking for in Denver) sharing with practitioners how to do detox in groups in their practice. Makes the practice simpler, more effective and much more rewarding.

Caller #3: What about cleansing your bowels ­ I had seven enemas and am still enema-dependent ­ what program would help with that?

Dr. Haas: On my website there are several articles and tips on healthy
digestion. Chapter 1 of my book is on gastrointestinal health.. There is
testing that tells how well you are secreting HCl, etc., and what is out of
balance in your gut ­imbalanced flora, imbalanced function, etc. The
Intestinal tract is the first place to start. So many people overdo it with
herbs, etc., but you need to combine your food well, chew your food well,
use digestive enzymes and add fiber. I do colon hydrotherapy with my spring cleanse. Stanley Burroughs recommended the salt water flush (not
recommended for people with high blood pressure). 2 t. sea salt in a quart of fresh water; this is similar to sea water and ideally should not be
absorbed, and it cleanses your intestinal tract. I have varied this in a
number of other ways of how you can do that. You will get some good ideas on this on my website.

Scott: Thank you, Dr. Haas! Please go visit his website and get more
information there. Be sure to join us at convention where more of this
information will be shared the end of August in Salt Lake City.


This is the conclusion of tonight's call; here are some quick product

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1. Chew your food very well and take enough time when you eat.
2. Relax a few minutes before and after your meal.
3. Eat in a comfortable sitting position.
4. Eat primarily steamed fresh vegetables and some fresh greens.
5. Take only herbal teas after dinner.


Morning (upon arising): Two glasses of water (filtered, spring, or reverse
osmosis), one glass with half a lemon squeezed into it.

Breakfast: One piece of fresh fruit (at room temp), such as apple, pear,
banana, grapes, or citrus. Chew well, mixing each bite with saliva.

15-30 minutes later: One bowl of cooked whole grains -- specifically millet, brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, raw buckwheat, or buckwheat. Flavoring can be two tablespoons of fruit juice for a sweeter breakfast taste, or use the "better butter" mixture mentioned below with a little salt or tamari for a deeper flavor.

Lunch: (Noon-1 P.M.) One-two medium bowls of steamed vegetables; use a variety, including roots, stems, and greens -- e.g. potatoes or yams, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, asparagus, kale, chard, and cabbage. CHEW WELL !

Dinner: (5-6 P.M.) Same as Lunch

Seasoning: Butter/canola oil mixture. Make this "better butter" by mixing a half cup of cold-pressed canola oil (or olive or flaxseed oils) into a soft
(room temperature) half-pound of butter; then place in dish and refrigerate. Use about one teaspoon per meal or a maximum of 3 teaspoons daily.

11 A.M. & 3 P.M. One-two cups veggie water, saved from steamed vegetables. Add a little sea salt or kelp and drink slowly, mixing each mouthful with saliva.

Evening: Herbal teas only -- e.g. peppermint, chamomile, pau d'arco, or

NOTE: You may feel a little weak or have a few symptoms the first couple of days; this will pass. Clarity and feeling good should appear by day 3 or 4, if not before. If during this diet, you start to feel weak or hungry, assess your water intake and elimination; if needed, you can eat a small portion of protein food (3-4 ounces) in the mid-afternoon. This could be fish; free-range, organic chicken; or some beans, such as lentils, garbanzos, mung, or black beans.

Next product focus call in one month Wednesday May 11th same time same phone number and pin number.


Sometime during the call, Dr. Haas, talked about the 5R's which he explains more In Chapter 1 of The New Detox Diet. The 5R's are:
Removal of Abnormal Organisms
Replacement of Diminished enzymes & Hydrochloric acid
Reinoculation with appropriate helpful microorganisms (Probiotics)
Repair of the GI mucosa
Rebalancing diet & Lifestyle


Books by Dr. Elson Haas
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The Staying Healthy Shopper's Guide
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Most of the information posted above has been forwarded to me by Sharon Grimes, fellow NSP member and health advocate. I thank Sharon for her wonderful note taking, as I got about every 10 word and was amazed that she was able to actually type it this fast.

Sharon Grimes, NSP Area Manager
Untold Truth Seminar in Auburn, NY ­ April 30
NYS HERBaganza w/ Jack Ritchason & Kim Balas ­ June 10, 11

Additional information was taken from Dr. Elson Haas' web site